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  1. Isn't Jason the best character when there isn't a proper team? It's the one scenario where Jason can actually wreak havoc currently.
  2. I see it going something like this. New section under Community Events called DEVtalks or something is created. In this section there will be a schedule of who will be on and when for the monthly or bimonthly or however often chat. Each time a Dev comes to do his open forum topic a new topic is created and the discussion starts. At the end of the discussion the topic is locked signifying the end of the discussion and preserving it for any that want to read it afterwards. When the next talk rolls around a new thread is created and the process starts over. Keeps it clean and organized and available for review at anytime without extra comments being added afterwards. This would be awesome for them to do and to engage the base. Hope they consider it.

    It's been happening for a while. Been a few topics on it now. Don't get to worked up over it the fact that it just now happened to you after all this time is a blessing in your book. Some people have it happen quite regularly. It needs to be fixed but I will peg it as low priority over some other long existing issues. It is funny that some get a sigh of relief over a Bug because for once the bug is in Jason's favor. Jason this one's for you
  4. Taking time to engage with the base here is something everyone wants and would like to see more of. Usually we just get an info drop and that's it. One thing many people want here is to be able to engage with the team. Devs don't have to give away any inside info but just engage the base, shoot the shit, let the users ask questions, and just have a good time with the devs. I suggest a monthly or bimonthly Dev chat thread. Where you set up a time for the devs(or dev, they could rotate) hop on and just have an open thread where users and devs can interact and engage one another. It might be a little messy because everyone will want to ask a million questions and just chat with the guys but i think it would do wonders for the community. Most just want to feel like they are part of the community and chatting with the devs from time to time would probably quell some of the issues here. Just interact with us, answer what you can. Some users will ask hard questions and I'm sure some will want to know what you ate for lunch. That's the beauty of this,anything goes but your under no obligation to give away secret information, just mingle with the crowd and let them know you're interested in the community. This would fit nicely in the barren community event section. Make a schedule and list of who will be on for that chat rotation and just let the base chat with the devs. Very simple interaction and you could do it once or twice a month for an hour or so. Wouldn't drag any one dev away from work too long and devs could rotate out. @ShiftySamurai Tagging you because you are the community manager and might be the one person who could organize something like this.
  5. My cheek has been ripped

    Well you can now ask people this. That's one thing you can do.
  6. What race are you?

    It's a new world where you can identify as literally anything including a dragon and a building at the same time. So if you want to be cauc-asian go for it.
  7. What race are you?

    So, vampire? My ancestors were busy people so I'm just gonna go with "Human" as my race.
  8. I was actually making you a campaign poster when you suggested me the other day lol. I would have to ban myself for being forced to not like my own posts.
  9. Live bug assistance

    I didn't discuss the pm with anyone. I pointed out my pm was unread. And even if I shared the contents of the pm it was my contents to share seeing how I wrote it and am the only person in the pm with a message. If I would have shared his response that is a different story but that would require a response to share. But at any rate I shared none of the contents of the pm and the warning was for spamming which is the go to for when they don't like a post for any particular reason. Me posting about how communication is bad here in the topic about asstiance and communication is spamming I guess. I will probably get in trouble for telling you what the warning was for now. That seems like the logical thing to happen next because berating your customers over their concerns is always a good business decision. And they were rather lengthy messages about concerns I had and some suggestions that I was told to bring to them. Won't go into details. Was a response warranted. I would say yes. Nothing lengthy, just a simple OK I've heard what you had to say or else it just looks like they are brushing of a customer. A detailed response would be nice dude to the content matter but a simple one would have been fine. But I can't even get a message read response.
  10. Live bug assistance

    Well it still hasn't been read. So should I send him a pm? He asked me to pm him and I did, twice. A week later no response(not read) so I'm supposed to think maybe a third pm will get a response. I also enjoyed the warning point for pointing out that my message that I was asked to send was ignored.
  11. Live bug assistance

    Guess you just missed this one. Even though you did tell me to pm you any concerns I had. I didn't particularly require a response either but if you tell someone to pm you then you should atleast open it so it at the very least appears that you are actually reading the messages. It's just a little ironic that this pm is about bettering community relations and communication and has gone ignored. Oh, well. I'll stick to public posting concerns and ideas at least if it gets a ton of comments it will eventually be read by a dev.
  12. My motivation for pt was having to poop. Never failed, every time I had to run for test stomach rumbles. Cocaine and coffee is more 80s in the stimulants department.
  13. Willing to bet 2/3 of that time is sitting in menus and spectating.
  14. You've never seen a company of soldiers go out and get smashed then run 5 miles at the crack of dawn like they are some sort of endless Energizer Bunny. Beer has a ton energy to fuel the body plus it's numbing effects. It's just not immediate you have to wait until the beer has digested enough to give you the extra energy while still being sufficiently numb to go mindlessly running into the night. Energy drinks give you immediate energy but make you edgy and burn off fast leaving you more tired. Beer sure helps while playing the game so why not in the game too.
  15. Full Perk List

    this was a concept icon for psychic in alpha. It was replaced but they left the asset in the game. basically the same thing happened with this one, except it is for man-at-arms. Previously known as weapon expert.