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  1. Hi there i just wanted to know where are the rules and if someone could write them down so everybody knows it would be awesome. Like where is the rule about not talking about the release date. i looked for the topic about the release date and even posted one but was met with jpopsachode and was given a warning. This is strange. Does jpops have to be a chode? does he suck chode? idk and im not sure but one thing that's for certain is that the fans should have a right to talk about their feelings towards the release date. or be directed to the topic.
  2. So this post is totally about the release date. I just wanted to hear peoples thoughts about when the game is going to release. There was an interview in December were Tom Savini said the game was going to be released in February. This isn't the first time Tom Savini spilled the beans. Just like at the panel for art of the kill where he went to in detail about the pitchfork kill and Ronnie seemed irritated haha. Also Randy's tweet about making sure to grab the art book makes my spidey sense tingle. Also the team has been really quite all weekend and these past few days. I'm sorry Ben. I'm just to excited and had to make this post. I wake up everyday for the past year and check the Friday the 13th page for new content because that is how much I support and love what you guys are doing. I'm sorry Ben. Early 2017 haha
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