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  1. one of the biggest differences between these devs and the ones for no mans sky is that every rumor made about no mans sky was never said by the devs "this isnt going to happen" one big issue with no mans sky was that in the hype (like most game hype) the fans made rumors and the no mans sky devs not only wouldnt deny these things being in the game but would also help the rumors by lieing and saying they would be in the game to help the hype where as the devs for f13 admit when a rumor is false and will say when something wont make it into game the only thing they havent been 100% honest with it release date because they dont know yet when it will be and the jason killing method because they want it to be a secret on how to do it (but they have said it is coming)
  2. its weird because this game feels like the devs are making it for themselves as well as the fans too and the irony in him comparing it to no mans sky is a could tell it was gonna be an overhyped mess before hand i despised it before its launch and then went around with an i knew it attitude when it flopped because unlike most people i can tell when shit is a shame or not
  3. the devs have been working hard since day 1 and been very truthful because at first this was a fan referencial game called summer camp or something like that which was similar but not quite a f13 game but then they got the license deciding that they need more money than they had so they could truely make a good f13 game they made a kickstarter since the begininng they have been very honored to be able to make a game based off of the movies they love so they arent lieing and yet they have said you can kill him and that they wont tell people and they want the people to figure it out for themselves so i dont see how you could think they are lieing or that you cant kill jason
  4. You dont talk to a computer screen do you? Should say time not waste time. And without the console players you wouldn't have made the other strech goals That im sure you would like to seewhen you referred to the console players were you referring to me and my idea on how to get the game out?
  5. I feel they should release it now/soon on pc it would make it come sooner they would get early feedback on balancing and bugs and such and of course i feel that microsoft and sony might be willing to get it through the motions/tests faster meaning a faster overall release but it does mean more pc elitism and console being a bit peeved off that they didnt get it sooner even though it might get a sooner release than if they didnt release it on pc earlier
  6. I don't think they're liars they seem to love this franchise and be as truthful with us as possible
  7. they have said that you can kill him at both of the most recent pax panels when asked they both times have said yes and they said that they won't tell you how so they have said that you can so I don't even know what you are talking about they have literally said yes you can do it but your reply implies that they are just saying they won't tell us how
  8. because they want to keep it a secret and let us figure it out so when we do it's satisfying once we do it without their help
  9. i dont think it would be that op ecpecially since you could make ti hard for him to actually get the kills but easy to track
  10. it would be cool if one had almost 100% so he can track almost always
  11. i think maybe he made the sack mask but never got time to make the second hole because maybe he just made it before his first kill in 2
  12. i was wondering if he would be able to sense you i didnt know that you gained fear from just being outside so i figured that if you sat in a corner long enough you could just camp there if you didnt know fear or noise is needed to sense you so if you crouched in a corner as max stealth character and didnt gain fear outside even if he was within sense range he wouldnt be able to sense you
  13. Welcome dude while i personally prefer jason i wouldnt say i hate freddy im sorta neutral i never took to him personally... :/
  14. i kinda like the idea of a shovel weapon maybe they could add a map with and open grave he can enviormental shovel kill them in that is if they dont add it as a weapon
  15. they would lose a lot of money if it went ao most stores refuse to sell ao and that includes steam they tried to remove that game hatred a while back for being a bloody murder gore fest but put it back up due to backlash they have to be careful and maybe in a few years add more kill details since by then they have been around for a while and the esrb and distributors will be more leaniante with this game
  16. I couldn't find a forum on this topic but i would like to see a shovel weapon for jason and the survivors i think it would be cool and create some nice kill animations maybe that's just me anyone else think that should eventually be in game?
  17. yeah i know it's just i wish more of the random cabins (that are just added to the actual area for the sake of having more stuff in the maps because remember most of these movies only show certain areas in the camps so they usually put some cabins in such in random areas to make a nice map i call them random cabins) were multistory random cabins because i feel if we only have stairs in areas confirmed to have stairs in the movies and maybe the new york map then the maps will feel flat (but at least arent as flat as dead by daylight) but i feel they need just a bit more stairs it would add nice potential for juke spots or spots where jason can trap them adding a nice spot for terror for survivors imagine him coming up the stairs you already used your stair stun on him and you either have to jump out the window try hard to juke him or accept death or distract him as long as you can for your friends and lastly make it seem like you jumped out a window while youre under a bed
  18. yeah but we needed to figure out so we could inform devs gotta try to find as many exploits as possible so devs can fix them
  19. Am i the only one that wants more multi story staired building like some of the random cabins need to have a second floor with some stairs so the maps/cabins have more variety and then jason would have more enviormental kills and they could maybe have a way to stunn him relating to the stairs like maybe a thing they can push over the top of the stairs to fall and break on him like a shelf or dresser and maybe some more general land hieght differences the maps feel a little too flat in some areas ecpecially in the cabins where i feel there could be some stairs which could lead to some potentially awesome stuff I mainly had the stairs idea because of my signature gif but i feel that it could be a serious mechanic that could work in a serious situation like in part 3 where she poors the whole bookshelf onto him
  20. i dont want exploits either i was just wondering if it was able to work because if so then the devs need to patch it out
  21. y thank you i saw it and knew i had to use it But anyways i firgured if there was a in game customization system most of the options would go by steroetype nerd clown jock bad boy quiet goth etc this includes general body types (no fat jocks or anything) clothing so like white shirt and red tie for nerd etc hair do's stats and more
  22. makes sence they dont want exploits like this but that post complaining about the sence highlighting tents and port a pottys was a legitmate post that made a good point whats the point of hiding in them if you get hightlighted anyways
  23. tru there would have to be general limits to keep people looking like well you know people or else it will ruin what makes this game great the immersion and testing how you would react in a movie style situation if they allowed us full customisation then they might as well leave the bugs in XD
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