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  1. i mainly ask this because i heard something in a video mentioning the pax panel and i wanted to make a post about the info i heard but wanted to confirm it before hand Also i hope for an offical video so please admins dont take down my post before hand saying "Just watch one a fan recorded" because all the ones i find have terrible audio quality and don't show the whole thing unless you guys only had stage for 30-48 minutes
  2. When are they posting a video of the most recent pax from last weekend
  3. i couldnt find it after 2 days of looking until i made this post te others would come up but not 6
  4. I like this idea but the title made me mislead myself into thinking it was a version of spectator but you look like your in a helicopter and your camera follows Jason with funny news headlines saying shit about what's going on and unrelated stupid shit. I personally like both your idea and mine
  5. thank you i was worried for a second... this screenshot seems to be a lot less easily findable than every single other screenshot for the game
  6. Is it just me not being able to find a picture of it or have they not shown one yet and if so why? have they just not finished it yet or...?
  7. What if the pitchfork goes to the tom savini one which would be a nice nod to the fact that satan uses a tirdent like thing
  8. So everyone is complaining about the axes and I honestly like the axes but I do think we need more variety considering now half of the Jason's use axes I feel if 3,8 and 9 are axe users we NEED more Jason's added after launch because I feel the weapons could have a bit more variety but this should tide me by until then but yeah we definitely need more Jason's after launch or more non-axe weapons on the current Jason's
  9. yeah he's just a journalist who has always sorta been there I don't think he helps at all other than helping them play test stuff
  10. I'm in it and I got it from their twitter just ask them for it via Twitter
  11. I have made MANY forums on the subject of Jason weapons and at this point I can confirm 1 weapon per Jason no swappable each is stuck with what they get
  12. I don't think it has to do with the car the devs once described them failing to do it in a cabin
  13. I must say i am suprised with the love towards the character depth the creators of the originals in some of the interviews for the game even said the reason the movies worked so well is that people sided with Jason and the teens were annoying jerk stereotypes You're supposed to hate them (except for final characters) and side with Jason wanting to see them dead you're supposed to make us hate them and want to kill them so we want to kill them making the kill satisfying
  14. I asked if they could show us part 9's model so we could see if his skin looks less like a rubber suit than it did in part 9 and they said they would show it soon probably at pax
  15. yeah I just get really worried with new Friday the 13th movies and general sequels/reboots to classic horror movies especially Friday the 13th because I don't wanna see any more Jason goes to hell's or Jason X's so usually seeing reboots I get skeptical especially when I see it might have the stuff listed above which are all very bad ideas
  16. So I say this as someone who hasn't read the script for the 2017 reboot of Friday the 13th I've heard the script is really good but since I still haven't read it I'm just gonna give my opinion on the stuff I heard while it was still being made... So one of the things I heard was it point of view which is just in general a bad idea because then we don't get to see that beautiful hockey mask for very long and Jason's overall design Secondly I heard it was going to delve deep into his story and even involve his dad which is an idea I'm neutral to but after the Halloween reboots attempt at this I don't have much faith in this and I don't want them to give an explanation to his supernatural abilities and I preferred the nice simple everyone thought he drowned but he didn't and his mom sought revenge she died he witnessed it and now himself seeks revenge story Lastly by far the worst idea I heard, making all of the camper survivor people all be deep likeable depth filled characters this is a big no no only certain characters should be likeable with depth those being the surviving ones the ones who sacrifice themselves for the final person during or before the climax and lastly an occasional exception who just dies mid movie this is something that shouldn't happen the cast needs to be mostly annoying teenagers that we want to see get killed that has been the formula for every movie and it's what the creators say makes the movies work it's a bunch of obnoxious teens that Jason is going to take care of hell that's also apart of the games appeal too so why are you trying to make them likeable with more than one dimensional asshole unlikeable or generally annoying characters Anyways I just wanted to give my opinion on the rumors before I read the script and I so far have heard that the script is good so I will say this before I sign off if it really was good this is a sad day for the franchise and that I before hearing the script was good was glad and sad it was cancelling sad because no new Jason stuff and glad because that meant a chance to have the franchise name even further tarnished like when 9 10 fvj and the reboot which I didn't want
  17. yes I would rather go with the proximity as well your steam info?
  18. oh sweet would love to and if you would prefer it I would prefer to use the in game proximity MIC and walkie talkie system to third party communication systems like Skype or discord
  19. When it comes out if I can should I stream the game via steam to my friends (and any of you who would like to join) reminder though I can only game on weekends so if it releases mid week wait for Friday for the stream Steam is. T.M.S. Stoneaxe I should be the one with the same profile pic as mine on here and a description on my profile talking about my YouTube channel this stream is obviously for those who don't have/can't get/can't play the game
  20. thanks for telling me I was always worried in the back of my mind that I wouldn't be able to run it
  21. do you guys think i would be able to run it the only part of my computer that worries me when running games is the only bad part... the graphics cards i do manage to get decent frames on overwatch gta 5 dead by daylight and titanfall2 so i think i should be able to run it i'm pretty sure this is my graphics card in case you want specifics but if the game has the same or very similar requirements to all the games above then i CAN run it NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB Please read above first
  22. I hope the lowest settings will be low enough for my pretty decent $800 computer
  23. I feel the water kill isn't good because it is way to fast with no struggling blood or any sign of anything really
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