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  1. As we're some other less popular but super entertaining mods/games I remember a revolutionary war game with muskets that took forever to reload. Spent a lot of time bayoneting people. It was great. Also, The Specialist which was like the matrix meets Max payne. And, the Hidden which was an asymmetric horror survival. I also think portal had it's beginnings as a mod.
  2. While not a big PC gamer l am a fan of mods. Solely for the purpose that if some creates something unique that becomes popular there is a chance of it being integrated into the game and improve the longevity and quality of the game. Games that prohibit or try to put obstacles in the way to prevent mods in my opinion are doomed to fail. Closing the door to new ideas can make a game stagnant and boring eventually. While mods get the community involved and keep the creative process flowing. Source is a prime example. Some great games and mods came out of Source. Making it almost an endless source of entertainment.
  3. Brigadius

    Early release for streamers

    So what you're saying is that if I was a streamer "content creator" I could have received the game in early 2017.
  4. What they really meant was they would announce the release date early 2017.
  5. No, no, no this is all wrong. We need a goat that can be sacrificed to summon ,darrin, I mean demonic weapons. This would make the game 1v6v1 because now the goat player has to evade not just Jason but the counselors too.
  6. Brigadius

    Why No Release Date Yet?

    The final countdown should be in Roman numerals If it's delayed for one it's delayed for all
  7. Brigadius

    Why No Release Date Yet?

    Honestly, I may buy a rock band guitar just to slay counselors in style.#Axed
  8. Brigadius

    Why No Release Date Yet?

    Lighten up. It's a joke, a throw back to bewareofbears. No need to be all doom and gloom. If you want I can read to you from the tome of enlightenment that I borrowed from Darrin Howard.
  9. Brigadius

    Why No Release Date Yet?

    Maybe bewareofbears should reset his countdown clock.
  10. This is funny because I remember making a case to add mark when that one guy came in talking about wanting magical tomes to give you dark mystical powers.
  11. Brigadius

    Got lost

    So, was wandering the camp and stumbled into the feedback/suggestion cabin and before I knew it I was caught in a wave of other campers and counselors. After fighting my way through I managed to escape and figured I better get up to registration office for my official name tag. So, hello everybody. I'm Brigadius, I'm a Virgo, can tolerate short walks by the lake, and enjoy heated debates.
  12. If it is a stealth ability and disables chase music it should also allow him to climb through windows. Now that would be scary. Turning around in a locked cabin and Jason's standing there.
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed but I did a search nothing really popped out at me on the use of Drugs. If there is just kindly redirect me. I know they are not going to be in the game I watched the pax South panel, but I think they dismissed it to soon. Do I think they need to be in game. Not really. I think the game can get along fine without them. However, with that being said I think they are wrong in the assumption that a teen wouldnt stop to do drugs when being pursued by a supernatural(in some cases) mass murderer. Freaking out, need to calm down, pop a xanax or light up. Psycho on your tail and you need to run for days, bump of coke. Trying to focus on the confusing wiring of telephone repair take a ritalin. Decided to dance with the devil, no problem angel dust. Or maybe you know you're gonna die and just don't want to be there when it happens. Well, that's covered too, it's called acid. See plenty of ways to utilize drugs while being hunted down and murdered. They say it's not something a person would do but they are probably more likely to do that than use antiseptic spray on a cut. If you can heal why not be able to calm your nerves. Oh, don't forget beer. Just add an option in the lobby for drunk play. And the game starts with them pounding beers around the camp fire when Jason shows up to murder you all. Then the rest of the game you try to survive in a drunken swagger. Serious/not serious just some devil's advocate.
  14. I actually like the idea of the interactive lobby. Even if it didn't have the drugs and sex. Would be cool to just walk around the cabin while waiting for other players to join. As they arrive they just enter through the door and can mingle and look around until launch. The NPC who always gets murdered should also be there. When the game starts it should show everyone leaving and the NPC saying she'll be right out. Then it cuts to the opening scene. I don't think it would take away from the fact that it's a horror game and you supposed to be on edge. Because in the movies everyone's usually having a good time before the s*** hits the fan. Would give the feeling of security and all is well right before you end up running for your life. And, that is keeping with the movies mostly.
  15. To add to my previous comment. If they made the start lobby the virtual cabin then you could have a nice look around at all the cool stuff they've done with the game. And, if they let the players partake in some drugs, alcohol, and boning(the wild mamba, the hunka chunka) the effects could carry over, for a short time, after game start. They could make the sex discreet for rating purposes. Just have two counselors go into a room and play some sounds. Sex- could boost composure or luck but lower stamina Alcohol- would probably just have negative affects Drugs- various affects depending on type. This would be true to the franchise and keep all this stuff out of main gameplay. Everyone says nobody would do this once they know they are being hunted. But keeping true to the series they are always being a little naughty before the killing starts.
  16. In the movie Jason can possess someone if they ingest his heart. So what about a kill that allows him to rip out his heart and force feed it to a player. Then for a limited time he can sneak among the others and kill them until his body regenerates inside the host and he burst back out as himself. You could even keep the players original name above the counselor. It's a stretch but it would be true to the movie so it could work.
  17. It could start in a cabin or campfire or wherever and you can't leave the area until either he arrives or a timer expires. Like a preintro game. Here you can talk, strategize, or "party" and Jason can scout the map. But if he gets to close to the other players it triggers the cut scene and the game starts and the counselors scatter to the wind. But it would have to be a short amount of time and then the cut scene triggers automatically, because you don't want a Jason troll. This would be an awesome replacement for the lobby actually. As people enter the lobby they just come into the cabin or whatever and mingle until the actual game start. From there you can do all the naughty stuff before the game starts. Just have the chosen Jason leave the party like a few minutes before game launch and his character switches to Jason and he can go scout. Would prevent to much strategizing beforehand too.
  18. But I can just imagine them pounding beers when Jason shows up. Running and staggering all over the place. Trails of vomit that lead him to you. Jason's walking around when he hears a hurling sound in the bush next to him. He picks you up and you vomit stun him and stagger off. Lol
  19. All true, but if you were already doing drugs you might not think so clearly. Or maybe you start with a drug affect already present. I have no real interest in drugs in the game. Just listing some possible uses. Also most people don't know they are being hunted and murdered in the movie until the movie starts wrapping up. So they use up until they die. Drugs are totally unnecessary but I would like to see a way to reduce fear or gain an edge. Technically you have the advantage because of numbers but in case you are the unlucky sob he's locked onto it shouldn't spell certain doom. The new firecrackers and flare gun are definitely a step in the right direction though. Maybe that will be enough now that they are implemented. Will have to wait and see.
  20. Do you have a link for where they talked about the bodies? Or know the reasons they can't be moved.
  21. Or like in battlefield where you can do quick responses and request and it shows the text on the screen and an icon above them briefly. Would be helpful for hearing impaired or micless.
  22. They would have it randomly ramp up music and load in Jason just for a sec and then remove him just to mess with you. You'll be paranoid wondering if you really just saw him or not. But it would be a good way to do a little more testing without all the overhead of the beta. Just to see if you can do or find something you shouldn't.
  23. Brigadius

    Blunt Weapon

    I would like to see him pickup other weapons as well. Maybe even see the counselors steal his weapon, because I think in the videos I watched he drops it when he's knocked down. if he ever gets the ability to move bodies or body parts that's more potential weapons. He could throw heads or rip an arm off and beat someone with it or just pick someone up and start swinging two birds one stone. That last parts a little out there but throwing a head or using a limb as a weapon isnt to unreasonable