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  1. Is Project Melies meant to be a multiplayer? If so, expect dedicated servers around its release time. Supporting the next title would be about the only reason they are doing them, in which case they could also use them for F13. I don't imagine it'll be much additional running cost by then. Remember Illfonic has nothing to do with dedicated servers, they are developed by a third party hired by Gun. EDIT: Alternatively if the servers are scheduled for release with Ultimate Slasher edition, it is strange that there would be no news on them considering that is just a bit over a month away. But it's possible nonetheless.
  2. And as you can see, you kneel on the next hit. All Tommy has to do is press X and you're dead. Here's a clip of mine doing it a while back - Don't try to Shift dodge the sweater stun.
  3. Perhaps I should put up my own then, something to add to the guides. How to punish Slasher Jason so that he will be on his back the whole match. Tbh I don’t even see many slasher Jasons these days, I thought it was common knowledge this is not a good tactic. If you are intent on twirling, the grab would still be a better option.
  4. Based on the video you showed me, I doubt it. You were still in range but honestly that counselor was predictable. What they should’ve done is forced you to whiff, then punish and dodge cancel on the hit for safety. Trying to hit Jason point blank without making him whiff is not a smart idea as he can just as well grab if he anticipates it, then you are done for. It’s turn and burn 101. If they were also aware you were slashing, a simple block and counter would’ve been just fine too. Don’t base your success with this tactic on players who clearly have much to learn.
  5. It cancels their swing and immediately allows them to swing again, due to damage animation cancelling recovery frames (just like I said before). Had that counselor instantly used the horizontal light attack in CS instead of heavy, you would’ve been stunned as you were still in range for that attack. Light attack should generally always be used unless you are specifically trying to demask, as heavy doubles the damage however has poor tracking. If that counselor was indeed trying to demask, they were going completely the wrong way about it. Also CS has nothing to do with whether a swing is cancelled or not, I’m not sure why you would make a point of that.
  6. It is not so broken that it can no longer be used (although of course it should be fixed). It simply requires more prediction time now rather than reaction time ie. reading the counselor correctly. I do favor the throwing knife instead during their swing start up if I'm not host, but throwing knives are finite as well. Besides what is the alternative? Just get hit without doing anything about it? Which is why you don't give them the option to. You have both stamina pressure + health pressure (with TK) to force / bait a counselor to try hitting you, either once their stam is low or they are crippled. At that stage they must initiate combat because they no longer have the mobility advantage. Stun rate is based on the weapon used and whether the counselor has Slugger equipped. Other than that, all counselors have same stun rate, only differing by weapon durability.
  7. Why would you allow yourself to get hit and either incur a stun or damage, when you can gain Rage just the same by blocking the hit? And only taking extremely low block damage? Sprays can also be deleted just the same with a safe throwing knife, which deals 30 dmg per knife just the same as a +Weapon Str slash, or 10 more damage than a normal slash.
  8. No weapon = good to slash. Weapon = don't slash. Pretty simple. Unless you want to end up like all the other ape slasher Jasons constantly getting stunned / demasked in no time flat.
  9. By the time you go to throw that knife against counselor with a weapon after your slash, you'll already be on the ground. No, you can't just go around just slashing anyone to death regardless of situation, if you would like to try it against me I will happily show you otherwise.
  10. I am a day 1 player also, not that it's especially relevant but I have provided the facts to back up what I am saying, all you have been able to provide is that you use the basic "twirling" technique which I was already doing a year ago and can tell you it is not good enough. Even if you make one counselor whiff in a group, another can hit you while you are slashing. So just because a technique can work against inexperienced players doesn't mean you should do it, there are far better methods that will work not only against those players but also the highly skilled. Those are the ones I recommend. Not really, it is a very simple topic actually. Does a player have a weapon? If yes, don't slash. Even if the counselor is inexperienced they can get a lucky counter hit in, the risk is there. If no, by all means slash if you like. Ethically I have no problem with slashing, although it is disadvantageous in that you are just leaving pocket knives around that can be used later on by others. Whether for disabling a trap, for protection as a driver, protection as sweater girl, or other reasons. There are only 4 PKs on the map and deleting them early on is good for you in the long run. It is much safer to just quick toss a couple of knives if you want to cripple them beforehand, which is good for deleting sprays and removing mobility advantage efficiently. If you were to do this, you would do it the opposite. Throwing knife > slash out of Shift. Since throwing knife can be interrupted with slash, not the other way around. You would also only do this if counselor doesn't have a weapon, not even the 1 frame slash block can save you since a knife interrupt with slash means you can no longer block in time. Don't put too much faith into Stalk either, it is very easy to recognize when Jason is in Stalk since the alerts are different. Long range Shift is the reason you can catch counselors unaware, not Stalk itself unless a player does not know the difference between alerts.
  11. There’s a huge joke in that sentence and you know it. Level doesn’t at all correlate to skill, it simply means there is a better chance the player is skilled / possesses some knowledge. You can immediately prove this theory correct just by playing some random QP matches and seeing the general lack of skill across the board, regardless of level. This isn’t me being cynical, majority of players simply don’t care enough to continue learning / advancing. If you have a clip of your match I’m sure I could explain everything those counselors did wrong. It isn’t theory, it is fact. Those are the mechanics and anyone can find that out for themselves. It is easy to consistently land a swing providing you initiate CS beforehand and let its tracking do the work for you. And provided you have good execution and timing of course.That’s what CS is, it is auto aim precisely to avoid whiffing. If we are talking hit detection that is a different topic with different variables. What are you talking about in regards to exploiting? If it’s what I think you’re talking about, that isn’t exploiting, that is baiting. That tells me all I need to know. If you aren’t using combat stance, then you also aren’t blocking, choosing to depend entirely on twirling (bad idea). Ironically utilising combat stance only when there is more than 1 counselor isn’t going to help the situation, as the lock-on will prevent you from observing the other counselors. Combat stance should be constantly used for both offence and defence, but the way to use it effectively is as an in/out function, not to stand around in. Good spacing must be kept against a group and constant pressure, with blocking when necessary. Offensively throwing knives are king in this scenario since they are unpunishable and their recovery can also be interrupted (unlike slashing). But hey guys, what do I know right?
  12. You don’t need any gif. Next time you’re in game, slash and watch the throwing knife indicator - it dims while you’re slashing or performing any uncancellable action. When it lights up again, that’s when you can do anything again. Which means unless you can perfectly time a block the moment the knife lights up - and not a moment before because no other inputs register during slash - chances are you getting immediately counterhit. No, it doesn’t. It has already been explained to you by @JennyMyers1984 and if you are having any luck with slashing at all then it is you who is playing against inexperienced counselors. Who are most likely not even using combat stance to initiate their swings, and wildly swinging in opposite directions which is why you are able to slash them once they whiff. All a counselor needs to do is block your hit and immediately hit back. Congrats you’ve now just incurred a stun in return for your very low dmg slash on block. Also in regards to this - Sprays were changed as of last patch to instantly heal a counselor, even if they cancel the spray action. So yes it is extremely easy to heal in Jason’s face now, and bamboozle him by cancelling the spray into a swing for an easy hit - while still getting your health back. Also, sprays are not the only thing that will run out. Your mask HP will also quickly run out if you are trying to slash down a good counselor with a machete. Your time to deal with objectives being contested will also run out if you are constantly getting stunned. I will say this very clearly - slashing is the most unviable tactic and anyone who has not yet realised this is playing against counselors who don’t know what they’re doing. The only exception is a counter slash followed by a 1 frame block but this will not work against someone with Swift perk. To explain it mechanically, the reason why it is so easy for counselor to counterhit is because their “damaged” animation is extremely short and resets all recovery frames. So let’s say you have just blocked a counselor swing - the counselor does incur recovery frames on their blocked hit however once you slash them back, they enter the damaged animation and all recovery is deleted. As soon as they are hit, they can hit back immediately before Jason can do anything about it. It works for Jason the same way, with 1 big difference - a counselor isn’t getting stunned from a hit.
  13. No, there is no pocket knife perk. The bots don’t have any perks, at least not in the way that you as a counselor would. The way it works is they simply have certain attributes randomly assigned to them. For example spawning with obj item in hand, spawning with pocket knife, having 200 health, or being undetectable with Sense. There’s probably others too but just off the top of my head.
  14. Yeah, Jason block + grab would basically eliminate 99% of the playerbase. I remember the days when I first started practicing it, when I was still very slow at it, and even then no one could even deal with it. After enough time I got to the point where I could almost simultaneously block and grab, but unfortunately that is only possible as host on console now. If you aren't host it simply isn't viable anymore, it is no longer reaction time but prediction time in that case. If you guys want to check out the fastest block + grabber in the world, check out wiz3933. We are pretty close in terms of that tech but he is still the best at it. Lots of respect for that dude. Main thing is though - don't slash against good teams. You will get completely destroyed. There is only one defense against the counter hit in that case, and that is literally a 1 frame block after the slash animation. Which means too early = no block and stunned / demasked, and too late = stunned / demasked. Must be pefect timing, so good luck with that unless you practice every day. I can pull it off reliably and I am still wary of doing it.
  15. Shifting into combat stance is what I was describing.
  16. @tyrant666 The best tactic you can use out of Shift is knife > grab. Since if they are trying to shift bat you, their swing will get cancelled by the knife at which point you have a good opportunity to execute the grab. It takes a little practice but it's worth it, and even if they're not trying to shift bat, you just dealt 30 damage even if they have a PK. Otherwise, go into CS > block out of Shift, then punish on block (although this is difficult if you aren't host because of the CS delay bug). Since PC has dedicated servers, you guys are all kind of screwed for blocking unfortunately, so TK to interrupt a swing is basically a necessity.
  17. A true troll would never let themselves get slashed. You would have all weapons in the match broken on you before that would happen. The ones who truly complain about slashing are the Jasons who are wildly swinging like apes and getting stunned left and right for doing it. Why is that? Easy, uncancellable recovery frames. Had you simply grabbed instead, you could’ve at least deleted a pocket knife from the match.
  18. Tfw when you read people are still slashing and not even understanding why you shouldn’t slash. It’s nothing to do with the enjoyment of the other players, but it is everything to do with being very easily punished for every single slash. If you are getting away with slashing, you are playing against shit lobbies.
  19. Sense avoidance perks are no doubt what it must’ve been, but they are only useful if the Jason doesn’t know to spam sense. As long as Sense is spammed, the perks are worthless because they simply operate on chance. For no pings, an epic Lightfoot can be equipped on AJ which will delete all of her pings, but only on her (not even Tiff even though she is the same stat). Much like the No Fear Jenny anomaly. This leads to a bigger topic in that stats of 10 and also 1 operate differently than all points inbetween, and also work differently per counselor. A stat of 10 is closer to 11, and a stat of 1 is closer to 0 (+/- ratio is skewed). Also why Strength doesn’t really increase stun time for anyone except Buggzy (8.5s vs 5-7s variable duration for the rest).
  20. Even if they come, it won't be for F13 but for Gun's next game (which they are already working on with Bloober). They will just be able to also use them for F13 but by that time costs will be cheap to accommodate F13's low playerbase. The alternative is that sometime in the coming months there will be an update from Gun that dedicated just didn't work out, or something along those lines.
  21. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    Yeah and no doubt turn into something far more fucked up. 😄
  22. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    Nah no need to apologize, and you bring up a good point. There is in fact a problem with throwing knives currently, which do impact your aiming. If you are throwing knives there are dead spots you may run into, and you need to be aware that there are spots where knives will get stuck in pure air. I made a video on it a while back, and it is due to invisible hitboxes in the environment. Above camp fires and around cars is where it most often occurs, but spots in cabins are also a culprit.
  23. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    Yes exactly. The CS method works well since counselors have a habit of moving in a spastic way as soon as they see you are aiming. No matter how good your aim, you won't be able to lock onto them with just pure skill if they are moving completely unpredictably.
  24. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    Yeah it is definitely quicker, you just have to be accurate with it. For all throwing knives at close - mid range, my advice would be to enter combat stance just for a moment to center your target then throw the knife. Try never to aim with the knife itself as it is far too easy for counselors to dodge it, you want to make it instant so that they cannot even anticipate the throw to dodge or block it. The knife is so fast when quick tossed that you are virtually guaranteed the hit, but it does depend on vertical distance too - so make sure that when you throw it the difference in height will not be an issue.
  25. Tommy86

    Jason blocking

    In offline it should be fine after enough practice since there is no delay for CS. Since you have dedicated servers on PC though, and consequently ping at all times, you wont have the same responsiveness online. In which case I recommend you practice throwing knife into grab instead. Throw the knife during counselor swing start-up then immediately grab, it is the only attack where recovery frames can actually be interrupted with grab.