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  1. Brigadius

    Favorite Marvel Heroes and Villains

    Shame on you Deadpool Sliver Surfer Hulk especially from planet hulk
  2. Brigadius

    F13 Stream Bingo

    Alright, so here it is. The link below will generate a Bingo card you can use during the stream. It is an interactive card and allows you to mark the squares. Below are listed the rules and directions for playing. For now we will play on the honor system. If i can organize a group of people to track the squares during a stream i'll let you know. Its just for some added fun during streams. http://myfreebingocards.com/m/tewbge Directions: Open Link Click "New Card" to generate a random card Watch stream and mark card as your squares are called Rules : Upon Generating a card screenshot it and post it here. Upon Bingo screenshot the card and post it here. First to post a Bingo wins. One card per round If the link does not work i will list steps for generating card below Go to www.myfreebingocards.com Title card "F13 Game Bingo" Add words listed below Theme: Halloween Grid size: 5x5 Bingo cards per page: 1 large card Extra Options: Add Free Space Click Next Step Click the play online link to the bottom right of the preview card. Word List: Butts Engine Update Release Time Add Aldermach Muffin Free Savini Clothes Delayed Emotes Jason Ben's Fired Bring back Gertz Soon™ Double XP Legendary Perks Banned Working Hard Show Victoria Show PJs Wheelchair Paranoia Reggie Retro Dedicated Servers Gay Characters Trolls Chad Glitches Exploits Bugs Stinger
  3. Can't disagree with this but unless they fix chase music from blaring when Jason hasn't even been spotted it would be mostly useless.
  4. Two can play this game, 8 with a full lobby?
  5. P. T. Was pretty scary Counselors should be in first person. I don't really care about the killers perspective that much. If Jason could toggle between first and third that would be fine. But, counselors should be in first person for suspense.
  6. A better question is, why is the game in third person? It would be hell of a lot more scarier and more challenging in first person. No more panning camera around corners or keeping track of Jason from afar.
  7. Here's a new reason to watch the live streams http://forum.f13game.com/topic/18929-f13-stream-bingo/
  8. I didn't watch the entire stream, but this is what i got. BINGO!!!
  9. That's not a Bingo board, This is a Bingo Board.
  10. All fluff, no Muff
  11. @Truth I asked the important questions and whatnot. Where's Muffin? Where's paranoia? Why are people still asking for free savini? And, armani stop the Reggie madness. We're just a few.
  12. Brigadius

    My wishes for Retro Jason / Breakdown

    Technically, he is only 2 colors black and blue. He just has 2 different variations of blue. Also looks like he's dancing in the top animation set. Trying to find the dance move it is.
  13. All counselor's need this shirt. Muffin tops for everyone.
  14. Since they forgot about this issue for Chinese players they have decided to region lock China so the issue no longer reaches there ears. They have also petitioned Merriam Webster to have the word "dedicated" removed from the dictionary.
  15. Brigadius

    Who would win in a fight?

    Murph definitely would win but he would give Jason every chance to surrender beforehand, most likely resulting in an epic fight where robo gets wailed on for a while. Afterwards, Murphy would have some Korean chicken.
  16. This is me just bouncing an idea around to see what you all think. So, don't get super bent out of shape because it doesn't adhere to the movies. I looked and didn't see anything similar so here it is. What if they added a young Jason to play as? He would be a new playable Jason and would have to have a completely different play style and abilities. Think how creepy it would be to be chased around the woods by some deformed killer child. STATS Strengths Can run - same speed as slowest counselor Sense - lasts longer Hide - can hide like counselors Weaknesses Water Speed - This Jason is very slow in the water Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal less damage with his weapon against counselors. Less Hit Points - This Jason has lower HP than other Jasons ABILITIES Shift modified to a fast run. Just creepier Leap replaces Stalk. Can leap a good distance to close gap or if in range jump on counselor. Stalk would be a permanent passive ability that only cues music if seen and stops once he's so far away. Young Jason would also be able to climb through windows. He's not a brute he can't just bust through a door. Unless maybe he leaps into it. WEAPON Scissors (Updated - SexDrugs&Tea) Sickle Would probably require a lot of time to work out how to do it, but would be creepy and awesome to be chased by a fast child Jason.
  17. I was bored so I counted. Barring any mistakes I counted 353 posts by armani. That's about 29-30% of the threads post count.
  18. Brigadius

    My personal speculation.

    Such a better reference. I couldn't think of anything but the movie "Antz" for some reason.
  19. Brigadius

    My personal speculation.

    I can't say when it's dropping but I wouldn't be surprised if wasn't even this month. It's not like Gun is known for their punctuality. What I do expect are lots of bugs. Not trying to be a nay sayer but they've had to recode the entire game in a new engine. They had two plus years the first time and it had more bugs than Insectopia. So, I doubt they managed to knock out an entirely new build on a new engine in a matter of months with flawless precision. But, that's just "my personal speculation" .
  20. Brigadius

    My personal speculation.

    Will streamers get it a few days early? Hope they don't kill Jason before we get it. That would suck.
  21. Technically, it's currently the 7th most liked user created topic if we account for topics that are tied for likes. This is purely likes not reactions those don't get tallied as likes on the leaderboard page.
  22. One more like and Muffin should be in the top ten most liked user created posts. For a relatively new topic it made some fast progress.
  23. Well to be fair Muffin just went live a couple of hours ago and slash and cast has over 40k subscribers.
  24. Brigadius

    Forum game: Create an item for a forum member

    @Ghostboy20you're a real boy now.