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    The rarity of being Jason.

    The randomness is awful. I don't know if it's a bug, or bad algorithm, or how it's actually supposed to work. If it is how it's supposed to work, I guess the devs must think everyone has all the time in the world to play. That everyone can dedicate a full day to get picked as Jason for a couple matches. It's absolutely ridiculous. There are occasions where I'm picked a few times in a short span of time, but that only makes it worse - because I know that if I don't get picked a lot, I probably won't get picked at all. There's no balance to it. I could handle it better when the player base was better, but these days it's a shitfest online. It is very common now for host to quit, or other players quitting to deny you a kill. Extremely frustrating after you've been waiting several hours. Aside from that, connectivity is not even stable so that's yet another issue. Combine it all and purely random selection is just about the worst idea ever, and they should've seen it coming. Yeah it's been discussed many times before, but it keeps falling on deaf ears so it needs to keep being discussed. Frankly, whatever method is currently being used for Jason selection is straight up garbage. I'm looking forward to single player because it will help to alleviate the frustration a bit, but it's not really a solution. Only so much fun you can have playing against bots. I like playing as counselor and as Jason, I just wish I was able to experience both at a reasonable rate. Rant over.
  2. The only chills I get from the game these days is the "Host has left the game" screen. Just the thought of it... Stalk moments are the best though, but most Jasons don't really bother with them in my experience. They use Stalk, but they don't really use it correctly or creatively. Have had some jump scares in the past, but not in a long time. Close calls when escaping can still be quite thrilling through.
  3. J6 in-game mask/model has never bothered me, to my eyes it looks good, even if it's not 100% accurate. But the select screen...that will never stop bothering me. It looks so wrong, as if his mask is too big and his shirt is being pulled up. Next to all the other models, J6 looks completely out of place. Would love to see that corrected. The in-game model I would actually like to see fixed is J9. Bulk him up a bit! It's less about being film accurate for me, and more about just matching the other Jasons in size. Ideally, he'd be as imposing as Savini. Ignoring the fact he's undead, J9 just looks malnourished. Also walks like he's constipated. Could definitely use some polish on the modelling side I think.
  4. I'm thinking since physical release on October 13th is locked in, we should be getting more content soon. I'm not sure about their manufacturing process but ideally this upcoming content would be on that disc too. Paid DLC would require unlock codes but it would be a pretty good package. I imagine for that to happen the update would have to come very soon. Trying to be optimistic about it at least, but given their track record there's still room for doubt.
  5. Tommy86

    Hating on a good Jason

    Oh there's definitely adults acting the same way. They're the ones that grind my gears. I can deal with it better if it's just kids being kids, though they are a large portion of the player base unfortunately. But an adult throwing tantrums like a child is just totally ridiculous. Those reasons you listed are so true though, well said. You're "bad" no matter what you do basically.
  6. It'll be fine! It's definitely, 100% not ever happened before ever. In all seriousness though, I truly hope we get more content soon and it's not just a countdown to a trailer or something.
  7. Tommy86

    Hating on a good Jason

    I've heard the same things, people hurling insults because I didn't let them complete an objective. Or I killed them at the start of the match, or outsmarted them somehow. If you know they have knives and you slash them, you're cheap. If you shift+grab them, you're cheap. If you try and perform anything other than an environmental kill which may give them enough time to break free...yep, you're cheap. Even if there's a group of them trying to stun lock you and you go for a trusty choke or head punch. Yet these players are the same ones who will resort to taunting you with exploits if given the chance. When I play I expect Jason to do the best he can, there's nothing rewarding about being let off the hook. It's a matter of respect between players, everyone does their best (legitimately), the challenge is what makes it fun. I hate the amount of sore losers online.
  8. I figured it out. 8/2 = 8th of February...2018. Early 2018.
  9. I honestly think Part IV will happen, there's always been a big demand for him. Many fans including myself consider Final Chapter to be the best of the films and one of the best versions of Jason. If they just included him as a re-skin it would really be a missed opportunity, anyone who knows their F13 knows he is completely different in style to Part III, despite a similar look.
  10. Yeah it's unfortunate SP probably isn't going to be fleshed out. Would be amazing if they could implement a Jason AI to provide an offline counselor experience too, but it almost certainly won't happen. MP is definitely not doing great, so I'm very much looking forward to SP so I can fire up the game and have some fun without any worries. I'm personally fine with it being delayed if that's the case, better than another rushed release. I just hope that when it does finally come it's mostly bug-free. Fingers crossed.
  11. I totally get you on that. The game has become boring for me too, but the main reason for that is the majority of players online. When played with a good group of people, the game is still exciting for me, something you can have a lot of fun with. I'd love to see new content as much as anyone, but same as you it is maps, Jasons and single player, content that has substance. Any gimmicks in comparison are short-lived, people grow tired of them quickly no matter how amusing it may seem at first. Eg. anyone care for NES Jason these days?
  12. Realism has nothing to do with this, don't know why people are using it as an argument. It's very simple, the context of this game is a survival horror scenario. Do dancing emotes have anything to do with that? If the answer is no (which it is), then it doesn't belong. F13 movies have comic relief between Jason scenes, not during. At most, in later movies the kills themselves are comedic eg. head punch, which easily translates to the game and doesn't break immersion. That's as far as it should go I think.
  13. I'm against any dancing emotes, purely because trolls will spam it and piss everyone off. Can't have nice things in this game, remember? Agree with the immersion aspect too. Is this a multiplayer survival horror game or GTA? The movies had some comic relief, true, but that doesn't mean it belongs in the game or has any kind of purpose. Communication emotes I can understand but this kind of stuff has as much purpose as tea-bagging does.
  14. Yeah, it's a bit harder for an Aussie player like myself though. Big community of US players, sure, but the lag either makes me drop out or play like crap. Most of my friends have quit the game too, so it's rare to get a good match in these days. Definitely looking forward to single player.
  15. And you know that they weren't banned? Sucks if that's the case. I've come to the conclusion nothing can be done about the online situation, other than finding good, fun players who stick with the game. Which isn't easy to find.
  16. I think they probably are but either the list of reports is massive and can't be dealt with in an efficient way, or many people aren't reporting because there's no in-game reporting feature. Players either don't know where to report or they can't be bothered to do it if it requires more effort. Even if glitchers are being banned at a good rate, there are probably new ones showing up at a faster rate.
  17. Absolutely agree with this. I love Frank Mollin's stuff on 7 and 8. Is it outdated? Yes. Does it matter? No. F13 is distinctly 80's at heart, and this game is all about staying true to the films and including all the nostalgic elements, good or bad (subjective). The music in each film makes up a big part of each Jason's vibe. It's not bad the way it is now, but I think I would've preferred something closer to each film's soundtrack. There's a whole bunch of stuff missing even from the earlier films that would've been great, more vintage kind of sounds. I'm just putting it down to a more cohesive design choice on their end, same composer, same production quality etc. Makes sense from a design perspective.
  18. I'm with you on that one. The majority of people that play this game, outside of this community, are terrible to play with. They're either exploiting, shit talking and griefing, or not working with you or even anyone at all. Often there's a group in party chat who just ignore everyone outside of it. Makes for truly boring, frustrating matches most of the time. The only good way to play this game is with friends.
  19. Yeah I like that idea too. An upgrade system would reward you for the time you put into the game, by allowing you to spend the points earned each match into a guaranteed upgrade for your perks. At the moment there is no guaranteed reward system, which is weird because most games do have one where the longer you play, the more points / in-game currency you earn which you can then spend to improve your experience - in a manner that's not entirely dependant on luck. Using palette swaps of clothes for this purpose is a joke, just as it is frustrating to spend all your CP and not only miss out on the perk you were after, but get bad quality perks to boot. When I first started playing, it took me 10,000 CP just to get the walkie perk! That was ridiculous.
  20. I don't know if it's bugged, but I think the perk system needs an overhaul. I'd like to see the chance of better / higher stat perks increase as your level increases. Would provide an actual benefit to levelling up other than just unlocking texture swaps. It's honestly pretty frustrating to still roll perks with abysmal stats if you've been playing since release. A different idea to that would be to actually separate the perk levels, providing you with options whether you want a poor / common perk (which covers a lot of the utility perks) and would cost the least CP to roll, and increasing the cost to roll for each higher level / rarer perks. The level of randomness in all aspects for this game is way too high. The game needs to provide the player with a bit more expectation.
  21. Yeah I posted about this before, how maybe the smaller maps could be a sign of Pamela perhaps being added into the game. Even if that's not the case, I don't see why she couldn't be in single player. Since it's objective-based and everything could be designed around her, including AI. So the theory that the clue is about Pamela is interesting. My first thought was the Lazarus though, 8th dot = 8th movie and blue = water. But Roy totally makes sense too, and might be the most likely even. Lots of good theories here.
  22. I've been playing since release and have never found one. I often used to ask other players if they had found any, and rarely did I encounter anyone who had. I understand they're supposed to be rare, but I don't understand why they are currently that rare. Seems a bit of a waste to put time into making them at all if only 1% of players ever come by them.
  23. I used to offer this advice as well, encouraging private matches with friends or even a mostly full lobby of friends in quick play, with a couple of spots for newcomers. It worked well for me...until my friends mostly stopped playing the game. Out of all the games I own, this is the one where I have gone above and beyond to find good, fun players to enjoy the game with. But I just keep going back to square one, because few people maintain interest in the game. So my point is that, for many players including myself, we are always going to be dealing with quick play because relying on private matches just isn't possible. That's why quick play needs to be as good as it possibly can be, so that you can just jump on and have some fun without worrying about putting up with bullshit. Single player will hopefully help with that, and at the very least it will be nice to be able to play Jason without waiting for hours on end at times. Very much looking forward to it.
  24. Finally! I'm happy the devs are finally going ahead with disabling friendly fire, after many of us were suggesting it for months on end. We got there in the end. I think this will go a long way to improving online quick play. I also realise the impact of this change, and there are things that can be abused because of it just the same. But I think it's a great first step. Just have to see how things play out and what other changes will need to be made in addition to it. Can't fix everything in one swift move, but again this is a great start.
  25. Tommy86

    Fast paced variant maps

    I like this addition, looking forward to trying it out. I'm sure they have new maps in store for us as well, but these smaller variants will provide a different experience that could be pretty exciting. It also occurred to me, though it's probably wishful thinking, that these smaller map variants could potentially have something to do with adding Pamela in the future (even Roy, but let's avoid that debate). By decreasing the map, it increases the viability of a human killer who would not have Jason's supernatural mobility. Don't want to go off-topic here, just a little food for thought.