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  1. oh for real? iv been watching the timer like a hawk and it has said 13 hours when it reached 5 for me.. i guess it was just an estimated time. THANKS for updating me. see you at camp! LAUNCH is RIGHT NOW.
  2. so steam players are the last to play the game...? i hear console players are close to release where as steam sais we still got 12 hours to go
  3. yeah its all just how you personally take entertainment.
  4. i guess im now content with streamers getting early access after reading both sides of the issue, HOWEVER my opinion is a whole (almost two) day wait for the backers is pretty lame and is killing the hype.
  5. is it midnight release? what time zone is it? im HST and nothing lines up with that so i gotta know lol
  6. everyone handles stress differently, ya dont gotta knock on em for feeling how they do, they're just venting. it sucks for everyone involved, whether people are tolerant and patient is up to the individual entirely. 17 days until early 2017 is over and i know the last thing everyone wants to hear, after waiting anxiously for so long, is that their is going to be a delay, but Gun Media is still whole heartily trying to release F13 before the end of early 2017, just check their twitter page, the focus point pinned at the top of their page is that 2017 "is and remains the release window". Until they fail to uphold their promise their not in the wrong. a release date would be ideal but at least they are providing us with content that keeps us excited without spoiling the experience completely.
  7. tbh i just want a infinite breath hold while hiding in closets or beds to make them viable. other then that they are virtually useless since u decide to shout when u need to take an extra breath and jason can just hover around the cabin forver. CREATEs REALLY FUNNY AND COOL SCENERIOUS when you juke jason using a bed, plus if you get caught it instant game over, but it also gives the low speed/stam counselors a last resort chance and plays perfectly with their rpg roles since they are not as headstrong as other counselors and more cowardly in a way. ways to balance it could be that you build fear faster if jason is in proximity, allowing jason to see that your still inside the building.
  8. is their still that 30 day pre order period between certification finalization and official release? or can they shorten that down?
  9. Yellow icons in game, The first one obv represents the bathroom which could be marked outhouses that werent previously marked on the beta, or maybe different maps have a different bathroom setup. Anywho the second one, as far as i know, has yet to have light shed on it, maybe its the boat? but wouldnt the boat be blue, since usually escape icons are blue This One is just for people who havent already seent he tweet wes made with these photos
  10. ty makred78 and bewareofbears for clearing that up for me!
  11. so savini and survivor clothing wont be available after this im assuming, AND will digital versions of the game still be up for pre order after the 31st or does this pertain to only physical copies of the game?
  12. that would cost alot of money in terms of animating and rigging the models, but its a cool idea, I think birds would be the most cost effective and effective addition if they decide to do it down the road. Nothings more ominous and eerie then hearing crows squawk in the dead silence of the woods
  13. YES please! it would be VERY helpful when hiding in rooms with a "window / no exit" room such as the rooms upstairs in Higgins haven or the various bathrooms and closets.
  14. looks like a lot of the outfit variations are just recolors and reskins which isnt bad, hopefully when the game gets more revenue we can different clothing pieces instead of colors but this makes me happy, for a kickstarter game it has more variety than most games. Im just hoping to see deborah get an orange turtleneck so i can run around as velma
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