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  1. New Blu-Ray Collection!!!

    yeah it's a shame this isn't an ultimate type collection.
  2. New Blu-Ray Collection!!!

    Release: Feb 13 2018 http://www.geekexchange.com/news/new-friday-the-13th-complete-blu-ray-collection-heading-our-way/
  3. Ok, did some testing. For PS4, you have to run the game from the disc if you want to use the bloody skins. The skins aren’t available in the digital version after the physical version was installed. They’re separate installs, so nothing was overwritten. All DLC content, progression and Savini skin is available in both versions. There’s no way to download specific content from the disc, unfortunately. You Xbox users are lucky.
  4. I have PS4. I know I should've tested this before bothering any of you, but I'll run it when I get home and see if it gives me an option without overriding anything.
  5. so then savini jason and all dlc's i've purchased wouldn't work?
  6. Dumb question and apologies if this was answered somewhere else. I'm a backer and just received my physical copy in the mail and I'm wondering if it's possible to download the bloody skins from the disc without corrupting my existing digital install, that contains Savini Jason and all DLC's.
  7. I think having dropped items on the map is great. I played half a dozen matches last night and even though it gave counselors an edge, it still felt that Jason had the upper hand. Jason had at least 5 - 8 kills each round.
  8. Only Got 33 XP!!!

    Same thing happened to me. Came back as Tommy after escaping, died near a counselor and only got 66 xp. Only saw one scoreboard and my lvl status bar barely moved, so I’m assuming only the 66 xp was applied and not the regular counselor xp with it.
  9. maps for jason 6to9

    There’s also Camp Blood, the abandoned camp from part 1 that was talked about in part 2
  10. I just hope a penalty wouldn't be given for someone leaving a match when they're already dead and back in the lobby. At that point, they're done and Jason got his XP from the kill.
  11. PS4 Private Match LFG

    Psn: rizstr / have mic, team player, and don't troll
  12. i'm not being negative at all. couldn't be happier. just wishful, curious thinking on how the part 4 version of jason will be portrayed.
  13. I hope part 4 Jason doesn't have a main weapon and uses whatever is around him like in The Final Chapter.
  14. According to this article, they plan to temporarily remove retro jason until they properly revamp it: https://www.realgear.net/news/featured/friday-13th-game-latest-changes-overview/