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  1. A demo it isn't. Everything that was on the disc at launch is what was outlined in the Kickstarter. All of the "basic content" that you refer to was always going to be extra DLC content.
  2. Dogmatic


    He has. At a con I went to about 11 years ago, I bought an 8X10 and got the autograph. I then asked if he would sign my copy of Crystal Lake Memories. I got "Sure, for another $25."
  3. Dogmatic

    Ragdoll physics

    I find it rather amusing, myself. This was one of my favorite moments playing the game. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/lordgwildor/video/32529575
  4. It's been a rough few years for me financially, so I actually have an open Gofundme for my trip. I felt bad doing it, but I've managed to raise enough to go and just pay gas and food out of pocket. It's like my buddy told me, with my history with NES/Retro Jason there's no way in the world I can miss it!
  5. the convention is July 13-15. I'll be sure and post pics of the Retro, not sure yet if I'll be at the con on Savini day.
  6. I sadly missed out on this one, mostly because of the price. Even though I live twenty minutes from where it was, I was broke at the time. But I am making the pilgrimage to the Mad Monster Party next month. Yup, I'm driving all the way from North Texas because Kane Hodder is doing a one off photo op as none other than Retro Jason! That's something that I couldn't miss. He's also doing a Savini Jason photo op, but Retro is superior, haha.
  7. I'd like to see something implemented that would prevent the gang-up of Jason. I was thinking something like a one time per match move by Jason akin to the paintballers in Part 6. Like a super strong move that can kill multiple counselors. On the same note, something else would be a prevention of teabagging or dancing over a downed Jason. In Part 4, Jason is down after being hit with the computer monitor. But as Trish and Tommy try to sneak past him, he grabs the axe and swings it at them from a prone position. Something like that would discourage the trolls.
  8. Dogmatic

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    That happened to me once a few months back while I was in Randy's Friday night stream, and the problem still hasn't been addressed. An official stream. Don't hold your breath.
  9. Dogmatic

    Tommy LIves!

    Parts 1 and 2.
  10. This one actually isn't new, it happened to me back in launch week.
  11. It didn't do that for me on Xbox last night, but I did shut the power down in the main house. Maybe that's why.
  12. This is what they should do with Retro Jason!
  13. It's Mac and Me all over again!
  14. Why wouldn't that happen? It is a "nut" house after all.
  15. I miss hearing about the occult tomes.
  16. Dogmatic

    New Friday the 13th tv show

    They've tried twice in the last 15 years to get a show off the ground, and as of yet nothing. That should be your answer right there.
  17. If Matrix was here, he'd laugh too.
  18. Dogmatic

    My wishes for Retro Jason / Breakdown

    Ya know, I never noticed the boot thing. Ye gods, I feel so stupid. But I do know this: Jason wore a shirt and pants in IX, not a jumpsuit. Other than that, your ideas are great. Too bad we'll never see a new and improved Retro Jason, as much as I'd love to.
  19. Isn't it fitting that the Xbox One verion in that video stuttered during the intro. But at least it's darker with better looking grass now!
  20. Yeah, I had a Shelly give me the old "Please no!" from whichever other dude it is. It's great hearing that from three different characters in one playthrough.
  21. Don't be sad, everything is as it should be.
  22. Retro Jason, natch. Not in the game really, just in general.
  23. Only on your desk? Amateur. Here's mine.