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  1. But they stopped working on content duringn the unneeded upgrade. What does the coding team have to do with the asset team? It makes very little sense to stop asset production when they are two separate entities. The guy who is coding(engine upgrade) is not the same guy building assets. It just doesn't make sense to halt production completely when each thing is handled by different groups. It would be like going to McDonald's and the fry station is being repaired so they stopped making burgers.
  2. You got my thread closed ?

    1. Brigadius


      Really? Sorry man. They must really dislike Muffin. Or, thought a Reggie Muffin team up was too dangerous for them.

      That is ultra lame though. I can't believe they have nothing better to do.

  3. Today I suggest a coalition between the Reggie and Muffin factions to unite for the underdog characters. With the Muffin thread out of commission we look to you in our time of need to help once again give a voice to the voiceless. With Reggie's pipes and Muffin's regal stature we can make Friday Great again. Join us in the Reggie Muffin Underground #RMUnderground
  4. Brigadius

    October Event Celebration!

    It's on Twitter. Only secondhand news here. Edit: I stand corrected. There's a tiny grayed out link added to the bottom of the OP ?
  5. Brigadius

    October Event Celebration!

    It's called 13 "business" days of voorhees starts today ends on the 31st. Jason needs his weekends too.
  6. Brigadius

    October Event Celebration!

    Well I'm almost certain it has nothing to do with Muffin.
  7. Which mod locked your thread??

    1. Brigadius


      I don't know. Just saw it myself. An act of animal cruelty. RIP Muffin?

    2. badassgixxer05


      I saw it was locked yesterday. Guess no longer open for discussion. Join the ever growing list of things we can't talk about....

    3. BomberBuddy


      Your remembrance thread that you posted for Muffin has been wiped from existence. Who is the cruel soul that keeps us from honoring such a good dog?

  8. Brigadius

    October Event Celebration!

    So... week 3 - 210% xp Week 4 - 250% xp
  9. Brigadius

    October Event Celebration!

    Better late than never I suppose.
  10. Brigadius


    Blasphemer! How dare you state facts in this the most unholy of places.
  11. Brigadius


    Almost as easy as adding Muffin.
  12. Brigadius


    Some of us oldies are still here. But I agree, Gun neglicated this community until it became a dumpster fire and their solution to put it out was to add gasoline. Agreed. Horror Inc could always try something new until everything is finalized in the suit. I would like to see a Roy/Joey sequel now. Joey needs to come back and avenge Roy's death. Reggie better lookout
  13. Brigadius

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Doesn't make sense to offer a deal while they are suing him. Horror probably realized they were gonna lose and before that happened tried to offer some crap deal before they lost the rights altogether. Now that Miller officially owns the rights they will have to compensate him accordingly and probably to a higher tune then what they offered, if they offered anything and that was just a statement to make Miller look like the bad guy.
  14. Brigadius

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Miller didn't get the title just the screenplay. Also, Pamela is Cunningham's, her first name was never mentioned until the second film. As for the crystal lake map I would imagine a name change would suffice. But the thing is that the lawsuit was only over the US film rights for the first screenplay. It had nothing to do with the game. It the judgement reads like it only affects future US film titles that use elements from Miller's original screenplay.