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  1. so i saw a post a while back talking about trying to hide in one spot for the whole game i think this might work but their problem was they tried to hide in tents and portapottys which act like buildings highlighting the building when he uses sense and the post was complaining about that i propose the idea that if you reached a corner of the map as a max stealth character you could sit and crouch there and as long as you havent seen a fear increasing thing like jason or a body then you could sit there crouched and he wouldnt be able to find you no matter what unless he manages to wander close enough when looking for you causing you to scream becoming scared and being shown with red when he sences which is why i said a corner of the map so he doesnt have as much of a chance of going there considering he wont expect you to hide in a corner of the map behind a tree

  2. this was going to be in the game but was cut because the budget does not cover a character creation system.


    if the game does real well when released then we might get to see this but they also said DLC is not discussed before release and some time into the game


    as of for this as an idea: Great idea, i fully support it

    i still worry if the stats are customisable too then there might be a certain set that might be the main one to use and might lower the experiance quality

  3. So as everyone knows the release will feature  2 3 6 7 8 9 and toms jason 

    and eventually they will probably feature 4 5 10 uber and pamela and maybe even some more made by others on the team so i wanna do some various speculation

    what order do you think they will add the remaining jasons

    what sort of era (like 2-4 or 6-8 or 9-10) do you think toms will take place in

    and do you think there will be any other ones added that are new ones like maybe one by harry menfredini or one by kane hodder maybe one by some of the devs idk


  4. Stop theories please, Jason can die, YES, but it just that him is able to deal a lot of damage that is nearly impossible to kill him, ok?

    it's not just damage him a ton that would be to easy youtubers i watched said one of them played jason and let them just sit there attacking him to see if it was just damaging him a ton that is not how you kill him


    I don't think it was possible to kill Jason in the beta of it was they would have said so lol


    Once the game comes out I will be playing on my Xbox One I will try to kill him in a private match who wants to try killing him with me?

    they did say you could kill him in the beta they said it was very hard to do and very complicated so that way when the first person discoveres how to do it, it feels rewarding and it's a nice surprise      they wont tell us how


    i think it will involve the stick and setting it on fire or something 

    a lets player i watch tried that




    I think it either involves tommy     or the moms head           or maybe both who knows

  5. i feel eventually we will get all jasons considering stretch goals included pamela and uber despite them seeming like they had less chance of being in game than 5 so im guessing that 5 will be added eventually after launch just like all the others these guys seem bent on having this game feature everything from every movie at some point whether added before or after launch

    Give roy a cleaver or hedge trimmers since he uses those in the movie and have him use roadflares instead of the throwing knives XD

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  6. Has been discussed multiple times, most recently in the "which killer DLC would you pay for poll" thread.


    Some people are for some against, all comes down to money as this would require new mo cap sessions since Part 5 had Roy as the killer.


    Imho, the amount of money that goes ibto creating a new set of moves, mo cap sessions, etc... Is worth it for a character as iconic as Pamela Voorhees, but for Mr. Random EMT, i think its a waste

    well i dont mean now i mean after launch considering they are obviosly addin the rest of the jasons after launch like the singleplayer because they too are sick of pushing back release


    honestly please don't. he was human, you would be unable to shift/morph, in others words: Win.


    i liked roy, he was kind of hardcore and an OK substitute if anyone. 


    but i dont thin kwe should have him in the game anyway, it would be so different

    And i honestly just want him in it because i liked his outfit/design and feel he is overhated for not being jason so if they wont add him add a jason skin of a jason wearing that outfit pls

  7. Now i dont think someone has made this a topic considering im probably alone on this one and most people will repulse at this idea but...   i kinda want part 5 to be a jason in the game i heard they will eventually add uber and pamela anyways so why not part 5 i know a lot of people hate that movie but i thought it was pretty good so i am owndering if he will be in the game

    please be calm in your replies  i just feel if they will eventually add uber and pamela (if the stretch goals are anything to go off of) then i feel 5 should be in too     and pls dont reply that those were just unreached stretch goals because its obvious at this point they plan on adding all of that stuff eventually as dlc or updates or something

  8. I can only hope that there are a few options available as they pertain to weapons for each of the Jason models.  Some weapons like the machete and axe are used throughout the entire franchise to make it impractical for any one to claim as being unique.  To top it off, Part 8 really didn't use too many weapons (I suppose it would be nice to see him running around with an electric guitar or even a syringe....).


    Jason was and always has used weapons of opportunity, unlike a Michael myers where I think we could all envision him with his classic butcher knife.


    It wouldn't break the game for me if he didn't have weapons to choose from.  If each model has a fixed weapon I think that has to do directly with balancing each model out.  I know for example that some do more damage per swipe than others- example part VII does more per swipe than part III perhaps to offset one being able to run and another not.  Sure it'd be nice, but having just watched gameplay videos and people streaming their beta games, I think I'll be above and beyond satisfied with how this game is going to turn out... maybe a few mods down the line will help if needed.

    actually part 8 used tons of weapons and was one of the ones that used the most weapons 

     but most werent actual weapons in the sence of like axes swords and picks/shovels weapons and wouldnt work for the game like the syringe

  9. So I was wondering, so I know for sure that the Freddy vs Jason and reboot won't be in game and I know that they're adding 6,8 and 9 but I wanna know if they're adding the rest 4 and 10 (uber/not uber or both). and if the rest will be added before or after release (dlc??? please don't make me have to pay for any Jason's)

  10. Im still surprised how there are forum members who still think that each Jason will have only one specific weapon,when it should be pretty obvious by now that we will be able to choose multiples weapons to wield.


    Seriously guys,wake up you fools.

    while I do like the equip what weapons you want idea I don't think it's gonna happen so until I find proof like the devs saying it I disbelieve that, that's how it is in game

  11. So they've confirmed you can kill him but until they say how or i've seen it ima assume they're lieing because someone would have been bound to find it by now unless it's super specific and complicated

    But i decided to have some theroies/theorize anyways...

    I think it has something to do with his mother's head considering for some reason she tells jason when theyre with her but that isnt a victory condition to do something to her head so there might be a way to kill him that has to do with the head or else why would they record her requesting him to stop them from messing with her considering it has no functional purpose and there's no other reason to say they're there anyways considering they can just hide anywhere else instead of in there so if they did it because they didnt want them to hide somewhere why not just have the mom say when someones hiding somewhere just sitting there for to long so there is no reason for her to mention the fact that they are in there with the head unless it has some sort of signifigant purpose like being involved in jason being killed which seems like the logical one considering thats the only victory we havent found that's in game yet

    thats just my thoughts i personally just dont believe them anymore about the killing jason thing

  12. Hi guys i go by the alias 

    T.M.S. Stoneaxe    my real name is Mason though.      

    I like video games of so many kinds i mostly game on steam and a bit on ps4 (not online on ps4 though) and i have loved the    Friday the 13th, Halloween and Child's play movie series's so classic horror movies   i like other nerdy stuff as well                                      

    my favorite friday the 13th jason (not in game and not favorite movie) is the seventh movies jason he always just looked amazing

    Favorite friday the 13th movie is part 6 it was a nice mix of what made the ones before it good and the omnes after it

    i think that the 7th jason in game is pretty trash i hope every jason makes it's way into the game (other than the ones that they confirmed they cant do aka freddy v jason and reboot and i dont want uber jason) im really excited for the game and hope to get my hands on it asap (but dont wanna rush it i want them to finish all the stuff they planned and add the rest of the stuff later like 4th jason and 10 and i cant wait to play it

                                                hope you got to know a bit about me i will see ya later


  13. Now i've seen a few topics on this but none really have had the same sort of ideas ive had

    So the pitchfork still needs to have a jason   the big issue with this is mainly early movie jasons used this meaning that it cannot be   

    6 7 8 9 or 10s weapons

    meaning our options are 2 3 4

    so logically it would be 4 right?   nah not really considering it was only used as a weapon in 2 and 3 and and it didnt match 4 for me anyways atleast to me and imo 

    I have always felt like the pitchfork was more suited for 2 due to the sack and overalls giving him a farmer feel          but wait he already has a weapon well what shall we do

    I have a suggestion give 2 the pitchfork      give 3 the pickaxe considering he still has a similar feel to 2 and due to his outfit change has a more miner feel                                                

    and give 4 the axe because it is a nice generic killer weapon which is what that jason would probably get considering he had no iconic him specific weapon and that the new hole in his mask was made with an axe also doubling as a subtle joke the weapon is jabbing at to reference how the hole in his mask was made

    These are just a few ideas i had to remedy the fact that no jasons left to be added to game match or used a pitchfork considering only 2 and 3 used it and they already ahve weapons

  14. Now yes i get he will be pretty good on a water centered/based map but he is still pretty trash everywhere else you cant have no run and less shift considering shift is made for getting campers who are getting away from you which happens a lot when you cant run meaning you cant catch anyone as easily unless they go in water which from the videos ive seen by people in the beta they barely do even if its not part 7 jason which makes him even worse because if they see its 7 they wont go ANYwhere near water even more

  15. His cooldowns are 20% quicker for Shift and Morph, aren't they?

    if u r refering to jason 7 he has same cooldown on the map teleport and longer cooldown on the lowrange shift teleport despite not being able to run making a bad combo considering all his abilities pertaining to catching up to/catching the survivors gone or barely useful making him very bad at getting them in an setting without water or where they dont know basic evasion skills


    while yes a good enough player can make 7 work he overall isnt as effective as the others and in any non water situation (which are rare because campers usually stay away from the water even if its not a 7 jason) the others will out perform him hands down


    Also ive realised something will there be jasons that have the same weapons as other jasons because i feel that not just one of them should have his iconic machete (ecpecially since the one with the machete is garbage)

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