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  1. I don't think this will change anything. What you'll find is that people who want "Jason Only" will probably have to wait absurdly long times to get a game. It might be easier to merely join and roll the dice so to speak in hopes of being spawned as him in a normal group.
  2. Many bought this game to be Jason. They wont play as otherwise. Ultimately you don't want them in the game. They aren't robbing you or anyone else of anything because the game still continues even if they leave. You're attempting to force people to play the game *for your entertainment.* That's just not going to work well. They'll grief or suicide otherwise and then you'll be complaining about that. Game with friends. Easy solution...
  3. Penalizing people for leaving the match early just isn't going to happen, and I'll explain to you why just as you tried to give your reasons. Firstly, the game doesn't require a max number of people for the game to launch. You're assuming you'll kill that extra player that dropped. He could very well fix the car and drive 3 others out with him leaving you with much less than a single kill. Second, many of these people got this game to be Jason. They have no interest being otherwise. Third, you cannot force people to play just so you can have a "good time" yourself. Nothing more selfish than that. You lose absolutely nothing by them dropping. They're just as likely to escape and help others and you were to kill them. I've been in games where I'm Jason and theres 2-3 people in there. It is what it is. You ultimately don't want these people in the game with you which brings me to my next point Fourthly if you ban people for leaving early you have no reason why they may have disconnected. You're much more likely to lose gamers this way if you get dced for whatever reason- and have to wait 20 minutes for a game. I'll guarantee you'll be seeing people demanding refunds at an extraordinary degree and that's not a good business practice. Finally, you'll just have people that will now grief or go suicide themselves just as the game starts. As I said you DO NOT want these people in your game because they're not going to help you anyways. And you wanted an answer to your problems so here it is: game only with friends and all your issues will be resolved....
  4. Therein lies your issue. If you want to play only as Jason you have to tolerate waiting and finding a new game. As I said, even if you were able to cue only as Jason your wait would probably be comparable (maybe worse) than quitting and finding a new game
  5. I've suggested this before and it should be implemented. It's not crucial but let me explain: those that want to cue only as Jason would only be able to game with those who only want to play as councilors. In short you may Ben waiting a while to get a game. Itd be better thsn than having people leave because they aren't Jason. There will be no "penalties" for leaving early because it's a lame attempt to force people to play the game the way you want them to. Many want to play as Jason, some more than others. Some don't mind playing councilors- some won't. This would simplify the system. Until then just quit and find another game with hopes of being Jason. If it bothers people they may opt to not game with you as much. Depending on the playsrbase this may or may not be an issue
  6. Having same problem on PC with "slugger" starting with baseball bat. I cant be sure if the others are actually working because I cant tell how much damage I actually do when I hit.
  7. Meh, I'm pretty sure that CJ Graham was much taller than Kane Hodder though Hodder was thicker. Id like to see part 2 slimmed down as well and while we're at it, part 9 looks just a little too slim- his head looks just a shade too large for his body.
  8. We should settled this dispute like men and fight.... From behind our keyboards....
  9. Perhaps. Many here cry so much they can't see what they're playing past their own tears...
  10. I'd prefer if it were $6 just like savini Jason. I like the idea of paying people for their work. Gun has done a phenomenal job with this game from the start. I'd like to continue supporting them and their team
  11. I really don't get why people why about people disconnecting when they don't get Jason. I get my fair share playing as both counselors and Jason, but on more than a few occasions the game has screwed me going long droughts without spawning as Jason. Ive heard some arguments about it but just as well as you can disconnect for not being Jason in this game, so too can the others in the future disconnect from YOUR game when they too are not Jason. You cant force people to play the game "your way." Lets suppose you did penalize those that left, you're just going to end up with another can of worms that you opened. A player that's penalized for Dc'ing will merely: -suicide out the top window of a house -suicide by finding Jason/ jasons traps -grief other players because they don't care to play as a counselor -go hide somewhere for the duration of the game. While this is a legitimate tactic, they don't want to play as a counselor therefore they'll find a closet, jump in, and then browse the web or something. Jason isn't "screwed" out of points when someone dc's because while the game caps at 8 that doesn't mean that 8 are required to play. Its not like hes getting those kills for free, if he even gets them at all. He could've spent most of the match chasing someone he cant catch and therefore gotten fewer kills had that person not dc'ed. That disconnect could have just as well had the car keys, the gas, or the battery and drove 3 other survivors out of the game with them. You merely don't get a "full" lobby if others dc because they're not Jason. People arent required to game with you just because you want them too.... People dc'ing from your game in no way affect your gaming experience because the game still continues just as well. Finally, if theres only 4 people in the game and the argument is its harder for them to live, they'll also end the game quicker and get their "finish the match" XP faster than they would otherwise. There are those that cheat and grief. Its part of online gaming. Always will be. Don't get riled up over it. I was just in a game where one guy stood in front of a phone box so his friend could call and keep my from chopping it down- sat and took 4 axe shots from Jason and no blood, no change in posture- nothing.
  12. Yes- Part 7 is noticeably slower than part 6. I actually see that as an advantage because it makes shift grab significantly easier with part 7. Combine that with his incredible sense and you've got a Jason that's very very difficult to get away from....
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