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  1. Just play the game as it's presented. Trust me when I say you are not missing out.
  2. He fought Satan for that weapon. Would you let other people use it if you beat a supernatural being for it? I sure as hell wouldn't.
  3. JBy the time you reach level 90 you have unlocked all the customize options more or less. I am a day one player btw. I'm going to say 113 is fair, but here's some reasons: 1. It gives you something to strive for after unlocking everything else. 2. The weapons will change up Jason's mode of attack. So, changing his weapons too early can actually be a bad thing if you have not at least played with all the different Jasons first. 3. Think about the time and effort they put into making sure the whole program works. They made this game based on nostalgia and the focus is on keeping true to what was most memorable. Why spoil that by allowing everyone to easily access content which would change that aspect? 4. As for the problem with getting good game play in... One can only hope that changes soon.?
  4. Was witness to something like this happening before. Person with gas put it down near Jason's shack as we passed each other on Higgins Small and a battery spawned in their hand.
  5. That's not a glitch, it's a game function. Maybe the dedicated servers will have a game lock function that keeps people from leaving the game midmatch.
  6. What you are talking about now is the update to stun resistance. That was the whole point. You are NOT supposed to go toe-to-toe with Jason. You swing, you hope for a stun, and then you run. If you get grabbed and don't escape accept the loss. At least your friend gets a chance to. ?
  7. I figured the whole Paranoia thing was simply a trailer for Roy, which is what they delivered on. Either way I am happy with this patch. Jason is back to being the nightmare he's supposed to be.
  8. The phone box can still be used. If you don't have pocket knives to diffuse the traps get someone who does. OR get a medic (person with First Aid) to back you up. In the case of multiple traps have multiple people take a hit. The whole point of them implementing traps was to slow down the counselors. Can't be mad about that. If you gonna make it a rule that the phone can't be trapped then make it a rule that the cops can't be called. I mean, hell, Jason may as well not be playing if the match is going to end after 6 mins when everyone is guaranteed an escape.
  9. The reason friendly fire was taken out of Quick Play is because people were abusing it and completely ruining the experience for others. Instead of using weapons against Jason they were intentionally attacking other counselors. Stealing his kills even. Alot of players actually quit the game entirely because of it. Not to mention people were going way off tangent doing counselor vs counselor brawls, which completely negates the focus of the game.
  10. I'm pretty sure that line is in reference to Tommy Jarvis.
  11. How hard would it be to have the sweater be outside the hologram room? It doesn't necessarily have to be enshrined in a shack in that scenario. Hell finding the shack could be the key to getting out of the hologram room to find the sweater which is stored on the actual ship. It would just be near impossible to pull off the kill since he would theoretically have an unnaturally high resistance to damage. And actually, if you take into account what Wes said in the video I posted on the previous page, all this hubbub about an alternate mode for Uber Jason is wrong. He said it clearly. We have been in the hologram room of the Grendel from the get-go. The only things real (in the game) were Jasons from different time periods and Pamela's sweater. Or it could be that the counselors we're the real, and the Jasons and sweater were holograms. Oh and of course Jarvis. He has obviously been a hologram. Let THAT sink in for a minute.
  12. Well it only takes that long to get rage if Jason never takes damage. The matches I've been playing have people who constantly attack Jason. So, for me it's like 6 to 8 minutes into the match when I hit rage.
  13. What I have noticed in favor of Jason - just putting it out there: An increase in stun resistance. Those who have Savini will have noticed too, since he has been the easiest to stun. A speed boost to the Jasons that can't run when they enter rage. A stun resistance boost when Jason enters rage. This could be wishful thinking, but I want to know if anyone else noticed it. The vehicles have been slowed down. Love it as Jason, but hate it as a counselor. Just the way it should be. The minimum distance for traps has been reduced so that we can place traps close together again. It just takes a little patience to figure out how to do it. We just can't pile them on top of each other like before. And yes, it can lead to a counselor being hit with multiple traps. But if they are fool enough to tank it (stepping on traps instead of using pocket knives) they deserve every bit of damage they take.
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