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  1. I asked Matt over a week ago if a fix for this problem was going to be part of that last patch and he did not even answer. The issue has been present for two years and a half and I doubt it ever was on their radar of things to fix.
  2. Thanks for the invitation, I registered to your forum a few minutes ago.
  3. Please tell me this patch will include a fix about the video settings not saving/resetting on pc? This problem has been around since the May 2018 engine update. Would be nice to finally get a fix for this considering that the next patch is going to be the last.
  4. Considering how the game seems to be structured, they probably left that content in the files in fear of breaking/effing up something in the game by removing it.
  5. Those are definitely valid indications. Other than that if you see any of them with the bonus clothing dlc from the consoles disc release it's 100% not legit, they are hacking content since unlike the aforementioned medium bloody skins those clothes never made it officially in the PC version.
  6. Not entirely accurate. While it is true that no disc was released for PC, ppl that bought the "physical" PC release on kickstarter and backerkit received a dlc code for the medium bloody skins around December 2019. Most players having those skins on steam probably got them illegally but there is a small percentage of ppl who got them legitimately.
  7. There's also some new F13th limited edition Nike shoes(coming up in October) and a newly released soundtrack of TNB on vinyl from Waxwork Records with JTM coming at a later date. Both soundtracks are also coming on cd starting this fall from La-La Land Records.
  8. Car-knifing fix, random counselor/Jason glitch fix and an attempt at re-balancing the Jason kill all in the same patch?! That's much more than I was expecting in a single shot, excellent job guys!
  9. While it's safe to say that most steam users with a bloody Savini are probably hackers, there's a small % of them that got the medium bloody skins dlc with the pc physical release which was available on kickstarter and backerkit.
  10. I see, thanks for the answer. I have to say that I'm really surprised that those options were added to private matches, I was not expecting this at all. This is an excellent addition imo. As for the rain options, I know the feature is present in private matches. I was asking about offline bots more specifically but I guess this too needs to exist as settings/parameters in order for them to be changed.
  11. I was about to say the same thing. That would be awesome, along with the ability to toggle rain on/off and customize counselor's clothes and perks. @mattshotcha, any chances of something like this happening in the future?
  12. This is why their split community argument has next to zero credibility imo, the player base has always been divided with each of the changes they made to the game since its release. The only valid point they have provided as to why the ease of the Jason kill will probably never be addressed is the place its occupying in their priority list. They have more urgent issues to fix and the sad thing is that most of those issues were created by them in the first place while they tried to fix other things.
  13. I know you never specifically used the word microscopic and that's not what I said either. But when you're referring to a specific portion of ppl as "circle" or "small group" with remarks such as "you guys represent the minority at this point" like you did in the past, the proportion we're representing to you is obvious. Anyway like I said, I know the kill will not be changed since it's nowhere near a priority issue.
  14. One of the most mind blowing thing for me about all of what he said on the subject is the way he systematically implies how microscopic is the group that think the kill is easy when you put it next to the entirety of the player base. We all know the difficulty of the kill is not seen the same way by everyone but since there's no real way to ask the opinion of every single person playing the game it's impossible to make an accurate statistic about it. I understand that they won't change anything about the kill since it's not even bottom of the barrel category in term of priority but the divided community argument is really thin. I'm pretty sure the player base was never 100% all on the same page with any of the changes they made to the game before but it never stopped those from happening either.
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