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  1. I would like to know as well why they're still up there. Hey @ShiftySamurai, could you please confirm that they are indeed not coming and maybe get them off the official site?
  2. This is indeed a valid question. If the basic structure of that trailer was done months and months ago and it's showing kills they had planned to released, it implies they had many months to complete the legwork needed. The thing is, starting February 3rd they announced they were working on the engine update and that any new content would be delayed while they were focusing on that and the preparation for dedicated servers. The updated engine was implemented May 24th and then we got hit with a "end of content" announcement on June 11th if I recall correctly. Who knows what was worked on in term of content while they were doing the engine update or shortly after. Maybe they just had time to finish and finalize the Part II Kill Pack? I don't know, I'm just guessing here.
  3. Sadly I don't think that it is possible to buy the pc physical version anymore, to my knowledge it was only available during the kickstarter/backerkit period. The only bloody skin Savini Jason has access to is the medium one, the use of other skins for him was deactivated by the devs because it was causing some problems with the game if I recall correctly. Only to those who own Savini Jason and pledged for or bought the pc physical version on kickstarter/backerkit, like I said I'm pretty sure the pc physical version wasn't available elsewhere. I got an email, on December 19th 2017 to be exact and not the middle of February like I thought earlier in this thread, to get my "Bonus Bloody Jason Skins DLC" steam digital code(which is the Bloody Jason Skins Medium) from backerkit. This is the only legit way to have a bloody Savini Jason on pc from what I know.
  4. Bloody Savini is available on steam using a legit mean too, with the "Bloody Jason Skins Medium" dlc exclusive to those who bought the pc physical version. While it's true that it is only a plastic case with a steam cd key inside and no disc, the bloody skins code was sent by email(through backerkit) in the middle of February of this year. I know because this is how I got it myself. edit: Actually, the email was received on December 19th 2017.
  5. My post wasn't necessarily about what's happening right now in this thread but for the way things are in general around here. Sorry for the misunderstanding it may have caused.
  6. This is something I will always have a hard time to understand. Sure places like reddit, twitter, facebook and all may reach a lot of people at once I'll give you that. But when you have an "official" forums for something it should at least be as important to post there than all those other social media platforms. Sadly, it doesn't look like this is the case here most of the time.
  7. According to Wes on reddit, there's going to be 2 different editions of this. My guess is one with the mask and one without it. Savini Jason won't be in any of those editions for those who were wondering about it. https://old.reddit.com/r/F13thegame/comments/8zcr7f/ultimate_slasher_collectors_edition_announced/
  8. With that price tag, people who were expecting a permanent price drop to the regular game to help attract new players can forget about it for a while I guess.
  9. Looks like Ben is reading the thread, maybe he could give us some explanation?
  10. Every backers should check their emails, I received an email a couple of hours ago with and update on the Artbook and soundtrack. The Artbook should contain over 100 pages and the soundtrack will include 2 discs of music from the game composed and performed by Harry Manfredini. They're roughly estimating around 6 to 8 weeks until we get those items in our hands. The digital versions of those items will be available through Backerkit when they begin to ship the physical items.
  11. La-La Land Records have a 2 cd set containing both the Part 4 & Part 5 soundtracks up for sale. They are also celebrating the opening of their new website with 25% off on all order through July 22. https://lalalandrecords.com/friday-the-13th-parts-4-5-2-cd-set/ And for those who like vinyls, Waxwork Records have a new double LP set for Part 5 ost up for sale on their website. https://waxworkrecords.com/collections/vinyl/products/friday-the-13th-part-v-a-new-beginning
  12. Wes posted this on twitter:
  13. makred78

    Increase in crashes

    I play on pc and right now since the latest patch it's 3 games out of 4 giving me a fatal error right after a grab kill against offline bots. Did not find any specific kill/map/Jason that seems to trigger the fatal error, looks pretty much random. Right now every time I'm doing a grab I just keep my finger crossed and hope the game doesn't crash. It's like a fatal error roulette and I'm "winning" more often then I'd like to.
  14. makred78

    Creighton Duke Spinoff?

    Assuming I read that correctly, according to Adam Marcus in this article: http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/friday-the-13th-spinoff-could-follow-creighton-duke-as-he-hunts-down-jason?__source=Blastr_Vayner_syfy_Facebook&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fridaythirteenth&utm_term=organic&utm_content=link_ad the character didn't die in JGTH. The spinoff would take place after said movie: “Creighton Duke didn’t die! There’s the answer,” said Marcus. “…The way I shot it was to give you this kind of moment of, like, ‘Oh, no!’ — but honestly…he exhales, but you don’t really see the light go out of his eyes…And to that end, my new production company, Skeleton Crew, is basically doing something to resurrect Creighton Duke as a standalone character.”