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  1. Best insults

    Yes, it is the popular Uk version of football. Let me run you through the conversation. Manchester City had just beaten Manchester United 2-1, a rival match. The Man U fans were salty. One commented 'Whatever, Man U are still the best team in the world.' I replied 'But how are they if they got thrashed by City? ' Im a savage, I know. He then replies, "How was it a thrashing if it was 2-1 you knob?" As you could tell, I was very deeply offended and even considered ending it all after that blow. However I kept going and in the end made it through. Not really worth an entire thread now I think about it, but oh well. P.S Im not even a city fan, but only a moron would deny that was a good game. P.P.S Thanks for the idea, very useful.
  2. Best insults

    Something about football idk to be honest
  3. I don't like to host as I live in the UK and always get paired with American people. Not hating on Americans, they are great and funny people, but it makes connection a little hard.
  4. Maybe just don't host...? I mean, I cant force you or nothing, but maybe a good idea?
  5. Best insults

    Really bored and having an argument on youtube. Got any good insults for me?
  6. What's your VS battle?

    Playing video games until 3 am vs sleep.
  7. I gotta say Jason is pretty hot.
  8. Finally reached 500 posts.

    Its been a long and tiring journey, but I've made it. I know nobody really cares, but I decided to make a topic anyway, so please reply with 'Wow! Well done! You are the best!' Also can finally add my own custom rank now. Awesome.
  9. hey hey

  10. Ello everyone

    Hello and welcome