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  1. Forum Theme in Progress

    Nice observation. Didn't think to look at light theme to see if it was working. @ShiftySamurai sent you a pm on this issue maybe it will help. Checking the differences in the embed code between the two templates should give you starting point at narrowing down the issue. Edit: also for the slasher theme it only does the weird embedding on direct topic links. If you link to a comment on a thread it works fine. Example below. forum.f13game.com/topic/12499-series-of-reworking-the-counselor-objectives/ forum.f13game.com/topic/12499-series-of-reworking-the-counselor-objectives/?do=findComment&comment=164116
  2. So here is an example of my second solution. This implementation is better because it will prevent any users from ever getting identical seeds. This is a simple example without preference bonuses applied. Those would be simple to apply but would make this example overly confusing and I'm just explaining the basics here. Example: As users enter lobby they are assigned a number. Upon game launching the RNG will grab system time and use it as the seed. The RNG should generate numbers between 1-8 and output at least 3x the amount of numbers as there are players. The reason for the extra numbers is to settle ties think of the card game "War". Each user is assigned the number corresponding to the slot they were assigned when they entered lobby. In this example there are 8 users in lobby so user 1 would get numbers 1,9,17 and user 2 would get 2,10,18 and so on. I generated 24 numbers for this example and they are listed below the players in the lobby. On first running the RNG we can see user 1 and 2 tied for the highest number. So we compare the second numbers of those 2 players and see that the 2nd player wins. He is selected as Jason. In the event that all comparisons end in ties the RNG will run again with the new system time. Since the system time is constantly changing the numbers generated will be different. Lobby User 1 User 2 User 3 User 4 User 5 User 6 User 7 User 8 {6 6 4 3 4 1 5 3},{5 6 6 5 1 5 2 7},{7 5 8 7 5 7 1 6} 24 Numbers generated using a seed like (system time) one right after another. They are Random {7 2 4 5 1 3 3 6},{6 7 5 1 4 2 8 5},{6 1 5 6 8 7 5 7} {3 3 2 5 4 8 5 7},{8 7 1 4 4 7 8 1},{5 2 6 1 6 7 2 3} {3 5 5 7 8 8 7 3},{5 4 1 7 7 2 7 7},{1 3 6 8 6 4 8 4} Example 2: This example show what happens when everybody has their own static seed and will have bonuses applied. I am using a +1 for Jason preference, x0 for counselor preference, and -2 for last Jason modifier(person who was Jason previous round). I will keep this as simple as possible and will not generate extra numbers to resolve ties but just assume it's like example above in that respect. As you can see it will only alternate between 2 players here because the seed will always generate the same numbers because it is a static seed unlike the previous example where the seed is constantly changing for everyone. Depending on the modifiers/bonuses and the secondary numbers which i didn't generate for this example it could possibly alternate between up to 4 of these players with user 3 probably being Jason every other round. User 2, 5, 7, and 8 will have no chance of ever being selected even if they had Jason preference, at least not in this lobby. They would have to hope for a lobby where users got low numbers from their seed of hope for higher number players to leave and lower numbers to join. This example the seed for each user is generated when they start the game and stays with them until they restart the game. So the numbers output from their seed are always the same. Lobby User RNG Modifiers Final Result User 1 - 7 x0 0 User 2 - 5 +1 6 User 3 - 8 +1,-2 7(last Jason) User 4 - 7 x0 0 User 5 - 5 +1 6 User 6 - 7 +1 8(next Jason) User 7 - 1 +1 2 User 8 - 6 x0 0 24 Numbers generated using a static seed (25316) one right after another. They are the same and always will be. 8 8 1 2 5 1 6 4 3 3 4 5 8 4 1 7 6 6 7 1 4 8 5 3 8 8 1 2 5 1 6 4 3 3 4 5 8 4 1 7 6 6 7 1 4 8 5 3 8 8 1 2 5 1 6 4 3 3 4 5 8 4 1 7 6 6 7 1 4 8 5 3 The second example looks very much like what is happening now in the game and leads me to believe that this is the current likely scenario. The first example is a possible fix that i believe would make the selection seem more random and with the modifiers/bonuses applied to it make it what everyone is really looking for.
  3. Pretty sure it's not a bannable offense anymore. At one time it was but last time I looked at the specific bannable offenses thread it wasn't there anymore. Maybe it still is but I always had my doubts that they ever took any action in the first place. I sent in more than a few cheater videos in the beginning but then they supposedly unmanned a bunch of people. With the amount of effort it takes to report someone just to have it ignored or reversed (probably because of low player count) it really doesn't seem worth it anymore.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean. Unless you mean quitting early gives you a negative modifier on your Jason roll. But, that would only effect people that want to be Jason and at this point most people don't want to be him. This is just me observing that the Jason selection seem to be broken. That it only chooses the same few people and my thoughts on why it's doing this and ways to fix it.
  5. Forum Theme in Progress

    Looks like its embedding entire page into a tiny iframe that has scrolling disabled so all you see is top of page.
  6. my suggestion

    I must say this is a terrible suggestion. So, I look forward to seeing it in the next update.
  7. This is feedback on my observations of how Jason is selected and a possible fix. I may be incorrect on their implementation but if I'm right maybe this could help resolve the issue with Jason's less than random selection problems. This is more of feedback for Gun than a discussion topic but if you have additional thoughts on this issue feel free to post them. Without knowing what exactly they are doing with the Jason selection code it's hard to suggest a fix. But I'm guessing they are capturing a seed for each player on game initialization and use it to feed into the RNG every time Jason is rolled. The problem is if you feed the same seed into the RNG function everytime it will always give you the exact same numbers. This actually feel like what they are doing because lobbies always alternate between the same Jason players, while others never get it. I noticed if I reinitialise game after a few rounds of no Jason I'm more likely to get him. This makes me think this is exactly what is happening. If the rolls are out of 8 this is a likely scenario: So, if your seed rolls you an 8 you will always roll an 8. They may add a +1 for Jason preference and let's say a -2 if you were Jason previous round. This would basically allow the same few people to always be Jason, the negative would be to help keep the same player from being Jason twice but this still happens probably because the other players rolls are so low. Additionally they may be rolling an array of numbers say 3 numbers. So if two different seeds always roll an 8 as first number their second or third will most likely be different, but still those few with high initial rolls will be the ones who always get Jason, this would just be to resolve ties. The simplest fix in this scenario is to update every players seed at the end of each round with some arbitrary number. It could be their score, time survived, or simply a +1. Changing the seed every round would thus produce different numbers everytime Jason is rolled and actually be fairly random compared to how it seems now. There is obviously something wrong with the selection process and it should be addressed. Hopefully, this gives some insight on the issue if not and I'm completely wrong then my thoughts will only have wasted a few minutes of their time but if it helps them it's time well spent. Edit: Alternatively, they could assign each person a number as they join lobby(1-8) and then run one RNG function that spits out 8 numbers each player gets the number from the slot assigned to them. For the seed parameter just pass system time. This would make it fairly random too. This would keep players from being stuck with the same seed for the duration of their play. The only issue with this is that the is a chance to of the numbers could be the same. But if they generate a larger array of numbers say 24 and assign them correspondingly the likelihood of being deadlocked in a tie is less like. But even if it does happen simply run RNG again with the new system time, since time has passed since first run all New numbers will be generated. Also, the preference modifiers will need to be added. If numbers are out of 8 a +1 to Jason preference and x0 to counselor preference will keep those who want to be Jason happy and more likely to get their wish and make sure counselor preference is never chosen. The links below is an examples of a RNG. You can mess around with it and notice that if you pass it the same seed you will always recieve the same numbers. https://leventozturk.com/engineering/random/ https://stattrek.com/m/statistics/random-number-generator.aspx Additionly, when Xbox version first came out the game always crashed and because of this everyone would always be getting new seeds on restarting which made the Jason selection seem more random but now that it's somewhat stable the Xbox version is now seeing a pattern in the selection process. This just furthers my idea of what I wrote above and make me think that that is what is happening.
  8. Forum Theme in Progress

    I Think tha'ts it! Just checked both themes and they are readable now. Yeah, We did it!
  9. Forum Theme in Progress

    @ShiftySamurai if you set the notification status color to #ee2e24 it is readable for both light and slasher themes. It's Friday the 13th red if you are wondering what color I chose. The same red from the logo. Also Full Black works but I think the red looks better as a balance between the light theme and slasher theme. Edit: Sorry, you said you didn't know how to change the bg color of notifications. This image below shows where the bg color for notifications is overwritten. you can change the color and it will set that color for all themes. However, if you remove the background parameter it fixes the notification bg color completely for both themes so they become readable. So, there is no need to set a static color for both. I Believe this is an error in the framework. This setting should be disabled because it overwrites part of the theme.
  10. How to make Gif Avatar pictures

    here ya go
  11. How to make Gif Avatar pictures

    I use easy gif animator it let's you resize, create and edit gifs. To use the gif as an avatar here the file size should be under 49.7kb.
  12. Animated signatures

    Very nice @Kodiak. Animated sigs and even normal ones can be time consuming to create, especially if each is unique. Hopefully, you don't get swamped with requests. One question though. Why is your signature so much bigger than mine? The sizing on the sig page wouldn't let me put anything bigger than 450x150 Thanks for the shout-out @TheHansonGoons. Funnily enough you can access the avatars by clicking my signature.
  13. (︺︹︺) EA - helping gaming through greed

    Speaking of EA... Just came across this. I can't believe the number of signatures this is getting. People are pissed at EA. https://www.change.org/p/lucasfilm-revoke-ea-s-star-wars-license
  14. Boy Next Door Counsler

    Yeah, what did she have, less than 5 minutes of screen time. Wonder why she is so popular. But if they want to put another movie character with little screen time my vote is for hippy hitchhiker girl. She can be Lachappa's counter part.