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  1. Switching to Med Sprays?

    This thread's pretty S A U C Y
  2. End of Round Screen

    I mean I like the idea too but Jesus that’s taking it a bit far
  3. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    I'm level 34 and backed him the legit way. I just never found this game AMAZINGLY fun.
  4. Vendetta Against Savini Jason?

    Maybe some of us have a life outside of gaming?
  5. F13 App Beta testing!

    The app is going to be for free so it should be ok right?
  6. Cheaters, or Paranoia?

    Nah mate paranoia’s coming out later.
  7. F13 App Beta testing!

    Shame I’m part of apple master race Good luck with the app tho.
  8. Rename the Games

    Pokemon: Catch cute animals in your balls simulator 2018
  9. Pre-Trapped Objectives

    It’s weird. If you read my other posts you will know I either hate an idea or love it. I’m totally on the fence with this one. I see how it’s great and how it is OP. I really don’t know.
  10. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Yeah sorry mate I paid for the game I will speak in it.
  11. Where is everybody from...

    Wow and I though me hitting 500 was impressive. Congrats on 2000 dude.
  12. Counselors Height?

    Guessing they are the same height because of hit boxes
  13. Tiffany Cox - Guide Series

    I mean for me Tiffany got a massive use
  14. I swear you’re Darrin Howard’s second account.
  15. No no no no no no no no no no no no Theres no point (read in rhythm to the ‘no no’ football chant’
  16. Holy shit im a guy and im offended.
  17. Chad Kensington - Guide Series

    Why take something perfect when you can have something perfect-er.
  18. The Driver: Did you find the keys before this person? Well, good luck. Prepare to get called every name under the sun until you give them the keys. You handed them over? Good. Now watch as he leaves without you. Whats that? By some miracle, you managed to get in the car with him? Well lucky you. You just might survive. Oh wait. They cant drive for shit. Hm. Well I guess you did die.
  19. Chad Kensington - Guide Series

    Thanks man this is awesome. Sorry for being a pest but if you could just do one for Lachappa that would be amazing. If not I understand.
  20. Literally 5 out of 9 of your posts have been the same thing. We get it, you're an intimidating individual.