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  1. It's really bizarre to me when people try to inject politics or insult political opponents over completely unrelated things. There's got to be some kind of underlying insecurity in a person, or just a real ideological obsession, to try to bring politics into something like this. Pretty hilarious. Don't you have better criticisms of actual viewpoints that make it so you don't have to pretend someone's opinion of how a video game's dlc is handled is indicative of their political allegiances? Weird.
  2. I am getting the feeling that they don't really take small game companies seriously, or that there are some serious communication problems going on.
  3. I actually strongly disagree with the idea of implementing a reporting system and a lot of the ideas espoused here. Let me explain why. First of all, a lot of video games have report systems that don't really do a whole lot. Reporting is just a way for people to feel like they have power when nothing really happens to offending players. For a small game company, it would take a lot of resources to actually handle the mass amount of reports and vet them in any meaningful way, resources that would be better spent elsewhere. I agree that people who are deliberately using 3rd party cheat programs should be penalized in some fashion, but I totally disagree with outright banning people who are merely trolling or working with their friends. I don't understand why you feel the need to rob someone of a $40 game just because you had a minor inconvenience during one game. What if it was their first offense and they don't typically do that stuff? You can avoid a lot of this behavior by finding people to run private matches with. I don't even think all this trolling behavior really even negatively impacts gameplay all that much, necessarily. A lot of my favorite matches are where people are trolling or goofing around, and it just kind of adds another element or challenge to the game. This isn't a competitive game, it's more of a casual party game. It is most fun when you don't take everything super seriously all the time. I think enforcing a 100% totally serious atmosphere for this game would actually take a lot away from it. What if someone misconstrues your behavior as trolling and then you are suddenly banned outright? You accidently shoot someone or something, get reported, and then banned. It's not out of question. Warnings and suspensions should almost always come before bans in a lot of cases. And if someone is saying dumb crap on a microphone, why don't you just mute them instead of going on a crusade and trying to implement a serious inoffensive atmosphere in a video game at the penalty of BANNING? That is a total overreaction, and not really practical to implement, especially in a game that is mostly for adults. You have the power to totally shape what you hear from other people, why would you need to go around ruining the speaking atmosphere, making people feel like they have to walk on egg shells, just because you're too lazy or don't want to use the mute features? While you're busy murdering people brutally. Suspend serious and repeat offenders, sure. Don't outright ban people without warning for trolling, goofing around, or having less restraint in their speech. You can control a lot of this stuff by controlling who you play with and using built-in game features.
  4. I am starting to hope they actually do implement a report system so they can better ignore reports like every other game company so the forum isn't full of posts calling for someone to be banned from the game every time they get hit by a teammate.
  5. agreed, they need some sort of effect to make it seem like hes appearing out of nowhere... looks trashy.
  6. I did this combined with low res and haven't crashed in a bajillion games and counting. Thanks.
  7. There are 10 counselors for stats ranging between 1-10, so why isn't there a more diverse range of stats for some of the categories? You could theoretically make it so that no stat value is ever repeated in any given category, although I know that would not work for something like speed and stamina where you probably don't want any counselor to have a 1. Still, is there reason to repeat stat values in other categories as much as you do? To illustrate my point, here is the breakdown of the stat distributions that I feel could be improved: Composure: 1, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 7, 7, 10 (6 different values) Repair: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 10 (6 different values) Stamina: 2, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 8, 9, 9 (5 different value) The most egregious thing that I think impacts actual gameplay is the repair distribution. Since there are 5 counselors that are complete garbage at repairing, it would be nice to have some definition between them. Generally, I think that having more equitably distributed stats among the counselors would make them more interesting and unique and clearly separate them from each other in each category. Am I missing something?
  8. Yeah, the clothing pack was super underwhelming. I guess that explains why they didn't really release many details of it. I think we were all hoping for actual different clothing items and not just color and pattern changes. Some of the DLC clothes are just slightly darker or lighter beige pants. Super lame.
  9. I would like it if the map didn't show the location of other counselors. It doesn't make sense why you would be able to track everyone else's movements with a paper map. It would add to the mystery of the whole game if you weren't sure where everyone was (outside of your normal viewing range).
  10. I lowered my resolution and I haven't experienced any crashes in like 4 games, which is quite a long time. Will keep you posted if I do crash. Windowed mode doesn't matter. Edit: I crashed finally after like 7+ matches, way more than usual.
  11. I mean, you put more thought into your ideas compared to most people, and they are always very creative.
  12. I am curious if you are some sort of creative director for an AAA gaming company, because your ideas area always brilliant.
  13. I like My Dad Is A Cop, cause you can really shave off a lot of time if it is high quality enough, and the police will be there very soon.
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