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  1. I'm inclined to think that way too. And given the game's programming and their track record, maybe they're afraid of what they could potentially break if they were to try to change this anyway. In other words, we are to blame for seeing things that way because we played to much otherwise we would say that it's fine the way it is. What a convenient logic they have!
  2. Thanks for the info. And yeah, it's safe to say at this point they won't waste any resources on anything other than bug fixes. We can all kiss that "perk rework" goodbye I guess.
  3. Sorry for the necro here but, did Matt ever commented this post(and more specifically this video) in a stream or elsewhere? I saw no response from him here and I would really like to know how the de-masking of a full health Jason with 1-2 hits can be perfectly fine in Gun.'s eyes and not a problem at all. I personally cannot see how any arguments(which Jason, what perks, weapon used) could justify the fact that something like this can happen, rare occurrence or not.
  4. Speaking of money, it's funny that one of the excuses they are using to justify the amount of time it's taking to fix bugs is because Black Tower isn't the team responsible of the coding/programming so it's hard for them to figure out the ins and outs of the game. But why would they hire them in the first place instead of rehiring Illfonic or maybe extend the contract they had with them prior? After all, they are the ones having the most knowledge regarding the game's guts. Was it cheaper for them to hire that new team?
  5. I guess this has to be expected when those in charge of gameplay balance elements mostly play the game in controlled environment(i.e. for testing purpose) or casually with friends. It doesn't matter how many pieces of evidence we can provide, it's much harder for them to grasp how things are in reality because they probably don't experience those things themselves for the most part.
  6. If only it was inside 3 months time because lately it's more like 6 months period between major patches. With news of the upcoming patch to be expected near the end of the year at the earliest implying the next fix will most likely drop later in the beginning of 2020, there will be at least another 5-6 months gap since the last patch. And next there's the car physic problem which Matt mentioned to be an even longer process than the roof issue was to get rid of so this is probably going to take a major part of what's going to be left of next year. Last but not least we also have to hope that no new or old major issues will be brought along those future fixes because sadly it's a real possibility. The major problems in the game right now were not there when the game was released, they all came along the way with either the patches or the engine update. edit: As for the Jason kill being to easy or not, it doesn't matter much what we think about it since Matt made it pretty clear that Gun.'s mind is made up on the subject. They don't think any adjustment is needed. As a reference, here's the last tread that was made on the subject: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/27140-gun-not-agreeing-with-the-community-that-the-jason-kill-is-too-easy/ I think every possible arguments, examples and videos implying it was easy were brought up there and everything was swiftly shot down by him for one reason or another. It's clear from his responses in that thread that no change will be made.
  7. And that book wasn't cheap either(from the backerkit campaign at least), even overpriced considering what it ended up to be compared to the conceptual pics they showed us in order to attract some sale. Of course I never assumed those pics to be those of the actual book we would get but the disparity is so big between them and the actual product that it's almost like comparing apples and oranges. At least in the end, the hefty price tag was a little bit justified with the fact that the opportunity to get that book was exclusively offered to backers back then. So yeah to answer op's question the Artbook is no longer a "backers" exclusive item like it was supposed to be, now it's just something they can offer to whoever they want and however they want to at this point.
  8. PC in-game video settings like overall quality, anti-aliasing, effects, foliage, etc. https://gyazo.com/f2f3f574830c94ed43116b6ad8e47498
  9. ppl have reported this issue on steam and here on these forums myself included but it was never addressed. A quick search on the steam forums brings at least 11 different topics from users having that problem. Basically, every settings made below High automatically revert back to High every time the game is closed. It's been like that since the patch that brought the engine update on May 2018. Considering it was working without any problem before that patch there's no reason why it would be impossible to fix. And yes, maybe there's a workaround. Some steam users suggested to change the settings directly in the .ini file and than make that file read-only. I did not try it myself so I cannot confirm if it's working or not but still, this issue should be fixed because there's no reason for a basic thing like that to not work. edit: Here are the links to those 11 topics on the steam forums: https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1696048879947568869/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1694923613861595973/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1760230157497890645/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1727575977572378072/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/3166519278511667831/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/3220528325730301951/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1696048879950012778/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1640915206459423417/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1777136225042344317/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1640919103692277164/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/438740/discussions/0/1750106661713078515/ I don't know why I took the time to post them since I'm sure the issue will keep getting ignored just like it is right now for the most part.
  10. How about getting it fixed instead of having to rely on a workaround? I don't mean to be rude and I understand a temporary solution is better than nothing but c'mon, this is an ongoing issue for the past 18 months.
  11. It's been like that since the engine update we had at the end of May 2018 iirc. After all this time and considering where an issue like that must be on their list of priorities, it's safe to assume it will probably never get fixed even if this is a basic function for a pc game. The only work around I heard is to manually tweak the .ini file and then set it as read-only but since I did not try it personally I cannot confirm if it's working or not.
  12. Did they ever give us some follow-up concerning the idea that some ppl here brought up about having more possible spawn points for objectives/key items/cb radio/etc.? More possible cabin placements/layouts on the map? Considering they will never add any new maps this would at least bring a breath of fresh air to existing maps.
  13. They could at least bring back the event where we had a better chance at rolling good perks. This type of event was only run once iirc and since they'll probably never rework the perk system, at least this would give us better odds at getting something good.
  14. Well, the exact words from Matt were "We don't intend to have concrete news on the next patch for Friday the 13th until we are closer to the end of 2019". With that in mind, the only thing we can (mostly) be sure to get near the end of the year is a status update, it sadly doesn't mean that the patch itself will be out at that time. At least he also mentioned that while the environmental kills issue is the #1 priority, the team will also check for other smaller fixes that they can put into that patch. Just don't expect the knife/car physics bug to be one of those fixes. Matt already said back in August that they anticipate this bug to be a major undertaking and that the issue is "Deep rooted, similar to the roof and interaction issues, but even deeper in the code.".
  15. He was offered for a limited time only on kickstarter and backerkit while the game was still in production. Here's the official Gun. statement on the subject: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/5479-savini-jason-statement-from-gun-media/?tab=comments#comment-66269
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