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  1. Nobody is telling you to stop just to keep your campaign localized. Making new posts on the same subject clutters the forum. Keep your topic alive by posting with in it not by spamming the same topic. Muffin would be a new mechanic,a breathe of fresh air, in a game with limited features. Reggie just adds to an already established mechanic and brings nothing new to the game other than seeing the appearance of a film icon. While Muffin(pets) would change up gameplay by adding a purely support character that encourages teamwork. It doesn't have to change the core play but an alternative mode where one person spawns in a purely support capacity would at least bring something new to the table.
  2. Yes, the keyword is "counselor".
  3. Further update. With help from @NthnButAGoodTime we were able to get the original post back, showing all the love for Muffin, and the poll is up and running again. An explanation of our rollercoaster ride getting the thread sorted out will be added to the first post in the thread if anyone is interested. We are now back in business so look out Reggie.
  4. We got the poll back up but unfortunately have lost all the likes for Muffin and the poll data. But, we can fix that, simply vote again to show your love of pets. Wish we didn't lose all the likes, Reggie's topic is out doing us in that area now. But, we know we were winning the like contest and that's all that matters.
  5. I get that you love Reggie man, but I think posting Reggie topic after Reggie topic is the wrong way of expressing that love. You could have easily have added this as a comment to your already well established Reggie topic. We need need to keep the forum organized and free of redundant topics because at some point it just becomes topic spamming.
  6. Brigadius

    Muffin: The Dog

    Well, it is a dog. It's not like it's gonna hop up on the engine and start putting in a battery. It would be a support character, like Vanessa should be, except you don't have to worry that she'll even attempt a fix anything and alert the world to what's going on because she's a dog.
  7. Brigadius

    Muffin: The Dog

    Not to be outdone, Muffin now has clothing options too. #RIPreggie
  8. I would choose Muffin over Reggie. But, I would choose Demon over all. #damnenchiladas
  9. Brigadius

    Muffin: The Dog

    Example Lobby: One Player could be chosen randomly, like Jason is, to become an animal.
  10. Muffin: Angelic heroine with survival instincts to boot. Has high chance of evasion, survivability, and looks stunning in a bow and nothing else. Gordon: The Good Boy Trope. He's a good boy need I say more.
  11. Brigadius

    Muffin: The Dog

    @Alien_Number_Six Stats Added. Poll Added. Costumes Added. Pic Updated. Muffin could not be reached for comment. Current Pic: Costume Ideas: Muffin or Nothin' @Kodiak Thanks for the poll assistance.
  12. Brigadius

    Muffin: The Dog

    I think you mean 280. I would be upset if they didn't get her to do it. If need be they can spend some of that cash they have been banking on costumes and bikinis to get her relocated into an ancient Indian burial ground so her services can be render again in the future.
  13. Brigadius

    Muffin: The Dog

    Well, I see you guys took this and ran with it. So, I will further suggest that they add another character picker slot next to the Jason and Counselor slots in the lobby where you choose your (spirit)animal. From there you can choose any number of pets (Gordon, Alice's cat, muffin, etc) and when the match starts one random person is chosen to be an animal. I say only one because otherwise there would be a ton of muffins and Gordon's and nobody to actually fix things and dive. It would be epic to have Chad seeing you escape in a two seater with Muffin riding shotgun with her head hanging out the window.
  14. Brigadius

    Muffin: The Dog

    Always with the serious questions. Getting right to it. Nah, can't make calls and I think the twilight bark is out too. But she can run the fuse across Jarvis map real quick so someone else can get the call in before the match is half over.
  15. Hell since everyone is suggesting every character in the series I suggest Muffin. Yup, that's right you play as a dog. Speed and stamina are maxed and you get a heightened sense at locating the keys. You can carry any item but you cant attack with weapons, you can bite. No driving either sadly. You are there to fetch items for others and survive. It's basically a better version of Vanessa. PER REQUEST: STATS Composure: 3 Luck: 5 Repair: 0 Speed: 10 Stamina: 10 Stealth: 4 Strength: 3 CLOTHING OPTIONS:
  16. I hate shitty coolaid. Whatever you do, don't drink it.
  17. I would expect nothing less from you. And, yes I am quiet smart. Perhaps if they decided to drop a kit that let's us mod the game I just might make one.
  18. I'm sure this will revive the game in a flash. Not like this game is in dire need of a new mode or anything. I'm glad you all are getting a counselor you like but it doesn't change the monotonous gameplay. There is one mode in this game kill/survive and they were kind enough to let us do it either online or by our lonesome. VC isn't a mode it's just a mini game museum. It's cool like how museums are cool but it wears off quick. A year into this game and it's still basically the same game from luanch with Halloween costumes. No meaningful content has been added. We just get these little drops here and there to distract us from realizing the game is making no progress.
  19. Brigadius

    Your favourite forum member?

    I am one with the wall; unless it's Ben then I'm the one in a bright neon jumpsuit with flashing lights, waving flags, and a target on my back.
  20. Haven't watched the video yet, will do later when I have some time. But, in not surprised to hear there is a disconnect in communication with Illfonic. It wouldn't be the first time they have had miscommunication on a project. Remember that time they built an environment kit for star citizen to the wrong scale. Not saying its all their fault but the fact the multiple titles have had problems due to miscommunication at least rests partly on them.
  21. Brigadius

    Update has been cancelled?

    Puts teabag in cup Puts water in pot Puts pot on stove Turns stove on WELL GUESS IM NOT HAVING FUCKING HOT TEA TODAY THE WATER ISNT FUCKING BOILING
  22. It's true Gun doesn't have to pursue charges for the theft but many other crimes were committed in the process and those don't need Gun to pursue charges. Gun already admitted the codes were stolen so selling stolen property, shipping stolen goods through the mail, shipping stolen goods across state or international borders, conspiracy to cover-up a crime. Those are a few charges that can be pursued without the need for Gun to press charges.
  23. Well that's an ironic name.