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  1. I feel that rage is one of the best additions to the game. Jason is supposed to be dominant. That’s how it was in the movies. It helps when you’re facing a lobby that’s a kill squad.
  2. I am able to perform the window animation cancel glitch on Switch, pressing R2 to cancel. Video below:
  3. I think it would've been awesome if a 'Hero Selection' screen appeared when you're chosen to come back in the game. Pick from Tommy, Ginny, Tina, Alice, etc, all 'Final Girl/Guys'. Each would have their own unique kit. Also, this guy:
  4. August 13th http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2019/06/friday-13th-game-nintendo-switch.html?fbclid=IwAR3-dhqez3S7VJaMqi4NV8ZDACJht7bxgIu2LJsw1bgzjUiVzoGUwd27Cxo&m=1
  5. Updated PSN name and can confirm that nothing was affected.
  6. Will F13 the game support name changes? Apparently not all titles will support this, some of which you’ll lose DLC content. Any official word? https://www.playstationenthusiast.com/2019/03/29/the-ps4-6-51-firmware-update-is-live-psn-name-changes-still-on-the-way/
  7. Right, I’m assuming he’s wrong in the video...
  8. F13 the Franchise posted a vid saying the skin won’t be on the Switch version, roughly at the 3:58 mark. I searched the forums but didn’t find anything. This true? https://youtu.be/ALRGVntwPqs
  9. Just found this article today stating some games released before April 2018 may not support this new feature. Will F13 support PSN name changes? https://qz.com/quartzy/1430591/players-can-change-playstation-id-these-usernames-can-go/
  10. Just got my 20th Pamela tape. PS4 should’ve had a trophy for that. I take it no other platform has a trophy either? Come on!
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