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  1. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    Incorrect. Jason does take damage on block. I have finished the guide on everything related to Jason dmg (this thread motivated it), so that is the next one going up. FYI it takes 14 blocked hits from Buggzy / 10 Str using heavy hit machete to demask a base Def, and 12 for a -Def.
  2. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    Thanks, I will get to it. Just working on some last few things to put up for F13. I am already onto Last Year now but I do want to share some more stuff before the month is out.
  3. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    I am still preparing a major post on combat and all the alternations that can be made to improve Jason gameplay in general. Most of them simply based on changing code values with no extra content / animations required. I am seeing a lot of ideas here in the meantime however and some of them are really going the wrong direction IMO. The same direction that Gun went in the past and was nothing but detrimental to game. So I will say this for now - Add, don’t subtract. Trying to make Jason stronger by subtracting from the counselor experience is 100% not the way to go. It will simply make counselor play less enjoyable and more cumbersome. Counselors can not only be left as is, but even have some old things return that were patched out in the past ie. swing cancel. The goal should be deepen the gameplay, not dumb it down. You don’t need to make Jason stronger by creating a more limited counselor experience. The best way is to simply make Jason more enjoyable / powerful instead.
  4. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    @KFC Lachappa There is an entire post on block dmg and other weapon tests in the pinned guide on the main page. @BomberBuddy already did all the work, and all of the info regarding block dmg is still accurate as I just recently tested some of it again. Durability values for weapons (dependant on Luck stat) have changed however, some by a large amount eg. Cooking pot with 8 Luck now withstands 20 blocked hits vs the old 8. Weapon Information from Bomber FYI Chad takes the same amount blocked hits to die as Vanessa, Kenny, Fox and Buggzy. The value is 25 with no Thick Skin % reduction. Others are not far off with 22-24 depending on counselor. I definitely recommend reading the linked post.
  5. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    @DEVILS_REJECTS7 You still haven’t posted it. I will just assume you have either completely made up this beef for no reason at all, or you are of such low intelligence you cannot even understand my posts and choose to jump to conclusions instead. Because I wasn’t being sarcastic in even a single reply to you (prior to you posting trash talk). As anyone else in this thread who would bother to check would see. I will just leave this be now, you can think what you like. TL;DR for the thread - guy doesn’t actually know what he is mad about.
  6. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    What sarcastic bullshit? Are you high? As I said, symptoms of a fragile ego from someone so grammatically challenged he cannot even explain why he feels offended. I am simply curious what has got you all hot and bothered. Pretty easy to solve your problem, use the quote button and show me.
  7. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    Something wrong with your memory? You started talking shit about me in not only this thread but also streams for literally no reason whatsoever. Go back a few pages and tell me what exactly I said to make you start acting like an asshole. Or perhaps that is simply your nature in which case you should just gtfo of this forum.
  8. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    I don’t know where this idea came from that I am disagreeing he is weak. I literally wrote a whole post about what needs to be done in regards to making him stronger, just a few pages back. I even offered to write more on the topic. It is simply that majority of people who say Jason is weak are lacking a significant amount of knowledge and techniques to really make that claim, and would probably feel otherwise against most lobbies if they put any effort into learning them. But of course it is typical that some simply refuse to admit that and would prefer to stay ignorant, rather than make an effort to advance. Symptoms of a fragile ego. I have also heard the “Tommy86 only plays bots” claim a few times before from certain members looking to discredit me. Which is laughable. If they actually bothered to check, the combat techniques I show on my channel are footage from real matches vs real players. The guides that don’t contain that are the ones that don’t require it eg. Trapping guide, so why would I wait to become Jason in some QP lobby when I can simply jump into offline or private and show it right away? I am also not a streamer, not a Youtuber and I have zero agenda behind the channel other than to teach you guys some stuff. As people reading the thread will have seen, I really do my best to help players and the reason they keep coming back for my advice is because what I teach does work and does improve their gameplay. It is no skin off my back that some would rather argue or insult me, although it does give me very little reason to come here anymore. Disagreements are totally fine providing they are respectful, but unfortunately they are often not (as you can see from the random attack in this very thread). This isn’t directed at you Dynamic, just a general post.
  9. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    Don’t speak too soon. I don’t have a problem with your crew but I will make sure to target you specifically.
  10. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    To me it looks like you are simply lashing out after receiving a beat down yourself in this thread for lack of knowledge. You had no issue with me when you came in here, now all of a sudden I am getting screenshots from friends of you talking trash in streams about me. And talking trash on the forum now. The thing about my posts and my advice is that anyone with a few brain cells can understand it is based on logic and hard facts, and doesn’t require much more than that to get the point across. Unfortunately it looks as though it is still too difficult to comprehend for you, and that says more about you than me. As far as testing my skill, you will get your chance boy.
  11. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    @DEVILS_REJECTS7 Mind telling me what your problem is? I know some of your crew by the way, how about you ask them about me yourself before you go running your mouth. There is a tourney coming up soon which I may be part of so you can get your chance then like everyone else. You are not the hot shit you think you are and I have that based on people who have played with you. I had no issue with you before but I am happy to put you on my shit list now.
  12. Yes it would, but the last thing anyone would want is devs to see it and patch it, while leaving the counselors still able to do it. Which let’s face it, that is pretty likely given the game’s history. So for now I will only explain how to do it privately. @Slasher_Clone Thanks man, glad I could help!
  13. Choke always. It is a joy to see 8/8 asphyxiated and listen to the complaints.
  14. No, it is a parody video I made. Jason can get on the roof but I am not making the method publicly available yet.
  15. Tommy86

    Jason is weak

    It would understandably be the biggest challenge, but in that case Tommy box and Phone would still be the priority. Since those 2 objectives have the greatest impact on the match. Tommy coming in not just in regards to the kill, but having a super counselor with 10 stats on everything including Repair is not someone you want in your match (providing they are highly skilled). Obj parts can also be found fairly easily as you say, since there are certain cabins they will absolutely not spawn in so then you just use this knowledge to deduce where they can be found. On certain maps you can even find an obj part in the same place each time (same with certain weapons).