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  1. Well I think I'm going to unsubscribe from this thread because its constantly notifying me and nothing here has informed me of anything and everyone seems to be way to patient waiting for this game despite them not releasing much info and when they do it's usually not enough maybe it's just me since I discovered and joined the game after the beta so for me it feels like progress has been slow it feels like all they've done for me is add 6 start 8 start the basic silloughete for tom's and started packanack of course I already preordered the game skin and clothes pack and am hyped for the game but I feel info has been real slow and that I really don't want to think about release dates anymore so that is why I must unsubscribe from this thread tbh I know at this point the game is going to be amazing hell the moment I saw the concept of it I knew it was going to be amazing but I need to not think about the release dates and I will just find out when they say it's releasing and of course if they don't start releasing info and trailers after launch date is announced then I feel I won't be at maximum hype I will still be super hyped playing it for a while ignoring all the other games in my steam library and even streaming it to my steam friends trying to convince them with my gameplay to buy the game too but it won't be the same as if they showed like a map and details to it or maybe a new camper and their stats (and maybe make part 7s stats good)
  2. well for someone like me who does love the movies and game who found out about the game late january i didnt get to play the beta and so i cant wait because i feel cheated out the beta and i dont see how the tom savini trailer was enough to still keep you hyped it kept me hyped for i wanna say 3 days before i had rewatched the trailer i wanna say 5 times and already got past it because me thinking to myself afterwards well it's not techinically that much to be hyped for sure savini is a legend and the skin will probably rock but a silloughette aint gonna keep me at bay for a half a month i did freak out for like 3 days and also if people arent obssessing over the game 2 months after the beta then they arent obssessed with the game not latching onto something for a long period of time isnt obssessing you are saying latching onto it for a long time isnt obssessing which doesnt make sense if you are buying into hype for long periods of time even after a long time with not much info that is obsessing like the people who still buy almost anything with (let's say a classic movie from the 80s) name on it or still rewatch the movies let's say once every week that is obsessing you can't hold onto something that's just a movie or game for long periods of time without something new to it unless it teaches a important life lesson and it very well written like star wars or something and of course last time i checked most of the f13 games dont exactly have great writing and doesnt exactly teach loving life lessons i dont see how people today dont see loving something not well written and such for months as not obsessive
  3. There's a difference between hype and obsession dude you from your description you're are obsessed with it hype is a thing that always has to die eventually unless the creators put out new trailers weekly. and of course those of the people who lost the hype are normal people but people who obsess about it for months constantly thinking of it even when they wake in the morning like what you said are no life people like weeaboos and furries
  4. i totally agree they aren't lieing to us or anything i feel they just are waiting before they show us stuff (or don't show us because it isn't done) i just feel that if they keeping it from us temporarily to help build hype or something that the time they wait is too long
  5. I wanna see part 9 to see if their model (unlike the outfit from the movie) doesn't look like he's made of rubber as much as he did
  6. well yeah but i feel it would be cool to have him use a shovel and see the ways he can use it
  7. Well i pre ordered on pc and im in usa
  8. not really it's like a cross between current windows and those breakable walls and they could only be on future maps which wouldn't be asking for change but a future feature
  9. TMSStoneaxe


    This is probably why when you run out of stamina you half trip
  10. yeah but when i say this i mean imagine (like in the movies) Jason throws someone through a person sized lower window the walks in slowly to you like in part 3
  11. he could throw living people through the windows and use the windows as doorways too guys it doesnt have to be bodies
  12. . But it doesn't matter if Jason used it it's a cool weapon so why not
  13. some of my favs are fire, sleeping bag, door, stomping on head, stepping on back to snap it least favs are punching off head ( i like the idea but i goes by to fast for me ) window throw through (mostly because you can do it at windows without glass or ones that are open and that's the version you usually see due to jasons breaking all windows) of course just default hitting kill and drowning which has the same issue as punching off their head too fast i wish they would try to fight back and not just get dragged down immediatly
  14. yeah but i feel there should be certain windows that aren't too high off the ground that jason can walk/jump through walk through would work like doors unless he has already thrown a body through it or broken it open seriously if the dvs miss this forum itll be a bit dissapointing to know this might not be in game on any maps
  15. There should be lower windows on certain areas that jason can walk (or jump) through (they would be somewhat his size) and you could have moments like the movies where someones hiding indoors and jason could throw i survivor (or their body) through the window then walking through it (or just walk/jump through it as well) because those are just as cool as the moments where he walks through the doors and walls (but the throwing body then walking through is cooler than the door walk through moments)
  16. meh i prefer the jason specific weapons so that way each ones feels even more unique than the others
  17. I haven't read it yet but I read the teen descriptions and I feel they are trying to make them to likeable everyone working on the originals said they worked because only the ones who survive and maybe one more of them are likable you're supposed to want them to die and that's how I feel about them you're supposed to want them to die and I do
  18. don't get me wrong I will see any f13 movie but after hell x fvj and 2009 I didn't exactly have much faith in a good one coming out so I wanna see the script or whatever it was that they released after cancellation to see if it was gonna be good
  19. link pls? btw is it anywhere besides like twitter or something
  20. i havent read the script yet im still skeptical about it and was before release but i was still planning on seeing it
  21. oh yes make this happen because it seems like there could be a lot of situations where this happens compared to some of the other enviormental kills
  22. well it's not like he never uses blunt weapons i also feel the ones he does use are some of the most hardcore kills because of the crushing and smashing instead of just slicing some of peoples fav in game kills are blunt Sleeping Bag Door Head step on Crush
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