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  1. Well my opinion on this is that if you remember or have seen it there was a picture of Jason in game underwater... I think that when you have you fix the boat at the dock if Jason is there and he get on the boat? or just standing near it in general...You could knock him out where then you could try kill him by putting some chain around his neck or something??? I'm not sure really...Just a Idea
  2. FIFA Deffo
  3. Welcome to the forums
  4. Hey guys, So this is something that really caught my eye and I'm sure its caught many other in who have seen this. I was rolling through my twitter and my eye caught a tweet by Randy Greenback and this is what he said "If you haven't pre-ordered @Friday13thGame yet or snagged the official art book, you might want to rectify that soon Rectify that soon? Soon? Now in my head this tells me this is one of the last chances we will be able to Pre-Order the game? I don't know about anyone else but this really makes me feel as though the launch date is right around the corner for us! Thanks guys! Let me know what you think?!
  5. I don't know the release date for sure but I am thinking that it would be launched about 13th March??? What do you guys think the launch date will be?
  6. I think that would be a pretty cool idea so they can see how the fans play and react to their work
  7. Hey guys! I was just wondering, how do you all feel about a open beta??? Should It Happen? Not saying it will just interested in your thoughts
  8. Platform: XBOX ONE GT: xCallumx29 Will add back and look forward to seeing you in game
  9. Does anyone know if there is any update on the console approvel process???
  10. Ohh OK, I'm on XBOX ONE That would be cool
  11. Hey thanks, What platform are you on? PC? XBOX ONE? PS4? Also that's great about the party...Wish I could of been there to see it aha! Hope you have a great birthday!!!
  12. Hi guys! My names Callum, and I am a huge fan of the Friday the 13th franchise My favourite one out of all of them has to be Friday the 13th Part 3 because to me its the first real time you actually see Jason in his prime! My second favourite must be Part 6 because this is the first time we see Jason in his zombified body which for me loving zombies as I grew up and a massive horror fan, both combined was amazing to see! My third favourite is Jason takes Manhattan as it is one of the only times we actually see Jason out of Camp Crystal Lake/Camp Blood I am waiting every minute of the day to see if a release date is up and I'm always ready and waiting to pre-order it! I gurantee Ill be first in line at the local game shop if its there if not ill deffo be getting it online...I've been watching gameplay on the video game and the developers and the team have made such a spine-tingling, off the edge of your seat game finally! And to get the great man himself Kane Hodder involved to be Jason again makes it even better!!! Now Kane Hodder is Jason in virtual form, I think it's time we get Kane back in the Jason mask on screen!!! Friday the 13th: Jason Rises????