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  1. That isn't how I want to look at it, that's literally what the person said and the person is right. The thread is about who is the best starter character, the person was just saying that Shelly should be on the list because "he doesn't require a level" thus, he is a starter character.
  2. Assuming the game hasn't changed since I last played it, the bat is supposed to be an automatic stun regardless of who you're using or what perks you have.
  3. I think you misunderstood. The person is saying Shelly should be on the list because he is already unlocked when you first start playing the game.
  4. Though I probably wouldn't say those exact words, bewareofbears has the right idea. Judging by the detailed length of the post, this incident really bothered you. Try not to let these kinds of experiences ruin your day.
  5. No offense but are we really doing this yet again? If the servers come in April then great, but these topics almost always start off as a countdown thread and then turns into a complaining one.
  6. Welcome to the F13 forum
  7. Well said. The game was bound to get stale after a while. It's best to just take a break and come back to it later.
  8. When I played, it always depended on who I was using. Some counselors are more equipped to survive whereas others should probably escape at the first opportunity.
  9. Did it ever occur to you that people quit because they bought the game to play it as intended? This isn't Call of Duty. I find it interesting that you quote the developers when you and them have two totally different ideas of what they want the game to be. The developers may have said "fight back" (most likely to not have to go through the trouble of disabling team killing) but even they were smart enough to see what the game was turning into and what they wanted their game to be. The game rewarded points based on doing things to survive against Jason, not other counselors. I honestly question your reasons for even buying the game if it bothers you this much that the developers took away team killing to encourage people to play it like a Friday the 13th movie. The game is far from designed to be a fighting game especially since hit detection's aren't the best but yet this bothered you and your friends this much? Can you see why people think you probably just enjoyed trolling? If you and your friends just found it more fun trolling others than playing the game as intended then own it, but understand that's not what the developers wanted nor the fans of Friday the 13th. Either you aren't aware of how bad this issue was or you just don't care but regardless, it was a serious issue and was just another example of how people can ruin nice things. If you want to run with the idea that many people would be playing if team killing was still allowed, I'll say that many more would have left because they would have gotten tired of being attacked by other counselors every game and having a hard time leveling up as well as achieving trophies. As the population declined, the trolls would find themselves paired more often with other trolls, and then they would leave themselves because trolling is only fun when the person you're trolling isn't in on it. If you want to be upset because team killing was "the only thing really important" to you then that's your problem, but it's ridiculous to use team killing as the downfall of a game that has nothing to do with team killing.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear. It's never easy to lose a loved one regardless of whether it's human or animal especially when it isn't expected. Like others have said, it's going to hurt a lot and the only thing that will help is time. The thing many of us do, and I urge you not to do, is to blame yourself. Also, try not to be alone; try to hang out with family and friends. Wishing you nothing but the best.
  11. This is a response to IHeartBreakerI, but I'm quoting carnage4u to make a point. I agree that it can be a boring grind if the only unlockables are skins but at the same time, including unlockables that require such an insane amount of playing time can also be an issue. I believe trying to find a happy medium such as cosmetics, which doesn't affect gameplay, is the best way to go about it. As carnage4u shows, there are people that like more cosmetic options but, as I've said before, a happy medium is rewarding people without making others who aren't willing or can't put in that kind of time feel like they're missing something.
  12. The person you're responding to is correct. The mods try to keep discussion organized so people can find things that they're looking for and often have to diffuse situations started by such comments like yours. Just be respectful.
  13. Tiffany, the problem in your statement is that it reflects exactly what the developers sold the game based on. Snake is correct in his statement that it was by design that Jason was/is "OP" and if you search the forums, you'll find similar statements by the developers. The problem is that a lot of new players have started playing the game since Jason became a shadow of who he used to be and thus have certain expectations of the game that weren't originally intended. You were supposed to die a lot and if you did survive, there was supposed to be a lot of luck involved.
  14. The simple answer is no. There was a thread made (almost word for word) by the developers that discussed this. In the future, just do a search on the topic. It makes life easier on the mods and you.
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