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  1. Tommy86

    Demasking Builds

    As usual you ignore the facts and things that have been tested extensively. Re-read what I posted. Buggzy will do 80% damage on 1 heavy hit with machete without perks. If normal Def Jason has taken even 20% damage before that then yes he could be one shotted, or if a -Def has taken 10% since that is the difference in health between them. It would take 1 minute of controlled testing for you to find this out for yourself.
  2. Tommy86

    Demasking Builds

    Damage on stuns = 3/5 damage with axe from 10 Strength counselor. Low strength will net you about 2 damage. Thrasher = damage increase only on axe which has high stun chance. You can break axes and still not demask Jason. Sucker Punch = increase to stun chance. Sucker basically turns axe into a bat. This is entirely the wrong build for demasking. All you need is an epic Slugger which will add +25% damage to all weapons. A Buggzy with Slugger and a machete (the only reliable weapon for demask due to high dmg / low stun chance) will one shot demask a -Def Jason on a heavy hit. A machete heavy hit even without Slugger already does 80% damage with 10 Str. Slugger + Potent Ranger should one shot demask any Jason with Tommy.
  3. Right, I get you. Whereas before you could react with block during counselor swing start up, as both host and client, you now have to basically guess when the hit is going to come. So it all comes down to a read which makes it less reliable. Yeah it would be a network related bug I think. I can post a video later like I said, proving it shouldn't be possible. No problem, hope it works out. I also suspect that it won't work against max Swift but it is something to try at least. I haven't even had the opportunity to hit a slash-blocking Jason with max Swift, because I have never seen anyone do it other than me. 😄
  4. Not true. Blocking is still viable, the problem is simply that there is longer entry time going into block if you are not host. I've already talked to a dev about this and it is a high priority fix. Jason cannot be stunned while holding block either, I've been reading this on here lately and it is misinformation that should not be spread. I might update this post later with a video of me breaking all weapons in the match on Jason while he is holding block. It simply cannot happen, the only stun Jason will receive when blocking is the one on demask, and that is only practical with a max Str character using a machete. It depends entirely on chance for Jason to receive full damage while he is blocking (but not a stun), otherwise the damage on block is too minimal to demask. We are talking 4/5 dmg with machete from 10 Str counselor on a heavy hit, compared to 80 on a hit that wasn't blocked. Technically a slash block can be performed, the way to describe it is as a 1 frame block directly after the slash animation finishes. If you block too early, the block will simply not come out as no other inputs are registered during the slash animation, so you must do it exactly after it finishes. Luckily you have the throwing knife indicator to help with timing, it is dimmed during slash but lights up again after the animation - that's when you block. You must also do the slash in combat stance so that there is no additional delay going into block. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether the slash block works against a counselor with max Swift perk, but for one without it does work and will prevent the counter hit simply due to the animation time on counselor swing. This is probably another thing I should make a guide for. I will give an example to show the way combat between counselor and Jason works. Let's say you have a counselor block your slash, they do have recovery frames on block however as soon as they take a hit, all recovery frames are cancelled because they enter a new "damaged" animation. Let's also say you hit them during their swing, same deal - their recovery on swing is cancelled and they can just restart their swing immediately. It is this damaged animation which basically allows them to hit immediately back, without giving Jason reasonable time to block unless you use the technique I described above (which takes practice). I absolutely understand the FNG example, and what you say is logical in this regard. Increase hit stun to the point that Jason is given reasonable opportunity to block the counterhit, but with enough cooldown on his swing that he is unable to just keep slashing without punish, or without counselor even being able to block / move away. Otherwise you are of course punishing for even a correct read, which is the way it's always been unfortunately.
  5. While true, the playerbase did greatly dwindle and the only hope of continued support would’ve been new content to draw new players / sales, and keep them sticking around for the inevitable release of paid DLC which would at least provide the opportunity to make money for them. Now neither thing can happen, the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows for a fact there’s nothing more in store for them. I doubt many players are going to stick around with definitely no further content updates, the game is done in that sense and it is reasonable to assume most will just move on as they already intended to prior to this news. And that was simply because of the state of the game and its seemingly unresolvable issues even after months of work. To me, this just seals its fate. But hey, I hope I’m wrong. I think anyone getting their hopes up will be in for a rude awakening though.
  6. Imminent death is just what I'm forecasting. No DLC = no revenue. No new players will be suddenly buying the game in droves, not in its broken state and especially not with zero content on the horizon. I can't imagine the sales they do get will be enough to keep supporting the game / paying staff, and whatever support they're planning will be the bare minimum in upcoming fixes (if there even are any). Financially there is just no reason for them to continue, as of today they cannot realistically make money off the game anymore. If dedicated servers are indeed coming, they are only coming to be ready in place for supporting the next project (as absurd as that may sound right now). I don't believe there is any coming back from this, the game is done for good. Most we can hope for is that a final patch is released that will leave the game in an acceptable state.
  7. A set chance to block damage, not stuns. The only stun you will receive if you are blocking will be the stun off the demask, which means two things - you would've taken a ton of damage already (with the tiny amount of block damage being enough to finish your HP) or Buggzy was laying into you with a machete when one of your blocks failed. This is because block damage is so miniscule, even with 10 Str. To give you an idea, a heavy machete with 10 Str deals 80 damage but on block it only deals 5 damage max. They are not demasking him off stuns, as actual stun damage even off a heavy axe hit is between 2-5. This is why machete is the only reliable weapon for demask, not only does it deal more damage vs axe but axe also has high stun chance. You can break axes on Jason and still not demask. But regarding Jason mask HP, I absolutely agree it needs to be buffed. That is a no brainer and something I've been saying for months. That is because you do not understand how to use combat stance. Majority of players don't and it's something I am constantly explaining. Combat stance shouldn't be thought of as a "stance", it should be thought of as aim assist. Because that's exactly what it is. Combat stance should always be activated before a swing, either as counselor or Jason, because that will lead your swing directly at the target. The players that don't use combat stance for attacks are the ones you see wildly swinging and whiffing in the opposite direction for example. Both light and heavy attacks can be performed in CS even on console, with light being the better option unless you're trying to demask, as heavy has bad tracking (but more range and roughly double damage as counselor). As Jason, combat stance can be used for a variety of things. Not only attacks, but also perfectly centering targets prior to a quick toss knife, chasing after a counselor which will automatically rotate you if they change directions suddenly, strafing, and even laying traps precisely. It should always be used as a quick in/out in combat, to perform its function and exit out after, so you are retaining your full mobility. Blocking should be used in the same way, quick block the attack and exit out of CS after. That is one thing that did not need to be tied to aim assist however, as block already has full 360 coverage anyway. That is because the Jasons you are playing against do not know how to block. They know the controls, but they don't know how to use it effectively to both pressure counselors and defend themselves at the same time. The technique is to bait the counselor into hitting you, and the way you bait is by draining stamina and/or dealing damage with knives. 1 knife deals 30 damage, if you throw 2 that is now 60 damage and instant cripple for a non-thick skin counselor which means their mobility advantage is gone. Only thing that will save them is spray and they need to do that in your face which is a risk. Stamina can be drained quickly with Shift, as counselor needs to run or they get grabbed. For this reason it is best to run your Shift to its limit instead of trying to grab at the first opportunity, since good players can evade it easily. Once you put counselor in a position where they need to hit you to regain stam or buy time if crippled, you keep good spacing, watch for their swing start up and that is when you block. Once they start they are locked into swing animation, you take the hit and then you grab off the block to punish. Not even a dodge cancel on hit can escape a perfect block grab, as dodge is a teleport (counselor stays at point A until they reach point B, regardless of animation). Alternatively you can throw knife during their swing start up instead of blocking, and interrupt the recovery with grab. Only the inexperienced Jason is going to be slowly walking after you in combat stance holding his block up, which is very foolish since a counselor can simply slowly jog ahead and outpace him. They can also turn and burn simply to regain stam, as they still gain it on a blocked hit. If you aren't host, yes combat stance now has longer entry time and that is not intended. It is just another bug. They can block knives at the cost of losing weapon durability. For that reason, blocking knives is not worth it unless it is close range, as even mid range they can be easily dodged. I mean dodge through movement, not the dodge mechanic which costs more stam and should only be used on hit to avoid punish off a non-stun. Lot more to say on this topic but that's enough for this post.
  8. Well yes that would make sense given that console players make up the bulk of the playerbase. Unfortunately I don’t see it happening ever.
  9. Wes, you need to get a few real people playing to find this stuff. If the simulation is not catching these things, take some of those humans that do weird things over at the office and have them play the game. I am one of those players. 😄 Figuring out all the strange things that majority would not think of. And I would be more than happy to test given the opportunity, all they need to do is ask. And from the looks of it, they really do need all the help they can get.
  10. Like what exactly? Minus non-gameplay impacting problems which are largely irrelevant. The game in its current state is in very bad shape overall, there is no denying that.
  11. It can still happen whether they use the word "addressed" or "fixed". 😄 They can write "fixed" for any change but that doesn't mean it will be fixed. Just means they believe it is.
  12. What does it matter? Although I can tell you it is surely unintended since our devs lack a great deal of foresight. No way they would have thought of this. You guys are thinking of "exploits" in the wrong way however. In the context of a game, "exploit" can be interchanged with "unintended". And something unintended is not necessarily unfair or without a counter, just as something intended is not necessarily fair or possible to counter. Due to inherently bad design for example, or poor thinking on the developer's part. All aspects of a game need to be judged on their own merit, not whether they are intended.
  13. 2 threads, and a cumulative total of 13 pages arguing over whether counselor bear traps at objectives are an exploit or not. Not once did anyone think to seek help, or attempt to solve the problem themselves. Counselor bear traps can be countered, because Jason traps can be placed around said bear trap and still work. Only 1 or 2 may work depending on the position of the trap, but yes it is possible to still defend the objective. Although I don't have a video on hand, I can easily make one. @woundcowboy since you started the other thread, describe the position of the bear traps you are encountering and I can help you with a trap formation that will still catch a counselor attempting to repair. Are they placed horizontally, vertically, angled? At what distance from objective are they placed? Etc. Images / video would be best but I can still help simply off a good description.
  14. Well that is still an attempted fix just the same, and could apply just the same for any of the changes listed.
  15. LOL you sure about all that? Read this post. 2nd thing on the list, I am damn sure they thought it was fixed. "Addressed" doesn't mean anything other than "fixed" in the context of patch notes with changes listed.