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  1. Brigadius

    Update barometer is dropping

    Well guys the update is upon us. I'm 99% sure it is coming soon. No pun intended. How do I know, you ask. Well, there has been a pattern the last few updates that certain users, for reasons unknown, take vacations to shadowy realms not known to most of us right before a major update. This is just a theory of course but I'm putting it to the test. If I'm right, their sacrifice was for you, and we shall keep them in our thoughts until they return to us. Ps If I disappear...
  2. He was marketed as having exclusive kills, so it would be a big controversy if they did that. I don't mind them adding a pitchfork but it should come with a kill pack for new unique kills. They have added kills to other weapons so I don't see it as being a huge issue to add a few new pitchfork kills and allow everyone to be able to get them.
  3. Well, seeing how all Jason's actions are mocaped, I would guess that speed is connected to the weapon. they would simply call the animation for the corresponding weapon and it would play that animation(which would make the swing speed the same for all with that weapon). The could probably slow and speed up an animation but it might look unnatural at that point and I seriously doubt they are gonna mocaped alternate swing speeds for every Jason(very impractical). But, I think he should have the same Swing speed as the Jason who wields the weapon originally so I don't see this as a problem. It makes the gameplay less monotonous and more unpredictable.
  4. Here we like to use the saying, "all fluff, no muff" in honor of the "Immortal Muffin the Reggie Slayer".
  5. If the solution is mindless unenjoyable grinding than the game design is wrong.
  6. I kinda agree with @lHeartBreakerlapproach because it's such a late feature to the game. This should have been implemented from the get-go and we know it was possible because we've seen videos of if from back before beta was even released. So gaining new weapons as you unlock the Jason's isnt a bad way to go about it. If the progression system was such a piss poor design they would have implemented it as unlockables as you progressed gradually. They still could but they won't because they have given up on any meaningful progression. Level 113 for a game changing feature is far too steep. They say they want it to be a reward for playing and of course you should earn better stuff for the time put in but that number is ridiculous. Think about how long the average person has to play the game and the amount of time it takes to go to a level. Most people will probably drop the game before they even get there because the lack of any meaningful content for the 70 level gap between last Jason and weapon unlocks. The progression is utter shit. It started off as solely cosmetics. Which is fine if the cosmetics were actually worth unlocking, which they are not. But, what really ruined the system, more than it was, was purchasable cosmetics that are better than the shit you have to grind for. What's the point of playing to achieve a new piece of content if you can just buy better stuff without the effort. Then, they started adding game altering content as unlockables, but out of reach of anyone who games casually. It's like nobody working on this title has ever played a game. Rarely do I see a game that needs to just scrap something completely and start over. But they should just do away with the progression and perk system and start anew. Some people would be pissed that their progression was lost but I would gladly reset my progression for a system that is actually rewarding in a meaningful way and keeps me wanting to play the game. PS I think they chose 113 as a gimmick. Something they assured us they wouldn't do way back before release. They said they were more committed to making the game all it could be and didn't want it to be gimmicky. Guess they changed their minds.
  7. Brigadius

    Happy Mother's Day

    A gift for you on this day of Mother. https://archive.org/details/FridayThe13thMothersDay
  8. I was actually gonna say how dare you insult Muffin like that, then I finished reading your post.
  9. Brigadius

    Cenema horror cinema

    Someone should open a horror only movie theater and call it "The Cenema". Their slogan can be, "movies so scary you'll shit yourself."
  10. Well they were aiming for "Late 2017". They hit the first part of the deadline so I would say any year now.
  11. I like "Savini" Jason because he's so OP. 😂 Illfonic did a good job on him.
  12. Is Roy bad? Yeah, bad to the bone. In the movies he's also bad at being inconspicuous but the law enforcement is inept so we can let it slide. His only irredeemable quality is that he didn't kill Reggie.
  13. To be honest 113 is stupid high. This team needs to learn how to make a proper progression system. Gameplay elements that add vastly to how the game is played shouldn't be placed as a high level unlock in this game. In some games it is fine because other mechanics offset the higher ones as jumping points in progression. In this game it is a terrible idea because there is nothing substantial between the final gameplay enhancing unlock and this one. Just 70 levels of clothes grinding. The only way this could be justified is if there was a steady stream of unlockable gameplay enhancements between those 70 levels. You know, like a real progression system functions.