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  1. dbd killer is so easy oml, half of the survivors i get are braindead. also the grab nerf for jason was fun wasn't it
  2. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    I know, seeing single player that late really makes me mad
  3. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    sounds groovy
  4. and you know i was expecting soon to be soon so lol rip that
  5. Lemme guess, yall gonna wait until September 28th or October 13th. Tbh it would be cooler if yall just released something early
  6. Jason Stat Screen Revealed

    Savini Jason looks sp00ky
  7. Counselor Stats (Near Final)

    I still think deb running only like 4 feet and then running out of stamina is funny XD
  8. Deborah in my opinion is the coolest counselor in the game
  9. I think it should end after the second stage was finished
  10. Kinda like Dbd when the killer chases you different music plays everytime
  11. A 'stealth' Jason

    Its just like the shackled chain addon for her traps. The survivors dont see it activate but a phantasm doesn't spawn so they know ur there when u teleport
  12. Vanessa needs a headband

    Every time i see Vanessa I just think of the keemstar meme I'M FAST AS FUCK BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  13. Sounds like fun especially if a person is taking a long time to load
  14. Hello :D

    Hello everyone I hope you are all as hyped as i am to play this game . A good thing i've learned is that early 2017 is going to end sooner then later so they cant keep saying that forever XD. When this game gets emailed to me i'm probably gonna main A.j Mason or Deborah depending on which i unlock first. A quick question before I end my post is every counselor has a max stat right? Deborah has 10 intelligence, Vanessa has 10 stamina (or speed i cant remember) A.j Mason has 10 stealth, Chad has 10 luck. So what's tiffanys max stat? (Excluding Kenny because hes the all around character you see in every game). I'm glad I could write this to you all Oh and i forgot about Jenny who has 10 composure