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  1. I'm not aware of testing that supports this, but in any case, it makes little difference to me and it shouldn't make much to you either. Any Jason can Sense players around objectives which you should be regularly checking. Neither Sense nor Traps are reliable enough not to. That's the primary use for it. If I pick someone up in a random spot I'm not going to waste my time going after them, when chances are there are players way closer to where I need to defend. Wherever I'm currently at, there are only 2 other spots I need to be, and Sense is only relevant in proximity to them. Jason's Sense also grows and by the time you have Rage all of them can pick up stragglers. What J7 does have which is unique to him is a bugged noise detection range (though it has nothing to do with Sense). I'm sorry if you feel offended by it but it is true. Your success has nothing to do with specifically J7. Read what you have written. Nowhere do you give examples such as "because of J7's (insert stat) I was able to overcome counselors" or "J7's (insert stat) helped me in x situation". So as I have said, just about everything you can do with J7 you can do with every other Jason much better. The only reason you would pick him for is aesthetic. Even your example of beating a swarm of players about to kill you is worrying, since they shouldn't have even got that far. Your mask is off, you have a girl with a sweater, Tommy around and other counselors? What were you doing in the match? Any skilled team would've been able to kill you right there and then, and the fact that they didn't is not testament to J7's abilities. PS: You don't need Morph to get to the boat? So what are you doing then, waiting in the water the whole match? Look guys I'm not here to argue, but anyone who thinks J7 is of any worth is under an illusion. Those of you who are beating everyone with him are either not being truthful or you are playing against a lot of subpar counselors. If you haven't already started to see Jasons get regularly dominated in matches, you will soon. There is already a solid meta for this game and if you're doing yourself the disservice of ignoring it then it's going to be rough for you.
  2. Absolutely, in fact give all the Repair counselors decent Stamina. It would actually make way more sense than it is currently where repair is the only thing those counselors have going for them. At the very least, it will make their epic quest across the map carrying the 2-seater battery to the 4-seater car a bit more bearable.
  3. That's because it's analysing the vulnerability to Sense for each Counselor. And yes, the + and - Sense stats are a complete waste. Much like other useless mechanics of this game.
  4. Did you even read these before you posted them? Yes, Sense grows as the match goes on. This is true for all Jasons. As far as whether +Sense has any effect on range, and this is from Rydog, the same author of the guide you just posted - "In practice, a Sense strength or weakness doesn't make much of a difference, because Jason can end Sense early to avoid triggering a full cooldown. Most of the time, the best tactic is to enable Sense briefly, look around, and disable it to trigger a partial cooldown. This allows Jason to spam Sense very quickly, making both the cooldown and the duration fairly trivial under most circumstances. The Sense trait does not appear to affect the ability's range in any way." Link Rydog is a member of this forum btw, you can ask him yourself.
  5. Well that's interesting. I wasn't aware they had even acknowledged J7's situation. I honestly don't know what they were thinking. I just hope they fix him. No, it doesn't. What information are you basing this on?
  6. Grip Strength is accurate for you? How so? The question is not accuracy but whether the counselor has a pocket knife. If the answer is yes, they escape. If no, they are dead. Grip Strength = useless. Also you are covering more ground with Sense only in your imagination. +Sense does not affect range only cooldown. Which again is irrelevant since the best use of Sense is to spam it, since you don't need to keep it active so you don't need to wait for full cooldown. By spamming it you also nullify Sense avoidance perks. Once again: Anyone who is supposedly having success with him is deluded if they think it's anything to do with Part 7's "strengths". They're just playing against bad counselors. Timing and planning won't save you against a good team of counselors when you can neither pressure them nor adequately control objectives. You will either get left in the dust or you will get killed. The reality is that everything you can do with J7, you can do with every other Jason much better. No reason to play him. PS: +Water Speed is not a factor. The only concern is boat escape which any decent Jason will be checking for via the map or by morphing periodically. Counselors have no defense in water so if Jason is onto them they are done. I've stopped the boat with every Jason, it's not an issue.
  7. Yeah I do love his kills too, particularly Eviscerate. Though Part 8's are top for me, nothing beats the throwing axe
  8. If it's not intentional then they are just seriously out of touch with the actual gameplay. I just don't know how they are cool with leaving Part 7 like that if they pay any attention to the players. Just the fact almost no one plays J7 should be enough, I rarely even see him in lobbies. Which is a big waste since most people including myself think he has the best appearance.
  9. No, team killing should not come back IMO. Whatever legitimate reasons there may be for it, they are all nullified by the fact that it gives way too much power to trolls. It only takes one idiot to ruin a game. Before they patched TKing out players were already making a sport of it. I also wish people would stop already with the "accidental" shotgun blast example. Even when team killing was around this stopped happening early on as soon as players realised you just shoot Jason in the legs. Other examples like someone stealing your cabin. Firstly isn't your cabin, you don't own any sector of the map. The only people I see complaining about this are the ones who horde items. Trolls taking objective items, well that I can understand. Yes it sucks but again it doesn't warrant team killing coming back which is a much bigger problem. The whole concept behind it isn't even relevant anymore. Who would still kill someone for a boat escape? Like recently discussed in another thread, a boot option for the host in the pre-game lobby would go a long way to solve the problems with trolls. If someone caused a lobby to have a bad match, you could boot them afterwards and still keep the lobby alive.
  10. Part 7 is so bad that the only reason I can come up with for his stats is that the devs intended for him to be bad. He is honestly pathetic against a decent team. He cannot pressure counselors, cannot control objectives, has shit mobility and all his strengths are irrelevant. It must be on purpose, there's no way they could possibly think it's a balanced design. Anyone who is supposedly having success with him is deluded if they think it's anything to do with Part 7's "strengths". They're just playing against bad counselors.
  11. While I can see how this might work for you, the difference is I would never encourage it or offer it as advice. It accomplishes nothing, it doesn't help your team and it certainly doesn't help you improve as a player. Looping, dodging and hiding at the end of the match on your own is not going to keep you from a smart Jason for long, particularly as a Stealth character who already has low stamina which he will wear out, and also low weapon durability so you can't even effectively defend yourself. Even so, flare gun would not be my first choice. Going one on one with Jason is not something you should do if you can avoid it. At least with one other counselor, there is always someone for grab saves. By hiding or stealthing around till you're the last one left you are only putting yourself and the team at a disadvantage.
  12. Yes it can be rare to see a Jason actively checking on objectives, which is why a lot of them get screwed over immediately. I don't think Stealth has any bearing on it though. Jasons just assume that because they placed a couple of traps at the phone that it is now safe, so they will now focus their attention on a random area with counselors (bad idea). Suddenly, police are called - what happened? Fast counselors and pocket knives happened. Teamwork happened. A good Jason can prevent this by constantly morphing between objectives and defending them and spamming Sense. He will usually catch the AJs and Deborah's who go down easily. Police escape is the worst because it creates the most pressure for Jason. A skilled team of counselors may not even care about the traps, just walk in and med spray, with others protecting them ready to contest the phone box. I agree hiding can be of help at the start of the match if you get an unlucky spawn. I'm thinking Packanack lodge, whenever I see players run up to the second story and jump out a window I just laugh. They're done for now. Most Jasons will not even bother searching it, if you simply hide till he's done with his trap garden then he will be off on his merry way to the next objective. It's either that or stun him and move on, he doesn't have Shift yet anyway. Any Jason with a brain knows that tunnelling at the start of a match is just going to screw them over for the rest of it. Any use of hiding should always be temporary, you can even use it just for stamina regain. It is never ever a permanent solution. So often if I know someone has just been in a cabin but isn't showing up, I will just activate Stalk, be patient and I'll either hear them breathing or they'll just pop out on their own. No need to even alert them to my presence by breaking beds or closets.
  13. I'm just quoting this again because honestly it told me all I needed to know. In that your playstyle is disregarding your team and being unwilling to engage in combat with Jason. If you are surviving by hiding and misguided belief in Stealth then either your team is carrying you or the Jasons you're playing against have a lot to learn. It's one or other. I do not play on PC, and I'm not going to pretend that I am a great Jason either. I'm average, but I am improving in the right ways. That goes for counselor too. I've been playing since release and it is exactly people spreading bad advice such as yours which initially led me astray. Know this - a good team of counselors working together with an aggressive playstyle can absolutely dominate Jason. If you have fun with a playstyle that is based on being afraid of Jason instead, so be it. Just know that you are not at all playing to full potential, and not learning in the right direction.
  14. Everyone absolutely can. Until you run into a Jason who is actually playing the game as he should be. Just because many players don't know what they're doing, doesn't mean your tactic is viable in the least.
  15. Oh my. If you think hiding takes skill then I'm not even going to bother replying.
  16. No, hiding is not viable, and honestly neither is Stealth. Not against a good Jason. Reason being is that a good Jason constantly patrols objectives. Where are players always headed to? Right, objectives. So your pings don't matter, Jason will catch you with Sense the moment you're within range. By spamming it, he also counters any Sense avoidance perks you have too. Some players mistakenly believe that their Stealth is the reason why Jason isn't catching them at objectives, when in reality it's just because Jason is letting himself be distracted elsewhere. In those situations you could have 1 Stealth and it wouldn't matter. The high repair stat is what's saving you since you aren't alerting him with failed QTEs, but chances are high that a Jason who knows what he's doing is going to show up regardless. I'm sorry but this is the absolute worst way to play and you will never progress using this playstyle. Hiding and relying on everyone else to complete objectives while you horde items? Extremely selfish and counterproductive. If the team all gets killed and you are the last one left, there is no way you are getting out against a good Jason. With Rage, he will find whatever cabin you are hiding in and then you are done for - unless if you are proficient in combat, which if you are then you should've been helping your team by protecting objectives. Otherwise, your "perfect loadout" isn't going to help you at all. It's really a shame that the only thing the Stealth counselors have going for them is high repair, an ability which you make use of for a tiny fraction of the match.
  17. I see nothing wrong with having a boot option for the host of a lobby, as long as it is in the pre-match lobby and not an option within the match. And if a troll does boot you after the game, how would it be worse than the host-quitting they do now? If you are in a game with a host like that, why would you want to stay? The lobby isn't going to be around for long if there's a troll hosting it anyway. At least if you're the host, then you can boot them for bad conduct. There's been so many matches I've been in where one toxic player has forced us all to leave and try to re-group afterwards (often unsuccessfully). It makes total sense to be able to decide who you are playing with if you are the host - currently it only takes 1 bad player to disband an entire lobby. I don't think a vote to kick requirement is necessary either. Other players may not even be aware of what happened in a match or why a player should be kicked, or they simply might not care. If you're the host, it's your game, your decision. There's nothing hard to understand about it.
  18. Once again, it was not exclusive to PC only limited to PC at the time. It would've been too much effort to put on consoles during the development of the game. Now a new version is coming for all platforms. What is the problem?
  19. Seriously? Virtual Cabin was never exclusive to PC or backers. It was a development diary that didn't warrant allocating resources for a console release. The fact we're getting an updated version on consoles is a good thing. Just a bonus.
  20. The only reason I can think of for announcing late is not wanting to announce bad news without some good news too. Who knows how long it may have taken to create a content schedule which they now need to stick to under scrutiny. Besides it's been hinted at that single player may not be ready for the original release date, so I was really not surprised albeit a little disappointed. Again it's hopefully for the best, many of us have repeatedly told them to release content "when it's ready" in the past, so that we don't have a repeat of what happened at launch. Also when I said "take a rest" please don't think I was telling anyone to leave. Just for their sake, I personally would if I was in the same boat. But suit yourselves.
  21. I think that's pretty harsh honestly. Looks to me they are just a new publisher learning the ropes, without the luxuries or the pull of the big players. I have given them a fair share of criticism myself but it isn't with disdain (at least I hope it isn't interpreted that way), and it's just in the hope they will take some feedback on board. From what we've been seeing lately it looks like they have. I don't mean to play good cop / bad cop here, I honestly believe they are trying to support the game the best they can and keep the fan base happy, I just hope they have learned from past mistakes. I think new content and physical release, if delivered correctly, will relieve some of the tension between the community and Gun. I really wish them the best, they just need to do it with care to fulfill their promises. For you guys in the community who have had enough, you should really consider taking a rest from it all and coming back when the new updates are in motion. No reason to let yourself keep getting aggravated about it all.
  22. A bit on the fence about this update. I love the new info, scheduled content and all, but can't help being a bit disappointed about the single player delay even though it was to be expected. I will put that aside however as I would prefer a stable release over a broken one of course. Best of luck to the devs on getting it through the door. With that said, I am mainly wondering whether they are putting too much faith in their timeline, which has consistently been the case. Even in regards to the most upcoming updates, when you factor in that 7 of them are scheduled for release before Halloween. I just hope they have allocated time for Murphy's Law in all these projections, as based on their track record it isn't their strong suit. I don't like being the pessimist but every one of those updates may either have issues itself, cause issues elsewhere or even both, which regardless of work distribution between team members, is going to cause delays somewhere. And it's more than just a possibility. Generating excitement for new content is not worth the backlash for biting off more than you can chew, as we have seen before. I hope things will be different this time around, for everyone's sake.
  23. On the contrary I think it's totally related to the topic. Your experience of completing the match quicker seems to be the norm, so I agree that small maps require adjustment of some kind. I also really enjoy the layout of small maps, to the point that I think they're potentially better than the default maps. But I do think they need to relieve pressure off the Jason player, through whatever solution, and place it on the counselor side instead - as it should be. Currently it's in reverse. I also think that in addition to fixing bugs, the devs really need to take a close look at the findings of advanced players and their tactics. I'm not sure if they have any idea right now just how consistently top players can run a train over Jason and nullify his efforts. I'm not sure how many people here even know or have experienced the kind of gameplay I'm talking about, as it's not commonplace...yet. But I think it will be in time.
  24. Thanks. I agree, I welcome a challenge as much as anyone. Win or lose, I'm in it for the fun. However - and I think others would agree - it's how ineffective Jason can be against skilled counselors which is the frustrating part. Especially since the premise of the game is that the match is supposed to be in his favour. It's difficult to believe that though when you see just how bad a Jason player can be bullied in matches now, and all of their counter efforts made into a joke. When you regularly see players sticking around just to keep Jason perpetually stun locked for amusement, or even killing him on a regular basis, it makes you wonder whether he is as OP as the design intended. Against bugs, exploitative tactics, lack of fluidity in gameplay, shortsighted design choices and even poorer design changes, I do think he is lagging behind now.
  25. I think what has happened is players have been able to reach a skill level as Counselors that even the advanced Jason player cannot consistently match anymore. In an asymmetrical multiplayer game, we do not have traditional balance where both sides are on an even playing field. Instead, consistency is our form of balance - that one side will always have the upper hand. Obviously that is meant to be Jason, but from what I've seen and experienced playing since release, I believe the scales have gradually tipped to where we are now - where more often than not, advanced counselors vs advanced Jason has the counselors coming out on top. In other words, Jason has hit a ceiling in terms of what he is able to deal with, even at a top level. You need only to look at how the game has been promoted vs how it actually plays, to see that there is something wrong. I will use the small maps as an example - "40% smaller, 100% deadlier". But are they actually 100% deadlier? Or are you more likely to find counselors escaping far more efficiently, and Jason having a much harder time picking them off and controlling objectives? It seems to me the counselors aren't the ones with the higher stakes here, and that extends to the large maps too. I don't think the devs are in touch with how people actually play this game, what the reality of the gameplay is vs their idea of it. Whoever said there is pressure to play as a good Jason these days, that is 100% correct. As Jason you are often forced to play at your peak now, to achieve even an average result against high levels. Based on what the game was designed as, it should be the other way around.
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