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  1. THATS WHAT IVE BEEN SAYIN I get that this one is made to be water based but they gave him a downside that messes with his best ability for catching survives the shift you cant have no run and no shift or else you cant catch survivors in many situations considering the moment they see that the jason is jason 7 they wont go anywhere near water unless they absolutley have to or they know your distracted (which might i mention that survivors barely use the water anyways) i get that if they add a water filled/centered map he will be good on that map but that means he sucks on all other maps and how will the player know to pick another jason before they see the map
  2. i still feel like he isnt as good in most situations even with maps with tons of water most people will see which jason and either avoid water entirley or avoid it when youre nearby even vs the other jasons which have less water speed i never see anyone go in water when hes nearby except in very rare situations i dont hate his stats in fact i think other than the less shift he is pretty ok but the less shift (the one ability that really would have made him able to catch campers without that sprint) makes it so he basically cannot catch them in most common situations
  3. am i the only one that thinks jason part 7 has pretty bad stats compared to the other jasons he cant run and cant shift as much... i feel he should have plus shift and the minus shift should be -morph because shift is a nice way to support a jason that cant run where as morph is more used if they get EXTREMLY far away or for cutting off cross map
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