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  1. I think it's either a hammer a shovel or a pitchfork
  2. Am i the only one that noticed the lack of a jason blunt weapon like no jasons use hammers or anything yet i would love to see this stuff jasons lugging around a big ol hammer or a flathead shovel (which could be both blunt and sharp) i feel like so far there needs to be atleast 1 jason with a blunt weapon
  3. i would love to see jason and the camp lake in winter time
  4. I consider 'early' quarters so if it doesn't come out by the end of march then i consider it mid year
  5. I tweeted to them asking if we would see a screenshot of part 9 soon saying i hoped they fixed his (texture i guess) because i feel the movies version looked a bit to rubbery or latexy and they replied Stay Tuned so i think soon they're going to show a screenshot of 9
  6. jpops takes down so amny threads daily this isnt a bias thing he has taken down atleast 8 of mine
  7. u rnt allowed to make any post that has been discussed before and has had an awnser given via social media like twitter unless like speculating stats or something like that
  8. im surprised there is no part 8 trailer yet like the one for part 6 and maybe even part 9 you can expect the internet to be patient for a multiple month wait for a video games release but you have to update them on stuff through trailers (not tweets because not everyone uses twitter and even the ones you give via twitter arent usually that good) the friday the 13th fan base isnt exactly patient 1-6 came out one year after the other and then a 2 year gap between 6 and 7 then a year later 8 then 3 years later for 9 until the end there when the movies quality dropped did we start to wait more than 2 years between movies XD
  9. im pretty sure they havent even started work on some of the stuff youve listed here like manhatten and pamela
  10. if this was a first person game maybe but its third person and it doesnt help that this game feel like it requires third person to work very well at all
  11. It is entirley obvious that within the end of april people will figure out how to do it (with my guess being game release in march)
  12. i find it funny that im complaining about wait time even though i found out about this game 3 weeks ago and pre ordered 2 weeks ago XD
  13. i hope it releases before the end of march or else my hype will be completeley dead on release
  14. i can agree i cant wait anymore i have spent the past few days watching the trailers and lets plays over and over again at this rate im going to get sick of the game around launch....
  15. still though a map that is the town surrounding the lake with roads buildings houses a police station a cemetery and a hospital would be cool and it could start with jason waking up in the morgue and scaring off tons of people from the camp that came to see him get dragged off
  16. this actually makes sense considering part 4s lake camp was also at higgins haven so they could put the hospital as apart of a general surrounding town map that might be for part 6 i guess considering that, that movie featured some of the surrounding town so it would be a perfect place to throw in the hospital so that they could have a surrounding town map with the cemetary the hospital some housing and roads with a few forests one with fresh paint splats on tons of the trees (to reference the paintball war from part 6)
  17. not a bad idea i support this for any jason centric music maybe even have it so all in match music is different depending on the jason (eventually once the game has come out and it adding stuff of course)
  18. could everyone stop argueing atleast the older arguements were about the topic of the post which made sense because of course people would argue about release date related things
  19. If they do add a jason shovel weapon i wonder if itll be a flathead shovel or the more rounded one and i also wish this topic got more replies and traction and suh.........
  20. its not just damaging him i told you this a let's player let his friend (and the other survivors) attack him for the entire match with various weapons and the shotguns and did not die it has to be something more specificprobably involving a ritual or last survivor and a ritual or whatever it is not as simple as attacking jason and doing enough damage to him so please stop saying that i have told you 3 times now
  21. i dont see the issue with releasing it a few days earlier on pc its not like an attack on you guys if anything this means they have feedback to make last minute fixes/changes which gives you guys a smoother launch and means the servers wont be as broken on launch due to tons of people since there will be considerably less people playing well i kinda do knowing that the game would be released by now if it werent for console ceritfication is making me irratable and impatieant
  22. i noticed earlier that survivors dont have enough stat variety (sorta) 4 of the 7 survivors have similar stats one of their stats is 10 one is 9 one is 6 one is 4 one is 3 one is 2 and one is 1 and one of the other survivors has the same thing but with one of the stats having 1 less point and another stat having one more point that seems a bit lazy to me and it feels like it restricts variety imo sure those stats are put on different categories but that is a large portion of survivors with the same numbers on different stats and it generally just doesnt sit right or feel good for me anyone else?
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