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  1. Nice to know a little bit more about you!
  2. Judging from the title of the thread and the post made by Wes, It must be the total size of the game.
  3. Welcome to the forum, and don't worry you will be able to order the game eventually.
  4. In your previous post you're saying that for you "going gold means Physical Copy not digital so when the 1st person gets their physical copy that's when the game is truly released" and this is where you are wrong. Even if you release a game in digital form first and in physical form later, the game went gold before all of that happened.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Since you said you never watched a F13 film before, it's not mandatory but I think it would be a good idea to watch part I to VIII and Jason Goes To Hell.
  6. Well, this is what it means to you. Going gold means the game is ready to be released and that's it, in digital and/or physical format. Otherwise every games that were released in digital format only were never "truly" released with that way of thinking.
  7. Considering this and the explanation from Wes, I think the 3.2gb is even more believable now.
  8. Yeah I saw some people not moving too much in games, but most of the time it only happened with a few players and not the entire group still alive so you always had the option to switch to another player player while in spectator mode(or better yet switch to Jason's view in private games!). Not to mention that you're also missing out on the chance to come back as Tommy if he has been called prior to your death(or after you died) and no one has been chosen.
  9. That's true, but I saw a lot of people quitting a match when they got killed early, not willing to wait until the match was over.
  10. Wes also put the fate of his mustache on the line, the guy his serious about it. Or he was already planning to shave it and he's laughing right now!
  11. This feature is why I always stayed 'till the end in the games I played in the beta, even the times when I was one of the first person to die. It was entertaining just to see how the match would go.
  12. lmao! I agree, unbelievable perhaps, but creative.
  13. No fingers crossed? If you really mean that I changed my mind, now I think your telling the truth. I'm sure you're a man of your word and I'm also pretty sure you like your 'stache!
  14. I don't know guys, for me the fact that Wes posted that precisely today when he could have done it tomorrow(or even on monday) is a good indication that this is an april fool joke. When you think about it this is not some kind of critical info that needed to come out as soon as possible.
  15. Noooo!!! Don't toy with us like that! Seriously, the thread being in the off topic section was a clear indication it was a joke, and the date of course(duh).
  16. Well maybe not super strength like "lightning struck Jason" demonstrated in part VI, but you have to admit he was still pretty strong for a normal guy when you see him bursting through a door like it was nothing.
  17. The Savini Jason and clothing pack dlcs are exclusive to the backerkit site.
  18. Well, I'm a little drunk already, I guess I started the party ahead of time! Now it's time for some whiskey shooters with those beers.
  19. I'm pretty sure it's a simultaneous worldwide release.
  20. Just a reminder that the Savini Jason and clothing pack dlcs won't be available through steam.
  21. Platform: PC/Steam Steam name: makred78 P.S.: I'm not using a mic.
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