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  1. Yeah, I had a Shelly give me the old "Please no!" from whichever other dude it is. It's great hearing that from three different characters in one playthrough.
  2. Don't be sad, everything is as it should be.
  3. Retro Jason, natch. Not in the game really, just in general.
  4. Only on your desk? Amateur. Here's mine.
  5. How much damage to get Jason naked?

    According to the pic I posted up there, he's got nothing. Though, if you watch the Jason Takes Manhattan bloopers...
  6. How much damage to get Jason naked?

    Looks like you gotta damage him a LOT.
  7. The remake is a joint Paramount/New Line production. I can see where that would be a pain for licensing.
  8. They can't. They've said many times that F vs J and the remake are a no go, as they aren't part of the rights that they have access to, and they won't ever be.
  9. Make Roy Green Again

    As did I.
  10. Make Roy Green Again

    As long as that point came across. I was getting worried there.
  11. Make Roy Green Again

    You can't be serious. Did you not read the text of the post? "My custom Neca Roy Burns (the impostor Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning. The figure is made up of a Michael Myers body and a Roy Burns retro head. The figure has a sculpted collar and neck to blend the head. The hands are painted red for a bloody effect.The front packaging is Photoshopped to include Roy Burns' name and the movie poster for part 5. The back includes new text and a concept for a part 6 Jason. "
  12. Make Roy Green Again

    It's a nice Myers repaint you got there. NECA, Mezco or McFarlane have never made a non-cloth clothed Part V figure. Ever.
  13. Make Roy Green Again

    There is no all plastic figure based on Roy. NECA has only done the MEGO style with the fabric clothes. With blue overalls. The only "solid" figure done was the Funko Pop. With blue overalls. This is the company that hasn't given us dedicated servers, new game modes, bug free gaming, well balanced gameplay, or consistant... anything that hundreds of people have been clamoring and asking for. What makes you think that three or four people are going to make them add a new skin for Roy?
  14. Make Roy Green Again

    It's never going to get fixed, so it might just be best to deal with it. The blue color is the official color, as approved by New Line and the other rights holders. They're not going to just up and change it because three or four people are upset with it.
  15. When it's in your inventory, you can walk into Jason's shack and his mother won't warn him.