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  1. To an extent. Counselor bear traps blocking obj can be circumvented, Jason can still counter with 1 or even 2 traps of his own. Perhaps if 2 counselor bear traps were placed but that is highly unlikely. It was something I wanted to include in the full trap guide, but would’ve required too much work to literally show each possible counter to each possible bear trap position / angle. Fast solution - watch the intro section / counselor repair animations and memorise them, and any time you see a bear trap placed at an obj, just try to place your own (using CS to guide you) as close to where a part of their body will land for that specific animation.
  2. Thanks for the kind words I intend to keep making guides in the future but there won’t be anymore for F13 after the next upload. Although I would like to make a compilation vid of my time with F13...there are just approx. 3000 clips to sort through ?
  3. Haha sorry for the burden. We are in alignment on every topic though and your knowledge is exceptional, so I can think of no one better. Thanks for the props man, hopefully see you on that Discord. Many likeminded souls on there.
  4. @HuDawg it is unfortunate that you will forever be a novice at this game, and presumably at any other you play, based on every post I've seen of yours. To anyone browsing this thread, @GeneiJin is your go to guy now on the game since I am permanently leaving the forum after my next (and final) guides go up shortly.
  5. No, just none that you could think of. Which isn’t suprising given your consistently poor judgement on every topic it seems. If Jason could always beat the counselor swing then all you would ever see is the limper slashing his way through the lobby with no remorse. Since there could be no punish for the slash, then there would no reason not to just use it all the time. There are fundamental problems with the combat system but they can be overcome with enough work. But of course you will say something ridiculous like “counselors shouldn’t be able to fight Jason”. Am I right? @GeneiJin has already bombarded you with knowledge here, as well myself and others, and yet you still fail to understand anything. It is a real pity when absolutely nothing gets through despite the most intelligent of players doing their best to communicate it to you.
  6. Of course you would be the only one who completely failed to understand that post. Not even worth explaining again since it will just go over your head. The simple question is why would you choose a perk that is entirely dependent on RNG, rather than one which provides guaranteed effects throughout the match? Medic / Thick / Swift take your pick. All dependable perks.
  7. Not worth it. Stumble avoidance is something that would be only worthwhile if it 100% negated stumbles (such as No Fear Jenny build). The problem with the stumble mechanic is that it is designed completely wrong, in that a counselor who is running away from Jason is not going to be greatly disadvantaged by a stumble. While loss of character control is bad design, the stumble itself doesn’t slow you down. Where stumble really matters is in combat. In combat, a stumble can mean certain death. So even with less chance of stumbling with this perk, there is still the chance it can happen. And due to RNG, you will never know exactly when that is. That’s what makes this perk worthless because despite whatever % it decreases stumbles, it doesn’t eliminate them from happening entirely. It can still happen, and it can still fuck you at the worst moment. Basically, avoid any perks that don’t provide a consistent, guaranteed effect throughout the entire match.
  8. 2 words - Smash Bros. If you don’t understand this comparison then it’s best we end the discussion here. You’re not telling it like it is. You are simply trying to defend someone literally not playing the game at all just to avoid a potential loss. A Jason sitting edge of the map in water is exactly that. If this is what someone bases 0 deaths on then that is simply pathetic.
  9. Sure do, sending PM now.
  10. There are other instances too, such as sweater stunning Jason as he Shifts away. In this case he will simply get kneeled on the next hit, regardless of the fact he Shifted away and how much time passed inbetween. IMO the 2 things that would most help the situation against kill squads would be 1) deleting RNG of Tommy box / allowing it to spawn same place each variant and 2) significantly boosting mask HP. It is so weak that there is barely even a difference between -Def and base Def (90 vs 100 health). I believe those 2 changes would go a long way to preventing easy kills.
  11. As do I, and I have since day 1 which is why I feel I can accurately compare the two. Private is also not necessarily needed, you can mix the two but as long as there are some knowledgeable players working together it can change the experience significantly. Not really, while a Jason has the option to oceanman he won’t always be prepared for it. There are many ways to surprise ambush him for a kill, even something as simple as sweater being activated behind a wall out of his sight. Just for example.
  12. Of course it’s possible, and doesn’t actually require any more than 2 competent players. Just because majority of F13 playerbase (or rather what’s left of it) isn’t familiar with better strategies, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use those strategies to evaluate the game. There is no point discussing lower level gameplay, since there won’t be only 1 thing those players lack knowledge and skill in, it will be more like 100 things. Random QP is in no way an accurate reflection of the game since it is a wildly varied experience. There is also honestly nothing to be gained from sitting in the water if you happen to have been demasked and Tommy and sweater girl are in place. At that point your only option is to go and collect whatever knives you can and take them on, even if you die it will at the very least help you to improve in such a situation. If you lose you take it with grace and use it as a learning experience. Typically the common factor for whether a Jason dies against a skilled team is simply whether he can find and protect the Tommy power box before they can get the call in. If he fails, it will be an uphill battle for him for the rest of the match. This is why you can see even the best Jasons get killed. It is also why you see certain streamers avoid PM at all costs. @HuDawg FYI the only thing keeping this game barely alive is the small competitive scene it has. Most of the casuals have long since moved on. But it’s always been a problem with this community that they reject the one thing that can keep the game going. If there was more interest and support for the guys putting on tournaments for F13, it could still have a bit of life left.
  13. ? I’m sorry but this is complete BS. You need to get out of the QP bubble. Not even oceanman Jason can escape if you bamboozle him with the Cosby sweater. What exactly are you going to do when you are instantly demasked during the sweater stun and kneeled for the kill? As far as playstyle goes for Jason, there isn’t a broad range of styles for him. Simple fact is he can’t be everywhere at once, so Jason must be efficient and constantly lay on pressure. Going from one objective to the next and defending / killing, rinse and repeat. It is about removing options for the counselors. Lay your traps, protect what needs to be protected, pressure and kill. What makes an entertaining match for counselors has absolutely nothing to do with what Grab kills you are selecting. What everyone wants, both beginners and advanced alike, is an edge of your seat match. A skilled Jason player can use nothing but Choke and never hear 1 complaint, if their superior gameplay speaks for itself. What everyone is after is simply a challenging match full of tense situations, not whether you pressed X instead of Circle when it was time to kill. Even a beginner Jason can get a lucky kill but do you think he will get any respect for it because he did an environmental instead of Choke? The answer is no, and it wouldn’t have been any more entertaining.
  14. Then you aren't playing against the right counselors, but I'd be happy to introduce you to some to correct your mindset. Most important rule as Jason is never succumb to ego. Battling kill squads is the best way to rid yourself of it.
  15. Yes Strafe Shifting has been around for a very long time. It’s something I considered showing on here in the past but thought better since it isn’t an intended mechanic which usually = post deleted. There are actually a handful of things you can do with Shift, most of which I can’t say but one of them is a knife cancel into Shift which will provide you with an overhead view in it. It is good for navigating terrain but not so much for Shift grabs. Fairly harmless in that aspect, it can also be combined with strafing for a much nicer Shifting experience. Also in regards to Strafe Shifting, it is not possible on PC unless you use a controller.
  16. I could post a hundred clips of ambushing counselors with Stalk, as you correctly assumed I can use it to its full effectiveness. But I could also post a hundred clips of countering Stalk as counselor. It is simply down to whether a player knows the cue and makes the correct play. What I always see counselors do is make reckless decisions, whether that’s choosing to climb through a window, barricade themselves in a cabin etc. where I am ready to catch them. I use it often to counter looping and those are all regular occurrences. Most of all I try to be efficient with it, and use it during a chase rather than standing around wasting time. The duration of Stalk while moving is generally enough time. On the other hand, if I have recognised that a Jason is trying to Stalk then I will simply wait and do nothing. That is the strategy to use. He will either grow impatient and make a move, or he will wait until his Stalk runs out. Either option = nothing gained. As a counselor you don’t have to do anything, time is on your side and the longer Jason sits there, the more opportunity he is giving up elsewhere. Even if you are solo / last standing, again you are not required to do anything. You can let him waste 3 mins while you have lost nothing. Against Stalk Shift, even without seeing the marker there is still a cue and a couple of counters you can use. You can use the environment / obstacles to your advantage where it will be difficult for him to make a clean grab. If you have a good sense of Shift duration, you can also enter CS which will automatically aim towards him when he is near, then you can Shift bat or sprint last moment. I honestly do not remember the last time I was Shift grabbed, with Stalk or otherwise, as it is easy to avoid with enough practice. If they are running from it, it is better to run Shift to full duration to deplete their stamina. Rather than trying (and failing) to grab at first opportunity as most Jasons do. Not to mention - if you are sticking in pairs as counselor, it is a non-issue since your buddy can grab save. Like I said, Stalk tactics can work well in random QP or against counselors who are not equipped to deal with them / make poor decisions. But again, versus knowledgeable counselors its usefulness is limited. I do not consider it a valuable ability in high level play. If majority were aware of its limitations, it wouldn’t be a valuable ability period. Typical example of Stalk in random QP, most recent I clipped - I guarantee you would not see such a poor decision from an experienced player. So my advice is do not judge Stalk’s effectiveness purely on your ability to ambush average counselors (or those prone to mistakes).
  17. Stalk is obvious, it has an easily observable cue. Knowledgeable counselors won’t fall for it. It is good for hiding Shift marker that is about it. Even silent footsteps are defeated by announcing to the counselors you are in Stalk. You can surely catch them in random QP but otherwise it is not much good.
  18. So you mean you get killed every match then? Since he died in almost every movie after all. ?
  19. So I've been promising some final guides for quite some time, and I've finally got a few finished for you guys. I'll be putting up 3 today (and more in the coming week), but this is the first of the lot. Keep in mind that these guides are all geared towards competitive players, and the techniques shown will take practice to master. No matter your level, I recommend watching as I guarantee even veteran players will learn something new. Slash Block (0:09) 1. Lightly Tap R2 for light attack in Combat Stance - This can be reliably done once you are accustomed to the correct pressure. It is also necessary for this technique as block can be performed faster without re-entering CS. 2. Block, CS light attack 3. CS light attack, Block - It is vital that block is performed just after the slash animation has finished, and not a moment before. If done too early, block won't come out and if done too late, will be too slow to avoid the punish. Luckily, you have the throwing knife indicator to rely on; block as soon as it lights up. Please Note - This technique does not work against a counselor with Swift Attacker equipped. Knife Slash (0:37) 1. Block, Knife - This is the first move to learn. Perform a block, and exit with L3 into throwing knife. 2. Knife, Slash - To maximise speed on this combo, circle must be pressed inbetween the 2 inputs. It must not be pressed too early however, since it will simply cancel the knife. Watch your knife counter to develop the timing. 2. Knife, CS light attack - For those who want to maximise protection, particularly in group combat. This will allow you to efficiently block after the combo without having to re-enter CS. The series of inputs are as follows - L1, circle, R3, R2 (lightly tapped). The timing for circle is same as the regular knife slash. 3. CS light attack into block - To follow up the above step. As described in Slash Block. Please Note - This technique should only be used as a finisher, or against an unarmed counselor, or as a whiff punish. It will deal 50 dmg, or 60 with a +Weapon Strength Jason. Match Footage (1:09) Full Trapping Guide - This is by far the most comprehensive guide I have made, but it was necessary to show that these trapping methods are the most efficient and reliable that I have found for each objective. To the best of my knowledge, there are none better. You will not waste any traps using these methods (with 1 exception) and there is no counterplay for a counselor to bypass any of them without interaction. Repair Animations (0:09) This is the basis for all following trap formations. Observing counselor position was critical in order to determine the best placement of traps, so that none will be wasted. By watching this part of the video, you can understand exactly why the following works. The descriptions and footage shown in the video are adequate to learn each method. Crouching Double Trap (1:25) Crouching Triple Trap (3:14) Standing Double - Battery (5:32) Standing Double - Gas (6:29) Car Entry Traps (8:02) If you have arrived at a car with battery already repaired, and enough time has passed to also reasonably repair the gas, then you should proceed to trap the entry rather than gambling on trapping the gas (which there is no visual indicator of repair for). Shack Entry Traps (9:24) This is an emergency tactic to use against kill squads. Best case scenario is you are able to find, shut down and trap the Tommy power box before he is called. In this case you can just throw 1 on the shack for good measure. If you were unable to stop the call however, and you have enough traps, then 4 can be placed at the shack. Unfortunately, only 2 will ever work but it is all that can be done. Quadruple Traps WIP (12:09) This is a work-in-progress. Examples of functioning Quadruple formation, and non-functioning formation (1 is wasted) are shown. Quadruple traps can only work on the phone and power box, and a dedicated guide will be posted once it has been adequately refined for a guaranteed result.
  20. The sound file was definitely already in there, it is the same one Jason would hear when he was near the boat. Only difference now is he also hears it across the map. So while it isn’t new content, it is a new addition using existing content. I am sorry to say your memory is wrong. There has been an abundance of videos posted from launch, which prove without a doubt there was never a boat start-up alert for Jason. On the other hand, not even one person who “remembers” has been able to post any video at all that shows proof of a boat alert. So what does that tell you? It’s always the same answer, they can’t be bothered looking etc. which is just an excuse for the fact they can’t actually find anything to back up what they’re saying.
  21. It's not new content, but there wasn't anything that "broke it". Can't be broken if it never existed in the first place (for Jason). Anyone who says otherwise is just a mindless white knight.
  22. In the Playbook thread and on my YT channel. There is a link in my sig.
  23. Don’t worry, I am about to post some “protection” techniques. But if you are the kind of player that just wants wins handed to them without any work, they are not for you. @thrawn3054 block still works fine if you aren’t host, you just need to read the counselors a bit more to compensate for the delay. Of course it is an issue but it can be overcome with a bit more practice / prediction. Basically, counselor swing start-up time will allow a block in time (even as client) as long as you are correctly anticipating the swing.
  24. Tommy86

    Seems like the toe has a hit box.

    The hitboxes are squared off, so the body part itself doesn’t matter. As long as it hits the square around it, you get hurt / die.
  25. I’m going to put this to rest right now. There has never been a boat start up alert from across the map for Jason. Not at launch, not ever. The only time Jason would hear the boat start is if he was right near it. I am a day 1 player as well, but unlike those purely depending on their memory, I decided to go through some of the earliest videos from May 2017 to confirm whether there 100% was or wasn’t a start up noise. Here is one video you can watch for yourself. Skip to about 23:00, where the boat is still stationary. It is moving 1-2 mins after that, yet there was no start up alert within that time at all. I remind you this is from May 2017, as early as it gets - Make no mistake, what they have added in this latest patch is new. It is also thoughtless and misguided since the way the boat was balanced is that it potentially allowed for a quiet escape, with high risk of death if Jason noticed it moving on the map. Now, it is just a death trap.