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  1. I hate shitty coolaid. Whatever you do, don't drink it.
  2. I would expect nothing less from you. And, yes I am quiet smart. Perhaps if they decided to drop a kit that let's us mod the game I just might make one.
  3. I'm sure this will revive the game in a flash. Not like this game is in dire need of a new mode or anything. I'm glad you all are getting a counselor you like but it doesn't change the monotonous gameplay. There is one mode in this game kill/survive and they were kind enough to let us do it either online or by our lonesome. VC isn't a mode it's just a mini game museum. It's cool like how museums are cool but it wears off quick. A year into this game and it's still basically the same game from luanch with Halloween costumes. No meaningful content has been added. We just get these little drops here and there to distract us from realizing the game is making no progress.
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    Your favourite forum member?

    I am one with the wall; unless it's Ben then I'm the one in a bright neon jumpsuit with flashing lights, waving flags, and a target on my back.
  5. Haven't watched the video yet, will do later when I have some time. But, in not surprised to hear there is a disconnect in communication with Illfonic. It wouldn't be the first time they have had miscommunication on a project. Remember that time they built an environment kit for star citizen to the wrong scale. Not saying its all their fault but the fact the multiple titles have had problems due to miscommunication at least rests partly on them.
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    Update has been cancelled?

    Puts teabag in cup Puts water in pot Puts pot on stove Turns stove on WELL GUESS IM NOT HAVING FUCKING HOT TEA TODAY THE WATER ISNT FUCKING BOILING
  7. It's true Gun doesn't have to pursue charges for the theft but many other crimes were committed in the process and those don't need Gun to pursue charges. Gun already admitted the codes were stolen so selling stolen property, shipping stolen goods through the mail, shipping stolen goods across state or international borders, conspiracy to cover-up a crime. Those are a few charges that can be pursued without the need for Gun to press charges.
  8. Well that's an ironic name.
  9. It's not beating a dead horse. Beating a dead horse is when someone says "savini" Jason should be sold again. This was a criminal act that was buried. While value of the codes stolen is questionable there was what like 200+ sold. So, we will go off of the assigned value of $6. That mean at least $1200 in property was stolen and that's the minimum he could have taken a lot more. That's 3rd degree Grand Theft in most states I believe. I'm not sure if the value he sold them for factors in. Not to mention the other laws that were violated. Selling stolen property across state lines, shipping stolen property through the mail(he actually printed and shipped some of the codes), conspiracy to cover-up, possible tax evasion(i doubt the person is declaring profits from their illegal ventures). Hell there could even be some international laws that were broken by selling to people abroad. And that's just some of the charges the culprit could see. If Gun was involved in any way they could also see charges. Say if they helped cover up the whole thing that could be conspiracy to cover-up and possibly defrauding investors. That last one might be a stretch but if they promised something for money and then tried to cover up or actively gave away the codes then that could be considered fraud. I'm not here to blame Gun(the company) Im just interested in what happened and want to know if the situation was taken care of. If they have an employee selling codes or a partner stealing them unknowingly it would be good to know that person or persons was properly dealt with. And, let's be honest it can't be very hard to track an eBay or PayPal account to the owner.
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    F13 Game modes you wish would exist

    There have been many suggested game modes that would be great but it's doubtful we will see any of them. A possession mode was suggested by @bewareofbears with a fair amount of feedback and details on how it could work. There was also a child Jason mode where you played as young Jason before he drown and either the other campers or counselors or both. Jason's task was to survive camp. There was a tell tale mode for Pamela suggested. Also, a planet Jason mode which was a massive online session where when Jason killed you you became Jason. This one was based off of JgtH and X. It played on the fact Jason could possess people if he infected them and fact particles of him were spread across the surface of a planet when he burned up in earth 2's atmosphere. The goal was to be the last human alive. So you could start off in groups for protection but towards the end it's Everyman for themselves because once Jason kills you you switch teams and hunt the remaining players. This mode will never happen in this game at least. It's better suited for a new title preferably with a company that can make a solid network. There were more that I'm forgetting right now but the only real new mode even hinted at is paranoia and that was ages ago and apparently only an idea. It could be a while before it even comes if ever. I don't consider SP a new mode it's only have of the same mode you can play online except you do it alone. VC is just a mini mode museum. And, SP challenges is just SP with specific kill orders. So, yeah lots of great ideas for this game and it sorely needs more variety of play, but at the rate things are happening it's unlikely to see any meaningful additions anytime soon or before the game dies.
  11. You guys remember that time a bunch of exclusive content was stolen and then never talked about again? Whatever happened with that?
  12. @ShiftySamurai With no updates coming for a minimum of 2 months it would be a great time for a contest or giveaway. The prize doesn't even have to be anything extraordinary. A clothing or kill pack or even just player recognition would probably suffice. This section is completely under utilized. Give the fans something to look forward to while they wait for this long off update. You could do a giveaway or a contest of some sort with a prize to the winner. A contest would get the community involved more rather than a random drawing of submitted names. Example fan art contest: Members submit their best fan art privately to a gun email account. Gun chooses their top 3 and posts a poll with the 3 pieces displayed for the members to vote on. Winner gets prize. There's like a ton of contest ideas you could run with in addition to random drawings. Would like to see this section get some action in the near future.
  13. half joking. Also, fixed your pic
  14. PUBG Deep Rock Galactic - this game is like left for dead meets Minecraft meets starship troopers. Candy crush
  15. If they make Godzilla it's basically the same game. Wonder if Tom Savini would make a "Savini Godzilla" skin.
  16. The getting connected to foreign server is probably on the aws end unless google fiber super screwed their routing which is plausible but unlikely because their network doesn't extended very far right now. But they could have terrible peering agreements which routes their traffic god knows where. It's more likely a mix of the two networks. The fact you are getting high latency within thin the US means they are routing you through multiple hubs which increases transit time. This is probably happening on both ends. The traffic is taking indirect routes on both networks and there is nothing you can do about this. This is all up to the isps routing engineers. The article about google fiber shows how their engineers are continually changing their data routes and how it is less than optimized. You just have to wait for them to get it all worked out. This goes both ways. The aws isps also has to have optimal routes to ensure the best connection. It's probably not solely your ISP but they are part of it. The aws can become overloaded to like @Kaelum said and this can increase latency or shunt you to another server further away. This is probably why you end up on a foreign server. That is something on their end they need to work out though. Without knowing all the details it's nearly impossible to say for sure but it's most likely a combination between the two providers. Or multiple providers aws servers aren't all on the same network either. Edit: tagged wrong person
  17. I'll try to explain. The links below may help. Your bandwidth doesn't determine your speed, even though it is advertised that way. Your bandwidth determines the amount of data that can be sent acrossed the network. Think of it as a road. The higher the bandwidth the wider the road and the more traffic that can flow through it. Latency is the the length of the road and route of the traffic. The further the traffic(bandwidth) has to travel the longer it takes to get to where it's going(latency). Now google fiber built these really wide roads so they can allow lots of traffic to flow at once. However, their routes aren't from point a to point b right now when you are traveling a far distance. It's more of a point a to b to c and maybe even more. The further you go the longer your route due to the routing structure. This won't always be the case their network isn't finished being built yet, basically some of their roads are under construction and you are taking a detour until then. As long as you are traveling with your networks roads you should arrive at your destination relatively quickly even with the extra stops because the number routing hubs is relatively low but the further you go the higher the latency will be currently. Ok, so that was a little on bandwidth, latency and Google's network, now on to the rest of the internet. As we know not all data exists on the same network so usually at some point you have to leave your networks road and use another networks infrastructure (road). This road may not be up-to the same standards as your networks roads. They could be smaller or bigger and have more direct routes or take scenic routes. So, now all your traffic can be forced to drive on a smaller road with many rerouting stops along the way. This increases latency and the amount of data that can be recieved at once. AaThe two networks have to come up with agreements with each other on how to handle each others traffic. Worst case scenario all routes are blocked and you can't access the other networks roads. This happens from time to time when two companies are angling for better agreements so the cut each other off. Each network wants their traffic to receive the fastest and widest route on the other network so it is important for them to reciprocate but not all networks are equal and thus sometimes you may end up getting routed to the dirty road because of lacking infrastructure or disputes between networks. Your network can only really offer you high speeds and large bandwidth within their network. It's kind of deceptive. But, usually it carries over to some degree to other networks. It's still with having the best connection on your network though for obvious reasons. Right now google fiber is new, it is still building it's infrastructure(roads) and optimizing it's routes and forging agreements with other providers. Even when that all gets worked out though you still are dependent on the networks for overall performance. So while your network might expand and give you faster access to more content eventually you will have to leave your networks road and use another and bottlenecks are going to happen. Latency Vs bandwidth(throughput) http://www.globaldots.com/high-latency-vs-low-bandwidth-impact-web-performance/amp/ Google fiber routing https://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/fiber/6j4ud8Lur7Q
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    You should try "Desert Bus" on steam. Riveting gameplay.
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  20. It kind of is your ISP but that's probably not the only reason. The patch could have messed up their server routing but your ISP is part of the issue. You are getting great speeds within your network but connecting outside your network depends on the networks backbone you are connecting to. Also you are doing a speed test within your network and to a server that is really close to you. I can almost guarantee that Gun isn't using Google Fiber as their backbone. I don't know for sure but I would say that they are probably using a second or third party connected to Cognet or Level 3 for us/euro servers. So it would depend on the peering/transfer agreement between google and those companies that determine your connection to those servers. If for some reason in the future they decide to not work with each other you would literally lose access to parts of the internet. For the internet to be used fully these companies have to cooperate with each other so your connection isn't solely based of your ISP. Then there is the issue of what the backbone of the server you are connecting to is built on. South American infrastructure probably isn't running on top notch fiber or whatever the highest standard is right now. I would suggest running a test on your network to a server far away but still in your network. If you are in Kansas test a new york server. Then run a test outside your network something not using Google Fiber. I think you'll be surprised by both results. From what I understand google fiber hasn't optimized their routing yet so testing on a local server in your network is a poor test.
  21. That would depend on what options are available to him/her. It could be the best option in the area. It would require research on their part. Google fiber might offer the fastest connection speeds in their area but another provider could give better results at slower speeds depending on the ISPs backbone. Until google gets their infrastructure up to speed the connection will probably be erratic.
  22. @Alkavian did someone summon me. For future reference I come faster if tagged three times. Unfortunately having a good connection is only half the battle. Well, maybe a quarter of the battle. There are lots of factors that intimately determine your connection and most of them are beyond your control. First your ISP is the main point in your connect so depending on their infrastructure and how they are connected to the rest of the world is most important. They might offer great connections in your area but if their backbone is shut it's not gonna mean much in the grand scheme. The next big thing is what you are connecting to. Pretty much the same as what I just said in reverse. You obviously are gonna get the best connections with systems that are closest to you. Connecting to the other side of the world expect some lag, unless the backbone of both providers is top notch. For best results use a hardline. Wi-Fi will always give sub-par results. Edit: I did a quick search on Google Fibers backbone and it seems like it's currently a mess. Probably because they are building it from scratch. Until they get it all laid out and it communicating with the other networks properly it is probably going to give erratic results. This will probably take years building a worldwide infrastructure is no easy task. On the infrastructure they have laid the routing is a jumble mess currently, often routing through multiple hubs that are nowhere near the destination of what you are connecting to. As I said its mostly out of your control.
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    Summer Events

    When FTX is in your blood