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  1. Yes it would, but the last thing anyone would want is devs to see it and patch it, while leaving the counselors still able to do it. Which let’s face it, that is pretty likely given the game’s history. So for now I will only explain how to do it privately. @Slasher_Clone Thanks man, glad I could help!
  2. Choke always. It is a joy to see 8/8 asphyxiated and listen to the complaints.
  3. No, it is a parody video I made. Jason can get on the roof but I am not making the method publicly available yet.
  4. It would understandably be the biggest challenge, but in that case Tommy box and Phone would still be the priority. Since those 2 objectives have the greatest impact on the match. Tommy coming in not just in regards to the kill, but having a super counselor with 10 stats on everything including Repair is not someone you want in your match (providing they are highly skilled). Obj parts can also be found fairly easily as you say, since there are certain cabins they will absolutely not spawn in so then you just use this knowledge to deduce where they can be found. On certain maps you can even find an obj part in the same place each time (same with certain weapons).
  5. @Fridaythe131 Yep, agree with all. Don't have much more to add tbh. There are always signs whether you are facing a knowledgeable Jason or not, even based on the smallest of things that they do (and same with counselors). Speed Shift - for anyone not familiar with what he is talking about - is done by interrupting the start up anim of Shift by holding R1. Yes, R1 is also used to Strafe Shift, but this is an R1 input that must be done before that. It will increase the distance you are able to Shift basically, as well as helping to catch counselors off guard. Here is a clip comparing regular Shift vs Speed Shift, using traps to gauge distance -
  6. Yep, things have changed. The bat is definitely not 100% stun anymore, not even with SP. Cooking pan is the only weapon that has produced a guaranteed stun each time with SP, which was found through testing. Unfortunately it is only 1-2 hits max as I said, depending on your Luck (had a brain fart and accidentally wrote Str last post). Also in regards to the last point, he may just be used to playing with kill squads. It is a very different experience to a normal match as they generally don’t go for escape objectives, not even to pressure. So providing you have found the Tommy box and trapped it, that is typically enough prior to hunting although I personally protect the phone as well as a precaution.
  7. @NightmareFuel or you could just get up on the roof yourself as Jason.
  8. Weapons are your only chance against any Jason with even a bit of skill. Your best strategy is defensive kiting, which means you only hit when you need to regain stamina. And you do receive stamina even if Jason blocks the hit. While you do lose a bit of it on the dodge cancel, at least you are safe. It is the absolute minority of Jasons who will be able to counter that technique. I also don’t see the correlation between hit speed and stun build. Hit speed is based on 2 things, whether you have Swift equipped, and what weapon you’re using (long range vs short range). I actually value Evasion over Sucker Punch personally, since Epic Evasion makes the dodge cancel so fast that I believe it will even beat block grab. Sucker on the other hand is still dependent on chance unless you use cooking pan, which is the only 100% stun weapon in the game now with SP equipped. And it only gets 1 hit unless you are 6-10 Luck which still only gives you 2 hits. He can simply throw a long range knife at the open window and still deal 20 dmg during your dive. It can be done quite easily. If he is around a corner you are safe, but that is circumstantial. The window dive anim lasts almost 5 seconds so in most cases he has enough time to punish you, whether at the start / middle / end of the anim. In that context, Jason shouldn’t be chasing anyone start of the game. He has to prioritise objective defence. The only exception to that would be if someone is around the phone house, since as soon as you morph they will be tanking those traps. So it is a good idea to remove them before you move onto the 4 seater - although it does depend on the map. If you are on Higgins for example, the Blairs car can get started even before Shift.
  9. 😂 Please stop. As far as relying on windows to regain stamina, if you are on the run you provide the easiest opportunity for Jason to punish you for any kind of window entry. If you try to climb through, your animation can get reset with a knife. If you try to dive, your animation can also get reset mid dive leaving you back outside. And if you do complete the dive, you can be punished with 20 glass dmg + 30 from a knife directly after your dive anim completes, for a total of 50. If you are not thick skin, you are already crippled just from that 1 mistake. F13 - 50% Window Damage If you are not on the run, chances are many of those windows will be broken anyway depending on how late it is in the match, which deal 10 dmg to you on every climb. Windows are not your friend. Weapons most definitely are however, regardless of whether you are a “stun build” or not. Each weapon strike can be cancelled on hit with dodge, making it safe in case of a non-stun. Unless you are up against the 1% of Jasons who can do a perfect block grab which will beat the dodge cancel (extremely unlikely in QP).
  10. Trouble with Packanack roof counselors did you guys say? I’m just going to leave this here...
  11. Changing the colour of the relevant powerbox would be ideal, I agree. It would be the most direct way to show the objective as the box is what needs to be morphed to and protected first. But whether the RNG spawn is simply removed without icons shown, or the Tommy cabin is shown on the map, or the box is red, it would all accomplish the same thing. Any one of those options would do the trick IMO. In regards to stunning hits building meter, yes they do. Unfortunately he denies even taking a single hit prior to the shotgun, not even a stun. And his claim involves not one but 2 supposed glitches, that being a Rage meter that is somehow half full just shortly after receiving Shift ability and also a Shotgun that is capable of delivering 100 dmg on its own. Not to mention the beginning of the match which would prove otherwise is conveniently missing. So you can see why I do not believe a single word. No gang bang would be needed to get the mask to that point either, simply a non-stun hit or 2 from a high Str counselor with a high dmg weapon eg. Machete, Axe.
  12. I personally would pick the former, as in minimising / removing the damage boost for counselor on heavy. As long as it exists, it only takes 1 mistake on Jason’s part to be demasked. Not just on -Def, in fact even a base Def can be one-shotted by Tommy if 15% Slugger + 20% Potent Ranger are equipped. Jason’s slash dmg-wise is fine as I see it, if it were increased then anyone not running an Epic Thick would be significantly disadvantaged. Especially when you consider tactics such as knife slash which are already dangerous as it is (a near instant 60 dmg with +Wpn Str). I have nothing against the icons, would be totally fine with it if they were to go that route. I am just thinking in terms of making the simplest adjustments that wouldn’t require adding anything new to the game. But either option is welcome.
  13. Sure thing, that's what I'm here for. Firstly, in regards to counselor bear traps blocking objectives, here is a post I made in the playbook thread on this very topic. In short, a counselor bear trap can still be circumvented. As I explained in that post I did want to include in my full trapping guide, but it would've taken far too much work considering the amount of ways a bear trap can be placed. All you have to keep in mind is the counselor repair animation for each obj, they are all shown in the intro of my guide which I recommend watching and memorizing. Use that knowledge to determine how you should place counter traps. Secondly, the traps will of course be tanked and if it happens start of the match, so be it. It is just temporary defense to prevent immediate access, buy you time before your next morph and use up counselor resources. Multi-trapping also helps as 3 (or even 4) traps blocking off an obj can be too much for 1 counselor to handle on their own. It is all besides the point though, which is to provide Jason a guaranteed option to defend the Tommy call if he so chooses, and he can typically only do that on the 1st morph. Not to mention you must protect the phone, which is still fine to do on 2nd morph but after that you're pushing it. Your idea to keep the Tommy cabin random but adding icons for it on the map also equates to the same thing as mine (guaranteed option). Additional icons however probably constitute "new content" as weird as it sounds and do not provide the full picture anyway, as a player is still required to know which power box is relevant to the cabin (it isn't always the box nearest to it). I'm having difficulty understanding your idea here. Both counselors and Jason have access to both light attack and heavy attack in combat stance. The damage boost you are referring to is not due to using combat stance, but due to using heavy attack which is only available in CS. You can still perform light attack in CS however (lightly tap R2 on console) and deal the same damage as you do outside of it. Do you mean Jason should have a boost on heavy attack too? If so I wouldn't advise going that route, you don't want a +Wpn Str with the ability to cripple you in 1 hit. It is quite a big topic, and mainly tied to combat which I intend to make a separate post about. Hopefully the new CM is reading all this. @CountYorgaVampir Stop man, just stop. You asked me to provide proof for you, I did. It is there for everyone to see in the video and there is no possible way you could've had your Rage fill to that point, at that time in the match, without already having taken enough dmg for a shotgun to finish your mask off. As everyone knows, Rage meter accelerates when taking dmg. If you really insist I can show you an image of what a no damage Rage meter looks like at the same point in time (based on your abilities). Why you are still arguing otherwise is beyond me, but do as you please, I'm not going to participate in derailing the thread with some pointless argument.
  14. I didn’t want to point this out, but since you insist. You were very clearly substantially damaged during the start of the match which is conveniently not shown. How did I instantly know? Your Rage meter is almost half full. At that point, based on Stalk just having began charging, the Rage meter of a Jason who has taken no prior damage would be just barely touching the bottom of the mask icon. Anyone can test this for themselves. So please, don’t BS me. And don’t try to tell me your Rage meter was glitched too. I have also never seen a Part 2 being glitched to become “nigh invulnerable” to mask removal and the most likely explanation is that majority of your hits on him were stuns - which deal almost no damage. I would also wager you were using the Axe which stuns more often than not, which is the main downside of it vs machete.
  15. Dropping in to shed light on a few things. 1. A single shotgun blast can 100% absolutely not remove the mask on its own, not on -Def and especially not on a base Def like Part 3. It is simply impossible, all it can do is help remove the mask either prior to demasking or deal the final damage that demasks. There is no glitch that makes it possible either. I was working on a comprehensive guide on all things related to stuns, damage, -Def / Less HP not too long ago, had most of the footage but dropped the project. Perhaps I should finish it since frankly it is ridiculous how misinformed people are on this subject. 2. Grab range is not ideal, it is technically too narrow, but is easily overcome by entering combat stance for a moment prior to the grab and allowing it to auto aim you in the direction of the counselor. It can be done swiftly and makes for an accurate grab. This is also only relevant for raw grabs, as if you perform grab off a block there is no way you can miss. Yes, there is an issue with block if you are client rather than host, but this can also be overcome by replacing block > grab with knife > grab which will interrupt the counselor's swing allowing for the follow-up (and knife recovery can be cancelled with grab). 3. As for discussion on whether Tommy box should be shown, unless we are talking at least a major mask HP buff then it should definitely be changed to a fixed spawn rather than randomized. The argument I've read that both sides should have equal chance regarding the Tommy call is very flawed, because it is not as if the Tommy box is permanently shut down. Just like any other objective, Jason can choose to prioritize it and defend it with traps, and counselors can choose to contest it. Not to mention any traps laid down at the box are less traps to lay elsewhere. Equal chance is also somewhat laughable when you consider that at least 1 of the 7 counselors will almost certainly spawn either close to the Tommy house or in view, if not directly at it. If Jason does not see it in the intro however, it is at best a 1/2 chance on certain maps if you are knowledgeable, but typically a 1/3. Choose wrong and you may lose your opportunity to defend it. As I've also mentioned before, no additional icons on the map are required. Learn your maps guys. All that would be needed is for the cabin to spawn in the same spot per variant (but could be in a different fixed spot on another variant). This way, casual play would be virtually unaffected since most players cannot even differentiate between variants much less memorize how objective locations differ on them. So logically, this change would be almost exclusively utilized in competitive play, exactly where it is needed. A no brainer of a change, to be honest. 4. Onto mask HP. I've seen 200%, 300%, 400% buff thrown around, and as I was recently explaining to someone, all of those are simply inadequate. Consider the fact that there are approx. 4-5 machetes per map, 2-3 axes not to mention shotguns which also deal significant damage. Consider also that a single heavy hit from a Buggzy / 10 Str with machete deals 80 damage straight up. So let's say they provided Jason with 400% health, the max that I've seen here - even Buggzy with his 2 Luck Stat gets 3 hits from machete which means you would not even break 2 machetes demasking a 400 health Jason. And that is even without Slugger which at max % will do over 90 per hit (one shot demasks a -Def). So we are not talking 200%-400% health, we are talking much higher especially when you factor in gang bangs / mosh pits. As it stands, heavy hit machete attacks from a 10 Str will demask even a base Def Jason at full health in 14 hits while he is blocking. A few Buggzies wielding a machete each can surround any blocking Jason and kill the mask no time flat. If you are curious just how fast Jason can be killed with a good hit squad and ideal spawns, the record so far is under 2 minutes. Alternatively, the idea to retrieve the mask that I've read on here is also interesting, which would introduce some skill requirement for Jason to avoid the kill rather than being relegated to a tank (although the tank is the simpler option). Final topic would be Combat, which I do have many thoughts on as it is my area of expertise in this game. But it most likely requires another post so I'll leave it for later. @Fridaythe131 @Redrum138 Many thanks for the kind words guys, I truly appreciate it.
  16. Yes I have played with biglizzle, he was in that match in the video actually. The only reason why you would have been demasked even when blocking is because you had already taken enough damage to nearly kill the mask beforehand. The small damage you took on that block would’ve been just enough to finish the mask off. My PSN is sixfiftythree @OCT 31 1978 yes it is a known issue with the delay on block if you aren’t host. It came after the engine update, due to the devs changing combat stance entry time (to remove certain exploits).
  17. A few months back and it is still exactly the same. I am also on PS4. It is extremely easy to test for yourself.
  18. @OCT 31 1978 @DEVILS_REJECTS7 Blocking attacks behind me - Time stamped just to show the block but I recommend watching the full video to understand the technique.
  19. Jason can never be hit in block from behind because his block is 360. If it has happened to anyone it is simply because your block has not come out in time, either due to execution or because of latency. Block has a delay as client due to a change in combat stance entry time post-engine update, but is perfect as host.
  20. The first thing you should take into strong consideration is to remove the RNG determining which cabin spawns as the Tommy house. Make it a fixed spawn like the phone cabin, it can be a different cabin per map variant but should not change outside of that. It does not need to be shown on the map either, as players can simply memorise the location for each variant. That single change is the most requested among the competitive scene, because if Jason cannot stop the Tommy call then it will be an uphill battle for him vs a kill squad. As any counselor can spawn near the radio and immediately call, Jason must be able to shut down the power box on the first morph. The only way to reliably do that is if the cabin is a fixed spawn instead of randomised. Not to mention the Jason player should absolutely have the option to decide which objective to protect / prioritise depending on the match. And the Tommy call is an objective just the same as the rest.
  21. 😆 Yes you must be wary of people with the Game Shark cartridge on PS4.
  22. Yep, that is the realistic point of view. Balance-wise all it would take is to provide Jason with a small amount of auto-refill knives, as the strongest tactics all involve knives and are all safe (no punish possible). As long as he has them in supply, then he is a threat. Unfortunately I never see it happening.
  23. That is fine, I hold no grudges here. I judge the members here on their posts as there is really no other way to ascertain whether they actually know what they are talking about - unless they demonstrate their ability either in a match or at least footage of one. I advise you be wary of what you say. You are lucky to still have a regular member here who is actually good at the game and sharing knowledge as I used to. It does not take too much to chase someone away, just like what happened to all the intelligent players on here prior to us.
  24. I have made the offer more than a couple of times. Which you refused each time. But I would be more than glad to. It seems whenever I or Genie challenge anyone on here, running away is the typical response.
  25. Wow, what a comeback. Did you lose some brain cells over it? You and I both know you are shit at the game unfortunately so you should refrain from giving any advice / making arguments.
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