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  1. For the worst of the offending players, yes that's true. The ones that simply want to waste everyone's time. Although implementing this solution doesn't fix that specific problem, in tandem with the others like death in out-of-bounds map areas, it could put an end to it. The way I see it, this solution impacts other forms of game-breaking tactics as well, and is a much more viable way to discourage most players than the current method is, while we wait for in-game fixes.
  2. Haven't read through the whole thread but my thinking is same as it's always been. I've made a couple of in-depth posts on it before, but to summarise - The problem of fitting in Pamela (and Roy, depending on how you feel about his role) could be solved by providing a customised map for her. No doubt the current maps would absolutely not work for her without shift or morph, because that's how Jason deals with distance. His playstyle is in sync with the gameplay. So in order for Pamela to be just as imposing as Jason, her environment would need to allow her to take advantage of it. Along with her own unique abilities to take advantage of the counselors. It seems that whenever people think of adding Pamela or Roy, they mainly focus on stripping down the unique abilities that Jason has and call it a day. That's not the way to go about it. Instead of just subtracting from what Jason can do, start thinking about what Jason can't do. Think about a smaller environment where morph or shift isn't needed. The idea is not to provide an experience less than Jason, but an experience different from Jason but equally as fun. That's what would interest people in playing a different killer. You could extend the idea to more than just an alternate killer too. Pamela (and Roy) could have an entirely separate game mode, with different objectives, items and gameplay. All of that takes a lot of work, of course. But the main thing it takes is creativity, and I'm sure that some great ideas could be found, if given the time to grow and develop. As it stands, I think the game could use an extra mode anyway. That's my "summary" haha. But hopefully this long post encourages some more discussion. It'd be a shame if the devs decided to abandon this potentially great addition to the game (that they wanted in the first place).
  3. Tommy86

    #Glitchhunt vs. Patch

    I do not like the direction the devs have been going with solutions. IMO they have not been fixing the causes of the gameplay problems, but merely the effects of the cause. In which case the problems are likely to keep happening in one way or another. I think it was naive to think they wouldn't occur in the first place. I say this often but the best solutions are the ones that are designed into the game / gameplay. Instead of making efforts to punish bad behaviour (that the game itself allows), make changes so that the behaviour is no longer possible or offers no benefit. Why would that not be a better method to invest time into? Turning off friendly fire (and even eliminating the need for it somehow), and changing win conditions so that you cannot survive by hiding (in a glitched area or otherwise) are examples of this. Instead of the current methods which amount to little more than stalling for time. I think at some point the devs will have to accept that the current temporary solutions / scare tactics aren't going to be enough. It requires constant effort on both their behalf and our's to ensure the game is played the way it's meant to. Which isn't ideal or realistic. Anyone preaching freedom of playstyle can throw that out the window, because we are well past that. This is a game that depends on co-operative play to be enjoyable, it just pretends not to be. I've got much more to say about this topic but perhaps in another post.
  4. I spent all of mine on buying the rest of the executions. Happy I made that choice. I have each Jason doing the kills he actually does in the movie now which is cool. I knew if I started rolling perks I'd probably throw all of it into that and probably be disappointed. I agree it'd be nice to choose what tier of perk you want, with the better ones costing more CP to gamble on. I had to spend several thousand of CP just to get the Psychic perk I wanted (start with walkie talkie). I also didn't get an Epic till I was level 20 or something, and it was only 1% better than its orange counterpart! Gambling little by little, match by match is fine, but perks are far too random to bet big on currently.
  5. It is absolutely too quiet, no doubt. I had a long playing session tonight and everytime NES Jason was picked, the drop was very noticeable. Everyone else in the matches thought so too. I like the theme itself but the way it's mixed totally lacks impact, which actually affected my gameplay.
  6. Asinine? You're mistaken there but thanks for insulting me. Yes I did only read the first page, just as I said, and that's what I responded to. It was quite enough. The game has had major issues on all the platforms. Are we going to make this a competition? Just to be clear I'm on PS4 so if you've indeed been paying attention to all the issues, you would know PS4 has had its share of them just the same. Including delays for content I actually paid for. Yet you don't see me making the kind of posts in this thread which are misguided at best. It appears that MS simply has a stricter certification process, and that is indeed something everyone just has to deal with. Both the devs and the players.
  7. Wow, I only read the first page but shit. So much hate. I honestly don't get it. The launch was a bit of a disaster, that much I understand. It's frustrating when you can't play the game at all. But people slinging hate because a free DLC pack has been delayed? I'll say that again. Free DLC. I know feedback from the community is important. I provide feedback myself, and I criticise often. I do so that it might help improve the game. But these posts are just toxic. And unwarranted. It's not like they've taken anything away from the game. They're just unable to add it in on schedule. Is it so unacceptable you have to wait a bit longer for something you weren't even waiting for until just the other day?
  8. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    True, that would be a good way to balance its use for high speed, high stamina characters. I do believe this would be a good item to include in the game. I have a feeling it might even show up at some point.
  9. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    I do like the idea, however I'm on the fence about whether players should be easier to sense after they use it. It's logical, but if that were the case it might limit its use to that final dash for escape. If you have a low composure stat, your fear level is already going to make you easier to sense after a Jason encounter. Which would make it less optimal to use the item in other situations earlier on in the match. A character with low physical stats must rely on their stealth ability to escape Jason, so if your composure and speed aren't high to begin with, then plus sense attribute would make the item less viable. I agree it would be good to balance it out somehow though, especially so that characters with high physical stats don't gain too much of an advantage, even if temporarily.
  10. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    I don't have a problem with the stats. Low physical stats is a fair trade off for high stealth and high repair. But nonetheless at some point you do encounter Jason in a match even with a high stealth character, unless you're extremely careful. So a stamina boost item could give you better chances in one or two instances of that happening, provided you have already run out of it. Notice I said chances. It's no guarantee at all that it would save you. Plus you're giving up having a pocket knife or firecrackers in the slot where you added stamina item. And just to add, I've been playing almost every day since release so I have good experience with both Counselor and Jason. And as Jason I typically don't have a problem catching high stamina characters. Throwing knives do the bulk of the work slowing them down till you regain special abilities, there's no need to chase them till they run out of stamina. I believe throwing knives were made just for this purpose.
  11. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    I'm open to arguments against it, I just haven't seen any convincing ones yet. And I do believe the low stamina characters could do with an item that would give them the opportunity to escape Jason in a scenario they otherwise couldn't, without it affecting balance. I really don't see a temporary stamina restoration requiring Jason to have an additional counter ability when he already has Shift and Morph, as I've said many times already.
  12. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    I'm not complaining at all actually. We're all just sharing ideas here. Have you noticed you're in the suggestions forum? On the other hand, it seems you are actually complaining about this "screwing over" Jason. When you say conserve your stamina, I could just as well say conserve your shift or morph. Those examples I gave about reaching the police in time, they're just that, examples. Typical uses I imagine. If you did indeed read my post then it seems you missed the main points. Anyway we're just discussing an idea here, so relax.
  13. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    Did you actually read any of my post?
  14. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    Not quite. Most of the stats all have something in common which stamina does not - they don't need repairing. Those stats themselves don't deplete. In which case, stamina is like health, both have something in common which is managing the mobility of your counselor. If you are injured and lose your health, you use a med kit. Likewise, the idea is that if you deplete your stamina, you could use something that would temporarily restore it to some degree. The stamina item's use would not be to provide an additional boost on top of the stamina you already have. It would be only to restore depleted stamina. You would only be able to use it at the point where you are no longer able to run. There could be different ways to balance it out, such as having less of an effect on already high stamina characters. It doesn't necessarily have to last very long. And it's different to a perk because a perk is always active when equipped. Faster stamina regeneration would be happening the entire match. This would not, it's a one time temporary use, unless that's all you want to stock up on and that's assuming you find that many. But that would be your choice to make, at the cost of other important items. I imagine typical examples for its use would be a small boost to reach the police when Jason is on your tail. Or reach the car in time when your team mates are trying to pick you up. You would have to decide when is the right moment. It doesn't affect balance either because at the end of the day, Jason still has shift and morph. All he has to do is manage those abilities and time them correctly to counter the stamina boost. That's my take on this idea at least. And there's certainly enough empty drawers in the game to include one more item.
  15. Tommy86

    Stamina boost Items

    I like the idea of a stamina item. Perhaps not a candy bar, but something else. I am drawing from my experience with low stamina counselors such as Deborah. She has max repair and almost max stealth which suits my playing style, and her physical disadvantages seem like a fair trade off for the most part. But stamina-wise she is seriously disadvantaged, to the point that I sometimes get trapped on one side or area of the map and cannot escape when Jason is being persistent. Again, because her physical stats are so poor (1 strength), you can't expect to have much of a chance face to face with Jason. The idea is to prevent that from happening at all ideally. Even stunning him or distracting him doesn't offer much advantage, since her lower composure will give her away soon enough, and she doesn't have the speed and certainly not the stamina to get away. She's one of the characters where a stamina item could help her get out of an impossible situation even just once. I know someone will bring up her Stealth stat, which no doubt is great. But once fear takes over, which she is more vulnerable to, you can easily be found.
  16. You make it sound like it's easy to perform shift to catch them indoors. If that's the case then why have I personally seen (as well as personally experienced) so many players unable to do just that? Have you considered lag as a factor as well, that it just may not be possible other than getting lucky? Just because you are able to shift 20 times in the space of 5 minutes doesn't mean it will amount to anything. Shift was not designed with an appropriate hit box for situations like that, it is most effective on a clear path and that's the best way to manage it. Like I've said before, no solution that requires a high skill level is a real solution, because it doesn't account for the average player who most likely won't be able to execute it. It doesn't make sense to use it for practice purposes either, because the only thing you're practicing for is control of your character in a situation they were never designed for. It's an uphill battle with little benefit other than getting better at tackling this one specific exploit. Sounds like a waste of time to me. And it is an exploit. It's not a bug like the others you mentioned, but it's not something that the design of the game intended for. Hence why window looping was patched up with a real solution, as well as fence looping. And the devs themselves labelled these exploits. And the solutions implemented do not rely on high skill to be functional, nor do they affect counselor balance because counselors do not need to rely on these tactics to survive. It's not strategy because there's no thought in it, nothing actually other than the right conditions and timing. Also regarding breaking open windows, simply get into combat stance and aim up.
  17. Apologies if there is a dedicated thread for this, but I couldn't find one and haven't seen it brought up for a while. I know many people play private matches and select Jason manually so this isn't an issue. But regarding random pick and particularly quick play, this is by no means resolved. Here's what I read in the PS4 patch notes from June 6th, on the official Facebook page: "Increased effectiveness of Jason and Counselor spawn preference options. Shuffling the possible Jason list 3x as much to help randomness." Now this is all well and good, but the fact that I always have Jason preference on, and played in the same lobby for something like 6 hours and was not picked to be Jason even once means that something is very wrong. And that has happened on a few occasions, rarely for that length of time (and only because hosts don't generally stick around that long) but for hours nonetheless. And I've noticed a few things which I'm going to list here: Keep in mind this is still speculation, but I have enough reason to believe it's a possibility too. 1. The host of the lobby is picked as Jason far more often than anybody else. 2. Newcomers to the lobby have a higher chance of becoming Jason than players already in the lobby. 3. At some point, for some reason, it seems that some players in the same lobby for an extended period of time are kicked out of the shuffle entirely. 4. To be included back in the shuffle, it seems that switching to a different Jason is a possible solution. This has occurred a few times now, where I have changed my Jason selection after waiting for hours, and became Jason the very next match. Again, this is all speculation and it is hard to determine otherwise due to the amount of testing and especially time needed to make certain. It could very well be a pointless endeavour to even attempt. But these notes I've made are based on consistently playing almost every day, and what I've seen has convinced me enough to make a post about it. So I imagine the best solution might be to eliminate randomisation entirely and replace it with a system that actually provides fair opportunity. Otherwise fix the algorithm or whatever glitch that is affecting it, because the current system is clearly broken somehow. It is not fair how some players only experience 1 or 2 Counselor matches between their Jason matches, while other players are not picked at all for hours on end. There is something wrong here and I'd love to see more discussion and feedback from other players here to shed more light on the topic.
  18. Firstly, to answer your question, I almost exclusively play quick match in a party with friends. Typically there are 4 or 5 of us and we'll use quick match to fill the remaining spots for a full lobby. Secondly, good question regarding what the game does after you manually choose Jason in private. Can't say I've had the opportunity to observe this mechanic in Private matches. But my intuition says that if Player B is manually selected to be Jason, then both Player A and B will have equal chance to be Jason if random selection is set afterwards. It's not that manual resets the rotation, it's that I don't believe the game has been programmed to recognise who played Jason last. That's why there are instances where someone is picked as Jason twice consecutively. It's very much a roll of the dice, and on top of that, I believe the roll itself is possibly bugged or unfairly weighted somehow. If the roll did take the previous Jason player out of the equation or lessen their chances, and continued operating in the lobby where each time it accounts for the previous Jason in the roll, I believe we would see better results. But at the moment I don't see any rotation system in place at all. And I don't believe that method is appropriate for Jason selection at all. In the case of an ever-changing quick play lobby, an 'x amount of times since Jason' counter to help determine selection would be useful in this regard. This is not a board game. We have 20 min limit on matches which often run the full 20 min, plus lobby waiting times. It is a bit unreasonable to leave it all to chance when you factor in the playing time needed especially when luck isn't on your side. And again the Jason preference mechanic is useless, either because everyone's choosing it or it simply doesn't work for other reasons. I think the game could do with a system where players can have some expectation of when they will be able to experience Jason in a playing session. I don't see how waiting 6 hours for instance is reasonable. Sorry for the long post! Thanks to anyone who read it.
  19. I do agree Tommy does need something else, more power to influence the match somehow. As it stands, he is mostly just a 2nd chance to survive the match, and that's how I see most people playing him. At most, they'll come and give Jason a shotgun blast, but after that they're out for themselves. As a counselor, it's expected some will be out for themselves. But Tommy is a hero character, and it's a shame that how he is often played is rarely an example of the hero role. But it's no wonder given that despite his max stats, there's really not much he can do other than blast Jason away one time. He can kill him of course, but people don't try for that situation most matches. So perhaps it would be a good idea to at least start him off with some good items. A lot of the time he comes at a point in the game where everything's been raided, objectives have either been met or are beyond salvaging, and there's nothing much to do other than take an available escape route or sneak around. Some way to help the remaining counselors other than hold off Jason in one instance would give players more incentive to be a hero, especially if they feel empowered enough to play that role. Despite all that they still might choose to make it on their own, but I think ultimately less players would do that if there's a more fun experience in store. If you feel your character is capable of doing more, then it's likely you will do more. Even more likely if there's attractive bonuses for doing so.
  20. In this case, knowing for sure that you were the only one with preference set to Jason, and that the results were not at all in your favour, is even more evidence that something is wrong. Thanks for the feedback. Just to be clear, I love playing Counselor. I'm a fan of survival horror games so that experience is right up my alley. But personally I feel like I'm missing out on a whole other experience far too many times for my liking. And everyone I've met online has shared similar experiences and expressed the same opinions that the selection isn't working as intended. Players aren't happy about it. It can be difficult to get across tone in writing, so again to be clear, I'm not expressing frustration, as the game is fun no matter which role you play. I'm simply trying to give this issue more attention because it does seem like a problem and it does seem unfair. And we do need to make our experiences known to improve it.
  21. Understood, and you bring up a good point. If everyone's preference is set to Jason, which it very well may be a lot of the time, then no one is going to be getting a better chance at playing him if no other factors are in the equation. If this is the case, then essentially, the preference mechanic is made useless. What do players do when they want to increase their chance at playing Jason? Set preference to Jason. Except everyone else in the lobby is doing the same, therefore no one's chances increase. Since we do have a preference mechanic, I assume it was meant to serve a purpose, so it's hard to believe that this scenario wasn't considered if the selection indeed has no other attributes. Just tonight, one of the players in my lobby which I hosted did not get Jason for over 4 hours, and apparently wasn't getting him long before he joined me either. As host, I actually did get to play Jason a few times, more than anyone else, just as I speculated in my first post. I am getting more convinced that it's a real thing. Now I'm not a maths guy, but surely this selection process could use a better system? I recall reading a thread recently in which an 'x amount of games since Jason' attribute were implemented, and whoever has the highest number would have the highest chance. That's just one idea. But I definitely think it's our responsibility as players to let the devs know whether the theory for selection works in practice. It does no one any good to accept it as it is currently.
  22. That's just the thing though, this is not at all the case. I've had my preference set to Jason for many hours in the same lobby, and not been selected to play him. Whatever randomisation is going on, it is flawed. I think total randomisation is also counterproductive to progressing in the game, as the ratio of playing Jason to Counselor can be seriously skewed. But putting that aside, if the algorithm itself is fine, then there must be some kind of glitch affecting its behaviour.
  23. I'm honestly a little concerned about DLC at this point. With all the current issues existing within the game, the devs really have their work cut out for them. It seems they are just trying to salvage the game right now after the launch disaster. I personally love the game as do many others, but I think we might be part of the minority that's going to stick around. The casual majority with no investment in the franchise...not so much. Not trying to say the game's doomed, but realistically I don't see DLC coming for a long time if at all, other than the scheduled single player which will most likely be delayed, given the game's history of delays. I know the devs really do care and are doing their best, but I don't think they have the resources to support the game in the capacity that everyone thinks. They will support it to some degree, to the extent they're able to, but I think that will prioritise patches over content - which to be honest it should. But that costs money too. So I don't really see much DLC happening other than single player and an additional clothing pack. As far as more counselors or more Jasons, more mo-cap and modelling work, I'm not sure that's on the cards. I could very well be wrong though, time will tell I suppose. EDIT: Additionally, we still haven't seen any info on physical release, art book, soundtrack, or whatever else like collector's editions for the backers. The devs have a hell of a lot to catch up on, that's for sure.
  24. Perhaps it's just me but I don't find the mini map that helpful at all. I have to keep opening up the large map to keep checking whether I am indeed taking the best route to where I am going. I think zooming it out a bit would help honestly.
  25. There's been a lot of discussion on this actually, previous thread Here. But basically furniture destruction would be the best option IMO, available through Rage. To save time on animation / graphics, something generic could be used to represent different types of furniture without needing custom assets for everything. The looping exploit is the worst when players are using it to stall for time before the end of the match. So earlier on you can always just focus your efforts on other players without wasting time. When Rage enables, furniture destruction would become an automatic function without an interact prompt, as mentioned by Wes in the Breakable Fences thread. Simply walk forward and "beast-mode" through an obstacle. Throwing knives, shift and traps are not proper solutions for various reasons which I've already explained in the other thread (can we start getting these merged?). Like the window looping exploit was fixed by giving Jason the ability to destroy windows, a similar solution needs to be implemented for this furniture looping too. The fix needs to be designed into the game instead of pressuring the players to fix it themselves. A solution to an exploit that requires high skill to achieve is not a true solution at all.