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  1. I do want Tina in the game, however she needs to be added in a specific way to make sure she's balanced. Honestly... right now with your idea it sounds like Tommy would be picked more over her, purely because Tommy seems a lot more useful with his maxed out stats. I don't believe her ability should be random. I don't mind having things that can she can trigger around the map. But just having it trigger randomly makes it pretty useless. I was thinking maybe she could pick up weapons with it and throw them at Jason. Stun chance and damage still affecting the weapons when they hit Jason, but allowing her to use her power to attack him from a distance. There would be a hefty cooldown on the power of course, as you mentioned later in your post. Her not being able to pick up weapons... well that's a problem, especially if we're going for your original idea for her power. If it has a long cooldown, then she's going to be almost powerless when her ability isn't active. Doesn't sound much like a hero character huh? So as we were discussing on the Discord, she should have low luck so her stun chance is low. (Although I'd say her ability has a base chance of 5 luck to stun, purely to make her ability a bit more useful) Her strength should also be low. (Again with her ability at a 5 for the same reason as before) But she can pick up weapons to use when she cannot use her ability, since it's on cooldown. "Jason cannot grab Tina". That's a big no from me. She should be able to be grabbed at any point, but she can save herself if her ability is active and a weapon is lying nearby. (Like pick it up with her ability and then throw it at Jason to break her free) So Jason could still get cool kills on Tina, because we all know being slashed to death isn't exactly fun. As for saving other counselors, I don't think it should be random and should follow my idea from before. The cooldown on the ability, it's fine as a long cooldown, I agree with that. I don't know about your way of killing Jason. I mean the part about having her father do it, sure. But finding her mother's body? Doesn't make much sense to me. I was more thinking that Tina could lure Jason to a pier or dock and then perform a specific stun on him that acts like the sweater stun, and if someone hits him (To make sure she can't do it alone, I think that if she could that would be too powerful) then Tina's father can come up and drag him down into the lake like in the films. Obviously this would need to be done after Jason's mask was off. As for taking off the mask, I feel that Tina could cause damage to Jason using her ability, since damage is the stat that gets the mask off. Therefore, if she does enough damage to him (With 5 strength with her ability mind you) his mask snaps off like in the film. These are just my thoughts on your idea and my own suggestions as to how to add her.
  2. Well it's similar, but I think they're both different enough to exist as different suggestions.
  3. So here I am presenting this suggestion to you all. I mean spectating your teammates for the whole match because you died first sucks right? You hardly got any playtime, Jason killed you with an insta choke and now you have to sit here waiting all match, unless they call Tommy, but that's unlikely (From experience). Wouldn't it be great if you had another chance to come back and play some more? That's the basis of this suggestion. The original idea comes from a friend who's name is IGotNothing. Not sure if they're on this forum or not, but hey. I refined this idea a bit with some people on the Discord, so it's not completely terrible. The idea is that a police sheriff (possibly Sheriff Garris from part VI: Jason Lives?) arrives to replace a dead or escaped player at some point after the police have been called. For timings of when he would show up, I have a couple of suggestions to prevent him from just escaping with the police as soon as he spawns in. - He spawns in at the opposite exit to the police when they arrive, so he'd have some distance to cover before reaching them. Yes this doesn't make sense logically, but it slows down those kinds of players who escape with the police as soon as they spawn in as Tommy. - He spawns in at 2 minutes 30 seconds (Half way, obviously ) left on the police timer. He somehow happens to be closer to the camp than the other police, so gets there faster, or he was just prepared faster than the other officers. Stats wise he'd be like Kenny with 5 points in all stats. I do this for two reasons. One: I want everyone's playstyle to be able to be used with this character. Don't want a stealthy player to play as him and he has extremely low stealth, so they can't play stealthily. And two: He's no hero, at least not like Tommy Jarvis. He's just some police sheriff who had the guts to come out of the fog at the edge of the camp and help the counselors. Ok that's the idea. It was born from a personal desire to be able to play again in the match after being killed so soon. Of course there's always ways to not get killed immediately, and Quick Play games are generally over quickly due to lack of co-ordination between counselors, but in Private Matches things can drag on for a long time. Especially when the Jason knows what they're doing and everyone's trying to be co-ordinated. Feedback is appreciated, but please keep it constructive, and at least give a reasonable response as to why you don't like it, if you don't like it.
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