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  1. Most degrading kill

    Choke. Always. For maximum salt extraction, take the time to carry them over to an environmental, then choke anyway.
  2. ^ Knowledgeable player. Slashing Jasons are indeed the easiest to handle because for every single slash they execute, they can be stunned for immediately. It is as simple as block slash > counterhit. Or ideally good whiffbaiting and counterhit so no damage to you is dealt. Jason has recovery frames on his slash that cannot be cancelled, so if he whiffs, the stun is yours.
  3. You’re welcome. I don’t mean to come across harshly, simply want more people willing to learn. Combat stance could certainly be improved but it is very beneficial even in its current form. It’s all how you use it.
  4. You are simply not using combat stance correctly. You’re not supposed to just stand around in it. Trigger in for aim assist on swings or block and exit out. Also useful for dodge on hit. If you get grabbed during combat that is on you, there is no “grabbing like a pussy”, no one is going to stand around sparring like you want. If you want to avoid being grabbed then you must make the Jason commit to grabbing first, so that you can punish him when he whiffs. It honestly baffles me how little understanding people still have of combat, with the game going almost a full year now. Stop blaming losses on game mechanics, learn the game instead.
  5. How did you come to the conclusion he is a well rounded counselor? His 2 main stats that most of the points are in are useless. Strength (7) has no bearing after demask, doesn’t help towards anything. Stealth (8) is also useless, unless you don’t want plan on working with anyone else or visiting any objectives - otherwise you will be found regardless of Stealth. Then there is also the fact he has 1 Luck (2 bat hits, 4 wrench hits), which means he can’t even defend himself or regain stamina off hits for long. Which is necessary considering his already below average stamina and speed. Repair 5 is meaningless, as with all numbers between 2 - 10. If you don’t have 10 Repair, then you don’t have the speed to repair in Jason’s face, eg. during a stun. If Jason isn’t present, then any repair stat will do especially with re-rolls (2 can get down to 5 steps). If Jason is in cooldown, then even failed skill check doesn’t matter. Shelly is truly the worst counselor in the game, you could not actually have a worse stat distribution.
  6. Yeah no worries, I can record a clip of me doing it on PS4, haven’t had any issues yet. Then again I haven’t really used Evasion for dodge cancels up until now, haven’t found I really need it. But from what I’ve seen it seems to work fine.
  7. So it does freeze up for you too...what platform are you on? I’m on PS4 and I haven’t run into that issue (yet).
  8. That’s because it isn’t completely safe, if the Jason is either anticipating it or he just gets lucky then you will get caught. The reason why is because the dodge mechanic is actually a teleport. Not a glitch, this is the way it was designed just like in many games with mechanics like this. To explain it simply, that whole dodge movement you see from left to right? The counselor is always left until they are far right. That’s the way it works, A > B. So if Jason grabs before you have completed the animation to the right, you will be grabbed. I say “left to right” because that’s the only dodge anim you should even try, all others you will always get caught on cancel. Evasion is a perk that has had some confusion over it lately, as I’ve been told that it freezes up after the 2nd dodge by a few people. But having rolled an epic of it myself, I can confirm it works just fine, I have been able to perform consecutive dodge cancels with it without freezing up. The speed boost on dodge is nice, I haven’t been caught with it yet.
  9. I agree, he does look horrendous. Not to mention his stats are the worst in the game, his viability is well below any other counselor. Good for trolling I guess but that’s about it. They basically dumped points into the 2 most meaningless stats for him, there’s just no good reason anyone should play him over another counselor.
  10. Game sucks.

    Based on what you’ve said, I disagree. You complain about looping and window vaulting when both are easily counterable (window vaulting is in Jason’s favour since that is an easy 50% damage with glass + knife). So you definitely have a lot to learn. Maybe consider asking for help instead of incessantly ranting, you might enjoy the game more. The reason why you think combat is “wonky” is simply because you don’t understand it yet.
  11. Yep, players will say anything to cover up for their own lack of knowledge of the game. All they need to do is recognise they have more to learn and simply ask for help, but unfortunately many have too much pride to do so. Reality is even the most advanced players are constantly learning, there is a lot to the game and people need to realise that in order to improve. Skill ceiling for F13 is much higher than people think.
  12. @Redrum138 @The Tommy Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it. Glad you guys are finding the posts helpful, that’s what I aim for on here. No problem, I was interested in this myself so wanted to test it. If you can switch to machete in time then yeah that will work, as off a regular stun Jason has no damage immunity. I am assuming this is in open space of course, since if you are behind a door you can just hit him with the machete straight up (providing he isn’t breaking down the door safely). Then again you can just dodge cancel with machete outside and you’ll be safe anyway (unless you’re dealing with expert block grabber) so the weapon switch wouldn’t be needed unless you want to buy time. It’s funny though, considering the low stun chance of machete, that just recently I hit Jason with machete 3 times consecutively, and each time stunned him. Unbelievable. RNG is trolling me.
  13. What if...

    You’re trying to compare hours? I couldn’t tell you, I’m on console. But how about this - I’m on here helping people pretty much daily with the game. You might want to read some of my posts, or check out some of my guides (all to do with Jason). Maybe then you’ll have a better idea of how to play the game. Grab range is not an issue unless you want to play like a vacuum cleaner.
  14. This was something that was found out but I’m by no means advocating that no durability loss be kept in. Other than that, Jason simply doesn’t have stun immunity coming out of a trap. But he does have damage immunity. Those kind of things are intentional.
  15. @GeneiJin update: Jason takes no damage during the trap animation and also no damage coming out of it (where you would land the stunning hit, which is the only hit that registers). So no demask can be performed with this method, it is only for stunning. If it doesn’t stun you are of course open to counter eg. Grab. Devs were wise to provide Jason with damage immunity here.