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  1. Simply remove the RNG determining Tommy house spawn and make it a fixed location per map variant. It does not even need to be shown on the map / no new content added, just remove all chance spawns. That single change will have the biggest impact on balance at high level (where it is most needed). Once again it does not need to be shown on the map as the fixed locations can simply be memorised. This provides options depending on the match / caliber of players you’re up against, whether to make Tommy box a priority to protect. It is the one objective that requires immediate protection / trapping as the call can be made instantly by any player nearby upon first spawn (does not require finding any item to interact). There is currently no way to 100% catch it on first Morph unless it appears in the intro, which is simply a matter of luck. But that can have major consequences on Jason / huge disadvantage against coordinated kill squad.
  2. And do what? If he cannot complete the motion then it is all for naught. And it is very easy to avoid a Shift grab indoors, there are simply too many obstacles for it to be reliable. At least outdoors, you can capitalize on a counselor sprinting away from the Shift by simply circling around them, until they either deplete stamina or randomly stumble which is a perfect opportunity for a grab. Not to mention - there are clear cues for both Stalk and Shift that allow a counselor to prevent Jason catching them unaware. The rest of your post honestly misses the point on everything I said, and if you can't see that then it is simply unfortunate. I don't have any inclination to explain it all to you but any reasonable person can see that you are just clutching at straws. You are just looking for a +1 as all the others that came before you (and failed). If you really believe you know more about the game than I do, than you are very sorely mistaken.
  3. @dandop1984 I'm not disagreeing with you that low level casuals can be negatively impacted by certain tactics I endorse. But there is something to be learned here, which is - you don't play according to the lowest common denominator. It is up to them to improve their gameplay, whether that be by seeking out help or finding solutions on their own. If you are wanting to become as good as you can be at the game, then you do not play to the standards of those below you. Instead, you teach them and lead by example. There is nothing to be gained - for anyone - to employ tactics which will surely prevent you and them from progressing. Thus why I am blunt and harsh towards those that encourage lesser tactics because it does nothing but encourage sub-par gameplay. And for any advice I provide, I also back up with logic and experience - and actual evidence when necessary. Think of it is this way - the meta was already figured out shortly after the game's release, and it has held up through all of this time. There is absolutely zero reason to have any kind of resistance to it. Combat has always been in counselor's favor and their greatest asset, so it is absolutely logical that they should focus and make use of it to its full extent. If you have a cooperative and knowledgeable group, that is your go to. If you are solo, then defensive kiting is the answer - but you need to be 100% competent in combat already so that you can successfully employ it when the need arises. The sooner you become proficient in it, the better.
  4. Sure. - Easy to Shift into cabins = doesn't mean shit if you can't finish the job. If you can't grab the counselor on exit (which is more difficult in confined space) it amounts to nothing. - Easy to walk into cabins with block up = yeah great, walk in with block up with your super slow movement in CS. I'm sure it will be difficult for any counselor (who all have greater mobility advantage than you) to avoid you slowly approaching them in block. If you knew anything at all, you would know block is best used as a fast counter based on a correct read (not pre-emptive). - Leaving doors open can screw over players who are trying to escape Jason and jumped into cabin.. Only to notice the doors are WIDE OPEN. = You know what else screws over counselors? When there is no easy access to a cabin, with both doors barricaded and no windows on entire sides of a cabin. Do you need me to you show you footage? - Leaving doors open means they can be broken quickly by Jason (Meaning counselors won't have a 'wall' when needed) = But do you know when they are actually needed? I can tell you. It is only when a counselor doesn't have a weapon. In which case, the faster they can get into a cabin and obtain resources / weapons, the better off they are. A cabin with an open door requires no entry anim, it can be entered instantly, and the door can always be barricaded if Jason suddenly pops up. There is absolutely no need to lock it beforehand unless it is Phone or Tommy house. Satisfied? Seriously man, I don't know why you are still trying. Is the difference in skill and knowledge between us not immediately obvious to you? I have proven my worth here. What is it you have ever offered here that has been of any benefit?
  5. While you are correct in the context of new players, it is a rite of passage for every counselor to delete their fear of Jason and realize there an abundance of opportunities to succeed in combat and turn the odds in their favour. Technically, no one should be hiding. Absolutely every new player should be placing 100% focus on refining their combat and initiating combat with Jason as often as possible, as once they are proficient in it, it will allow them free reign to do as they like in the match.
  6. But unfortunately, you haven't. Let's hear them though.
  7. Also creates opportunity for an IQ test. I have been constantly surprised just how many Jasons continue to open the door after being punished for it each and every time. It will allow you to judge the caliber of player you are up against. There are only 2 cabins I would ever barricade preemptively and those are phone house and Tommy house, but again if the Jason is at all experienced then at least the phone house won't even be a possibility to barricade because the doors will be gone by the time you get there. @HuDawg Wow did you actually get it? That a wall works both ways? Amazing. FYI Stalk is extremely easy to recognize (there are dedicated cues), use your common sense at that point and it will not even be a factor. @dandop1984 I have nothing against you, but it is misinformation that most cabins have an adequate amount of easily accessible (and ideally placed) windows. It is unfortunately absolutely incorrect which is exactly the reason why entrances / exits should not be blocked unless it is justifiable (which means Jason is close by). As usual, I am more than happy to settle any disputes through direct challenge. Anyone is free to PM me so that this can be arranged. If a full, experienced lobby is needed that can also be arranged (although I would strongly advise against it).
  8. Read, and re-read what I've posted. It may take a few tries before it finally sticks for you. Or maybe it never will, since let's face it you have been consistently hopeless at communicating anything about the game whatsoever. Immersed casual would be the most accurate description but all the more degrading since you’ve been playing probably since day 1 as I have. The difference between us however is virtually immeasurable. Make it easy on yourself, just ignore my posts. Then you won't have to be constantly embarrassed.
  9. You expose yourself here. It is not about leaving doors open to close it in his face when he Shifts. It is to allow yourself options, and based on what you've said it is clear you are not experienced in defensive kiting. How much clearer can I explain it to you? Any entrances / exits you block to Jason, you also block for yourself. A good counselor does not require doors to protect themselves, the cabins are simply for resources. A few more seconds in a cabin with Jason on your ass is not going to do wonders for your stamina - but you know what will? A direct hit to him. That is a guaranteed 50% of your stamina back instantly. It is really very, very simple. Do not barricade doors pre-emptively. Barricade them in Jason's presence, not beforehand, not without any good reason. Not only do you disadvantage yourself, but you disadvantage every player who now must be forced into entry animations that will leave them vulnerable to damage or a direct grab. Or any player who gets stuck in a hallway with no other exits than a barricaded door - and this happens all the time because of players of your type. Doors - leave them open.
  10. Yep, just like that. A skilled counselor will know the best opportunity for it, pay attention to their minimap, pay attention to Jason's ability cooldowns and a number of other factors which most likely go over your head every time. And if they do fail at closing it in time, at least they have not subjected themselves to guaranteed damage which they can do nothing about - and it's rare that such a counselor will get shift grabbed / slashed to begin with. A counselor who is skilled at combat will do just as well out in the open as they will inside a cabin. Of course I can provide you with my own personal footage to back this up but I feel it would still somehow fail to prove the point for you. Close-mindedness is the most difficult obstacle to overcome on here afterall. It is unfortunate you haven't realized the very simple fact that barricading doors deletes options. You can still enter a window at the opportune time even in an unbarricaded cabin, but you 100% can't enter via the door if you need to. It's not hard to understand.
  11. Perfectly explained, I have nothing to add. Your understanding of this concept is just one of the reasons why I encourage everyone to pay attention to your posts on here. On second thoughts, I will add one thing in regards to capitalising on window damage for anyone who is unaware - The strategy is as follows - Herd counselors through broken windows by smashing cabin windows and leaving the door barricaded (or left intact providing the opportunity to barricade it). A non +Destruction Jason will need to deal 5 hits, and +Destruction Jason only 2 hits, for a door to be broken in 1 hit on return. With this method you are blocking counselor entrances to cabins and forcing them to take damage if they intend to enter the cabin. Thereby dealing damage when you are not even present, and if you are present, providing the opportunity for yourself to deal 50% damage which will cripple counselor and necessitate the use of 1 med spray (unless they have Thick Skin equipped). This is the main method to cripple counselors and waste health resources, and does not disadvantage Jason's pressure as only 1 hit will be needed to break the door on return. Additionally, there is no visible indicator of how many door hits are left after 50% door HP is lost. For max efficiency use light attack in combat stance vs door (console users should lightly tap R2). As the title says - read the YT description for the full outline of the technique, damage values and its correct execution. Against a Jason who is aware of this tech, never enter a window in his presence as your climbing anim can be reset with a knife (leaving you back outside) or half your health will be deleted after vaulting. It is obviously much better therefore to enter an open, unbarricaded cabin - with no entry anim - and shut it on his face as his shifts towards it or to enter one of its rooms and block his passage.
  12. I don't see any irony in my posts whatsoever. I have always advocated players putting time into learning solutions to any area of the game they have difficulty with. Not only that, but I have also personally provided those solutions for them. In many cases is as simple as reading a post or watching a video I've uploaded. There is a method to approaching any game and this one is no different - you acknowledge what the issues are, you study them, and you come up with a way to resolve them / bring the balance back into your favor. No wonder then that I have no respect for anyone who would rather give up and throw tantrums instead of putting a little effort into improving their own gameplay. The only time I can forgive this kind of attitude is when it's from new players, otherwise it is simply embarrassing. Your post, on the other hand, is chock full of irony. So much so that it's amusing I even have to point it out to you. On the one hand you are calling yourself an expert at the game for being able to have (supposedly) a 100% escape rate against Jason, and on the other it is you who are complaining about how super-nerfed he is (purely because of a change in the grab mechanic) which communicates to me that 50% of the game is entirely lost on you. I won't deny that Jason's design is weak, but to blame it all on just one mechanic exposes you more than you can probably comprehend. I will agree that the grab change as of the engine update was a poor decision, but only because of its vulnerability to a punish if you make an incorrect read. Otherwise the range has never mattered if you actually knew how to play Jason somewhat correctly. Saying otherwise is supporting all the grab spamming apes who have no idea how to correctly apply health or stamina pressure and are R2 trigger happy, just hoping for the best and getting constantly whiffbaited / turn & burned. Sad part is, I've told you all this shit before. It is actually amazing not even a single scrap of it got through.
  13. Bless their hearts. They already know not to do it instinctively.
  14. Agree. It’s also amusing reading some of the posts from new players on the F13 reddit, feels as though I’ve travelled back in time to May 2017.
  15. @Redrum138 Thanks a lot for the kind words man, very glad I’ve been able to help and you have a great attitude towards the game. It is the players such as yourself who I make the guides for, so it’s great you have found them helpful.
  16. You must have serious comprehension issues. I never promised not to post, simply that I rarely post here now because I can no longer be bothered to teach or argue with stubborn people like you. I don’t place any value on your opinion whatsoever so it is irrelevant whether you take me seriously or not. I did however promise to post a couple more guides for the few that are interested, so I’ll be sticking around a little longer. If you have a problem with that - hit the ignore button. Thanks, and I agree you have a solid understanding of the game based on the posts I’ve read of yours. I think you are correct that what we have now is the end result of the game, which is why I think the complaints are meaningless and why I encourage those still playing to just make the best of it. There is always more to learn and improve upon to increase enjoyment.
  17. Considering I used to post here on a daily (and constant) basis, then yeah I have pretty much stopped. The narcissistic attitude you interpret from mine and other likeminded people's posts only shows your own bias. It is nothing to do with ego, but simply that the majority in any game are casuals. It is the minority that put in the work to learn a game on a deeper level, and work to come up with the most effective solutions to it. And though you may not want to admit it, the advice that has come from my own playtime and testing has been proven time and time again, because it is backed up by hard facts. The only reason you call it annoying is because it either flies over your head, or you are unwilling to listen in the first place.
  18. I personally doubt we will see even a single change in gameplay mechanics, with the exception of removing any bugs associated with them. I don’t expect anything more from Black Tower, certainly not new content, as I believe they were only brought on to maintain what is already there due to prior experience with the game. I agree we must work with what we have but that simply comes down to players improving their gameplay, and using better strategy / technique to minimise issues such as stuns. I enjoy discussions like these but I don’t see anything coming from them whatsoever. The game is done, I don’t see any further changes happening. Updates are going to be the bare minimum from here on.
  19. In a fighting game, all you do is fight. It is fast-paced, constant action which makes it more acceptable to incur some extended period of inactivity that your opponent literally needs to sustain themselves. If the combo is dropped, the inactivity ends. To me it is not a valid comparison, and although I do treat F13 like a fighting game and analyse its combat just the same, I don't consider the concept of stuns something that's comparable between the two. Again, with the exception of specials, they simply don't operate the same. You will notice I said earlier that I believe the game has a fundamentally flawed design, so simply changing how stuns operate would not be enough to fix its issues. Other things would certainly need to be changed in tandem for a true improvement in gameplay, with the changes all working together, but that is a huge discussion right there.
  20. It is not a matter of right and wrong, but a matter of opinion. Yes there is an abundance of games that use stun mechanics but that doesn't automatically make it a good mechanic. Quite the contrary in my opinion, it is detrimental to overall gameplay especially when it becomes a constant occurrence. Fighting games are the wrong comparison in this context, for many reasons but one of them being that your opponent must actively work to keep you from countering eg. sustaining a combo, with the exception of specials but at least there is something visually interesting to hold your attention in that case. It is completely different from simply sustaining a period of total inactivity like in F13, and watching the game go on without you. In counselor's case, it is a matter of briefly - but completely - having your controls taken away from you at any random point. I would compare it to your controller randomly disconnecting for a second now and then. It isn't good design from any perspective. Punishment could come in other forms in F13, such as a simple idea I already mentioned which is knockback for Jason + temporary speed boost for counselor so they have opportunity to create distance. Perhaps certain weapons such as shotgun would be eligible for knockdown, which would be fine as long as those weapons were kept to a minimum. As it stands, it is absolutely no fun for any beginner to the game to be constantly stunned / have their controls constantly taken away, and this is why there has always been so much aversion to it. It takes a considerable amount of practice and good technique to consistently avoid stuns, and while I always encourage learning, I can understand why it is a source of frustration. As a compromise, it may have been more acceptable if the stuns were significantly shorter in the game but it is something that will never be changed.
  21. While the Stealth killer idea is no doubt enticing for F13 movie fans, I am of the completely opposite perspective in this case. I have already described how my vision for the game would’ve played out in the past, and it would’ve been heavily focused on the PvP element. No Shift BS, simply make Jason faster than the counselors. They must fight or die. It would’ve simultaneously removed all embarrassing instances in the game such as your killer being looped around furniture, and maximised the excitement you would expect in the final chapter of a horror movie. It is a completely different design philosophy but I hope to see a game like it one day.
  22. Yes, while the mechanic allows for clutch moments as you describe, ultimately a stun is barely relevant in this context. Solo play requires a counselor of 10 repair to even allow an obj to be completed in Jason’s face during a stun, so anyone under that is automatically unable to do so unless team mates are keeping Jason busy. If stuns were deleted, stealth play would also be more viable for obj purposes, because as it stands the use of stealth in this game is almost completely inconsequential. It is the same in regards to car start up, as a low Luck counselor will not be able to get a car started in time during stun period. Basically, the relevance of stuns is directly tied to counselor stats and IMO absolutely not necessary and in fact detrimental to overall gameplay - hence why there has always been overwhelming aversion to it. Simply put, it is a shit idea to forcibly remove control of your character for any extended period of time. That is the most direct way to describe the issue, and why this concept should be entirely scrapped in the context of game design. It was a bad idea to begin with, and made even worse by allowing an abundant amount of opportunities for it to frequently happen. That is why there is so much hate towards stuns - they literally prevent you from playing the game.
  23. Ideally, there would be no stun at all. The whole idea of a stun is fundamentally flawed, and while people are constantly angered by it, I wager that majority never even question why. What is it about the stun that negatively impacts gameplay? It’s simple really. Loss of character control, just the same as when your counselor loses control due to a stumble. It is a terrible mechanic in both cases and simply a band aid for a fundamentally poor game design. A stun could’ve easily been replaced by knockback + temporary speed boost for a counselor successfully landing a hit on Jason, providing them with opportunity to create distance. That is all that would be needed. That way, a player wouldn’t have to simply watch their character recover from an attack for 6-9s (depending on counselor). That is the reason why people hate it, because nobody wants to deal with periods of complete inactivity in game. Stuns can be almost completely avoided providing you develop some necessary skills, but I will never say it is a good mechanic in any way.
  24. You, and others like you, are a prime example of what’s wrong with this community and why I basically no longer post here. @GeneiJin is one of the last intelligent players on here spreading knowledge, and yet you think he is someone you should ignore. It’s shameful. On the other hand, the last post I saw of yours you were arguing over who was the bigger F13 fan (and losing). That’s the extent of your contribution. Such a pity what the forum has devolved to where people would rather complain incessantly than simply learn the game. Especially since there will be no more balance updates, no more gameplay changes so these topics are all for nought. It only takes a second to look in the Playbook thread and already see solutions to some of these problems, but unfortunately most people can’t even be bothered to put actual effort into improving their gameplay.
  25. To an extent. Counselor bear traps blocking obj can still be circumvented, Jason can still counter with 1 or even 2 traps of his own. Perhaps if 2 counselor bear traps were placed but that is highly unlikely. It was something I wanted to include in the full trap guide, but would’ve required too much work to literally show each possible counter to each possible bear trap position / angle. Fast solution - watch the intro section / counselor repair animations and memorise them, and any time you see a bear trap placed at an obj, just try to place your own (using CS to guide you) as close to where a part of their body will land for that specific animation. If there are no good options, you may need to waste a trap to block an entry point in order for another to work eg. Shack double trap method. EDIT: Not sure why it posted twice. Sorry about that.