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  1. I currently have the following: J2 - Spear J3 - Battle Axe J4 - Shears J5 - Pig Splitter J6 - Machete J7 - Wood Axe J8 - Same J9 - Pick Axe Savini - Machete
  2. I made this comment last October, when items began showing up on your map. Obviously, I've adjusted since.
  3. I feel like we may get an announcement for the retooled Retro Jason, going out on a limb. It's a longshot, but they've had since last Summer to revamp him. It was indeed, but still hasn't been confirmed. I don't put much stock into leaked info / content.
  4. There have been connection issues since Labor Day last year on PS4. The July 4th patch last year improved it greatly, but the Labor Day update was a setback.
  5. The absolute worst thing the devs can do is make Uber playable on the Grendel map only. He has to be in the lineup with all the other Jasons. Otherwise, more players will become alienated.
  6. Even though this poll lists me as a Millenial (born in '82), I've always felt like I was Gen X.
  7. I've always thought level 75 at least to unlock Uber, and I don't think he sould be limited to the Grendel map only.
  8. It means pre-Uber won't be in the game at all. I'm glad because he is easily the worst looking Jason in the franchise.
  9. Yep, this happened to me earlier today. I saw it coming, knew it was going to happen and nothing I could do about it. I'd like to see a slight change to Jason's rage. Once rage is gained, and only in rage, Jason can bust/flip tables, chairs, furniture. This would at least ease the "ring around the rosie" mess.
  10. I got it back on November 26th with J3's decapitation kill. I'm on PS4.
  11. It would be nice to have some type of stat page on PS4. The game has been out half a year now on digital. I'd like to know where I stand on these remaining 3 trophies.
  12. Yes you can. I was in a party chat on PS4, when one of the players in our chat got the PHD in offline bots. I checked his profile, and he indeed got it.
  13. I'm on PS4 and the throwing knife badge does the same thing. It constantly awards it to me, then when starting a new game - reverts back to 38/39. My slasher badge (weapon kills) has been stuck on 60/113 for over a month now, possibly longer. These two badges are the only ones jacked up for me.
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