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  1. Like beawareofbears said...main issue with grab is that he can grab you while you are in mid swing attack animation...he shouldn't be able to grab you then.
  2. Jason needs grab radius reduction Jason shouldn't be able to grab a counselor if he is in attack animation Jason shouldn't be able to grab a counselor if he is in blocking state (unless he is really low of stamina and he can't block him and then Jason grab him) (Maybe)- Jason should only allow to grab if counselor is wounded. (I repeat this maybe) But all those above should be in the game, don't get me wrong, I want Jason to be OP but this feels just robotic to me, you get to be a Jason and then you just morph and shift around the map on counselor and kill him, I want to see some more scary moments there and that Jason should put more tactic in the match, to use Stalking ability more often and with more tactics, to sneak up and ambush counselors, and to try to hit him and not just grab him, this is just my suggestions...
  3. WE need penalty for leavers if they are not Jason, most of the matches I play 1v5, it's annoying, we need penalties and that if you leave you can't join a new match till that previous match is finished.
  4. It is really bad, Jason can dodge it very easily with 180 spin and when counselor is in the animation it takes few seconds to move again and then Jason can grab you or hit you, it should be little harder for Jason to move that fast 180 and dodging the attacks, right now combat system is useless most of the time, only if you surprise him with few more counselors and then attack him all together...
  5. I played 2 matches where survivor was flying in the air, and Jason couldn't kill him, are devs aware of that ? It breaking bug, he can't escape only wait untill times out and Jason can't kill him. He is just flying above the map...
  6. I'm not talking about pre load, I'm talking that we get at least day before release a key and we can put it on steam and wait for release and then steam unlocks it and we are good to go.
  7. Yeah I do understand, I had once issue I had to get a email and the person was sending me but it didn't arrive, I even checked spam folder, nothing, so I'm kinda scared not to get it and have issues.
  8. I know for pre-load, I don't mean that, if you ever pre orderd on steam then you know when game release button for "INSTALL" appears and you start downloading the game, steam will unlock it in that exact second, but for emails we have to wait, some people will get the key the next day. For beta back in December i meant how people pre ordered before beta and they complained how they didn't get the keys, I'm not sure if it's true or not, I saw people complained about it, I got the keys after few hours. But some people waited a lot longer.
  9. Hello, maybe this topic was here but I know it was on steam forum, it would be really nice from devs to send us a key a day or few days before release and we can put it on steam and just wait like steam pre orders, we can't download or access the game untill release, lock it and that's all, why backers/kickstartes needs to wait a few hours or whole day or two for a key ? Some people didn't get a beta key and they pre ordered, it's not fair, we should all play at same time, why steam pre orders in last month will have faster access then we ? We have to get key by email, and we are thousands and thousands of people, and you know how it can be, it can even be late for a day, and we are backers/kickstarter and I think we deserve to play at day 1 in first minutes/hours, kickstartes/backers are really huge fans of this game, that's why they backed it up, and we deserve to have keys at put it on steam and wait with other steam pre orders and as soon as it unlock we can download and play, that's my suggestion and I hope devs will see this and think about it, we supported that game way before and I think we deserve this and I know if you guys send keys at release date some people will not even get it that day, it was like that in beta. Thank you.
  10. True, I really don't know why some people complain about graphics in the game...I mean come on look at the gameplay, see how it works, who cares about graphics let's have some fun and enjoy the gameplay...My nephew is making me crazy when i play some game and he come to my place and check it out and say: "omg the graphics in this game so bad" And i play game few years old just because I'm tired of new titles I want something different. Well I like where this game goes, I'm glad it won't be those salty "kids" who complains and being rude to community and devs.
  11. I mean they were there right ? And devs said they removed it now on PAX, so I think that's good idea, you have to be scared of Jason not get spanked by him and troll him, i mean look at Dead by Daylight, stupid survivors perks... self healing etc... I don't want this to turn like DbD, and I think devs are aware of that and I think it's smart move to remove them from game. Yeah I know we will have perks as counselors and that's fine, from what i saw in beta they are totally fine by me (I think, didn't play full game) I hope devs are aware of that and make counselors to fear the Jason and that Counselors to feel safe all the time and if Jason comes they will use some abilities and Jason will have hard time to kill them... I hope you know what I mean. It's good they removed it. PS: I am sorry that I talked about Dead by Daylight on this forum, I hope you devs are fine with that to hear opinions. Cheers!
  12. Yeah, I hope they did already something like that, the sound shouldn't be so far away for non running jasons, keep the sound normal for part 2 and part 3 but others can come closer for music and sneak up and surprise them and make them even more scary Come on just imagine you are in house and he just bust through door and music starts but he is already in house...crazy Come on devs you can do it!
  13. Yeah true, I don't want it to be cooperative or competitive either, I don't want to rage, i want that failure is fun
  14. I like them all, and I will like them all at full release but I just want them to balance them so people won't spam part 3 or part 2 jason just because of running...Let non running jason be more stealthier(i mean music starts later than running jasons so when you hear music he is already so close to you). And some stuff like that.
  15. Yeah ok i agree it shouldn't be awarded, it only means that YOU survive, and teamwork can increase the chances, maybe of course, but i don't like this stuff in Dead by Daylight, i want that failure is fun, and i had this in beta a lot, when someone fail and get killed and you trying not to get high fear and stay hidden but he still spot you and you run like a maniac . Ok no reward .
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