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  1. Wouldn't it be even better if he has nothing on?
  2. Well if one player is willing to sacrifice themselves by blocking you from the phone box to save all the other players, then it should not be considered cheating.
  3. Killing a counsellor by throwing them through an obviously open window looks very silly. That desperately needs to be fixed.
  4. ...especially in this music video where she has a similar updo. She even has a pink sweater in a few shots.
  5. I don't think it ruined anything. It did nothing that was different or out of the box. Considering that the franchise was already exhausted, continuing with part 11 would have been worse...
  6. You keep mentioning about how Jason can knock the door down, yes we know that! If you look at a few let's plays, many people have attempted to hide in the bathroom or closet, but it became pointless when Jason can immediately spot them by seeing the lock symbol, and the worst part is that they have nowhere else to run while Jason walks towards the locked door and inevitably chops it down, so what's the point of hiding? Think about it, if the lock symbol is removed, when Jason is in the house, he would have to check each door, giving the hiding counsellor a chance to make a run for it while he's searching another room. Well the majority of this thread approves of the removal. You're only the one who seemed to be extremely vocal against it, and not in the most mature way I'd say...
  7. I think everyone here can agree that it's incredibly frustrating to try and read your posts, which are not just short text messages... It would be a waste of time to remove something from the game? I think you meant implementing the checking door animation, which can use the existing opening door animation. This feature like I said can make the game scarier and allow for more hiding opportunities, since existing hiding spots such as the bathroom and closet are useless if you lock the door, which flashes that big fat lock symbol in front of Jason from metres away to signal him you're there...
  8. It's not about how long it takes for Jason to break down a door. it's about making it easy for counsellors to hide in houses by having Jason to search each room. Besides, a checking door knob animation would only take about...oh look it's already over before you even know it. I don't know why the heck you need 3 seconds for that. How long does it take you to twist a door knob? It's also about being realistic because it doesn't make sense that the counsellors would have an advantage that Jason can't have. I think it is much scarier and realistic for counsellors to not know which room or house is locked, instead requiring them to guess and hope for the best. But does that make it a lot harder for the counsellors to survive? Not necessarily. Like I said, checking a door only requires a second at most. If you are worried about this severely affecting your gameplay then it can become an instinct to leave as many doors in the house open and only use the windows to enter and exit houses. Also, I would like to take you seriously but the lack of punctuation is making it an eyesore for me to read...
  9. Removing the lock symbol can also advantage the counsellors who want to hide and waste Jason's time checking each door. You are only looking at the disadvantages and keep thinking that this feature will only benefit Jason. Removing the lock symbol from only Jason is actually more unfair. Plus, like I said, a split second animation isn't gonna result in everyone dying in 5 minutes.
  10. You just reminded me of one point: hiding in the bathrooms. You see, you'd most likely survive hiding in the bathroom by not locking it, because with the lock symbol Jason can easily recognise that somebody has locked themselves in. But it would actually make much more sense that the counsellor would lock the bathroom door. Why should not locking the door actually make it much harder for Jason to detect where you are hiding from a distance? He should only be able to know where you are when he tries to open each door. Also, I don't understand how removing the lock symbol would make it less fun for you. It's such a common trope in horror movies to have the people being chased realise that the door is locked, which adds more tension. It's a horror game, it should be filled with 'oh sh!t' moments. If a split second animation of checking the door results in your death, then you should just git gud. It's gonna be harder for both the killer and the counsellors anyways.
  11. The window kill for both. It's awesome when there's actually glass and it's on the second story. It's awful when Jason just throws the counsellor through an open window and then there's blood somehow all over the window.
  12. Ok, I suddenly remembered that there was an exact same kill from Argento's episode of Masters of Horrors, Pelts (23:45)(Warning: It's extremely gruesome! )
  13. Jason shoving a counsellor's face into an open bear trap...ouch! Just look at this video, that guy couldn't even scream with that thing on his face
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