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  1. KurtisVoorhees132

    A Late Hello

    Hey guys How are you I am 18 I play GTA V and F13 game. I like Jason Voorhees Jason is the best. I am so pumped up for the game. User game tag: maharvey console PS4
  2. Note: Pamela, Roy, , JTGH Possessions, and Jason's Demise are included The Remake Is Not
  3. KurtisVoorhees132

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    IDK yet if i'm getting it but just in case Console= PS4 Gamer Tag :maharvey Mutal Name: Son Goku
  4. KurtisVoorhees132

    What F13 Flim Is The Best

    here's the 2nd quiz
  5. Hey Guys I Cant Wait For The The Friday The 13th Game in a week :0