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  1. I mean it’s the internet but Necronomicast has had plenty of horror stars on their podcast and this makes me believe it’s perhaps witchcraft but from Necronomicasts Facebook page: “Friday the 13th breaking news! Word is the Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller have negotiated a plan to sell their ownership to Friday the 13th. This would open the way to continue the franchise. No links to post yet as we are one of the first to hear of these developments.” I could only hope,
  2. My condolences to my fellow fans and bigger condolences to GUN media. You guys have had to take a lot of the brunt of this, being the only new venture into camp. It really sucks for us fans but more so you guys as you were trying to live a dream and had a great foot hold on what you were trying to accomplish. Was it perfect? No. Was it a fuckin blast? Without question. I’ll still play from time to time. I just hope you take this formula and create your own IP so there are no rules but your own and it only stops because you said so. I appreciate everything you guys have given us.
  3. Its nice to see come "clarity" here. Much appreciated Wes. I'm still playing a few times a week, thank you for all that youve done and all the scrutiny youve had to endure as the figure head and big boss.
  4. Can we all agree... Shelly (Larry) is franchise MVP?!? All praise to the fro.
  5. Rework shift ala Left4Dead. That way he would be able to navigate the map invisibly and quickly but PRECISELY. It would allow placing Jason in optimal positions while counselors are searching cabins or trying to evade chase and produce well calculated and more frequent surprise scares. Doors, shut, locked or otherwise, are completely passable while it is active. Dread from counselors would sky rocket. There would be no shift grab or grabbing to come out of the shift ability. I've always thought "shift grab" was counter intuitive to Jasons style. To me, shift is mostly used to "fish" the kill, not cause fear in the players mind that Jason might be around the corner. "Static, oh shit, I better juke left and right because he hit the nitro boost" as opposed to "Static, oh shit, where is he waiting for me at?" Or perhaps rework MORPH with EXACT location placement including inside of cabins. Imagine you are a counselor running towards Higgins Haven just about to hit the porch with Jason giving chase close behind and he triggers this ability, he's gone. Where did he go? Is he up stairs? Is he in the kitchen? Is he waiting by the back door? Is he hoping I ran to the barn? It begins to plant fear and doubt in the choices players could make and it would make the next action decided, critical. I think the mechanic reworked into something similar like this would truly create dread in online game play. "Turbo Grab" just makes the game dodging cars and skill catching, not authentic fear. I would also rework RAGE to include destroying furniture inside of cabins. Ring around the Rosie is completely embarrassing for Jason and really cuts down on the monster factor and increases Counselor heroism. Who would stick around a cabin knowing Jason could clear a room of any object standing? I would also institute a mechanic for counselor corpse placement to cause a live counselor to trip and fall backwards in fright or max out fear including screen black out and map loss or something similar. You dont see Jason carrying corpses in the movies, so you dont need to see it in game either. It should a selectable / collectable item once a counselor is offed and can be placed accordingly to "corpse trap spots" (certain places this mechanic can only be used), including throwing them through certain windows. My 2 coppers.
  6. Since he is an entertainment lawyer now, he explains a bit of what he knows... Shelly is the REAL franchise MVP. Zerner Explains.
  7. GUN = yes ILLFONIC = no I read a Glassdoor review for working at ILLFONIC and both reviews by former employees have very unfavorable things to say about the office and management. They talked about in the review how everything is chaotic and grown men were acting like entitled babies and management did nothing to rectify issues addressed in the office. You can verify these things on Glassdoor and searching for ILLFONIC. I largely blame most of F13 woes on this company. Wes and company have showed the passion and care needed to make this game nothing short of the definitive experience. Clownshoes ILLFONIC talked at a DevCon about persuading GUN out of there ideas or out right refusing them as they didn't know how to implement the ideas in a fun and engaging manner.
  8. If you get wind of something you help create from your brain raises over 1 MIL on kickstarter, I am sure thats gets someone a lil heated. Regardless, this is shitty timing for GUN and the fans of the franchise.
  9. Did you just write the synopsis for Slasher Vol1: Summer Camp? Honestly, thats where GUN should go without IllFonic. Bring on "Summer Camp"!
  10. Yet they still sell lots of other F13 Licenses such as apparel, home media, etc. so no, you're probably wrong there. Neither of us are legal wizards, so lets just see how the cards fall. I was just offering you some insight as to maybe why it can't be included after this declaration.
  11. I would imagine because the game itself is listed as a "Friday the 13th" IP.
  12. If this freezes and or kills F13 the game, it was a great run, but alas... you can move on with "Slasher Vol 1 : Summer Camp"? Take what works, implement new ideas, and for PETESAKE take it to a different developer. ILLFONIC makes you guys, being the forefront, look like clown shoes. I despise them as a developer but I love the ideas and notions GUN has made toward making this game a reality. The core game play, when working correctly, is something unique and fun and I would love to see it taken to the next level in CAPABLE hands. While the F13 franchise will sorely be missed as this game was something I have been looking forward to since LJNs NES game, the core can live on in another facet with your brains and someone elses competent hands. Pick yourselves up Gun and make it even better with or without it being in Crystal Lake.
  13. "Paul, theres someone in this room..." Im not saying put twigs and sticks in his mask or paint himself the color of the cabins walls. A visual mechanic that keeps him concealed until the ambush is unleashed. This would increase player tension and definitely put a hindrance to "no threat" mentality. For example, Tiffany is rummaging through a cabin and she is off on a side room. This ambush technique would allow Jason to place himself strategically outside of that side room (whether it be in the bathroom, side hall or main living space) and when she pops out of the room via the door way, there is our villain waiting to tear her apart. No audio cues, no visuals. He moves completely undetected allowing him to spring the trap. If you've played Left For Dead, it helps explain the mechanic I am going after.
  14. While I remain largely a lurker and post rather infrequently, I have been playing since launch and was a backer of this game. Its been on my radar since it was Summer Camp. The modous operendi of the game for the last few months have been "bash Jason like a pinata" because he inst terrifying to most, if not any counselor(s) he is currently cat and mousing. The effect in the movie is, you never knew WHEN or WHERE Jason would strike. Counselors were going about there teenage ways nonchalantly and BOOM, Jason outta know where, like Randy Orton and his RKOs. It made walking around and doing the most mundane things, terrifying. It created tension, which is key. He needs a rework or a new mechanic that can make any situation rather dangerous to counselors. While Stalk is a GREAT start to this element, its not enough. He needs some sort of "chameleon" aspect that hides him in certain situations, almost to the aspect of how in Left for Dead does. The monsters can remain invisible and plant themselves in opportune spots to ambush players. If just Jason had some sort of mechanic that allowed him strategic placing without alerting a counselor, visually as well as audibly, you will bring the terror back 10 fold. Jason needs an ambush. He needs to be on a counselors mind to the effect that "is he around the corner?! He could be!!! I don't wanna open that door to find out!" Honestly, "Shift" is a highspeed / nitro boost that closes the gap on a slow horse. We need a new aspect. Also, a "group attack" or "wide" heavy swing would do away with counselors playing "mob vs the monster" mentality. It would give Jason a sporting chance against constant stun locking from various angles. I believe GUNs vision was to create a "Friday the 13th" experience. Well all I am experiencing now is player suicides, Tommy spawns, sweater runs and "bash the Jason". I don't recall that movie in any of the 14 of them out there. Make him unexpected, make him lethal, make him cunning, make him menacing. Most importantly... Make Jason Dreadful again.
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