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    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    They've said that they plan to make Ultimates for all the various iterations. I really want a Pre-Uber, it's one of my favorite Jasons.
  2. Dogmatic

    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    That's because the figure is basically a Part 8 with JGTH skin. Seriously, look at the outfit.
  3. Dogmatic

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    Go for it. EDIT I forgot I did this way back when. I made a timeline(lol) of my NECA interactions. I'm sure the links don't work because Photobucket, but they're beside the point.
  4. Ran across the soundtrack on Spotify. Wonder why stuff like Savini Jason's theme weren't included on this?
  5. Dogmatic

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    Here's mine next to the SDCC one. In my opinion, they went a little off on the execution. The second version was better, but the color still wasn't quite right.
  6. Dogmatic

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    Here's my original. Next post, I'll do a side by side.
  7. Dogmatic

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    Five years ago I repainted a NECA Part 4 Jason into a Retro Jason. I showed it to NECA, and they liked it so much they made the original SDCC version. It was one of the hottest selling exclusives that year, and the whole Retro Jason craze exploded.
  8. Dogmatic

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    Me and Dole here go back many years, and he's called me worse haha. The reason I'm a 'whore' so to speak is that the name listed there under "Special Thanks" is me.
  9. Dogmatic

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    So this hits stores in March. When you crazy kids pick yours up, make sure to eyeball this detail on the packaging. It's my favorite part of it all.
  10. NES Jason should have +Knives. I mean, he can just continuously whip machetes and axes at you when ypu encounter him on the road in the NES game.
  11. Dogmatic

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    I'll probably end up buying this figure again, just because my other one's music battery ran out. Oh and I accidentally snapped the leg off, haha.
  12. Dogmatic

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Lebron cares not about lawsuits. https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3528412/lebron-james-friday-the-13th-reboot/
  13. Not being negative, just stating the cold, hard truth. They've moved on, already working on at least three new games. Sometimes acceptance is better than false hope.
  14. It won't be, the developers have stated as much many times. No new content now or in the future.
  15. Dogmatic

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    I figure pencil lead would be chap and easy. Sharpen, break off, repeat. Maybe not that sturdy, though.
  16. Super Duper Flying Corpses have been around since launch!
  17. It's actually a shirt. I got it about a year ago, because I have a compulsive need to own all things NES Jason, haha.
  18. Because the game is riddled with bugs of every sort. I like the game, it's just a royal mess. And the devs could clearly be doing a better job.
  19. Oh, I'm sure that you do.
  20. The NECA mask has been available for a couple years now. Why wait for the cash grab edition and buy one now?
  21. Dogmatic

    Question on Savini Jason's Mask

    So awesome. Nothing like a really good custom, eh?
  22. The only time it happened to me was way back when Randy used to stream. I was "lucky" enough to be a part of the shenanigans and got picked as Jason. Got locked, and couldn't do anything but follow people around. When I told Randy, he seemed less than concerned, which we all know became par for the course.
  23. Dogmatic

    New Documentary - Jason Goes To Hell

    Marcus is just going to keep pushing his whole stupid "Jason is a Deadite" thing