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  1. This is really how I would like to see things concerning their dedication toward the game but I have my doubts. Who knows if the launch of the Switch version isn't playing a major role about why they did not shut the game down already on the current platforms? Maybe doing so would not be the best move for them if they want to attract potential Switch customers. I really hope that what they gave to us these past months in term of game support isn't just some kind of smoke screen until the NS launch, just to abandon the game for good a couple of months later down the road.
  2. It's probably common knowledge but, at the risk of sounding really really stupid in case you all already know this, according to the devs the hit to bring Jason to his knees after the sweater stun is still subject to the stun % stat of the weapon used for the hit. At least that is what Matt told me when I pointed that out thinking it was a glitch. This is the thread where I asked him about it as well as is exact response at the time back in February: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25882-jason-kill-kneeling-bugexploit/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-347993 " Also, just a note, you said "the hit to kneel Jason down glitches out..." and I wanted to specify something here. That kneeling hit is still subject to the stun attributes of the weapon you are using. So saying it glitches out would require me to know what weapon you were using to verify if it was a glitch or just a bad % chance on the weapon. This is why we recommend the baseball bat a lot." While he did not discard completely the possibility of a bug glitching out the kill process, from what he said the hit after the sweater stun has a chance to fail. 
  3. Not only that, even to this day when they talk about the Jason kill, it seems they still have the notion that the steps required to do so are really hard to pull or that they don't happen to align that often. At least that's the perception I have about it unless they said otherwise recently. I don't expect them to be hardcore pros at their own game, but balancing the game especially in regard to the Jason kill when their group seems like they're just playing the game casually for the most part, I don't see that happening anytime soon or at all sadly.
  4. That clothing pack, and the the medium Jason bloody skins for that matter, should be made available to anyone on steam. I wonder why they never offered those clothes to PC players since we know they are complete and in the game's files. And since there never was a proper physical release for PC I don't think anybody would be pissed off that the content is made available. How about it @mattshotcha, any chance for PC players to finally get those clothes legitimately in the future?
  5. I don't see any complains from me in my post, I'm just pointing out the remaining problems that need to be fixed that's all.
  6. Well, they also need to fix the random counselors bug, fix the counselor "sliding" exploit, fix the Pinehurst rainbow blood/sparkle effect, fix the shaky cam during kills, fix the remaining interaction locks, fix the remaining map exploits, fix the out-of-sync intro sound of bots match, fix the pocket knife animation, fix the mixed-up Jason skin appearing in full match and/or outro and fix when sometimes it shows the wrong weapon for Jason in outro. While those glitches/problems are not all affecting gameplay they are still in the game and until they are gone it will not be a glitch free experience. There is also some out-of-game pc specific problems that are still present after all this time like the video option settings not saving and the mute function not working properly.
  7. The only response I've seen so far about this is a post from Matt on reddit: "On Xbox we’ve been seeing some dedicated server issues today. So matches are loading up peer to peer. The team is investigating." https://old.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/bnveub/so_were_back_to_this_eh/
  8. At this point a roll back seems most likely the proper thing to do. Like you said, considering the number of problems this patch brought versus the number of things it fixed, I don't think anyone would be against it.
  9. Like it was mentioned before, they really need to find a way to test the fixes they're making by ppl who are actually playing the game on a regular basis. Pushing any new fixes as soon as they're ready would be slow on consoles considering the certification process involved but since there none on pc, maybe they could use the steam platform as some form of testing ground for more in-depth testing to ensure things are working properly before a patch officially goes live.
  10. No problem, apology accepted. I know this was not the most positive post I've made on these forums. Keep in mind that even with what I said there, I still enjoy the game and hope the servers will stay online forever even if I know that this is wishful thinking.
  11. Exactly the way I feel regarding the whole situation. The sad reality now is that: 1- They cannot fix the issues they're prioritizing. 2- There's other issues that were either a) supposed to be fixed many months ago or b) that cannot be fixed right now because the devs are unable to pinpoint what's causing the problem(i.e. the random counselor bug and the knife/car glitch) and who knows when or if they will ever find how to fix those. 3- There is also some lower priority bug/glitch/exploit and whatnot that will never have a chance to be fixed at the pace things are going if things supposed to be fixed are not fixed in the end especially if patches keep bringing more bugs and problems of their own. At this point, I'm really afraid that any future patches may cause even more harm than good.
  12. Those fixes are nice and welcomed but to me, this patch is a bit disappointing at the same time. I mean, I know the resources put on this/these patch(es) are limited but the number of critical issues addressed in this one is somewhat minimal. I also understand that some problems need more time to fix then others particularly when you're not able to pinpoint what's causing it exactly, but considering for example that the random counselor bug is still happening when it was supposed to be fixed many patches ago and at the pace the patches are coming out it's easy to wonder if some of the most pressing issues will ever get fixed. Not to mention that there's no guarantee that any of the upcoming patches won't create or bring back some problems of their own. And last but not least with the eventual Switch release coming up, while being a good thing for a number of reasons, there's a good chance the whole patching process may be slowed down even more. It's already hard and time/resources consuming right now especially with the insistence to align the patches releases for 3 platforms simultaneously, I can only imagine how much longer it will take with said resources divided even more to patch a 4th platform and with another patch certification process added to the equation.
  13. You can get the game for less than 6 usd right now from the Humble store: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/friday-the-13th?hmb_source=search_bar The sale is ending in about 21 hours.
  14. This article appeared on Variety today: https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/friday-the-13th-the-game-nintendo-switch-release-1203153811/ We went from "We have no plan for the switch." to an actual Switch release announcement less than a month later if this information is true. I don't own a Switch but I think this is good news. Any additional revenue will help to keep the game online and supported.
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