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  1. This is primo territory for Gun. A new edgy horror story is right up their alley. Plus visual bugs and glitches would be next to nonexistent so they could really focus on the gameplay. I personally would add a peek function that could be used for a few seconds every few minutes to give a nice glimpse of the ultra HD environment but make it very risky because it could lead to your death. There is so much potential here for them. It would need too notch audio though. I want to hear footsteps, moving water, rustling leaves, creepy monsters, and general creepy noises. 

  2. 30 minutes ago, Brian76 said:

    Hello @Brigadius! I’ve been looking for a certain profile pic, that will meet the requirements, for the forum. It’s the Savini Jason pic, when your character is selected, in the game. If that makes sense. Can you help me out? If not, it’s ok. Just wanted to ask. Have a good day! 


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  3. 8 hours ago, Armani? said:

    If I remember correctly, the game community wanted dedicated servers, but we didn't know at the time there was a deadline for content to be put in the game. They didn't tell us. 

    We only got a hint with that response to Reggie thread back in April.

    But they stopped working on content duringn the unneeded upgrade. What does the coding team have to do with the asset team? It makes very little sense to stop asset production when they are two separate entities. The guy who is coding(engine upgrade) is not the same guy building assets. It just doesn't make sense to halt production completely when each thing is handled by different groups. 

    It would be like going to McDonald's and the fry station is being repaired so they stopped making burgers. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    A toxic community created by ignoring the legitimate complaints of the most active members being disregarded and then mocked. 

    When I joined ten months or so ago, I bumped heads with those long time community members BoB in particular. The pubs were actively hostile to his attempts at improving the game, so much so that he became hostile to new members who were no different than him six months before I joined. The community lead, doesn’t seem to know how to do his job and has left the forums to grow wild. Some of the mods have been actively hostile to other long time members to the point where they quit. All these things are what make this place or community toxic, I think you should place at least some of the blame at Guns feet. 

    Some of us oldies are still here. But I agree, Gun neglicated this community until it became a dumpster fire and their solution to put it out was to add gasoline.

    3 hours ago, Armani? said:

    That statement was annoying and childish.


    They tried to Make Victor the bad guy, and gave no definite answer about "certain" content for the game.


    Agreed. Horror Inc could always try something new until everything is finalized in the suit. I would like to see a Roy/Joey sequel now. Joey needs to come back and avenge Roy's death. Reggie better lookout 

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  5. Doesn't make sense to offer a deal while they are suing him. Horror probably realized they were gonna lose and before that happened tried to offer some crap deal before they lost the rights altogether. Now that Miller officially owns the rights they will have to compensate him accordingly and probably to a higher tune then what they offered, if they offered anything and that was just a statement to make Miller look like the bad guy.

  6. 10 hours ago, Smitty_Voorhees said:

    Aside from the fact that this would mean completely reworking the game, you also forgot that they wouldn't be able to call or refer to Jason as "Jason," they would have to remove Pam's grave from the maps, they would have to remove the Camp Crystal Lake map entirely since it's from part 1, they would have to remove her sweater, and they would have to retitle the game since the name of what is now Miller's script is titled FRIDAY THE 13th, so that name belongs to him.



    Miller didn't get the title just the screenplay. Also, Pamela is Cunningham's, her first name was never mentioned until the second film. As for the crystal lake map I would imagine a name change would suffice. 

    But the thing is that the lawsuit was only over the US film rights for the first screenplay. It had nothing to do with the game. It the judgement reads like it only affects future US film titles that use elements from Miller's original screenplay. 

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  7. So if I understand the outcome correctly it seems that June 18 2018 deadline was the known date of the copyright termination for 2 years. In the event that the case was not resolved or a new copyright aggreement wasn't struck by that date then work on the franchise would have to cease. 

    So it seems like they should have prioritized content over an engine update. Obviously bugs and servers were something they could work on after the deadline. Bugs are a priority too but there's was definitely no reason to abandon content completely knowing of a deadline set 2 years previous. 

    The odd thing in the judgement is that it only pertained to the film rights,specifically us film rights, it didn't read in anyway that it should have had an affect on the game. 

    The game is done. But hopefully with this stuff finally being settled maybe we can get a new game in the near future, not 30 years from now, and with a more experienced team. 

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  8. 9 minutes ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    Some guy on twitter that says it's not his email. It's not the same email that you get from Victor Miller's personal website but that could be his business email rather than personal, he might have multiple. He's trying to claim that Miller didn't say he wouldn't interfere with the game therefore he'll try to put his hands in the cookie jar.

    This guy also got an email from Miller. 


  9. 4 hours ago, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

    Sorry to bump the old thread but I heard the original email image was fake or from a fake email because supposedly it's not Victor Miller's email address. Can anyone confirm this? They're saying Miller never said he'd not interfere with the game.

    Who's they? Pretty sure it listed the same email that is on Miller's website before a mod said it needed to be edited to remove the email. 

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  10. 12 minutes ago, Ghostboy20 said:

    Your still paying for the poster. Anything in a edition adds to the pricing for the item. If they were free then they should be just giving them to people without having to buy the edition they are gonna sell to us.

    This is easy to figure out. Game $40 + DLC $15 ≠ $70. Plus, as you said if it's in the pack it's being sold, so even if this was priced at $55 the poster and mask are still being sold as part of a bundle. 

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