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  1. Right, I’m assuming he’s wrong in the video...
  2. F13 the Franchise posted a vid saying the skin won’t be on the Switch version, roughly at the 3:58 mark. I searched the forums but didn’t find anything. This true? https://youtu.be/ALRGVntwPqs
  3. Just found this article today stating some games released before April 2018 may not support this new feature. Will F13 support PSN name changes? https://qz.com/quartzy/1430591/players-can-change-playstation-id-these-usernames-can-go/
  4. Just got my 20th Pamela tape. PS4 should’ve had a trophy for that. I take it no other platform has a trophy either? Come on!
  5. Here is the official Motion to Dismiss: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/3144691-Miller-Dismiss.html
  6. 1428elm also posted this..... https://1428elm.com/2018/06/11/friday-13th-game-postpones-new-content-indefinitely/
  7. The game would feel scarier If Stalk was the first ability for Jason and he had a smaller radius for his “Jason is here” theme music.
  8. PSN: rizstr Have mic, team player, don’t troll, laid back, and I focus on objectives. This game is amazing with a great group. Add me!
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