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  1. I still can't believe that we have Jenny and Kenny. Should have been Jennifer.
  2. Most (if not all) of my matches consist of glitches when playing as Jason. That's why as of late I've set my preference to counselor. Counselors aren't safe from glitches either, but it seems our masked friend is affected the most.
  3. Do you think it's possible they will ever add a counselor with 2/10 speed? It seems plausible since other stat pools for characters can be 1/10. I'm just wondering if it's something that would be too broken. As Jenny, I sometimes get shift grabbed easily because she is slow. I'm wondering with a counselor with 2/10 speed and PERHAPS high stamina would be viable. My line of thinking was perhaps having the mean girl be the slowest character (as they are sometimes shown as prone to dislike physical activity and as well as act prissy.) Thoughts?
  4. Vanessa annoys me the most with her speed and stamina. I get especially annoyed if she's stacked with pocket knives and first aid.
  5. I actually made a topic about this a ways back.
  6. I'm pulling for the mean girl. She is the likeliest candidate since it's the only trope we haven't seen so far. I think there's a chance they'll add other characters from the films in the future, but since the next character is likely a girl, I'm almost certain it'll be our mean girl. I don't believe it will be Melissa, just an original character (perhaps inspired by her, though, like Jenny is to Chris and Mitch is to Chuck.)
  7. Kenny is the "almost hero." He's also the head counselor, which can be linked to characters like Paul or Rick (who fit your description of the almost hero.)
  8. His weapon gets stuck all of the time. I can't count the instances where I'm breaking down a door and the spear gets stuck to the wall.
  9. I've often wondered how this works specifically. As a counselor, are you able to tell when Jason can sense you based on your counselor's body language? Meaning, if you are jogging and scared, you can tell a counselor is scared when they are looking around. Is Jason able to sense you after you character has regained their composure (jogging normally)?
  10. Since they said they were retooling Retro Jason, I figured he would get his own slot.
  11. Is composure + luck underrated?

    And how does that even make sense from a plot standpoint? It doesn't make sense to age a character for the sake of adding them to a game when they only appeared in the franchise as a child. We didn't get child Tommy, we got adult Tommy and there's a logical explanation for that. Down the road, I can see them adding more characters from the films, but I don't see Reggie ever happening. I don't want to rain on your parade because you clearly want him added; I'm just being realistic.
  12. She has above average luck, not high luck. I would pin that on her success in sports if anything. And once again, stats aren't always representative of how long they survive in the films. I would attribute Tiffany's high stealth to her lightness and her trope's representation in the films of being alone while skinny dipping and/or jogging without making too much noise.
  13. Luck isn't always defined by how long they survive in the films. Jenny represents the girl next door, or the "final" girl, and has less luck than Chad. His luck is representative of white privilege and how fortunate he is in wealth and status.
  14. I wouldn't consider him lucky, especially considering his trope. If you look at film, nerdy characters get the least amount of love and attention, and is least "lucky" in terms of getting the girl or benefitting from any situation.