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  1. Look on the bright side,even when the online portion will die in a few years,we will still have the single player challenges and offline bots forever.
  2. I figured instead of making a new thread,id post this here. Having trouble with challenge #2. I did both Aj popcorn kill, and mitch electricution. Do I have to kill chad too, to get to 3rd challenge? I just cant get him in time at the fireplace,he always detects me! Ive tried this over 15 times !
  3. Question on the single player challenges. If I beat 1 of them,do I have to continue it straight away,or can it save and I play other challenges another day?
  4. Remember when that roadmap said single player challenges demo coming first? So im guessing thats been scrapped, in favour of single player challenges full release on the 24th?
  5. Calling it now,im guessing 1 of the new things tommorrow is offline bots improvements.
  6. So if what you are saying is true, it shouldnt take me more than 4 offline bot matches, with 7 counselours for a full level advance.
  7. Ok, we know its coming. Do you think it will be smaller than part 5 map, or even smaller than the original 4 maps? Im thinking it will be like 1 of those crystal lake small maps in size.
  8. Cp is a great idea for the tapes as well,for you to realize how bad i want them,I have over 35,000 in CP. Id spend it all for the tapes. Also ,yes i know each character is based on someone from the movies,but theres still no one from part 1.
  9. Not to mention there was a glitch a few months back,and I was cheated out of my 1st tape.
  10. Why is it a terrible idea,im never going to get one otherwise. Besides it would give the makers funds to do more stuff for the game. Those that want,can still hunt them. I dont even have 1 !
  11. While Im happy with what we already have, part 5 map is massive ! 1st off what sticks out like a sore thumb is they make a friday the 13th game, and it has 0 characters or parody characters from the original movie,that blows my mind. Also,for those of us that will never be lucky to obtain the tapes, please feel free to put them up and charge for them on the ps store. For example, 4.99 for the pamela tapes,and 4.99 for the tommy tapes. Or 7.99 if you buy them in a bundle. Im sure there are lots of others who want them that would pay. Then i could devote my playing time to escaping, instead of going through the drawers like a maniac.
  12. Can JPops or anyone confirm if the new map will be usable in offline bots?
  13. I know I know it might seem weird,but id like to get the feel of the map in a few offline bot matches,before I try it online.
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