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  1. Here's the latest tweet from Wes for those who missed it: As for what that means your guess is as good as mine.
  2. Speaking of the lawsuit, this info just dropped less than an hour ago for those interested:
  3. Well, I contacted Gun and backerkit support and I have some answers regarding the exclusive Clothing Pack that PC physical version's owners never got and apparently never will. This is a long step-by-step post, there's a TL;DR resume near the bottom for those who don't want to read the whole thing. I also want to apologize in advance for any grammatical errors, English isn't my native tongue. First, the guys from backerkit support. They told me that in order to access the Clothing Pack I had to install the game cd-key that was inside the dvd case, but since the game is already installed on my Steam account with the key that Gun sent to us when the physical version was delayed, it doesn't work because Steam is telling me that I'm trying to activate a product I already own. The only way I could activate that key is if I delete the game permanently from my account but doing so will also permanently delete all of the game's dlcs associated with that account. I would then need to re-buy all of those dlcs and also kiss Savini Jason and the backer's Clothing Pack goodbye since those are no longer available. And because every code is one-time use, you cannot reactivate and old code even if you try it on the same account that had that code associated with in the first place. When I told backerkit about it they still insisted that I should uninstall and remove the game from my account and then add in the new product key and they told me I should be fine. My response to that was the same as before because I know what happen to dlcs when you delete a game on Steam. Their next follow-up was an email with a pic of all my backer's rewards attached to it. When I asked them why they were sending me this because I already have access to that list via backerkit, they told me that this was all the rewards given to me and if the reward I'm asking is not in the list, then it's not something provided to me. I then responded to them that the physical version's bonus Clothing Pack is not a backer reward in the strict sense of the term, it's something that is normally found on-disc for the PS4 and XboxOne version. But since we lucky PC physical owners only got a plastic dvd case with a code inside the only way for us to get those kind of bonuses was by sending us a code through backerkit, just like they did with the Bloody Jason Skins I received back in December of last year. Then in their next reply yesterday they asked me what level my account is at currently in-game. I don't really know why they asked me that but I gave them the answer anyway. Didn't heard anything from them since then. As for Gun response, they started by telling me that this Clothing Pack was only retail exclusive, it would not have been sent through backerkit. Only rewards from backerkit would be delivered through that method. Any codes would be available for backers through their backer survey on backerkit.com, all codes for rewards have been delivered to their respective backers. Then they apologize for any miscommunication or confusion and said that these items are not included with the backer digital copy or physical copy. My response to that was to show them with a pic that the bonus Bloody Jason Skins I received was in fact sent through backerkit and it was not a backer reward, it's an actual bonus that is supposed to be part of the physical version. And like I mentioned to backerkit support, I pointed out to Gun that this was probably done this way so PC physical owners could have those on-disc bonuses without having an actual disc release. I also gave them a link to a post made by Ben Strauss on the Steam forums in response to someone asking about those bonus items back in October 2017. Ben told in that thread that PC physical backers were gonna get access to them. This is the link to that thread https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1489987634016616560/ and the reply from Ben(aka ThePraetorian) is #4. Lastly, I told them that, concerning what they said about those items being retail exclusives and that they were not include with the backer physical copy, well that is simply not true. Everyone knows that the physical copies sent to backers is the same as the retail copies in term of content. In fact, those who backed for a PS4/XboxOne physical version received the exact same retail copy that is found in stores. I even included a youtube link in my email of a kickstarter PS4 unboxing video where you can clearly see the mention on the case's cover about the bonus content included. Gun's only response to that was: "Thanks for supplying what you have. I'd like to apologize for any miscommunication previously, the exclusive skins marked on the PS4 edition in the video and the ones you've been referring to are console only." TL;DR: For backerkit it was: "It's part of the code inside the case.", then it went to "Here's your reward list, if it's not there you don't have it." to finally end up on "What's you level in-game currently?". And for Gun it started with: "Exclusives are retail only, they're not available for physical backers." and ended with "It is for all physical versions(backers and retail), but consoles only." So this is it I guess, no Clothing Pack. I would really be lying if I was telling you that I am not a little pissed off right now. When you think about it, PC physical backers had the shaft more than once. First, like probably all physical backers of any platforms we paid more then retail price for the game. I know they can argue that they also gave us a digital copy but it was a compensation for the physical release's delay so this is debatable. Then we had the nice surprise to receive a dvd case with nothing inside but a code. Speaking of this, during the kickstarter/backerkit period I swear the I remember Gun saying that the PC version was going to get an actual disc release when they were asked about it. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure almost no physical copy would have been sold for PC knowing it was just going to be an empty case. And finally, we are the only physical backers not having access to that bonus content. Even fraudulent users on Steam have access to it because yep, that Clothing Pack is in the PC game's files. Most of the time you can see that those who hacked for Savini Jason have that Clothing Pack. I'm gonna end this post right now because if I don't, I may write something I'm going to regret.
  4. They said so a while ago on twitter iirc. Unless something changed along the way I don't expect the art book to be available for sale anywhere except places such as ebay and the like.
  5. Hey @ShiftySamurai, do you know if the F13th The Game's soundtrack that La-La Land Records is selling is the same thing that the one backers will receive?
  6. Looks like communication is not one of their forte indeed. According to the email they sent yesterday it has something to do with the gloss on the art book's cover. Here's the exact explanation straight from that email: "A small delay occurred with ensuring the UV Gloss on the cover to give the book that much more of a pop and quality enhancement that was correct for the printers."
  7. Yeah I got that email too, at least we have an update on the situation.
  8. Well, anyone knows what's happening with those art books and soundtracks? The last email we received about those two items said: "In total, we're roughly estimating around 6 to 8 weeks total until these items are in your hands. This rough estimate includes time for us to proof the work and ensure it meets our standards for bot the CD and the artbook. They will be shipped out at the same time." That email was sent on July 13th, over 9 weeks ago. Now, I know this was just an estimate and I never really expected it to be accurate, but I think it would be nice to know what's the status of those backers items. Are they at least shipped? edit: Sorry for the double post.
  9. I know they said it about the artbook but I don't remember them saying the soundtrack was exclusive. Maybe there's 2 different soundtracks? I doubt it but we never know.
  10. For those interested in the soundtrack but did not back the game, it is available for sale from La-La Land Records: https://lalalandrecords.com/friday-the-13th-the-game-2-cd-set/ I really hope that pic is some sort of placeholder and not the actual front cover.
  11. The game soundtrack is on sale on La-La Land Records website: https://lalalandrecords.com/friday-the-13th-the-game-2-cd-set/ They also have some discount on their other F13th soundtracks: https://lalalandrecords.com/special-offers/
  12. One thing I would like to know when I think about it is what ever happened to the Counselor Clothing Pack that owners of the physical pc version were supposed to get? Console's physical version owners got them and Slasher Edition bundles will include them too if I'm not mistaken. I pretty sure they are in the pc's files because I saw Savini's hackers with them. As far as I know legit owners never received them, at least I didn't. I search the forums but couldn't find an official answer about this. @ShiftySamurai, If you don't mind, can you please ask those in the know about this?
  13. The bug/glitch allowing Jason to walk through cars is still present, I just saw it while watching a live stream on steam.
  14. I would like to know as well why they're still up there. Hey @ShiftySamurai, could you please confirm that they are indeed not coming and maybe get them off the official site?
  15. This is indeed a valid question. If the basic structure of that trailer was done months and months ago and it's showing kills they had planned to released, it implies they had many months to complete the legwork needed. The thing is, starting February 3rd they announced they were working on the engine update and that any new content would be delayed while they were focusing on that and the preparation for dedicated servers. The updated engine was implemented May 24th and then we got hit with a "end of content" announcement on June 11th if I recall correctly. Who knows what was worked on in term of content while they were doing the engine update or shortly after. Maybe they just had time to finish and finalize the Part II Kill Pack? I don't know, I'm just guessing here.
  16. Sadly I don't think that it is possible to buy the pc physical version anymore, to my knowledge it was only available during the kickstarter/backerkit period. The only bloody skin Savini Jason has access to is the medium one, the use of other skins for him was deactivated by the devs because it was causing some problems with the game if I recall correctly. Only to those who own Savini Jason and pledged for or bought the pc physical version on kickstarter/backerkit, like I said I'm pretty sure the pc physical version wasn't available elsewhere. I got an email, on December 19th 2017 to be exact and not the middle of February like I thought earlier in this thread, to get my "Bonus Bloody Jason Skins DLC" steam digital code(which is the Bloody Jason Skins Medium) from backerkit. This is the only legit way to have a bloody Savini Jason on pc from what I know.
  17. Bloody Savini is available on steam using a legit mean too, with the "Bloody Jason Skins Medium" dlc exclusive to those who bought the pc physical version. While it's true that it is only a plastic case with a steam cd key inside and no disc, the bloody skins code was sent by email(through backerkit) in the middle of February of this year. I know because this is how I got it myself. edit: Actually, the email was received on December 19th 2017.
  18. My post wasn't necessarily about what's happening right now in this thread but for the way things are in general around here. Sorry for the misunderstanding it may have caused.
  19. This is something I will always have a hard time to understand. Sure places like reddit, twitter, facebook and all may reach a lot of people at once I'll give you that. But when you have an "official" forums for something it should at least be as important to post there than all those other social media platforms. Sadly, it doesn't look like this is the case here most of the time.
  20. According to Wes on reddit, there's going to be 2 different editions of this. My guess is one with the mask and one without it. Savini Jason won't be in any of those editions for those who were wondering about it. https://old.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/8zcr7f/ultimate_slasher_collectors_edition_announced/
  21. With that price tag, people who were expecting a permanent price drop to the regular game to help attract new players can forget about it for a while I guess.
  22. Looks like Ben is reading the thread, maybe he could give us some explanation?
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