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  1. So morph is the favorite kind of exploit right now for Jason killers, and they exploit the invulnerable Jason gets when morphing. - When you shoot him (in the head with a flare gun) or with a shotgun, and he morphs just in that moment he's free from damage, sometimes he can even morph a bit later, and the stun won't work. - When knocking Jason's mask off and you stun him with the sweater and are about to hit him he can morph out in that short second, becoming invulnerable, and therefore unkillable by Tommy and the girl with the sweater. (It's the same premise with the gun etc.) I say exploit because I don't believe that was how it was intended.
  2. So I have "counselor preference" when it comes to spawn preference, and I've just played 5 games, the two first I was selected to play Jason, even though there were people in the lobby that had Jason preference. the two games after that I played Counselor. And I were then selected Again to play as Jason. That's a 3/5 Jason, if I have Counselor preference, so I can only presume there's a bug so far? Since it doesn't really seem to do anything compared to what I choose for my spawn preferences.
  3. I don't really have a problem with the grab kill, but one thing I think needs to be addressed and hopefully changed is: - Jason should not be able to grap a counselor if the counselor is in combat stance and isn't damaged. That's the only thing I would like to see changed because right now the combat stance is pretty useless, sure you can get some hits in on a new Jason, but once they know the grap the combat stance becomes a bit useless. (Also I think they should award environmental kills more than just the 4 ones they can do everywhere, that way hopefully the Jason's won't just cheese it with the "rip throat out" kill on every counselor, or just hit them 3 times with an attack. (Which I've seen quite a few do) Jason can also go into combat stance and can dodge.
  4. So I have picked "Counselor" in spawn preference because I like playing counselor far more than I like playing Jason, so much that I would actually rather not play Jason, still I'm given the Jason role time and time again, and when I was playing with my friend I asked if he also had picked "counselor" as spawn preference (since it would then make sense I would've had a chance to get it) But he said the complete opposite, that he had clicked "jason" preference, cause' he really liked playing Jason, and still I was forced to playing Jason, even though I didn't really enjoy it as much as he would. - So please, when someone clicks Counselor prefence, and they are in a match with someone who have clicked Jason preference or none, then let one of those play Jason. Let the preferences actually matter. - Also if a person has Jason as preference and the others (all of them, hypothetically) had counselor, let him get Jason every time, since that's his preference, don't force one of the counselors to play Jason. ------------------------------------- I find that picking a preference haven't really mattered so far, don't know if it's a bug (might be since it've still just been released) but I would like for that choice to matter more, even putting some people completely out of the "draw" if they rather play counselors than Jason, unless ofc. there's only counselor preferences, then a Jason should be drawn from that group, but so far I haven't seen that happen. And it does annoy me too, I know a lot of people want to play Jason, and I really don't, same with my brother, but we're still forced into the role now and again. I feel the tools are in there already, they just aren't working properly :/
  5. True, it would be lovely to be able to match A.J's skirt with Deborah's shoes etc. Then they wouldn't need to "model" new outfits, they would just need to "fit" them to the other character's rigs. Also I could def' see Vanessa wearing what Tiffany is wearing without it destroying the "trope" they've put her in. Same with Adam and Brandon etc. or Eric wearing Kenny's shirt.
  6. Okay so it've been some time since I was on the forums, so I'm sorry for quoting posts that are a bit further back. I think the reason people state why they're upset etc. is because the devs etc. doesn't really seem to care or tries to justify what they did, without apologizing for their very shady behavior done towards the people purchasing the clothing DLC: - So if you ever pay anything under 9 bucks they couldn't care less, because it's only 9 bucks. If I went up and bought a menu stating some fries, and for 9 dollars extra I could get a burger, which I then buy and when the order comes I was handed fries with two buns, I would feel ripped off too, especially if I went up and said that hey, wtf. why did I only get two buns, and all they said is that 9 dollars is nothing, so they can't sympathize with me. Really? And for 6 dollars I could get a cola and onion rings or some sizzle (strong use of metaphors) Let's look at it in a realistic view: Savini Jason got: - Entirely new model - New texture - Special particle effects (Fire/eyes) - Unique Soundtrack/music - New Weapon which was also modeled and textured. - New animation Let's look at what the clothing DLC got: - 90 new textures. To give a good indication, there are 300 textures wearable in the base game. which means that the DLC will be + 30% to that number. Now I would've been fine with this had they stated that that the clothing dlc would be new textures, not "Unique Clothing that fits each character's trope" I did expect to see a new model which was then textured, I know re-texturing models is not a big deal, and it's not very hard to do at all. Rigging something might take a bit of time sure, but texturing is basically just take the base texture and then colour it over, it's not the most advanced thing in the world. And for "not being able to find clothes for Vanessa's trope" leg warmers. Any with an oversized t-shirt (most things were oversized or really slim) I really do doubt that could be used as an excuse. I feel more than let down, I feel like I was hinted at much more which was then not delivered, and then the devs and such can just back up and be like "Well it's your own fault because you put your faith in us, and it's only 9 dollars so your feelings/opinion doesn't matter" I still do like the game, but trust is easily lost, and how you handle a situation can dictate a lot, going out and apologizing can go a long way instead of all the "It's your own fault, and you were actually only donating, it was more of a badge of honor" is just a bad excuse. That's at least how I feel right now.
  7. It already have a penalty, it gives a -200 penalty. This is a survival game where you have the goal of surviving. I've killed 1 person total so far by accident, but it's a survival game, not a coop us against Jason. There are only 2 seats in the boat or 2/4 seats in the car, there're many legit reasons you would want to "slow down" your fellow counselor, even kill them if they withhold the keys to the car, but refuge to go there. I don't think it's that big a problem that you make it up to be, same with the people talking about Jason being too overpowered. They could probably do away with the circles (where you can see where the other counselors are on the map) that is the furthest I would go to stop it. That way people who try to survive won't instantly run towards you because they know you're there.
  8. Don't forget that it's 3,2 gb but without the singleplayer (they're going to patch the singleplayer in)
  9. From Friday The 13th the game's twitter. When asked what the counselor clothing dlc was: "It was for custom clothing for counselors and was stand-alone"
  10. If we go back to my original question of this topic, then Splatterhouse answered: "1. Clothing customisation will be in the base game, I believe it'll be a colour palette change of existing clothes. " That was the answer to my question: "1. Will there be any counselor customization (appearance wise) with just the base game, or will you need to get the Clothing Pack to have access to any kind of customization."
  11. Let's not jump to any conclusions yet guys and girls. This doesn't really tell us too much, I think he means something completely different, and here's why: " " <-- we know the character model is naked, aka. the character model was modeled naked, not with clothes on as some might think. So that means that every piece of clothing is a separate piece of model etc. that is then put on the character, "tied to the character model/rig" which is also why sometimes in the beta you could see those black "glitches" where the clothes collided and cut through the characters, if the clothes was "modeled on" the model that would mean that you most likely wouldn't see that as there would be no collision So relax guys, he's just saying that clothing is tied to character model/rig, although you would need to show me the exact question before I start to worry, because as far as I was aware, clothing "patterns" aka. the reskins were unlock-able in the game, and not the "counselor clothing dlc"
  12. You're somewhat right, so the men's swimwear would continue to become smaller and smaller till it reached its peak in 1970's then it would slowly begin to become longer etc. It's important to note that a lot of people still wore the very very small pieces of swimwear in the 80's, while the majority slowly would take the fashion trend of a "bit" longer shorts, remember, these weren't even reaching half thigh down, though more and more would pick up the trend till it reached just above the knees in the 90's where it did stay through the 2000, and then would shrink back again to mid thigh in 2015 etc. But it's worth mentioning that while the "longer" shorts did become popular in the 90's the "speedos" so to say, didn't really die out like a lot of the earlier swimwear from say the 1920 and such. So the 80's where the first Friday the 13th Films are based is a really hard place for fashion since it's the first time the swimwear becomes longer, but it's still very short, we also see some swimwear in the movie But it really depends on where you are in the world (as fashion is very different from place to place.) Why would Samantha go out and swim in the middle of the nigh (Friday the 13th The Final Chapter) ;P But a lot of people like to swim a bit at night, it's not unheard of. Also JyusannichiKibou l don't think Deborah or AJ etc. would really need a swimsuit, as you don't need to give everyone swimsuits, Sara doesn't go skinny dipping with the others afterall,
  13. Running shoes also have a bit of heel. So running in heels isn't that much of a stretch, unless it's the really tall ones, but they weren't "that" popular in the 80's. Edit: And let's not forget, Tiffany isn't going to run a marathon here, at most I would call it a sprint, none of them are really running long distance. (and short distance is very possible in heels)
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