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  1. @Loading which is why it's easier just quickly entering combat stance to do it. Also heavy / overhead attack may be required which can't be done outside of CS.
  2. Throw knife or smash the window in combat stance. You don't need the prompt ever. Ill be posting a video on this but basically windows are very easy damage for Jason. Firstly, you can easily interrupt a counselor climbing with either knife or slash, resetting their animation leaving them back outside. Secondly, if they dive through an open window, smash the glass on them (20% damage) then throw knife once they are standing out of animation (30%). This equals 50% dmg which = crippled counselor. The timing for the knife is important but it will be explained in the guide.
  3. @DorianRo at this point I would just recommend uninstalling the game because you evidently have no clue.
  4. It's the opposite. The grab lift animation is your only opportunity to interrupt / grab save, because once that is done, the Jason presses Choke and the counselor is dead. Alternatively he will just walk out of range with the counselor, as Jason can only move after the lift animation. *There is currently a bug where Jason can grab a counselor and skip the lift animation entirely / instantly walk, hence it being dubbed "instawalk", but this is a random occurrence and will be fixed for next patch.
  5. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    No such thing as a Stun "Lock". Chain stuns are possible but those are limited. Also dancing should = salt mine?
  6. This is exactly the reason. Particularly when you consider that anyone playing long enough has seen all the kills countless times, so there is no incentive to risk using anything but the most space / time efficient kills. It's a mechanic that is only relevant for newcomers, for everyone else your escape window is limited to the grab lift animation; no one around to grab save and no PK? Dead.
  7. Thanks Always nice to read people are having success with the tips I post. As long as you are learning from each death, that is progress. A counselor learns more from dying in combat than they do from escaping. Yes, aside from just preventing Tommy call to defend against being killed, there is good enough reason just to stop him from entering the match due to his stats (and items). A good Tommy player can wreak havoc in the match for Jason, you basically have a super counselor running around that can quickly complete all objectives in Jason's face.
  8. Off a block grab or normally? You should be able to do it normally, ideally you should make your move after Jason has already whiffed an attack. In regards to block grab, I'm sorry to disappoint but a reliable source corrected me after I posted that it would be possible. Turns out that if the block grab is executed perfectly, it will catch the dodge. I'll paste it here - "dodge is a teleport the moment you can swing cancel the grab motion starts you are simply not finished sidedodge only works on the slow the grab is faster than a dodge ( a lot ) the whole side dodge shenanigans only work on not mashing jasons same reason you cant side dodge a grab after an interrupt against a grabspamming jason"
  9. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    I'm just kidding around. But I did suggest exactly these changes so it is nice to see they have come around.
  10. Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    @ShiftySamurai I see someone's been reading my posts. I'm taking all the credit for this one. Happy to see these changes, good job.
  11. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    Leave a match early, like a jerk - Legitimate reasons for leaving a match far outweigh anyone doing it just to be a jerk. Mostly you will just be punishing innocent players, who ironically, often leave in response to the actual jerks / teamers. Or lag, or bugs, both of which are common among other things. I most certainly hope you don't mean leaving after you have died, as there is no reason for punish anyone for that. If someone wants to give up their points and try to find a new lobby instead of spectating, that should be perfectly fine. You could make an argument for people leaving because they're not Jason, but your new Jason ticket system should counter this anyway shouldn't it? Leave a match while being killed, like a big jerk - Has no effect on the actual match. It's still 1 less counselor for Jason, and 1 less liability for the counselors. If it was mid-kill then Jason got the points anyway, if not then he subtracted a counselor without doing anything. Leave a match as Jason, like a super jerk - This is quite funny actually because the only Jason that would willingly leave is one that has already been humiliated, or in danger of dying. So it's like adding insult to injury. The Jason who gets wailed on into rage quitting (optimal result for counselors) will now also get sent to the salt mines. It's quite cruel...but I can see the humour in it. Leave a match while hosting, like a mega jerk - This is acceptable, but ultimately it's going to keeping happening anyway and it's no solution to the problem. Dedicated servers are the real solution. The most you accomplish with these changes is either splitting the playerbase, or everything continuing as normal with everyone ending up in the salt mines which = no change. Because I imagine a lot of the salt is going to be acquired through unintentional means, or for otherwise legitimate reasons.
  12. Sometimes the intro will show the radio tower cabin in the background of the scene, so for example Higgins intro is in Evergreen, so if you see it there then you know to shut down the power box which powers Evergreen and Stillwater (they are shared). I have done a lot of research on Tommy cabin spawns which I will be making a thread on, they are random spawns but not as random as people think. There is some bias to the spawn.
  13. Exactly. This is not a glitch, the doorway is simply too wide to cover with 1 trap. So essentially you must waste a trap trying to block the shack, since 2 are necessary but only 1 will work. If you see the Tommy house in the intro, it is much better to immediately Morph (without picking up knives) to its nearest power box, shut down and trap it. Then as soon as Morph is available again you go to phone box.
  14. Executing the light attack is just a matter of not applying (much) pressure to the right trigger. One way you can get used to it at first is to gently roll off it, then once you get used to that you should be able to reliably tap it. You get so accustomed after a while that you might do a light when you want a heavy (has happened).
  15. It's all good as long as you learn from them, are aware of what the mistake was etc. Takes a little practice but it's well worth it. In case you're not doing so already, always use left stick to exit out. Some players use the right stick to both enter and exit which doesn't always work. Another crucial thing that I find many console players don't know is that light attack is actually available in combat stance with a light tap of right trigger. I think this is why I see so many heavy attacks in CS, even though light is usually the better option since heavy has bad tracking.
  16. Dodging backwards does have very little value, actually I can't think of a reason to do it at all in open space. Even if you make Jason whiff by dodging back, you stay right in front of him which will require initiating combat again. Counterproductive if you want to land successive hits in a short amount of time, which you are more likely to accomplish by dodging to the side on each hit. @Truth Well combat stance shouldn't be used to stay in, but it should always be used when executing attacks, whether they are light or heavy. You need to switch in, attack, switch out. That way you do not limit your mobility with combat stance before your attack, but you still have the aim assist when you need it. Not doing so is why you see counselors wildly swinging in the opposite direction to Jason sometimes. So combat stance should always be used in the moment you execute your swing, then switch back out again right after. In general I think people would understand combat stance a lot better if they thought of it as "aim assist" with secondary functions, rather than as a stance.
  17. Not sure what you mean. If you mean unfair, you might want to wait until my next Jason post. Let's just say you will be certainly disadvantaged if you don't have those perks equipped.
  18. Yes you will be able to do it, as the fastest that Jason can connect grab off a block is right after your hit while you are still in recovery on your swing. He needs to block your hit after all, so if you cancel with dodge the moment your swing connects, you will be able to get out of there in time. If you watch the video I posted you can just pretend Jason is blocking before the grab, it won't come out (much) sooner than that. Now you just need to watch out for the Jason who cancels your swing with knife before it connects and interrupts it with grab...video on that soon. @Redrum138 Yep that's just as I heard it, so Evasion appears to be bugged. But Swift + Medic + Thick is an excellent trio, that's what I run too.
  19. Swift is always good to have equipped, one of the top perks, it will help in all combat situations. Evasion I don't use, but from what I've heard, it will actually cause you to freeze up after the 2nd dodge with no hit coming out. I will give it a test next time but for now I wouldn't recommend it. Other than that, treat the dodge cancel hit like any other, bait a whiff out of Jason then go for it. The twirling Jasons are harder to catch so you want to make them commit to an attack first ideally, which you then punish.
  20. No problem, I hope the other information was worthwhile too.
  21. Well like I said, speed is key. If you do it fast enough, you will make them whiff the grab allowing for the next punish. And luckily this is something that can easily be practiced to develop muscle memory, against a wall for example. Even if you do make them whiff by dodging backward, you don't accomplish anything because you are in exact same position. By dodging to the side you will confuse Jason and be able to move around him for the next hit.
  22. Please don't go tagging @ShiftySamurai and @[IllFonic]Courier as I'm not confident they will understand what is being talked about and misinterpret it. I am tagging them here again just so they read the response. You can dodge outside grab range providing you actually dodge to the right. The distance created is too large to grab a counselor from the side on reaction. Whether the dodge mechanic works outside of using it to cancel your recovery on hit, in any direction, is entirely dependant on how you use it. Obviously if you randomly dodge at a Jason sitting in combat stance, he will auto rotate to face you and punish or if you dodge back within too close vicinity due to your uninterruptible recovery on dodge. On the other hand, if you correctly anticipate his attack and dodge it then you will make Jason whiff causing him to be in recovery, and you to be safe. He won't be able to instantly react with the next attack yet because he is still recovering from his last one. Make sense? Dodge is almost exclusively used to cancel swing on hit when you have a weapon with low stun chance, to avoid being grabbed or hit when the weapon doesn't stun. So you get stamina regen without risk. Alternatively, you can just cancel on hit with sprint instead although dodging will maintain your position in CS for your next strike if for example you want to demask. I would post my own video doing this but it would take time to find and this is a much better example because it is from release, with the original OP grab. If it could be done then, then it can certainly be done now. PS: If anyone has a problem with the player in this clip, you can post your own of someone else doing it but I doubt you will have much luck finding anyone. EDIT: As it turns out I have a recent clip of me showing this to a friend, short 10s example but you can see there was no chance of them landing that grab. Includes wall practice.
  23. Yeah it was all done by me Like you said, I have no idea how it happened either. It started with the gas, which I was still left holding after I filled up the car. Then we tried it with the battery, same deal, except the battery actually went invisible but I could see my Vanessa still holding something. Spooky.
  24. What a coincidence you mention this now. Anyone want to tell me what's wrong with this picture?