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  1. I know it was asked before,but no one answered. Will those of us in Europe get it Monday, or will we have to wait some days?
  2. Hoping he is at an attainable level UP, and I wont be grinding nearly 10 level ups to get him like I did for Fox,UGH!
  3. What diffrence would the servers make? They said its playable offline once vc.2.0 comes.
  4. Are we really not getting anything new before the year is over? If its not possible till next year,can we at least have a double xp/level up weekend this month?

    Have they even said Paranoia is online,I get the feeling this is a part of the single player experience.
  6. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    Just a small request to the developers,Ive been for the most satisfied with the game. Just PLEASE,when you decide the date for the next dlc, whatever it is, dont make us Euro and other countries wait a week! Its a simple request,yet watch them screw it up!
  7. Have a feeling virtual cabin will be this week!
  8. I thought paranoia was part of single player only.
  9. Im confident virtual cabin 2.0 will be this month. Dont even think about delaying it a week for Europeans,haha !
  10. All I want is for it to look like current game.
  11. Please tell me the graphics in this game mode will be identical to what we have in the regular game. I hope its not those trippy 60s graphics shown in the trailer,that would turn me off,lol !
  12. Not only that, but the maps in dbd are even smaller than the newer small fast paced maps in friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is the better game in so many ways. They could add all the famous killers in dbd ,but it wont change the fact its a so and so game at best.
  13. Judging from the map,id say virtual cabin is definitely hitting before December.
  14. Single player news + DLC roadmap

    Paranoia is not a part of single player hitman style missions,right?