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  1. Why part 9 face is inverted ?

    Makes perfect sense when you use the perspective the child Jason was yet another one of Rennie's visions. I mean, look at Part 9 Jason. Dude looks like he's been swimming in toxic waste after all. Hell, his mask is melted into his face.
  2. I had rain in offline on Xbox yesterday.
  3. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    Knowing the way they handle the maps, it will probably just be a remixed version of what we already have. Then they can capl it a "holographic representation of Crystal Lake from the 80's" like in the movie. Add a couple sci-fi textures here and there and, voila! "New" map.
  4. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    Wow, that blows.
  5. What an odd spot for that power box at 8:50.
  6. Current Updates

    I'm so glad that I decided to back Xbone, just so that I won't get the update today. I'm so goddamn exuberant.
  7. I think the game would have to have some kind of jump scare/fear system in it, preferably similar to the sanity feature in Eternal Darkness. In that game, certain things would happen as your character's sanity decreased: bugs crawling across the screen, environments warping, strange sounds happening. It was pretty cool.
  8. Seemed like he was only five foot something in Part 2, and had a major growth spurt by the time Part 3 started. The Part 2 Jason looks ridiculous in-game, mainly because he's way too tall. Your overall opinion there I'd believe is spot on.
  9. What 30 games do you wish was on Nes Classic?

    The ROMs are direct rips of the games, so they're just like you remember them. All you have to do is have an NES or SNES Classic, download the ROMs of the games you want, and the hakchi program.
  10. What 30 games do you wish was on Nes Classic?

    Oh, yes. My NES Classic now has the core games, about 20 more NES, a few SNES, Genesis and GBA games. Google hakchi. It's so easy to do. If I can do it, anyone can! EDIT: I hate how the mobile site puts the pics above the response. Eeehh, you get the idea of it.
  11. What 30 games do you wish was on Nes Classic?

    I put all the games on mine that I felt were missing, and then some.
  12. Friday the 13th NES Game

    You don't even need to get the sweater, machete or axe. Just get the torch and a few vitamins, then hunt Jason down. Once you get the hang of it, it's not hard.
  13. Nah, they like the design for Part 3 better. Something about his hunchback is what they said.