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  1. This is absolutely fantastic!!! A thing that needed in game, its going to be cool to sneak on while playing with Jason, and while playing with counselors its gonna be even more intense and scarier! Well done devs, continue with a good work, i hope game is going to go out soon
  2. Hi all

    Thank you all guys, hope to play with you all sometimes!
  3. Hey everyone :D I'm Brazilian

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. Part 2, part 6 and Savini Jason will be my favorites
  5. Ok, thanks, i didnt know, then i will order it soon as possible
  6. Ordered the game, Tom Savini"s Jason for PC.Later maybe if it would be possible i will order the counselor clothing pack
  7. Maps

    3 maps will be ok for the launch, later maybe adding more maps like from part 5 and other movies will be fine
  8. I think what i seen so far on beta, that my favorite counselors to play with are going to be AJ Mason and bookish girl, and favorite Jason are going to be part 2 and part 6
  9. No, this would spoil the gameplay, dead players should stay in dead lobby and not talking to players who are alive
  10. Definitely something it would be good, every Jason should have his own music when chasing counselors
  11. It would be cool to see raining in the game, probably it would be more scarier and darker
  12. Random Jason is ok by me, probably most time i would play as counselor, but that time when i am chosen to be Jason its my showtime
  13. One evil in camp Krystal Lake is enough and its Jason, maybe possibly his mother Pamela could be considered as murder in game or some other role...
  14. Winter Jason is definitely something i would like to see, killing in winter conditions and wearing winter clothes