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  1. Here is the official Motion to Dismiss: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3144691-Miller-Dismiss.html
  2. rizistr

    Is the Game over now?

    1428elm also posted this..... https://1428elm.com/2018/06/11/friday-13th-game-postpones-new-content-indefinitely/
  3. The game would feel scarier If Stalk was the first ability for Jason and he had a smaller radius for his “Jason is here” theme music.
  4. Nice update with the year changed to 1989 in Pinehurst
  5. PSN: rizstr Have mic, team player, don’t troll, laid back, and I focus on objectives. This game is amazing with a great group. Add me!
  6. rizistr

    Songs we definitely need.

    Sail away tiny sparrow - harry manfredini
  7. rizistr

    Double XP

    Did they say exactly when on the 9th double xp will exactly begin?
  8. Hopefully they plan to add maps for parts 6, 7, 8 and 9 somewhere down the line! Since each map has been released chronologically, I wonder if they plan to continue this and work their way up to Grendal / Uber. Releasing kill packs for each Jason that corresponds with the new map along the way.
  9. I feel damage should be possible both ways between Jason and counselors only when the door is one or two swipes away from being broken down. At that point the door has huge open gaps where weapons would realistically be able to pass through.
  10. Great patch. Love the balance. Needs more environment kills in the Pinehurst house.
  11. rizistr

    New counsellors

    It would be awesome if more hero class characters were added, while still having a limit of one hero per match. Either keep it sandbox style and have the ability to choose whatever hero you wish if you;re selected to be a hero after death/escape, or have the hero be map specific to fit canon of the franchise (but you would need many more maps for that to work) Heroes to add: Alice Ginny Sheriff Mike Garris Trish Creighton Duke Steven Freeman Jessica Kimble KM-14 Counselors to add: Steve Christy Crazy Ralph Paul Ted (part 2) Jimmy (part 4, though I doubt Glover would release the rights to his likeness) Trish Jarvis Ethel Pam Roberts Megan Garris Melissa
  12. my guess requirement will be lvl 55
  13. It would be cool if you were selected to be the killer in Paranoia and had an option to be either Roy or Pamela. She would work well in that mode.
  14. rizistr

    New Blu-Ray Collection!!!

    yeah it's a shame this isn't an ultimate type collection.