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  1. I preordered for the ps4 the game the Jason skin and cloths pack as a backer when should I expect my code for download
  2. i tried that my email some how was deleted and i dont remember when
  3. preordered the game back in October but i dont remember what email i used for the pre order who can i email or call to regain that info also i preordered the skin pack and toms Jason i thinki remember the email i used but again i need a reminder any info will help please thanks Dan Payne
  4. i dont rage much on games i am the cool calculating type that figures out puzzles and things i do get mad but i have friends and my wife and kids to go hey your not JASON (I don own 3 of the mask) and i am fine but i hope this game will make me rage in the part i cant survive and or i cant kill them all
  5. I cant find the topic I cant find the topic
  6. Hi all My name is Dan im a big F13 fan of all the movies and i am excited for the game when i first heard about it i pre ordered it right away the done side is i am a backer i wish i heard of it sooner. I am from the Detroit Michigan Area and thats about all i can think of to tell. I do have one question is there a concrete release date instead of early 2017 cause we are in that part now thanks all