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  1. Thank you all for your votes and responses. Here is my point of view about the topic. I actually think that the stun time is way too high and think that it should be a bit reduced in Rage mode. I did not know that it's reduced already, but a little more would not hurt. About 10-30 % would be better, too much makesJason too OP. I agree with @AldermachXI suggestion to reduce chances for a stun in Rage mode. Jason is supposed to be more dangerous when he is pissed off. Keeping the part with knocking counselors from his grip I also agree with.
  2. I'm at 139 on PS4. Hopefully the weapon swap levels are way much lower level than that.
  3. When Jason is in Rage mode, he can bust doors and walls instantly. But should an angry Jason be able to get up from stun mode quicker?
  4. The only thing that I wonder is if there will be achivements/trophies for the SP Challenges. I saw many people ask that in inte stream, but neither Wes or Shifty answered that.
  5. I think that in Rage mode, Jason should be able to get up from stuns much quicker since he is in "pissed off" state then.
  6. This, I totally agree with. Even if i like the chase music with Jasons as it is today, I think that the music from the counselors perspective is more fitting.
  7. I hope there will be achivements for completing the challenges, too.
  8. I think this is a good idea. Although dedicated servers are a better solution, but meanwhile I think that salt mines is totally acceptable and hopefully it will reduce grumpy salt hosts for a long period in the future.
  9. I hope for a fix very soon. I really want to see a counting progress in progression mode actually.
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