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  1. I would like to change outfits for the counselors, or maybe the difficulity individually.
  2. Bumping this thread. What ever happened to SaviniĀ“s Workshop, anyway?
  3. Thank you for the response!
  4. Hardcore Mode

    On Hardcore mode I would like to see: 1. Jason won't be seen underwater for counselors. 2. Jason can close doors. 3. Jason can grab an counselor while on the ground/floor after have being knocked down. 4. Counselors will fall down on the ground if they are tripping.
  5. Jason Part 7 Kill Pack

    Not on European Sony PSN. It seems that Sony somehow screwed up.
  6. Thanks! I was wondering myself about this. Hope that this resolves soon(TM).
  7. The Abandoned Camp

    I would love an abandoned camp, it sounds spooky as hell.
  8. Maybe if Reggie and Young Jason were young adults. But kids? It does not feel right killing children.
  9. This can actually work! Great idea, I Love this.
  10. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    At least some sort of trailer or post by Gun or IllFonic would be nice. Or Dev. Diary.
  11. J2: Pick axe, pitch fork, machete J3: Axe, pitch fork, machete. Also harpoon gun for one time only use before using knives, but he can still pick up knives afterwards. J4: Pig splitter, machete, spear. Also the harpoon gun as my suggestion for J3. J6: Fence spear, machete, axe. J7: Machete, axe, sickle. (Tree cutting saw would be a great enviroment kill.) J8: Fire Axe, machete, spear. Also the harpoon gun as my suggestion for J3. J9. Double edged axe, machete, sickle. Why do I suggest harpoon gun for J3, J4 and J8? Well, because he uses it in these movies. Although he does not use a sickle in JGTH, but I had to fill him out with something.
  12. I have supported the game for a long time and I love it very much. But now even I am staring to worry, solid changes are needed to maintain the freshness to the game. But even worse, I really do not see the devs here anymore. It's like that the jumped out of the ship and it is going towards an destination that I do not want it to go. Are they even reading these posts, and more important; Are they taking our words seriously? If not, Jason's future in game industry is in peril.
  13. That's too bad. I would love to see that unique kill.
  14. Wasn't Retro Jason supposed to have one unique kill?