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  1. Can't go wrong with a little Judas Priest
  2. Woah, that is deep.
  3. Me and my friends when in quick play.
  4. @WashingtonJones Too damn funny! Thank you very much!
  5. If someone is going to that and stay inside I can be just as mean playing Jason by placing my own trap outside a window or two. Or put a trap over their trap, break windows, and walk away. Yeah, let that sink in.
  6. Here's another serious answer if you didn't make this thread to be annoying. 1) Your ideas only have one perspective: Counselors. Set your spawn preference to Jason for a bit and play as him a few times. You will see Counselors have more chance to escape than you think. 2) Before the last patch Jason was a demon to deal with. He used to have a supernatural reach that allowed him to catch someone out of arm's length. Now it really is at arm's length. Counselors have to be right in front of him, toe-to-toe, to be caught now. Actually a challenge to be running him now. I like it. And I liked playing as Jason long before this patch. 3) If you actually look at it from both sides of the spectrum counselors are OP, especially if they run together. If a pocket knife doesn't free you from his grab the other person will by simply hitting him. If you really are serious take this into consideration.
  7. Even better question: Why would you stop to smoke a joint knowing it will relax you to the point that you can't run? Real fact. Weed is a downer. It makes you not want to move. And getting to see Jason before he's in visual range? Giving counselors Sense?! Isn't the music cue you hear when he's close most of the match enough? Why are you even suggesting giving Jason's abilities to counselors? Same thing with beer. It might make you feel courageous like Rocky Balboa, but you will get your face bashed in just like he did too. Not to mention it screws with your motor skills and induces dizziness. So, yeah... you ain't even gonna hit the broad side of the barn when trying to attack, let alone escape.
  8. Those of us who have been here since launch and endured the haters, whiners, patching, and rage quitting will catch the references in each song. If you got some songs you think Jason might listen to then post'em up! ? Would love to see what people think of the game through song.
  9. The bad ones being talked about are those who don't care about communicating and work to make it hard for others by hiding things and making them inaccessible. Plus it doesn't take words to bring the repair items to where they need to go.
  10. First off, the items are not being shown on the map at all times. They have to be found, picked up, then dropped before they register on the map. This was a response to people hording the items for themselves and making it hard for others. I actually walked in on two people doing this with gas on the Jarvis House map. They'd brought both to a single cabin (both of them A.J. btw) and dropped both canisters on the floor as I was entering. So, keep the item location. It's not like we always have time to look at the map anyways.
  11. Yeah, what he said. NO MORE NERFING JASON!!!!
  12. I don't think you quite get it. Going from the movie aspect, you are right. He didn't trap the phone box. He did cut the phone line though. Either that or he made sure to cut off anyone who got near a phone. In the game he doesn't always have the chance to do that. He is usually in the middle of a chase. In the movies the chase does not take forever, but in the game it does. Also, even if the cops are called they never got there until the last minute, so piling traps on the phone box actually added to immersion, especially for Counselors. With that easy-out blocked off they had to scramble to fix a vehicle, or at the very least hunt for first aid or pocket knives to sacrifice to the pile and repair the phone. It at least gave Jason time to search and terrorize. And before you say, "Ok, just keep checking the phone box," keep in mind that Jason now HAS to give up chase EVERY TIME someone messes with it. Before this he at least had a small window of time to complete his chase first. Now if the police took longer to arrive this wouldn't be a problem. Piling traps on the phone was a player fix that allowed us to keep the game from ending in 6 mins. Once the cops show up escape chance skyrockets. Now it's almost guaranteed if a counselor with good repair (6+) has a lucky spawn in the area with the phone and fuse within a minute of each other (always happens at Jarvis House). Jasons with few traps almost have to camp that area of Jarvis House from the jumpoff because calling the police is so easy.
  13. Yep, goes both ways. Steps are the only way onto that platform.
  14. If nothing else set it to where Jason can grab a counselor that is right next to him (anywhere in his arm's reach, not counting weapon reach). I felt a little too safe when he attempted a grab on me when I was literally toe-to-toe with him and I was able to run away.
  15. This has been happening quite frequently, except during Jason's grab it counted as a fail.