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  1. Yeah man, I like this idea. It would certainly make trolling way tougher, and puts a lot more emphasis on mic use.
  2. I was really hoping we would get an update before Thanksgiving. Unless we get it tomorrow, I have a feeling it will come after turkey day.
  3. Found my 11th Pamela tape today on Higgins Haven small, tape #7.
  4. Luck is weapon durability, it has nothing to do with stamina. It even explains what the luck stat is on the counselor screen when you highlight it. There is no such thing as "using luck".
  5. Yes, it does exist. You get a stamina increase when used, but a decrease in speed.
  6. Found my 10th Pamela tape this afternoon on Packanack small, tape #6.
  7. Found my 9th one tonight on Packanack small, tape #5.
  8. Last night I found my 7th Pamela tape on Higgins Haven small, tape #12. Today I found my 8th one on Crystal Lake big, tape #4.
  9. I can't take anything you say seriously when you feel Savini is a "pay to win" Jason. I also never said anything about people not knowing how to do a shift-grab. If you took time to actually read my comment, I said "I've seen tons of people who can't pull it off". That doesn't mean they don't know how.
  10. I'm on PS4. In the last week, there is only one time I failed to finish a match due to a connection issue and it happened last night.
  11. Shift-grabbing is a skill. I have seen tons of players as Jason who can't pull it off. Controlling a shift with J6, J8, J9 and Savini takes skill.
  12. This is a terrible idea, 100% disagree. Jason's abilities are completely fine as is. By then, he likely has gotten rage. His sense heightens even more. Plus, no matter how stealthy you are - when Jason knocks out the power, you gain fear. Even if he doesn't actually see you.
  13. I was in the lobby last night during CharminEXSoft's stream on PS4. My only turn as Jason, I used J8. The 2-seater got out, but the 4-seater didn't and the phone box never got repaired(I used 1 trap there). I got 6/8. I don't agree that the patch killed non-runners, you just need to be more strategic as I said before.
  14. Found my 6th one last night on Crystal Lake small. Tape #3.