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    Jason blocking

    @Ahab @Redcat345 View the video in youtube and read the description, all instructions are there. But simply put, make sure you use L3 / left analog stick / sprint to exit out of CS into grab, rather than right stick (as it doesn't always work for exit). If he is either anticipating a dodge cancel, or good at block grabbing, yes he can catch you during the dodge since as you said it is mechanically a teleport. But 99% of Jasons will not be able to catch you doing this technique, particularly if you have an epic Evasion equipped which is crazy fast. I know the majority of the game's best players and it has become a popular technique to dodge to make Jason whiff, but as I keep telling them that is really just for show. An experienced Jason will rarely fall for it which has simply made you waste a chunk of stam from the dodge, and the recovery is considerable since you cannot swing for almost a full second after (approx. 800ms). This is why I only recommend dodge following a swing, not on its own. Also, and I cannot stress this enough - always dodge cancel to the right, never to the left. This is correct, and the only tool Jason really has against a knowledgeable group is throwing knives. Whether that is throwing them during a stumble or simply catching them off guard, it is absolutely necessary to have a ranged attack when everyone is just baiting you into commiting. Knife is the only unpunishable attack in this scenario, and if it were up to me I would've given Jason an auto refill of knives per x amount of time so that he can adequately deal with such a situation. Otherwise group combat against high level, experienced counselors is extremely difficult even for the best Jason players. It takes a great deal of practice to consistently overcome even a small group of counselors who 100% know what they are doing. Never mind a full 7 who are all intimately aware of all counselor techniques. I will be releasing a guide on the slash block technique but even that is risky, since even if one counselor cannot counter in time before the block, another can hit you during the slash. And you can of course completely forget about grabbing in this scenario since you will automatically get punished for it. You end up simply playing a long game of cat and mouse against the counselors using as good spacing as possible and trying to make them whiff their attacks (and they of course are doing the same to you). It can be a total nightmare, and where you can truly feel the pressure of 1v7.
  2. I was thinking as much but I’ve read there are problems with DbD as well on PS4. So looks like it is a PS4 related problem and nothing to do with dedicated.
  3. Same problem on PS4 here. Maybe dedicated servers coming? 😄
  4. Fully agree with all of this, and to be honest I could've completely done without the entire SP component. VC and Challenges have no replay value at all for me, I didn't even finish VC because frankly I was too bored to get through it. It worked as a dev diary during development but other than that I didn't really see the point. Challenges I did 100% complete and were fun as a one-time thing, but that's all it was. Uber, Grendel and some more maps would've been far better to receive in terms of content. The only reason they promised SP was to make up for delaying the original release in October 2016. They really dug themselves into a hole with that, took an extra 7 months just to release multiplayer and missed the original SP deadline of Summer 2017 by up to a full year. We got Offline Bots at the end of December but that was already several months after the projected date (and were extremely broken).
  5. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    I posted this many months ago, and since that time, the speed at which I block + grab is almost 2 simultaneous actions (as host). This is slow in comparison to now and even then 99% of counselors couldn't deal with it. This is how I bait, I drain stamina and / or health and force them to hit me to regain mobility, at which point I watch for their swing start-up and counter. If you aren't host, I recommend replacing block with throwing knife during their swing start-up and interrupting the recovery frames with grab. Once you have enough practice at it, it is truly the most OP of tactics, and not even a counselor cancelling their swing recovery with dodge can escape the grab in time. In regards to throwing knife punishment for window looping - This is why it is a bad idea to preemptively lock doors, it should only be done when Jason is on your back. If you know this tactic as Jason, you will purposely leave doors barricaded to herd counselors through windows for a massive 50% damage off a simple window dive. Either when they are escaping from you, or even when you aren't there they will take 20 dmg simply climbing in and out of a cabin with all broken windows. Barricaded doors are an advantage for Jason in this case.
  6. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    Looping is easy to overcome. You have both stamina + health pressure to make use of. 2 knives will cripple non-thick skin (30 dmg each), and in case you don't have knives, even just a couple of full duration Shifts will delete mobility advantage of even the highest stam counselors. That is when you bait their attack for a counter, because counselor has no other option but to hit to regain stam. Even if they are cabin looping, if you have been breaking windows all match they still take 10 dmg off a simple climb, and 20 off a dive both of which you can additionally punish with knife which will necessitate spray. Even max thick skin can only take 1 extra knife for a cripple. Not to mention you also have Stalk and Shifting into objects for a stand still at your disposal.
  7. Sacred cooking pan > branch.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it. I am not leaving just yet, I want to leave some parting gifts for the community before I move on for good. It will take some time but it will be worth it, only thing I ever wanted to do here was provide some valuable info for you guys so that’s exactly what I will do before departing. I am sure a small group of hardcore players will remain so that’s who I’m doing it for.
  9. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    The only possible counterplay was dodge cancel, but that was not viable if the Jason was perfect at block grabbing (like sub 1% of the playerbase). Pseudo / running block is no longer possible since engine update (although all other pseudo actions still possible as counselor), but that doesn’t make perfect block grab any less dangerous if the Jason is host. It will beat the dodge cancel if it is executed with 100% accuracy. As far as making the inputs consistent, the reverse view activated for counselors with R1 could’ve easily been removed and replaced with insta block just the same. It is actually disadvantageous in that a button needs to be held for it, when you can simply reverse your camera during the chase which is actually the better option since you are not required to hold anything. The reverse view is useless in that sense, and if you are accustomed to higher sensitivity settings then they are just as good for instantly rotating the view backwards. Absolute waste of a button IMO, and horrible hindsight on the part of the devs.
  10. The last map, not the last thing added to the game. And to be perfectly honest I do think it would have been the last map added, Wes may have not done the interview but he didn’t say otherwise in regards to that point. I don’t know what the “Lazarus Experience” in the dev version that was accidentally put up was, some speculate it would’ve been an addition to Virtual Cabin, otherwise perhaps they were indeed planning on putting an actual Lazarus map in. But somehow I doubt it, it could’ve been just another scrapped idea. If people look back on the old DLC roadmap, you can see that there was nothing scheduled after Uber / Grendel, they were the last 2 items. No idea if another roadmap would’ve been made but it is my feeling that likely would’ve been the last of the Jasons and maps. 100% last official Jason at least since Uber was the extent of the rights (other than potential NHA collab). Perhaps they already had concerns even back then about the future of the game. Also funny how nowhere on that roadmap do you see “sudden engine upgrade” which was a total deviation from their original plans.
  11. That’s exactly what I have told the mods. It is better to leave these kind of posts and threads up rather than deleting them as before. Community wants to discuss the topic so it is better to let it do so and reach some resolution on it eventually.
  12. Yeah I agree with what you’ve written in this post. Particularly this part since you’re correct that the silence does them no favours. More info could be for the better or possibly worse, but out of the two scenarios I think providing any info they can is the more ethical one and would show they are at least trying to communicate. But they have really addressed very little, whether that’s because they can’t or simply don’t care to, I just don’t know. Based on their past interactions with the community, I lean more towards that they don’t care. Anyway I’m not here demanding answers, I’m just putting forth the questions that have been in my mind since the announcement, and I think they are legitimate ones that people who do care enough to look into it have a better starting point. My time on the forums and with the game is nearly up, I will be releasing a series of final guides and that will be it. I don’t mind leaving a few bread crumbs on this topic in the meantime since it has understandably struck a chord with me too.
  13. @OCT 31 1978 Well I am not yelling scam or cash grab, I am simply asking questions. I am also not particularly surprised at the conclusions that people are coming to, given the game’s history. I personally find Gun to be deeply dishonest, that is my opinion based on their interaction with the community and playerbase since the beginning. Just an opinion but it is one shared by many. I also want to comment on this part of your post - You’re right, deep concerns / regular concerns, that doesn’t matter too much. Because logically any kind of possible threat to them being able to release content that was already scheduled should’ve motivated them to prioritise that first and foremost. And in fact it was the engine upgrade that was a change in course from their original plans.
  14. But deep concerns should have motivated different decisions than the ones that were made. I am not a fan of the Titanic example in that it was too late to change course. These guys were changing course all the time, from the very beginning. They literally started a new game mode then just decided to scrap it because they didn’t find it fun. Never mind the game mode was already teased and promoted with a spot on the content road map, probably before even one line of code was written. That’s just one example. I don’t believe that they weren’t able to change course on an engine upgrade they had just began work on in Feb 2018. If they were concerned even in Jan, that means a decision was made to continue on course despite legal concerns by the time they announced their plans in Feb. And these plans included delaying content that was already past schedule according to the road map. Anyone want to tell me how any of this makes sense? You have a lawsuit looming over your head and this is the decision you make? This is why some clarity is needed on this topic, because without any other info on it, it makes zero sense.
  15. Yeah, and taking out Tommy box is not only good to help prevent the kill, but also simply to prevent a super counselor coming into the match who can just run around instantly repairing objectives. It simply adds more pressure having a good Tommy in the match, but without him there, there is no fast counselor who can also repair in Jason’s face. If it is just a QP lobby I generally find they won’t even touch a trap at the power box, so he just never gets in the match at all.
  16. Correct in regards to corresponding power boxes, Packanack is a perfect example off the top of my head. There is a variant where Tommy cabin can spawn right next to the north power box, so logically you would think that would be the box to take out - when in fact, the correct power box is all the way south below the lodge. The intro scenes where radio tower can be seen are rare on virtually all maps but Higgins, where Evergreen has the highest chance of Tommy cabin spawn, based on the number of cabins that can spawn with radio tower in that area. I did a great deal of research on this topic, more than anyone I know or have spoken to about it - we are talking hundreds of screens and analysis on it. There are ways to narrow it down, and it’s still something I plan on releasing in my final guides. Morphing to the phone box should always come after the Tommy box however, and you do have time for it considering that a base Morph has 30s cooldown, so if you immediately morph to the power box without even picking up shack knives, disable it and trap it, you will be able to prevent an early police call if you morph to the phone as soon as your cooldown is up. They will not be able to find the fuse, repair it and call all within 30s - not even the bots who spawn with the fuse can do this. On the other hand, a counselor can spawn already inside the Tommy cabin and make the call immediately without requiring any looting or repairing. This is why power box is first priority.
  17. I think the remaining playerbase just wants closure on this topic honestly, some kind of reasonable explanation for why things went down the way they did. That’s all there is to it really, people invested a lot of time into the game, and some even invested a lot of money such as the higher tier backers. Some are still waiting to have promises delivered with little to no news. The way the whole situation was handled by Gun simply wasn’t good enough, considering the game’s history from start to end and the astonishingly poor communication throughout. This is why Gun continues to get so much criticism, and this is what I’d like anyone who is unabashedly defending them to understand. The criticism is not without good reason.
  18. You should expect nothing relevant on this topic to come from them. If all of the controversy around recent events wasn’t enough to make them talk, then a guest panel certainly won’t be enough to either.
  19. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    No, only thing that needs to be restored is client side responsiveness of block. As host it still works as normal. A Jason who is susceptible to turn and burn is not a good Jason. After enough playtime you should not only be aware of this counselor technique, but anticipate it and even bait it out. Pressure their stamina till counselor is required to hit, watch for swing start up then block + grab or knife (during swing start up) > grab.
  20. I agree, NHA was very well done. I would watch another project of his for sure.
  21. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    For whatever reason they simply assigned that button to activating abilities. R1 could’ve been easily assigned to block and buttons used for automatically activating an ability. It is a no brainer that R1 should’ve been assigned to instant block to begin with. It was possible with a glitch prior to the engine update but that’s long gone.
  22. Well technically that is not in their hands anymore. Illfonic is running the show now, they are the ones still working on patches / maintenance which is the only work that is allowed to continue. Gun’s involvement would be minimal at best now, and as far as I know, they are already onto the next project in collaboration with Bloober. For dedicated servers they have an unnamed partner in charge of them who we have never received any info on whatsoever. In fact any info about dedicated servers at all is extremely vague. I am assuming because of NDA. Also here is the thread regarding any content post-lawsuit: Questions About Future Content “Is there a chance of any content being added to the game if a ruling on the dispute occurs in the near future? The answer is no.” - Wes
  23. Unfortunately there is nothing that will be done once the lawsuit passes. Gun have said as much themselves, although I don’t have the quote ready to post. But you can probably find it easily enough. The gist of it is that even if the lawsuit were to be resolved tomorrow, they are never coming back to the game. Even Victor Miller himself was under the impression the game would continue after lawsuit, but no such thing will happen according to Gun. They can’t be paying staff to do nothing after all for x amount of time. About the previous post - I think most people would understand that they cannot give specifics on the subject, and I don’t believe anyone is really hounding them for that either. I could even retract that question, and not even bother asking exactly when they knew. Because all that really matters, and all anyone wants to know, is a reasonable explanation for their decision making after finding out (whenever that may have been). That engine upgrade is the #1 thing people have been bringing up, specifically why they took on such a gargantuan task with high risk of problems (which did rear their head after all) instead of pushing content. Even a basic explanation why would help the situation. Their reputation is completely tarnished now, not just according to me but majority of the playerbase, and I would think they would want to enact some kind of damage control by providing even a little bit of info behind their actions. I’m in no way losing sleep over it but I do think people do have a right to know whatever it is Gun are safe to reveal. And I think it would be in their own best interests to reveal that - otherwise there is simply more motivation for people to find out on their own.