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  1. Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    The trophy no count,that’all,close the thread.
  2. Net neutrality gone, online gaming hurt?

    This is one of those moments that makes me glad to live in Europe.
  3. Am I Unstoppable?

    No. No you are not. Next question?
  4. Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    I'm not saying I'll ever get it. I too have a life. However, this trophy is for those that make this game their life. If your not willing to do that, that's your problem.
  5. Offline Bot,count for trophy?

    Thats why the trophy is for HARD CORE fans only.
  6. Wait somebody killed Jason??? Why was I not informed this could happen???
  7. I see what you are saying, but having already watching all the movies, loving them, then watching them again, I don't really think there's much I haven't seen already.
  8. Most of you probably understand this, but for the more ignorant let me say this. NOT ALL KIDS ARE LIKE THIS. I think I spend a solid 33% of my time on this forums making this argument. As a kid who plays this I will acknowledge that there are some bad kids out there (A lot) but not all of us are like that. Don't see why we should be banned or such when we paid the same amount as any of you for the game (I might have even paid more than some, buying the Savni Jason and counsellor clothing pack) If you already understood this, thank you for being so considerate and sorry for wasting your time with this post. This is for the 10% that won't let all ages have some fun. Edit: Somebody just did a cry reaction on my post. If it were done to mock me, its pretty cowardly you have to use a reaction cause you are too scared to reply to a 13 year old. Grow Up.
  9. Which Horror Would team up

    Yeah this is what I was saying. Ghostface doing the jumpscares and such and The Strangers doing the kills.
  10. Which Horror Would team up

    Maybe the three people from 'The Strangers'?
  11. Which Horror Would team up

    Thank you good sir.
  12. No it's a glitch. Pretty sure I saw a dev confirm but not sure.
  13. it changes the hit box aswell. You can literally hit Jason if he is far way.
  14. Which Horror Would team up

    I see no shenanigans here.