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  1. I said the exact same thing before, thought you had copied and pasted it off me since I referred to For Honor AKA No Honor. I gave it some thought and came to a conclusion as to why this shouldn't be implemented: Sure, it makes everything flow a bit more freely, it makes it much more tense to try and hit Jason before he can break your friend's back, but like everyone else stated; it just turns into a left-click Jason, which would suck. The counsellors have never seen someone die before, probably. So if someone has grabbed their friend; fine, they'll help them out, but when their friend has a hole punched through him or worse? Yeah, your composure breaks and you run for it, since the guy is taller, stronger and used to be a spooky story.
  2. The games took a serious turn after the 1st one. In DS1 you're playing as a guy with a name and a very slim background, he's looking for his girlfriend. He does not talk and he rarely shows any emotion other than when Nicole reaches a conclusion. This had a HUGE effect on the horror element in my opinion, since you didn't really value how powerful your character is, it simply came down to what gun you had and what abilities were at your disposal. DS2 changed this, Isaac started talking, not to mention having cutscenes and started to give the player more of an understanding and feeling for him, it made us more in-depth with the story in the sense that we were following a character's story, and not just trying to survive. DS3 didn't really have any of this, just story and plenty of it. Which I enjoyed! I can't deny the fact that, horror aside, I had alot of fun playing Dead Space 3 as John Carver. Horror games must never die, I personally love them so long as my golden rule is followed "I must be able to fight back". So Outlast and other games are not for me, but I agree with you. Capcom do alot of smack talking. The thing I love about Gunmedia and Illfonic is that they're doing a new chapter of horror games, one where there is alot of detail to surviving, grabbing items, searching houses, hiding and running for the car, leaving people behind or being a hero. It's genius and I can't wait to play it.
  3. Personally loved all the Dead Space games, the first one terrified me so much I had to leave it for like 3 weeks before picking it up again. Now, this is my opinion, but my favourite was DS3 for a fair few reasons. The weapons and all the little details in them, making my own gun to suit my own need. The multiplayer, playing with a friend and looking through the perspective of different characters made it lots of fun. The beauty of it, flying in space, flashing lights and a whole new planet. The story, I was entertained through-out the whole thing. My only problem with Dead Space was that it got a little tedious with the missions. "I just repaired this, but oh no! Another problem. I am now going to call for help, but oh no! Another problem!" Either way, Dead Space has and always will be one of my favourite games.
  4. Attacking Jason has never been a major thing in this game, and adding in stealth was done from the VERY beginning, probably before you could attack Jason. The only reason you would attack Jason is to save yourself when you're cornered, or save a friend. As for everything attacking Jason; this has already been tried and tested, it doesn't work, at all. The devs even tried it and got slaughtered. Also, you're getting a fair few details wrong in your posts, you seem to be quoting people and speculating without actual knowledge on the topic, for example you said in your experience of the beta, people just crowded around Jason and kept whacking him when he picked someone up? All Jasons knew how to stop this by simply left-clicking as opposed to right clicking. All in all, I suggest you think before speaking.
  5. Wait until the game has been released before you go shopping, then try Ebay.
  6. You are right, much has changed. But I doubt HP has changed ALL that much, and the beta experience is the closest thing we have to actual experience of HP.
  7. From my experience in beta. Jason's HP didn't actually do much, saying that it did: Determine when his mask would fall off Determine how likely he was to fall down, not including luck/strength. So...yeah, Jason does have HP, but he doesn't show it in any way.
  8. Nah, he's just one guy at the end of the day. I think a Jason player might even want Tommy to come in, just so Jason can focus on him and get him out of the game, one less problem to worry about.
  9. Wow, best horror movie I have ever seen? Jeepers Creepers is probably there, since it was a childhood film. The worst film I have ever seen was one called Sickle, I don't know how they managed to release that film, but it's a good laugh. I'll attach a scene, yeah the quality is from the actual DVD.
  10. I agree, maybe Tommy can die, and me playing as Buggzy can be the hero who puts Jason down. I'll be a bit upset if Tommy is the key to killing Jason, but it would make sense. Also, just took a look at Brandon's face, something is wrong with that, is he meant to have a lazy eye? He doesn't look much like the character art in my signature.
  11. Server problems, frame problems and other bugs that are bound to pop up. Annoying players exploiting cheats or repeating the same thing just so they can win. People leaving games purely because they are not playing as Jason and want to. People complaining and crying about what is balanced and what is not.
  12. Is Ralph here yet? No? Well then... This thread is DOOOOOOOMED! P.S Wishing you the best of luck with surgery, hope all goes well. P.P.S DOOOOOMED!
  13. Just wanted to say, so far, the devs for F13 have been far from most publishers in the sense that they know it would suck if they gave us recolours, I think they'll do a better job than many bigger companies would.
  14. Mr_Trapper


    Hope you and your son have alot of fun with the game when it comes out! As for the skins; when the game comes out they will probably be on Ebay and other sites, people have probably bought them more than once to make a bit of money out of it, you're not the first person to ask on the forums and you won't be the last. But yeah, since they're exclusive expect to pay a fair bit for them.
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