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  1. I feel ya, I actually want to get another mask. The one I have is from the test batch that they made pre release, and it doesn't have the best glow. Couldn't have bought another back when they came out, oh no. That would've been too easy. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff is hard to get ahold of now. Those plushes in my pic, for instance. They were only sold for one weekend years ago. The NECA figures aren't too bad at the moment, but their prices are going up.
  2. Thank you, sir. That's actually not allof it, haha. Also have a few shirts and artwork.
  3. Amazing, man. It's the figure I want most from NECA.
  4. The intro screen mask image is obbased on the Final Chapter poster/VHS cover which inexplicably was mirrored, making the axe cut on yhe wrong side.
  5. I know the article well, that's me who painted the figure.
  6. Ah, I see you are a man of taste. I have a couple figures of the guy. I used NES Jason a lot back when I was really into the game. I'd go back and forth with him and Savini. As for what flick he's based on, that's a grey area. Work started on the game around Part 7, released the year of Part 8. The illustration of Jason in the manual is of Roy, do that's weird. As for the color, I don't know if the Part 3 poster was the basis for it. I'd like to think that the movies made their way to Japan where they couod see the more standard coloration for Jason. Maybe they just wanted to be wacky. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  7. I dig this, man. Good work! My custom jobs have only ever involved slapping purple and blue paint on a couple figures and calling it a day, haha. Can't wait to see your pre-Uber. It's one of my favorite Jason looks.
  8. One thing to change: Tina killed her father after Part 6, not before Part 1. That's why when it shows Jason underwater during the prologue, his clothes and flesh aren't as rotted as they are in Part 7.
  9. I dug the flick. As it stands, it's my third favorite Jason look. Sure the acting and writing was cheesy, but remember this is Freddy Vs. Jason. We ain't talking Shakespeare here. And as much as I would have liked to see Kane back under the mask, Kirzinger did fine. At least he didn't portray Jason like he did in Part 8, haha.
  10. The constant stomping sound effects whenever he takes a step. They were awful.
  11. The Pseudo Echo song is on Spotify, but it's a live recording.
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