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  1. @NoOneK9503 There it is, now if only everyone could understand this. The nerfs to Jason wouldn't have had such a strong negative reception if his character control issues had actually been fixed beforehand. Accumulation of bugs since release + nerfs, however, is what pushes things over the edge. Keep the trap nerf, keep the current grab range if you must, but at least provide fluid and reliable gameplay for Jason. I will say though that the grab was vulnerable to close-range issues before as well, but its long range ability masked it to some extent. If it were changed to function in a logical way where Jason isn't clipping into the counselor and still refusing to pick them up, I think it would make the range nerf more acceptable. Anyway I've mentioned all this before so I don't want to keep repeating myself. Hopefully they're taking notes and will do something right with them. EDIT: Essentially, what Jason's dealing with right now is a lack of tools. He has them, but they don't work properly / reliably. Before any more balance updates, I think that has to be fully resolved so that we can get a better idea of where to go from there. Because right now Jason isn't able to be utilised to his full ability.
  2. Really well put, I agree with it all. If I were to add more in regards to Jason, using abilities skillfully also means managing them well, as a mismanagement can mean you're in cooldown at the most crucial moments. It seems obvious, but despite that I see far too many Jasons Shift and Morph after counselors without hesitation, not considering that the car might be getting repaired (it is) or that the cops might be getting called (they are). In regards to counselors, coordination is by far the most crucial IMO, and determines how successful counselors are in all other aspects. Combat ability for instance, although it is highly valuable, is designed to fail even a skilled counselor, due to broken weapons, the effects of Fear and most frustratingly, the stumble mechanic. A team without coordination means no backup in combat, no help to repair objectives, and far more vulnerability to RNG without fellow counselors to help replenish resources. It's a good question, but I can't answer fully without writing an essay. So to put it simply, RNG is heavy in this game. It's a part of just about everything it can be. I'd like to say that skill can always overcome RNG, but realistically, you're really at the mercy of it sometimes. IMO it affects bad players less than good ones, since a bad player can still lose despite being in the most fortunate circumstances. On the other hand, a skilled player might do everything right but not be able to overcome it, whether it's dealing with a lack of resources or RNG in combat as counselor, or if playing as Jason, fortunate spawns for counselors which enable objectives to be efficiently completed. Glad to see someone else shares my opinion about stumbling. I thought I might be the only one on here. Personally I don't think it deserves to be a mechanic just because it happened in the movies, as not everything translates well to gameplay. This is one of those things that don't. A mechanic designed to help Jason catch counselors, which actually has little impact on anyone running away, but significant impact on anyone trying to defend themselves. Like you said, it's the game's way of telling you to go fuck yourself.
  3. Hah. Yeah this is me. Not the hate playing Jason part, but the constant pointing out of obvious negatives with my group, which are either bugs or inadequate mechanics. There are so many things that can occur in a match where you just have to laugh at how broken it is sometimes. I've been steadily growing a collection of clips which are going to make one hell of a bug compilation someday. I also decided fairly recently that once my current group disbands, I'm giving this game a good, long break.
  4. Yes, the community / playerbase is clearly split because of it. IMO it's because not only were significant changes dumped on players at once, which some have had difficulty adapting to, but also because previous stability issues that indirectly affected balance weren't fixed beforehand. So no wonder people are having difficulties / complaints about Jason (especially if they post more than they actually play). Then there are also complaints regarding tone / direction of content, which players are also split on, with many feeling the game is turning into a joke. So there's functionality, balance and tone issues right now which are all contributing to some pretty negative feedback. Which has also had little to no response from Gun/Illfonic, and that's another problem people have with the whole situation. I think it's safe to say there's much work to be done to restore faith in the game for everyone.
  5. As mentioned, I think it's reasonable to assume there's a vocal group of members on here who as discontent as each other about the game, and are inclined to like posts which are similar to their own. So I'm not surprised if someone who is regularly participating in the most discussed topic on the forum racks up some likes in the process. You'd probably have a better idea of why if you could see where they came from. Having said that, negative feedback being limited to the "vocal minority" isn't very accurate, for those who are making that argument. There are a lot of people upset about the game and making it known, if not on the forums then other channels, if not there then in-game. I read it and hear it on a regular basis. Particularly complaints regarding the stability and connectivity of the game, which come from everyone and have been an ongoing issue since release. Balance is one thing, but functionality is quite another. I would say that's the main thing that's turning people off and making them lose patience. It's just worse now because there are also widespread balance complaints (even if some of them are misguided).
  6. Maybe it's not any lower, but it wasn't large to begin with either. We're now technically in the 2nd release of the game and player numbers aren't exactly through the roof. Some spikes here and there but not a consistently large pool overall. I do believe that's the case, and always going to be the case even if refinements towards matchmaking were to happen.
  7. That's what it comes down to. There are so many improvements that could be made to matchmaking, to benefit both connectivity and gameplay, but the reality is there's not enough players for such improvements to make any meaningful difference. Worst case scenario, they actually make it worse because of the lack of players for matchmaking to work with, depending on how it's implemented. Unless there's a steady and significant increase in the playerbase, this is the way it's going to stay. By the time they roll dedicated servers out, I predict there's going to be even less players online to even make use of them.
  8. It certainly is the most popular post type on the forum. Seems I can't go into one thread without reading about it. Honestly I've never seen the community this unsettled. Personal opinions don't even matter at this point, as there is simply too much backlash to keep the game as is. The main issue is with Jason and as he is the centrepiece of the game, I really hope the devs are working hard at fixing his problems. Both in regards to balance and character control.
  9. Agree. Or simply better Morph placement so that Jason doesn't land completely away from where you would expect him to be. Having said that, I generally know where I will end up, but even when I know, it's not like there's always a better option.
  10. I like the idea very much, and it has been brought up before. As mentioned though, CP being involved would allow it to be easily abused. If the reward however was something other than CP, and something which wasn't gameplay-impacting, it could still work. I think it would be fun to bet on players, even more so with your friends.
  11. 11 pages of posts in this thread, and the same kind of posts in countless other threads on here. No response. Do you guys really think they're reading this? I understand the need to provide feedback, but I'm not sure these threads are serving much purpose other than venting.
  12. This is not true at all. A repair stat of 2 is just fine, I often manage perfect repairs with Vanessa. The trick is to keep cancelling out of the QTE until you get the minimum amount of steps. The main advantage repair-specific counselors have is they're able to repair faster than anyone else, which only matters if Jason is there and you're contesting an objective. If Jason isn't there, you can take all the time you need. The disadvantage to repair-specific counselors is their bad mobility which often means they can't get to objectives efficiently, and force everyone else to do their job for them. I do more repairs as a Vanessa than a AJ, Deb or Eric simply because I can actually get to them much faster.
  13. I already covered it in great detail in This thread. So if you're interested then give my post a read there. Though I suggest replying here instead, since I don't want to take focus away from the guides in that thread. In a nutshell - blocking escape routes (especially with bear traps) has more impact on you than it does on Jason.
  14. Nice to see someone else who has the same opinion I do about bear traps. They way they are typically used makes them nothing but a hazard, whether you put them inside or outside a cabin. It makes little difference if Jason gets stuck in a trap outside momentarily if you're safely inside a cabin. It's a waste of time placing it there and a counselor can still run into it if their attention is focused on the Jason behind them instead. Placing one inside at the door is even worse because it prevents door combat, which is not only the #1 way to stop Jason from entering, but also provides you with stamina from the hits and is an easy way to contribute to a demask. Placing a trap at an open door however, when you're not the last counselor or communicating what you've done, is the absolute worst thing you can do. And I do see this happen, just like I see players stepping in their own traps on a regular basis. Barricaded doors don't make it ok either, since a door might be the safest and most immediate access point, whether you're inside or out. I can't count how many times I've killed counselors trying to unbarricade the door because they have no escape route, and once you add bear traps to that situation, they are 100% done for. Barricading every door on auto pilot is another tactic I'd love to see gone, but that's another discussion.
  15. Jason can technically counter it providing he knows what's happening (and even slide himself) but the chances of running into a Jason who is familiar with the exploit are slim. If memory serves right, Pappus was trying to help the devs get it out patched out already, but evidently no progress came out of it. People have also reported it for as long as it's been around, so the jasonkillsbugs site is clearly no help either unfortunately. The only reason the tech hasn't proliferated is because the execution is too difficult for most players (without getting glitched).