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  1. Was gonna suggest throwing hatchetsuntil I pictured Pamela running around the map with a messenger bag full of hatchets. Maybe the bow and arrow could work if you just don't draw attention to the absurdity of it; maybe have her keep the bow slung around her neck, but have her pull the arrows out of her pants. Sure, that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but where does Jason keep his throwing knives?
  2. I'm gonna jump through and address a few of your points. -"random group of players in QP". I don't think you can call the majority of the playerbase a "random group" and "mass casuals". Like it or not, the game will be balanced towards the majority, because without the majority the game dies. -"very rewarding and deep experience"...If you want a rewarding and deep experience, I don't think a Friday the 13th Game is the way to go, buddy (and if it was the way the devs wanted to take it, I don't think the massively Jason sided experience you've been pushing for is they way they would want it) -"popular game balancing". Granted, those games tend to balance for the higher levels, but they can afford it. Counter Strike: Global Offensive has about 600 thousand people playing right now, compared to F13's three thousand; for every less skilled player in CS:GO that quits because of the balance, there are thousands more to take their place. Like I said before: with the game's current playerbase, Gun has no choice but to cater to the majority. -And you finish off with an Ad Hominem attack; bad form. I think I'm gonna stop looking at this thread, it's starting to drive me insane.
  3. Yeah, it's called the ends of Parts 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8. Wes said that the game is like Reel 3/4 of the film where counselors are aware of Jason. In the movies, when Jason reveals himself to the final surviving cast, he becomes weak as Hell.
  4. You keep saying "you counselor players", but I have my preference set to Jason. I'm not a huge fan of counselor gameplay, but I don't let that blind me to the fact that Balance =/= What's Fun For Me. I think I'm gonna try to go through this point-by-point. -That's because the distinctive lead pile would make no sense inside a building. -What would you rather them do? Kill a counselor instantly? Incapacitate them? -I will admit that's an issue, but that's less balancing and more quality-of-life. -Melee weapon detection is also an issue that tends to affect Jason more than the counselors. I personally think that Jason's weapons could use a range increase. -See above -Counselor weapons stun because that's all they can do to hold off Jason: hit him hard with a bat. If Jason's weapon could force a stun or stumble, that'd just lead to insane combos on counselors with no chance of counterplay (kind of like Grab in its current state, but that's irrelevant) Thick Skinned did deserve a nerf, but I don't see the issue with Medic. I think it's laughable to call Jason weak in any area (though Part 7 is straight trash). But I wonder: instead of whining and calling people with differing opinions morons, have you tried actually adapting instead of spamming Grab from 8 feet away? (See, I can make assumptions too!) I'm a bit confused by your use of "you" and "us". No matter your preference, you have to play counselor regardless. So, when you do play counselor, do you never find yourself annoyed at Jason? Or do you watch your character getting choked out for the 4th game and a row and think "Wow, Jason's so powerful, I love this!"
  5. I'm not asking for an Easy Mode. Granted, it was more difficult before, but it was also incredibly frustrating. Stepping into a trap only to escape into another trap is not fun or intriguing; getting grabbed from a light year away and being asphyxiated is not engaging. I'm all for difficulty in games, but that should go both ways: Jason should not be able to effortlessly get 8/8 as he could before; he should have to work for it as the counselors have to work to survive. I'm also surprised at the irony in your second statement. You think that scenario is bad, but it's okay when 1 lucky player is selected to utterly decimate 7? You seem to want a scary, movie-accurate experience, but it's not scary to roll a die that says "You Lose" on 7 sides. Yes, counselors should have the odds stacked against them, but the way it was before is not the way to go.
  6. FUCKING- Why the fuck is this argument so popular? Yes, Jason kills everyone in the movies, but that's a FUCKING MOVIE! You know what happens when you make Jason so powerful that he'll always win? Your game will die cause no one wants to roll the 8-sided fun die! Sure, movie accuracy means that Jason is an unstoppable powerhouse, but that's not a fun game and the general audience will not like that.
  7. "Oh no! People not playing as Jason have a fighting chance!"
  8. I understand it's frustrating to have to adapt to a new playstyle. But I just think it's asinine to insist that Jason should always win because he's an unstoppable force in the movies. Sure, that's great if you wanna be accurate, but for a multiplayer game where 7/8 of players are not Jason? Sure, Jason should be powerful, but he should also be fun to play against, and that Stretch Armstrong, Mr. Fantastic bullshit from before was not fun.
  9. That probably wouldn't work too well for this game. The bloody clothes work for Dead by Daylight because there are no varying states of injury; you're either hit or you're not. But in F13, if you're not limping, the only way to tell how damaged you are is blood.
  10. In all of the other maps there is only one boat escape (per body of water). Maybe there are two possible but one is randomly closed off.
  11. Chad took a hell of a beating
  12. Could be that they waited for the all clear on the EU front before the other patches.
  13. Level 101 and I've not had a glimpse of a Pamela Tape.
  14. Eric rocking the velcro shoes! I just wanna know how we unlock the color schemes/patterns.