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  1. 2 hours ago, KOOLLAYDTAC said:

    Game settings like video settings and stuff still do not save on the PC version mates. How many patches does it take to fix that? lol Might want to have that done on the final patch. I'm just saying. lol😉


    I asked Matt over a week ago if a fix for this problem was going to be part of that last patch and he did not even answer.

    The issue has been present for two years and a half and I doubt it ever was on their radar of things to fix.


  2. On 10/26/2020 at 11:44 AM, mattshotcha said:

    The team is working on a patch as we speak. Details on that patch will come as soon as we have it confirmed.


    Please tell me this patch will include a fix about the video settings not saving/resetting on pc? This problem has been around since the May 2018 engine update.

    Would be nice to finally get a fix for this considering that the next patch is going to be the last.


  3. 2 hours ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    Yeah I don't understand why it is so hard to delete that content from the files of the PC version. Can't use the hacked DLC if the files are nonexistent. Same for Uber Jason. Just delete him from the files and Uber Jason hackers will be gone entirely. Force the game to reinstall from scratch so no one can use the old files.


    Considering how the game seems to be structured, they probably left that content in the files in fear of breaking/effing up something in the game by removing it.


  4. 16 minutes ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    So in other words there is no way to tell unless I catch one using like unlimited shift or unreleased kills which did happen recently.


    Those are definitely valid indications. Other than that if you see any of them with the bonus clothing dlc from the consoles disc release it's 100% not legit, they are hacking content since unlike the aforementioned medium bloody skins those clothes never made it officially in the PC version.


  5. 2 hours ago, Ralph Voorhees said:

    The medium bloody skin is the only one for Savini and is exclusive to the console disc releases and since there was no disc release for PC it is not "legit". 


    Not entirely accurate. While it is true that no disc was released for PC, ppl that bought the "physical" PC release on kickstarter and backerkit received a dlc code for the medium bloody skins around December 2019.

    Most players having those skins on steam probably got them illegally but there is a small percentage of ppl who got them legitimately. 


  6. 2 hours ago, The Milwauking Dead said:

    That’s ok. I’ll just be sitting here playing with my OFFICIALLY licensed Friday the 13th board game and figures while watching the new box set with all new artwork and content that somehow were able to be made during this lawsuit instead, and that no one seems to have an answer as to HOW. But yet, we can’t get the content that was already almost finished and advertised for this game.... 🤷🏼‍♂️


    There's also some new F13th limited edition Nike shoes(coming up in October) and a newly released soundtrack of TNB on vinyl from Waxwork Records with JTM coming at a later date. Both soundtracks are also coming on cd starting this fall from La-La Land Records.


  7. 4 hours ago, TimDuke 01 said:

    That means they are a hacker.Correct me if I'm wrong but the bloody skin was never a part of the backer Savini package was it? That is how I tell on Steam if they are legit backer or not


    While it's safe to say that most steam users with a bloody Savini are probably hackers, there's a small % of them that got the medium bloody skins dlc with the pc physical release which was available on kickstarter and backerkit.


  8. 7 minutes ago, mattshotcha said:

    I'm not sure that offline options exist already. In order to make them able to be changed, they need to already exist as settings/parameters.

    You can toggle rain in private matches.


    I see, thanks for the answer. I have to say that I'm really surprised that those options were added to private matches, I was not expecting this at all. This is an excellent addition imo.

    As for the rain options, I know the feature is present in private matches. I was asking about offline bots more specifically but I guess this too needs to exist as settings/parameters in order for them to be changed.



  9. On 1/1/2020 at 4:40 AM, GeneiJin said:

    It's funny, @mattshotcha said that players are split on altering Killing Jason, but yet I'd imagine if they consulted first regarding the Rage Buff with the community, there would have been way more push back against it.


    This is why their split community argument has next to zero credibility imo, the player base has always been divided with each of the changes they made to the game since its release. The only valid point they have provided as to why the ease of the Jason kill will probably never be addressed is the place its occupying in their priority list. They have more urgent issues to fix and the sad thing is that most of those issues were created by them in the first place while they tried to fix other things.


  10. On 12/17/2019 at 5:35 PM, mattshotcha said:

    Never said microscopic. Never, not once. 

    What I'm saying is that the community is split. With a lower priority item, a split community lowers that items priority even further.


    I know you never specifically used the word microscopic and that's not what I said either. But when you're referring to a specific portion of ppl as "circle" or "small group" with remarks such as "you guys represent the minority at this point" like you did in the past, the proportion we're representing to you is obvious. Anyway like I said, I know the kill will not be changed since it's nowhere near a priority issue.


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  11. 1 hour ago, Summerofheat said:

    Forgive me but it blows my mind how dumb Matt seems when he tells the community is split. It's actually stupid given the facts that it takes two hits and it's been like that for years. Even on a competent Jason you can get free hits after a pocket knife, or when your breaking an objective. Let's not forget.. if you pull someone out of the car, it doesn't matter if it's the best Jason in the world, the mask is coming off. 


    One of the most mind blowing thing for me about all of what he said on the subject is the way he systematically implies how microscopic is the group that think the kill is easy when you put it next to the entirety of the player base. We all know the difficulty of the kill is not seen the same way by everyone but since there's no real way to ask the opinion of every single person playing the game it's impossible to make an accurate statistic about it.

    I understand that they won't change anything about the kill since it's not even bottom of the barrel category in term of priority but the divided community argument is really thin. I'm pretty sure the player base was never 100% all on the same page with any of the changes they made to the game before but it never stopped those from happening either.


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  12. 18 hours ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    At the end of the last discussion about Jason being to easy to kill, Matt said that they didn’t see an issue with the kill. This community was the only ones thinking it was too easy. They pretty much are agreeing with the casual players that still think it’s too hard to kill Jason.
    Seeing as how their game testing before patches doesn’t eliminate all the bugs, I think the devs themselves are casual players as well, and that’s why they agree with them. 


    There's also the possibility that Black Tower may not even know how to implement any of the changes the community have proposed here. Just as an example, when asked in another thread yesterday about the chance of a higher perk roll % event ever happening again in the future, Matt said that due to the way the perk system was built the ability to change those value any further was lost in the transition from IllFonic to BT. Who knows how many other aspects of the game suffered the same fate.

    And let's be real, there's also a strong probability that something in the game still working ends up broken if they attempt to do something without having the necessary knowledge.

    For my part at this point it's either they find it more convenient to say that nothing's wrong with the Jason's kill so nothing has to be done about it, or they really believe that the difficulty of the kill is fine which is crazy and hard to take seriously considering they probably play the game only in controlled environments for testing or casually with friends like a party game for the most part. And when you think about it, that would explain a lot as to why so many changes were made to make the life of the counselors easier since the game was released and how many pinata videos were needed before they decided to give any meaningful buff to Jason.

    And then when they finally did with the rage update, it ended up making the kill easier to do somehow. I'm pretty sure it was unintended but I remember when ppl tried to explain to them that any hit not stunning Jason = full damage post rage, it was like a foreign concept to them at first. Wes later said in a stream following the update that this wasn't right and looked like he was going to further check the issue but to this day nothing was done about it to my knowledge so I assume now that they must be okay with it? Or is it another thing they cannot change anymore since Illfonic left?



  13. On 11/25/2019 at 7:48 PM, DontZzz34 said:

    I now believe the true reason they disagree with us with mask hp isn’t because they don’t believe us but more because they’re in denial bc they don’t want to take the time to fix a much needed change. 


    I'm inclined to think that way too. And given the game's programming and their track record, maybe they're afraid of what they could potentially break if they were to try to change this anyway.


    On 11/25/2019 at 7:51 PM, Dragonfire82877 said:

    It was basically laid out that the only reason we see a problem with the ease of de-masking and killing Jason is that we are all seasoned players. They’re catering more to the players that only play one time and quit because Jason is too OP, or the player that only plays once a month or so and complains that the people that play more frequently have no lives and it’s unfair that they’re so good at the game.


    In other words, we are to blame for seeing things that way because we played to much otherwise we would say that it's fine the way it is. What a convenient logic they have!


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  14. 1 minute ago, Somethin Cool said:

    No I never got a response. I would imagine it's because they have no intentions of wasting the man power to look into changing damage values. 


    Thanks for the info. And yeah, it's safe to say at this point they won't waste any resources on anything other than bug fixes. We can all kiss that "perk rework" goodbye I guess.

  15. On 9/11/2019 at 7:58 PM, Somethin Cool said:

    Most of the "Jason is too weak" comments here are laughable. If you miss the Tommy box there are still a ton of throwing knives on the map. If you get surrounded there's still slash block while you wait for shift or morph to recharge to get to safety. If you mess up and lose your mask the post sweater stun hit has about a 50/50 chance of actually dropping you to your knees. If you do die then learn from your mistakes and try fresh tactics next time. Why is dying as Jason so heartbreaking? I've died about a dozen times as Jason and yet not once have I ever died to a kill squad that didn't earn the kill. 

    The best thing you can do is play like you're going against a kill squad EVERY match. That way there are no surprises. Spawn in, make an attempt at the box, if you hit it defend it. If you miss it collect knives as you're going on your killing spree. After the box attempt, set your traps on objectives and get to work. Also remember that you control who dies first and second. Is there a low level player in the lobby that would make a good sliced Jarvis?

    All that being said @mattshotcha watch this clip and tell me if this looks ok to you. Keep in mind that this Jason has full hit points. He's not minus defense (low hit points).Also it's just Buggzy and Jason in a private match so there's no one else that could have given him damage before I got there. 

    I'm not saying most of the 8 pages of complaints here are justifiable. Most of the time Jasons die because they're lacking in the skill department. But you gotta admit a one hit demask on a full hp Jason with full health is retarded. And I get that it depends on perks. But even without perks I can demask Jason in 2 hits. As long as the hit doesn't stun. Which brings up the point that none of you devs seem to realize. Non stunning hits do more damage than hits that stun. A lot more damage. As much as you think the new rage mode is a buff, it is equally a nerf in that it's a lot easier to demask Jason because none of the hits stun. Therefore they ALL do full damage post rage...

    Just my 2 cents



    Sorry for the necro here but, did Matt ever commented this post(and more specifically this video) in a stream or elsewhere? I saw no response from him here and I would really like to know how the de-masking of a full health Jason with 1-2 hits can be perfectly fine in Gun.'s eyes and not a problem at all. I personally cannot see how any arguments(which Jason, what perks, weapon used) could justify the fact that something like this can happen, rare occurrence or not.


  16. 1 hour ago, GeneiJin said:

    Likely because for them to admit to these realities to themselves would require them to commit more time (and money) into this game.


    Speaking of money, it's funny that one of the excuses they are using to justify the amount of time it's taking to fix bugs is because Black Tower isn't the team responsible of the coding/programming so it's hard for them to figure out the ins and outs of the game. But why would they hire them in the first place instead of rehiring Illfonic or maybe extend the contract they had with them prior? After all, they are the ones having the most knowledge regarding the game's guts. Was it cheaper for them to hire that new team?


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  17. 4 hours ago, SirMang said:

    Unfortunately this is a pointless topic. 

    Matt made it more than obvious months ago that they don't see any problem with the Jason kill the way it is now. 

    No amount of anecdotal evidence or video evidence will change that fact.  And any said evidence will just be spun by him. 

    @DontZzz34 and I know all about this from a thread months ago discussing this very topic.  I only pointed him out because I saw him post in this thread also. 


    1 hour ago, DontZzz34 said:

    Yes it’s a shame GUN won’t do anything about it. That’s why I gave up on making threads about the J kill trying to convince the devs after we all got shot down


    I guess this has to be expected when those in charge of gameplay balance elements mostly play the game in controlled environment(i.e. for testing purpose) or casually with friends. It doesn't matter how many pieces of evidence we can provide, it's much harder for them to grasp how things are in reality because they probably don't experience those things themselves for the most part.


  18. 2 hours ago, tyrant666 said:

    As it is, it already seems like some of what's left in the community have already lowered their standards to the point where they will accept them fixing environmental kills and ONLY that inside 3 months time.


    If only it was inside 3 months time because lately it's more like 6 months period between major patches. With news of the upcoming patch to be expected near the end of the year at the earliest implying the next fix will most likely drop later in the beginning of 2020, there will be at least another 5-6 months gap since the last patch. And next there's the car physic problem which Matt mentioned to be an even longer process than the roof issue was to get rid of so this is probably going to take a major part of what's going to be left of next year. Last but not least we also have to hope that no new or old major issues will be brought along those future fixes because sadly it's a real possibility. The major problems in the game right now were not there when the game was released, they all came along the way with either the patches or the engine update.


    edit: As for the Jason kill being to easy or not, it doesn't matter much what we think about it since Matt made it pretty clear that Gun.'s mind is made up on the subject. They don't think any adjustment is needed. As a reference, here's the last tread that was made on the subject:


    I think every possible arguments, examples and videos implying it was easy were brought up there and everything was swiftly shot down by him for one reason or another. It's clear from his responses in that thread that no change will be made.


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  19. On 11/12/2019 at 11:45 PM, SteadyGosling said:

    in 2019.... not to mention theyve given them away on streams now aswell...  if i had the backer privelges for the art book i wouldnt be too happy about this either. They paid money to have that privelege yet streamers, random people tuning into their streams, and just people in general on twitter who i havent seen stream even are getting them...


    And that book wasn't cheap either(from the backerkit campaign at least), even overpriced considering what it ended up to be compared to the conceptual pics they showed us in order to attract some sale. Of course I never assumed those pics to be those of the actual book we would get but the disparity is so big between them and the actual product that it's almost like comparing apples and oranges. At least in the end, the hefty price tag was a little bit justified with the fact that the opportunity to get that book was exclusively offered to backers back then.

    So yeah to answer op's question the Artbook is no longer a "backers" exclusive item like it was supposed to be, now it's just something they can offer to whoever they want and however they want to at this point.


  20. On 11/11/2019 at 4:24 PM, mattshotcha said:

    I spoke with support here and while this is something we've seen reported, it is not all that common, at least in report volume. Unfortunately, I was mistaken on the workaround, so please do reach out to the support team at JasonKillsBugs.com, if you haven't already, and provide any details you can. 


    ppl have reported this issue on steam and here on these forums myself included but it was never addressed. A quick search on the steam forums brings at least 11 different topics from users having that problem. Basically, every settings made below High automatically revert back to High every time the game is closed. It's been like that since the patch that brought the engine update on May 2018. Considering it was working without any problem before that patch there's no reason why it would be impossible to fix.

    And yes, maybe there's a workaround. Some steam users suggested to change the settings directly in the .ini file and than make that file read-only. I did not try it myself so I cannot confirm if it's working or not but still, this issue should be fixed because there's no reason for a basic thing like that to not work.


    edit: Here are the links to those 11 topics on the steam forums:













    I don't know why I took the time to post them since I'm sure the issue will keep getting ignored just like it is right now for the most part.


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