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  1. Why thank you random person and definitely not a second account I made for no reason but has now got a purpose!
  2. But what about the people who already own savini? Can they make other Jason’s equip the pitchfork?
  3. Not really your fault to be honest. It was in the about section instead of the general discussion.
  4. Yeah I really was first hard to believe I know like wow. Oh yeah and this is awesome thanks devs.
  5. Fucking hell we know. Do people even try to use the search button?
  6. Part 4 is definitely the fan favourite.
  7. Who is your favourite member on the Forums? It could be because you find them funny, because they are friendly or because you have some secret thing for them I don’t know what your in to Man. I have got to give the award to @Ghostboy20 as he is one funny guy.
  8. I literally have nothing to prove to you. Believe it or don’t believe it I honestly couldn’t care less.
  9. Well they are called challenges!
  10. Three people were in a car when I came back as Tommy. Jason crashed it and they all started fighting Jason. Being the sneaky boi I am, I snuck into the car and drove off by myself. No regrets
  11. Equality- Kill all female first then all men (Including tommy) Give mother a Show- Kill a counsellor infront of Pamela’s head You had ONE job- Let all counsellors escape
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