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  1. I think that +Sense and -Sense are working as intend... It´s the time that it takes to recharge Sense ability, more or less faster. It takes time, even to a +Sense Jason to recharge his sense after a short sense activation and desactivation. You need to calm down and try to learn the way to deal with the situation (spawn next to a objective). When this happens to me, I just crouch or walk without make noise... Jason can´t see me before Sense. I wait he place his traps and go to his next objective.
  2. You just said what I want to say... There´s no cooldown avoidance.
  3. Maybe my little story can contribute to everyone's knowledge about Sense Vs. Perks: Last week, as Jason, I had an extremely frustrating experience with a Jenny who managed to get away from me during almost half of the match until the end because she simply doesnt appeared in red to my sense... When my rage was already on... She was the last survivor... Only the cabins she entered was glowing. And I repeat the same action over and over: See a red cabin... enter the cabin to search for her... Sometimes I heard she leaving through windows... or running... sometimes I was crashing beds and lockers and cant hear... She leaves the cabin... I activate my sense and nothing... I exit the cabin, Sense still dont show her, until another cabin lights up in red... I run to the cabin.... and the same proccess repeated until the end .... She was obviously with high fear level.... And never glowed red to me.... All perks I found has only chances to avoid sense... But she managed to avoid my sense always. It was a good 7/8 match... but drove me crazy. in addition to my angry, I had to put up with a boy accusing me of help the girl to farm XP... lol
  4. THAT´S THE POINT !!!! If Jason knows how to play, he will grab the two knives and take care of the phone fuse box first... If Jason kill a counselor at the beggining of the match, he's definitely wasting a precious time (especially if he has to chase him) and running the serious risk of hearing the police being called and even a car leaving in the first minute of the game.
  5. This is the most important line of your thread, Sir! Well noticed! They can remove the "close drawer" action. Just take or leave the item.
  6. Maybe Jason was Shifting... he may enter invisible before you close the door... did this happened immediatly after? Or it taked time? or maybe Jason was there hidden and with Stalk active all the time? I tried to morph to inside big house and never succeed it.
  7. Yeah... you are right... The Devs need to know... not me... the problem is that another guy think that I wanted to know for MY benefit. Thas why I just add that note... to make clear that the intend was to report to devs, not me.
  8. All counselors already have a MUSIC as notification that Jason is near, independently of fear level. This is already bonus and exactly what you want, even better.
  9. Thank you very much, @Gdain and @weirdkid5 !!! note: If you guys don't want to spread the method... just send it by PM for Ben (Gun). I dont want to LEARN how to do this exploit, as some guy accused me. I just want to report that it exists e make devs know about it.
  10. I don´t want to look for nothing, man. I don´t understand why you look so uncomfortable. I did my part. I pointed out that there is an exploit. And this is useful for developers and all players. This forum was made for this. If you do not like and do not want to cooperate, do not try to give me orders or moral lessons. Your speech gives an understanding that you are morally superior. While I just wish that any method of dishonest to be discovered, exposed and mitigated by the developers.
  11. You're getting me very wrong. This thread is to alert devs, to report a exploit, man. I dont want and dont ask anybody "to contribute to the rampant exploit informants on this forum". I have searched this exploit here, in Bug Report, and there is no thread about this issue. If you read the requirements to report a issue, you will see that they ask to report how the exploit/bug/glitch works.
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