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  1. An excellent point to bring up. Unless Jason has an abundance of throwing knives, he is neutered once these 3 requirements are in place, due to sweater radius being such a threat. Any self-respecting player will of course attempt to collect knives but this scenario typically brings out the ocean man in players with less dignity. With sweater also being perfectly functional through walls, there are many opportunities for it.
  2. Welcome to the F13 Tower Guide. Included below is a link to the full PDF, with all maps broken down to give you the best chance of choosing the correct generator on first morph. Screenshots of all towers that can be observed in the cutscenes are also included for your conveniance. Given the amount of pages, I recommend using bookmarks in your mobile or desktop reader for ease of use. Additionally, a bonus video of the cutscenes can be viewed below for the purpose of seeing the tower locations in motion, to best familiarise yourself with them. While some are obviously hard to catch, using slower playback on the video will help. F13 Tower Guide PDF - Download F13 Cutscene Towers Video If you wish to make use of the guide right away, you can do so without reading anything more. Otherwise, I encourage you to read on below for a complete understanding of the topic. Radio Tower Guide - Wordpress
  3. As Somethin Cool said, +Stun Resist is actually a negative in the context of demasking as stun dmg is a fraction of the Dmg a Jason takes in comparison to a non-stun. So actually it is fortunate that it doesn’t actually work (particularly on a -Def 85 health), but quite pathetic that these stats were not only left in the game as non-functional to begin with, but portrayed as a “strength” in place of actual strengths. It actually defies logic how it could possibly be described as a strength when it simply means you could be demasked and subsequently killed faster (if it actually worked). Logic 😃
  4. No it was never rectified / patched. It was a “feature” that was intended to be in the game but never made it in, yet remained in the menu screens. Before I even confirmed it with the head of Illfonic QA, I tested it extensively and it is still the very same to this day. Feel free to test for yourself. Here is a video from 2018 showing all the proof anyone would need - 10 Luck breaking almost all weapons in the match vs a -Def / lower block chance. Not once does a weapon break the block. It is simply a fake stat.
  5. As would I, but they don’t unfortunately. I will be releasing a ton of more in-depth info on the game soon, including those tid bits. Currently I am completing the Tommy box guide, I have all the info just have to finish plotting it out. After that I’ll move on to the other topics.
  6. No they are the only ones, other than Part 7’s Sense “glitch”. There are actually hidden stats for counselors however, namely stun chance and stun duration which are individually coded per counselor with zero relation to any visible stats whatsoever. Logically one would think it would be related to Luck and/or Str but actually it is not the case, hence why I call them “hidden” stats. Different for everybody with no logical reason why. In regards to why Jason has fake stats, they were something Illfonic planned to implement but never completed.
  7. Stun resistance doesn’t exist. It is technically a fake stat just like “block chance” is a fake stat on minus Def / Less HP (exactly the same) which is simply 85 health vs the base 100. I personally confirmed it with an Illfonic dev a long time ago.
  8. It is not hit or miss and works just the same now as it did back then. If counselors are bypassing your traps then you are not placing them correctly. Especially in regards to repairs, since the repair animations are still the same therefore those trap techniques must work. I would suggest going over the guide again.
  9. I am really not sure what kind of spaghetti code you’d have to be running where touching prompt behaviour causes Shift cooldown to drop to 10 seconds. Coding-wise, it actually defies logic. I also hope the issues were understood (and fixed) better than you have described here, because you’ve actually not described either one of them correctly.
  10. @mattshotcha leaving this here for you since one of the F13 Reddit mods decided it was a good idea to delete my thread on there. Here is some accurate info for you regarding some issues with your latest patch - * All Jasons now receive Shift at 0:45 (originally 2:15) and Stalk at 2:45 (originally 4:15) * All neutral Shift Jasons have had their Shift cooldown decreased to 10s pre-Rage (from 30s) and 6s post-Rage (from 20s), surpassing +Shift cooldown speed by 10s and 7s respectively. +Shift and -Shift Jasons do not receive this buff. * Counselors are now able to bypass interactive animations (eg. windows, drawers, doors, skill checks) at any point after interaction by pressing the attack button. Window dives especially benefit from this by allowing counselors to avoid damage. * AI counselors on Jarvis House (all difficulties) are now immobile for the duration of the match, regardless of their interaction with Jason. They will not use melee weapons or guns, but will use firecrackers and med spray. Best of luck.
  11. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Unless you are supporting megacasual HuDawg just throwing out insults left and right.
  12. Hmm sorry yeah I kind of do call the shots. As much as you hope it isn’t true. That isn’t being cocky either, it is just rooting for the players that really do put an effort into this game. And unfortunately you are not part of that group. If you can find a competitive group that doesn’t know my name, I will gift you a cookie.
  13. Yeah, actually I do. In case you don’t know, there is a competitive scene outside of this trash QP you play and these players would absolutely destroy you. If you are really up for the challenge, I can arrange it in a heartbeat. You think I am full of shit? I can prove that wrong in a minute.
  14. 😂 Wow man. Just wow. You own our asses? Prove it. We are giving you the opportunity. PS4 or Xbox, it doesn’t matter. I can get real players to face you on either platform. Make no mistake, you have a target on your back now. Enjoy the game while you can 😄
  15. Hey here’s an idea for your tiny brain. Face him, prove your point. Because until you do, you have no say in anything remotely related to this topic. HuDawg is already a well known meme in the F13 competitive circle (as much as you absolutely hate to think of it as a competitive game - yet it is).
  16. Do I detect hostility? By exploiting do you mean tactics you are having difficulty comprehending?
  17. That’s because he has earned that right. Guru is one of the best F13 players I’ve ever seen and I would back anything he says. If you know me, you know I would not say that lightly since I am critical of most players of this game.
  18. @Dead Meme Ah I didn’t realise you were in the discord! Well I assume so at least since I posted all of that info there. I did plan on making a guide out of it but it is good you posted it anyway, since I probably wasn’t going to get around to it... I may just compile all my info on this topic into 1 post in the Playbook thread with better formatting. At least then no one can argue on the topic anymore since the results speak for themselves. -Def is absolutely 85 health, and “block chance” absolutely does not exist. -Def and Less HP are exact same thing. PS: I will correct myself on one thing I said in the past, regarding Jason’s block animations. They are completely random, I confirmed it with a dev and they were simply randomised for appearance sake. Whether he lifts his arm or not makes no impact on damage taken (there was speculation on this in the past).
  19. I am PS4 so can confirm it never existed at launch. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably getting confused due to hearing the boat within proximity.
  20. Haven’t read the thread but just replying to the tag. Anyone who says there was boat start-up at launch is full of it. @malloymk I can actually provide proof as I still have clips from that time, I remember this discussion from a while back and checking my clips just for that reason. It is complete and utter BS that a “glitch” prevented it from being heard in the past. It was simply never there to begin with. Devs must’ve been high af when they made this change tbh. I will find those clips this weekend and post them so this topic can finally be put to rest. I also don’t believe anyone had a rogue sound file, only a rogue memory in their brain. Think about it - to put in a boat start-up sound completely defies the reason to go for boat obj in the first place. The whole reason was always that it had a silent start-up, but you were virtually screwed if / when it was seen on the map. A trade off. I guess a year later the devs simply forgot what the obj was all about. 😄
  21. How long was the art book delayed? About a year and a half right? For 10 pages (out of 160) of Single Player content including VC, 8 of which are just screenshots. 😆
  22. It is really hard to say. It would require a significant rework of the Jasons which at this point in the game’s life, I simply don’t see happening. So it’s not really worth spending time on. All you can do is simply make the “lesser” Jasons more tolerable, because it is just as you say - any small improvements to them are likely still not going to make them more selectable for competitive play. And with bigger improvements you either run the risk of something unbalanced or having basically no difference between one Jason and another. In that case it is almost always going to be Part 3 who is selected. At the very least all Walking Jasons need to be faster because their lower mobility is an automatic disadvantage, particularly in group combat where any extra mobility is valued. Meat Shielding 100% needs to come back, as it as a highly valuable thing that is often overlooked, same with fixing client block and providing more dmg / stun immunity. I believe those 3 things would go a long way.
  23. Yeah the cooldown on minus Shift would be enough as a negative, as Part 4 has the worst objective control in the game. I also consider him to be the worst Jason in the game, especially since there is zero reason to pick him over Part 3. And he is basically Part 3 with +Destruction at the cost of the worst negatives in the game. The trade off is horrendous. +Destruction is a nice stat but nowhere near that valuable. When you consider that Savini has +Wpn Str, +Destruction and +Shift, with basically no negatives, it is simply laughable. As it stands, Part 3 is pretty much the only Jason that shows up in competitive play, as he is the most balanced. So the other Jasons definitely need some love. Stats like +Throwing Knives also require improvement as all the stat gives you is 4 extra knives, which at most is enough to cripple 2 counselors or kill 1, and that’s providing they have no sprays and are not thick skinned. Once those 4 knives are gone, where is the stat? Nowhere to be found. As far as throwing knives go, and I’ve said it many times, there needs to be a small amount that is auto-refilled per x amount of time. I will explain more in the big post. In this case a +Throwing Knives stat would simply provide more on the auto-refill, which would make it an actually useful stat for the whole match. PS: something else to mention. Minus Stun Resist, if it even functions at all, is actually a POSITIVE. Since if there is more chance of taking a stun, then there is less chance of taking full dmg from a weapon which contributes to killing your mask. You would much rather the low stun dmg. Another stat devs simply didn’t put any thought into at all.
  24. All good ideas, similar to some on my list. Except instead of a truly neutral Shift, I would change the properties of minus Shift so that it only differs by cooldown, not speed or duration. Base Shift and plus Shift are the same speed as it is, so it is odd that minus Shift not only has longer cooldown but also significantly lower speed and duration. That’s a bit overkill on a negative as it currently is.
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