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  1. Someone asked Wes on twitter if the update was going live tonight and his response was: "Checking on that now. Stay tuned, will have news on that soon. :)". https://twitter.com/weskeltner/status/850168046593421312
  2. Like I said maybe it will be available later, I don't have any official info on this but don't give up hope!
  3. Yeah, It was an individual purchase on the backerkit site. I don't know it it will be available again later down the road.
  4. Wes mentioned on twitter two days ago that it was a possibility. https://twitter.com/weskeltner/status/849355260791533569
  5. Just saw it earlier today on F13 The Franchise website, it's really sad.
  6. Part 3 is one of my favorite entry, It always makes me sad when someone part of our beloved franchise pass away.
  7. I saw that light too a couple of times in the beta, I thought it was some kind of glitch caused by a generator light in the distance. I also only saw it while I was looking in that specific direction, just like the pic in this thread. It's a bit strange that it was only happening when we're in the cemetery(unless someone saw it elsewhere) so yeah, maybe there's something more to it than just a glitch I don't know.
  8. Give them a little bit more time, maybe they're having a lot of requests at the same time. I'm sure they will respond to you eventually.
  9. That collection was a cool idea in theory but it wasn't executed all that well if you ask me. The tin case is cool, you got mostly all the movies but I don't really like the cardboard inside in which you have to slide the discs in and out. It tends to scratch them in the long run. Also, iirc the unrated cut of JGTH is not included and most if not all the content of the bonus disc is the same that was in the previous dvd collection so nothing really new there. For a long time fan like me who had most of the earlier movie releases, I decided to pass on this collection and bought the individual blu ray releases instead. It was cheaper in the end.
  10. Welcome to the forums, nice to have you on board!
  11. Hi and welcome to the forums pal!
  12. Essentially you're right, availability of the clothing pack dlc ended at the same time as the backerkit on March 31 11:59pm pst.
  13. Hi John and welcome to the forums.
  14. I think the inclusion of the tree branch is there to add some diversity in term of weapons, same thing for the frying pan which was only used as a weapon by Alice in the films. As far as being true to the movies go, I don't think anybody ever used a 2x4 or baseball bat on Jason so those two are in the game for the same reason as the tree branch I guess.
  15. Maybe the number of pocket knifes per map will be augmented, who knows.
  16. Like many people here this is one the things I really like about those guys: they are listening to the fans. I have much respect for that.
  17. Nice balance change. Still, I was willing to see how everything would go with the no-disarm like other people mentioned and wait for an adjustment later. It's really nice to see you're already thinking about some kind of change on the way.
  18. Hi Shay, welcome to the forums! You might want to check this thread http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/553-gamer-tags-for-f13/ and post your steam name there.
  19. Both have already been mentioned. Best intro for me is the one of The Final Chapter. With the recap of the first 3 films and the beginning at Higgins Haven, it is top in my book. Best way Jason came back is part VI. Not only it is like an old monster movie reanimation with the cemetery setting and all, he's also incredibly stronger after that.
  20. Fair enough. Still, I don't think that this is speculations because you can clearly see the throwing weapons counter depleting when they are used in this video: so it is pretty obvious they are limited.
  21. Judging by the screenshots I'm pretty sure the throwing weapons are limited too. https://gyazo.com/425688f683f7dae3d0544cc4afd988b4
  22. It's a bit sad but at the same time this is still a great accomplishment. The amount of visibility he had going there is big.
  23. I wanted to give you a "like" for that post but I have reached my quota for the day, damn!
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