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  1. A few questions @wes. 1) are you selling the posters or are they freebies? 2) with this bundles priced at the same price as the game, why is the digital version with no extras still $40? 3) will the hard copy without DLC have a price drop and will digital get a bundle pack?
  2. This is easy to figure out. Game $40 + DLC $15 ≠ $70. Plus, as you said if it's in the pack it's being sold, so even if this was priced at $55 the poster and mask are still being sold as part of a bundle.
  3. Didn't Wes just tweet the other day that they couldn't sell the posters because they don't have merchandising rights?
  4. Who wants to bet a final content update will be coming? My guess is we might see some scantily clad PJs possibly delivered with an Uber. If they were ever gonna release any more content they have been holding back, now is the time. Will it quell the rebellion? Doubtful, but it might at least quiet it a bit. I honestly don't expect much if anything, but this seems like the last opportunity to unlock any content that was already in the build before the content deadline. So, here's to hoping.
  5. I remember when no man's sky came out. It was beautiful catastrophe. But the Devs have been fighting for their game, adding content, fixing bugs and it is a completely different game from when it launched now. It took them a while but the game is a lot closer to what was promised and that's the devotion from Devs I like to see. It took them a while but they got there eventually. Unfortunately, I think if this game was given more time to work out its issues it still would never be what it should have been. That is mainly attributed to illfonic, not that Gun is blameless. There's plenty of criticism to go around. But a year after release my favorite part of this game is still VC and that's just a virtual museum. The game does get stale rather quickly. Some games can have a good run with only one core mode. Unfortunately this game just didn't hit all the right points to pull it off. That coupled with the endless onslaught of bugs and glitches made the game just plain frustrating at times. I think it's a pretty good article and points out some positives and negatives but nothing new that I didn't already know.
  6. I've had people breakout before the sweater animation is even finished before. I just assumed macros or turbo controllers. But seems like a poor implementation if Jason can breakout while you are still stuck in an unbreakable animation.
  7. It was his brother, I swear.
  8. Just waiting for those Uber panty raids.
  9. Ah, a realistic prediction. I'll give you good odds.
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    We should be happy

    Your Uber has been cancelled, please try rebooking.
  11. Yeah, you probably should never call the consumers ungrateful SOB's lol. That's like business 101. No matter how hard they make it on you, publicly hating on the consumers that buy your product is never a good thing. I do think that the opinions of friends and friendly supporters were taken into account more here though. Best way to make changes to any product is to poll the base not a select group that you personally like dealing with. Because, then the product skews of course and all the consumers are like what just happened.
  12. I used those words because I don't have all the information and am not going to outright damn them on what could be misinformation. But based on what I've read, I have started to form an opinion and this is just that, my opinion. It could be wholly wrong and when presented with all the facts or more information my opinion may very well change. But this is just what I'm thinking currently with what I've been presented with. Without seeing the whole picture we can only really guess what is going on. I honestly would love to be wrong about this but with the current pieces on the table this is what I came to. That's the thing, when a shit situation pops up and nobody involved gives solid info on it people will formulate ideas on what they have access to. So yes this is just my thought process, didn't mean to imply this is what happened.
  13. Not trying to take your comment out of context, but this sentence sounds like they knew they couldn't create future content from scratch after January but announced in February that content would resume after the engine update. That coupled with the June announcement of no future content, it sounds like they had a six month window to add all content that was in the works before all content production most stop completely. If that is true then Gun knew at most they would only have a few weeks to finish all unfinished content after they halted all content production for months. Plus they would have know no new content that wasn't already started couldn't be added before the February announcement. It just seems like they knew for a while that more content wasn't actually going to happen. Kinda always been like that and not just on the forum. That's basically how life works lol
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    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    My posts often mysteriously vanish on reddit.
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    I know you'll be happy seeing this

    @Risinggrave I'm still here. Just don't post much for obvious reasons. Sucks to see so many of the base leaving when they put so much time and effort into this community. But, I can't blame them for their decisions to leave. Luckily, most still have ways to talk through other outlets, so the camaraderie lives on. Met a great group of people of these forums which was the best part about being here.
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    Gif War

  17. Brigadius

    Gif War

    I can see the how this will end.
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    This Is It

    Well a forced apology is hardly an apology. I doubt alder cares though he said he was out.
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    Victor Miller Email

    Do we get wo Christmases?
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    Victor Miller Email

    Beta seemed more stable than current. It had some issues that are still issues a year later but it did feel more like an F13 game. You couldn't kill Jason in the beta, they probably didn't want to spoil it, but they let streamers spoil it before game was even launched to the public anyway. So, they probably should have just let beta player be able to kill Jason so they could properly test it out. Jason kill still kinda wonky after a year into release. There's a thread with images and videos from alpha and beta around here somewhere. It looked so good back then. Graphics took a dip on final release and some game mechanics were cut too.
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    For when the servers finally go down for good

    Might try and give it some more color. Seems a little bland.
  22. For the day when I can no longer connect to the F13 servers I have made myself an offline moment. So, I never forget. It features retro Jason, counselors, and a flying SGT. Brodski. Here is a clip of the progress so far. Hope you enjoy. PS, this isn't a jab at Gun. I just received the disconnect page while browsing in chrome earlier and thought that it would be neat to mess around with. Don't want anyone thinking I'm being mean or anything.
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    Victor Miller Email

    Someone should ask Miller if there was an immediate cease and desist or if Gun was given notice in advance of the content deadline. That's really the only way to truly know Gun's intent and thoughts on the game. Postal 2 received an DLC update 11 years after release. Those developers must really have cares about their game. I imagine most companies would move on to other projects for business reasons in a situation like this but once the dispute is settled there is no reason not to come back. Gun is a publisher, they can do other projects while this is worked out and illfonic is basically a developer that other companies outsource to. So there is no reason the game couldn't be resumed in the future. Both companies could continue to conduct business and resume this project when all is said and done. My thoughts are the game is a rough state, with a dwindling playerbase, and mounting expenses, and Gun could lose its shirt if it continues supporting it. So, this situation provided a solid out. Though maybe with some time to reflect on the games progress Gun might be able to formulate a new game plan to make it a success. While unlikely, I do hope that in the future the game becomes everything it should have been.
  24. ^This Expectations vs Reality finally caught caught up with everyone (mostly).