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  1. From what I've heard it's something they're working on but like I said I can't say for sure. Certainly explains some hit detection issues (though there may be other reasons too).
  2. I've spoken with other players about this and the theory is that it may be leftover hitboxes from deleted map design elements. Because it really makes no sense at all why those boxes should be there, particularly in the middle of the road. There are invisible walls at cabins to stop cars blocking the entrances, but it doesn't explain the distances some of these boxes are at. @Loading it doesn't work. Like I said I would've liked to post this with more footage, but this will do for now to let everyone know about the issue. More can be added later.
  3. It can interfere with combat to an extent, yes. But I wouldn't call it broken. It's only on certain spots on the maps, unfortunately it may very well be the spot you're fighting on.
  4. Yeah it's the same for counselors. I agree, it is pretty fucked up. I don't know for sure whether it's being worked on or not, or how much.
  5. The thing is there is no way to learn combat as counselor outside of just taking Jason on every match. Provided you have the correct knowledge to base your playing on, good technique can be learned quite quickly. But the players who only ever take Jason on when they need to will always be disadvantaged and never progress to the point where they can actually do it and consistently survive. It should be the first thing everyone learns basically. From there, they can rely on this skill in their strategy in the match.
  6. For learning purposes, I think dedicating time to solely fighting Jason is hugely beneficial. You learn more from dying in combat with Jason than you do from escaping. Anyone can hitch a ride or sneak out the police exit, but not everyone can handle Jason in any situation and survive. Proficiency in combat is the only way to be prepared for that.
  7. You guys may have read my posts on invisible collision boxes before. I decided to revisit this topic recently and post some footage I've collected. There is more, including indoors and specifically beds which have giant hitboxes that can significantly affect combat. I was going to delay this post until I had more footage from other maps but I may as well just post it now. It takes time to collect this data so if you guys are up for it, you can help bring this issue to light by just testing out the maps yourselves. It is quite concerning to say the least, and affects counselors just as much as Jason. Note: even when there is no sound to identify the hit, the swing animation and early throwing knife indicator will show that your weapon has collided with something.
  8. Exactly. Combat stance is useful for so many things, there is more which I'll be showing in due time. Also be aware that you must view the scoreboard before placing traps so that the abilities menu with trap indicator is visible, otherwise you'll have to keep switching in/out. It's a weird bug in the game.
  9. Here you go. Watch for double-trapping and re-trapping technique. I'll be putting up triple-trapping too. Be sure to read the description.
  10. Unmasked tactics

    Exactly right. The length of the animation makes counselors extremely vulnerable. Windows are actually the only destructible you can interrupt attacks on, so if you combat stance an open window you can interrupt it on hit with throwing knife for fast, guaranteed damage (even if they're already standing up). Counselors quickly get crippled this way. Had the cabin door simply been left open, there would be no opportunity for this easy damage. But if they want to keep barricading doors I'll gladly take those opportunities. Climbing into a window while Jason is present is just as bad. A throwing knife during start up of the climb will reset the animation, leaving them back outside for you to finish off if you're close enough.
  11. It may not be the full reason why, but it's a part of it.
  12. It's because there are invisible collision boxes on the maps. It's actually retarded. You will run into this issue as Jason or counselor, in fact Jason can even get his weapon stuck in them. You can hit a leaf instead of your target or just thin air. You particularly see it with throwing knives, just suspended in the air stuck in nothing.
  13. Not unless the counselor breaks their weapon on block, or the slash is the killing hit. Slash cannot be interrupted with block like knife can, which means that if the counselor is armed, they can hit you right back after your slash and you won't be able to stop it. That usually means a stun. Basically they can hit you back before you can block (or even move away) because of the swing animation length. The only exception to this is if you hit the counselor and the environment, in which case you can interrupt slash with block on hit (like you see me doing in door combat).
  14. Due to some recent discussion I'm posting some Jason guides early here. Hope this helps you guys out. Block + Grab 1. Bait the counselor into attacking by staying out of combat stance until the last moment. Keep your eye out for the start of their swing animation and enter CS + block at this time. 2. Immediately after their hit, exit CS and grab them. If successful, they will not be able to avoid the grab. Note: On console, always use left stick (eg. L3) to exit out of combat stance, rather than right stick which has the issue of sometimes refusing to exit you out. Block + Knife * To be updated with better footage later 1. Bait the counselor into attacking by staying out of combat stance until the last moment. Keep your eye out for the start of their swing animation and enter CS + block at this time. 2. After their hit, exit CS and throw knife. As soon as you have thrown the knife, immediately enter CS and block again. If successful, they will take the hit and not be able to counterhit in time. Note that this will only work with knife, as a slash will lock you into animation (unless your weapon also collides with the environment). 3. It takes 2 knives to cripple, 4 to kill. You will have to use 3 knives minimum with this tactic to kill an armed counselor at full health, as slash can always be counterhit. The 3rd knife can be interrupted with slash as it will be the killing hit. Note there is approx 3.5s cooldown on throwing knife. 4. Knives are a valuable resource and as such this tactic should be used sparingly. It is very costly and only recommended to use in situations such as group combat or when you cannot afford to risk being pocket knifed.
  15. No, R3 would not be a good option for throwing knives. 1. R3 lacks the speed for fast activation / fluidity which is necessary for knives 2. You would not be able to easily cancel with circle in this setup, which is also a necessary option for knives Honestly, R3 is adequate for combat stance once you get used to it.